I'm going down to the milk bar to get a drink, what do you mob want?

  1. The cafe near my old workplace used to sell them. And then they closed down. Couldn't get them anywhere nearby after that! Sucks

  2. Chiko Roll for me. Oh yeah can you get a couple of redskins for me kid too? She's got a loose tooth.

  3. Your canteen sold softdrinks? Fuck when I was a kid all you could get were chocolate, strawberry milk, or poppas

  4. I upvoted for Golden Gaytime - but can’t handle a white Freddo - sorry. Has to be a raspberry Freddo or nothing!

  5. sorry those trucks aren’t rolling up from SA lately, we fresh out. our ice breaks r a decent substitute

  6. The green Kyneton, that shit is magic. I can never find it anymore. Fuck this nostalgia and lockdown.

  7. Bubble o Bill please, and something from the repurposed ice cream tub full of reduced-priced expired lollies on the counter. Thanks!

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