The Daily Check-In for Sunday, November 27th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Congratulations on your massive year sober friend! Either today when badgebot wakes up or tomorrow, awesome inspiring 👏🎊💪🏼🎉

  2. Nice! I’m an east coast guy. Aside from a work conference in Arizona, the furthest west I’ve been is Ohio for personal reasons. I’ve seen the Sun rise out of the ocean a million times. One of the things on my bucket list is to see the Sun set into the ocean from the west coast. Enjoy your day friend. Iwndwyt

  3. Hi Barry. It’s pretty crazy how much my general disposition has changed with sobriety. Calmer and more rational. A friend asked me not to long ago what the sober life was like. After thinking for a bit I described it as ‘gentler.’ It very much is and being gentle with myself helps keep me sober. Iwndwyt

  4. I made a decision to be my own champion as I lost mine last year . I had no one to pick me up and keep me straight in this scary world . I also promised him I would be ok on my own IWNDWYTD

  5. Tail between my legs, I'm back. Last drink was 24 hours ago. Thought I outsmarted the booze goblin - I did not. I will not drink today. Today my act of rebellion isn't drinking, it's choosing not to.

  6. I have to have a plan - an alternative to whatever is on offer drink or event wise, an exit strategy, a reason for not drinking, etc. I'm doing ok! IWNDWYT 🙂

  7. Day 15. Only catching this so early because of a flight. Super stressed about getting back to work tomorrow, but knowing it'd be even worse hungover.

  8. Been there. For 7 years my company gave me territory that had at its furthest a 4.5 hour commute. Not fun. Hope you get some good rest today.

  9. Hey sobernauts ! Today is the 6th anniversary of a very traumatic event in my life. I'm really not okay. My depression is coming back, my father is dying, and this day is always the hardest every year. But I'll stay clean, I'm one year and seven month sober. It might be raining today but I'll go out and burn stuff from my past. Then i'll go walk in the fields and in the woods. "Hold on, pain ends"

  10. IWNDWYT - thank you Barry for taking up the baton this week. I am much more intentional or audited sober - Sundays I do a little “assessment” with myself and fill in a score card - I go through my journal and write down exercise I have done, what I have eaten, bedtimes, good things done and it’s not all work but Making myself go and see a friend gets a big tick, reading for 2 hours rather than finding a job to do do - relax is a big tick. I give myself a score out of ten but it doesn’t matter losing marks for bad interactions or not crying off a wall I should have done. I don’t beat myself up - and the final rule is every week was a great week if I haven’t drunk and how will next week be a little better. Scores vary from 4-8/10 and they mean nothing but it’s a game that lets me stay close to habits I want to install - Swim more than 3 times a week gotta be worth 2 points say. So being aware of “how I am” is what I have replaced for being passed out.

  11. The gas heat is working very well, so it’s too hot for me to sleep. I “accidentally” let the kittens out of the hall bathroom (🌲😼 🚨 ) on my way to the living room, so we are having an insomniac snuggle on the couch.

  12. Morning checking in. I’ve been learning to feel all the feels. I think I’ve tried to avoid that my whole life with alcohol. It’s a much more honest way to live which helps me feel better about myself. Most of the time 😊 great to see you hosting Barry M! IWNDWYT

  13. One week of not drinking. I haven't not drank in this long in months! Sending good vibes to y'all. IWNDWYT!

  14. 8am and on a train to travel 2hrs to watch my kid play football. The old me would have been resentful that I had to drink less the night before. What a selfish guy I was. Now he's gonna have his Dad cheering him on! IWNDWYT ❤️

  15. Have a great day vs. I was swinging around in trees yesterday doing GOAPE with my son and his friend yesterday in the morning!

  16. Hey Barry, Hey SD I won't drink with you today. Not drinking is my default so I don't question it, the answers would be the same.

  17. Just back from a lapse and realizing that while I’m lucky to have lots of time off on holidays, it’s def a trigger. So I’m working on a plan for the Xmas/ny holiday over the coming days. Also a question-how do keep your why’s prominent in your mind? It seems like the more days I get under my belt the quieter and less important my reasons for quitting get. IWNDWYT ❤️

  18. I’m living my life without it, doing things I used to do with it. Eating out, going to the movies, relaxing at home, hanging with friends, parties. Mostly I don’t miss it but there are sudden moments I romanticize it before I remember the dark side lol. IWNDWYT

  19. Its been 39 days. Where does the time go? It feels like yesterday I woke up with a raging hangover and a massive pain at the base of my skull. Maybe one of the worst hangovers of my life. I spent 2 days in bed and still felt hungover on Monday.

  20. Hello lovely sober friends and thank you BarryMDingle for taking over… what have I been working on to distance myself from alcohol?

  21. Day 1 again: I just started vacation, Im currently violently hungover, and my birthday is this Sunday. Im on an insane career trajectory and I refuse to let drinking ruin my future. By the time I turn 24 this upcoming Sunday I will be 1 week sober that is my promise to myself.

  22. I went to the fancy skeet shoot yesterday. Every group that arrived brought along a handle of good bourbon. There was a lot of bourbon. I stuck happily with my sparkling water and enjoyed the day. When the rest started stumbling and the men got red in the face, I was so happy not to be like that.

  23. Hell of a day yesterday. I can only imagine how bad it would have been if I were drinking. But it's getting harder to imagine the troubles that could come, which is kinda fantastic. They don't need to. My drunk times are in the past. They got me here but I've got a new direction, thanks but no thanks. Not today. IWNDWYT either

  24. Had a great day but did spend some time with friends reminiscing on my drinking days and I felt nostalgic. Nostalgic for mimosa mornings and getting weird with your friends with no care in the world. But that’s in he past. I won’t drink today.

  25. Well, 520 days in, I still don't know how to relax. That's what I'm working on, I guess. The hang out, watch a movie, play a video game, whatever.......just chill after a day of work, I don't know how to do it without booze. So I stay busy or do things disguised as play, but are really work. IDK.

  26. IWNDWYT. I’m hopefully having a bit of a mental change from “I wish I could be like those people who can drink 4 pints and stop” to “I wish I could be one of those people that hasn’t had a drink for 1/3/5/10 years”. I hope it lasts as it’s only day 6

  27. Start of day 16. I’m back from a week at my moms house and this is traditionally when I’d get back in a drinking routine. But I’ve been writing about how I feel about coming home and coming up with a good plan/routine for the first few days back so I can carry my sober plan over into a “normal” week at home. Going to get an early workout in and then watch football all day and not leave the house lol. I will not drink with you today!

  28. Hello beautiful people of SD! Checking in on a rainy Carolina morning. Day 24! I so look forward to these check-ins every morning, they’ve quickly become an integral part of my sobriety. Thanks for hosting BarryMDingle! Wishing you all a fantastic morning/afternoon/evening! IWNDWYT! 🔥❤️💪

  29. Thanks for taking over, Barry. I could totally relate to a number of things you shared. When I was at about 1 year I really had to fight the urge to see myself as now being "cured" and capable of drinking again. At that time I got really into the idea of "playing the tape forward" and reminding myself about what would clearly happen if I were to drink again. That helped me maintain the distance I had built between me and alcohol, and it helped me to keep moving ahead at the same time. IWNDWYT

  30. My sister is very unwell which has caused me to concentrate on my health and alcohol is a group one carcinogen, right up there with asbestos and tobacco, even though you don’t see warning labels on alcohol (and why is that? Well, they tried it in northern Canada warning of cancer and addiction and the alcohol lobby lost their shit and the labels were removed). No cancer-causing ethanol in this healthy body! IWNDWYT. 🏃‍♀️🧘‍♀️🍎

  31. Had a tempting night last night, hung out with 8 drunk people. Was given a shot, which I handed to the person next to me instead of drinking. Remained sober and the DD. Finally opened up to my family about my journey and it feels good to have people know and be on my side. Today I will not drink, EASILY. Thank you to this sub. ❤️

  32. Hi from Iowa! It’s raining and snowing now. I have been working out every morning to distance myself from alcohol. So , I have been working on my body. Next is my mind, college at 40?!

  33. I clean. I go to the gym. I take my bike and ride trails. I go to events. Almost always by myself, but I go. It's hard to find people to hang out with sober. I'll go to bars and hang out with friends (read: coworkers) while they drink, but bonding over a drink just doesn't happen anymore. I try not to think of it as a transition. I am building my new life. I tried to go to a couple aa meetings, but did NOT feel welcome. My life isn't as exciting, but it's definitely more fulfilling. IWNDWYT

  34. Bought a soda stream yesterday off some advice from another member of the sub. Loving it so far, really helps with the cravings!

  35. Made it through all my thanksgiving festivities sober! For me, the shift from “damn, I can’t drink tonight” to “cool, I don’t have to drink tonight” is finally starting to feel real and internalized.

  36. 2 Years. I could not have done it without this group, my family, and Simon Chapple's video's (I think he is pretty spectacular). Here is to many, many more years. I will not drink with you today!

  37. It’s been a really rough week of Turkey holidays with the fam, both emotionally and physically (we all got the stomach flu). I’ve had a few nightmares that I slipped up and started drinking again, but am grateful that it hasn’t happened and that my whole family has been staying sober together. Happy to have this time together with them and to be able to enjoy it

  38. Im back on day one and this time I really have to stop my stomach its fucked from all that drinking Im hurting myself and no one else, starting today i will not drink with you :)

  39. Just occurred to me today that not drinking has made me realize how often/frequently people around me in my life are drinking. How much time and money is dedicated to that activity.

  40. Thanks Barry and happy sober Sunday to you all! I'm trying to distance myself from alcohol by being more self aware. I've got tools to not give in to whispers of the addictive voice telling me to drink, and the volume on that whisper is low: a 1 instead of a 9. But instead of just navigating the whisper I'm trying to ask "what do I need right now that's being expressed in the suggestion to drink?" Often it's that I'm tired and overworked and stressed out. But sometimes it's something else. Like so many, my response to everything in life, good, sad, happy, difficult, exciting, etc was to drink!!! Now I'm trying to figure out what my body is saying that I'm hearing as "drink" and responding to that need. Self awareness, not the easiest thing for me. Sober on y'all!

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