The Daily Check-In for Saturday, November 12th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. I’m always grateful for you Great Day! And I am so happy you’re feeling better! 🎶Gray skies are going to clear up… Great Day’s having a GGGrrreat Day!🎶 🤗🙏🥰

  2. Struggling today/tonight, but here's some of my why's: fuck hangovers, I like having energy and an appetite, my mental health is more stable, my face is less puffy, no random bruises, no constant nausea, I'm more present with my family, I'm more focused. I hate that the drinking devil on my shoulder seems to be talking so loud today, but damn it IWNDWYT!

  3. I think I found a good doctor today! I’m excited and relieved. They offered me a kit to check for colon cancer, how cool is that!?! And two referrals that show the specialists take my insurance. The last doctor I was supposedly seeing was actually a NP that couldn’t even bother to refer a specialist that took the same insurance. It was just an ongoing 💩 show for a few months there. So glad I smartened up, grew some cojones, and moved on!

  4. I’m sober because I realised that alcohol was causing a majority of my problems. I was anxious and unstable because I was always hungover and I was having issues not passing out on the couch, so I never had time for my partner. Moderation isn’t possible for me either since both my parents were addicts, and my dad died of liver cancer after the cirrhosis got tumours.

  5. Morning checking in. Thanks for your service this week probscaffeinated. I enjoyed your posts every morning. I stay sober because it helps my self-respect. And I get good sleep. And I can pick up my kids. I am very grateful. Have a good day SDers and IWNDWYT ❤️

  6. I love that reason, it helps my self respect, I feel that and never understood why I couldn’t cultivate that before 🙄 have a great day SiouxsieSue 💞

  7. I love that quote. I don’t think I ever thought of it as a choice that I was making. I feel it as a choice now I’m sober and that makes me feel more responsible, more grown up, more respect worthy (to myself), bigger. Thank you for sharing this 🙏🏻💞

  8. Given all the effort it took to stop it would seem a big step back to take up drinking again. Why would I? I don't struggle day to day, cravings are only occasional and pass quickly. I'm healthier and richer without alcohol. If I started again at some point in the future I would have to stop again and that was a hellish nightmare I'm not prepared to inflict on my future self. I've gained more than I've lost by quitting so I'm not undoing that!

  9. I want to stay sober so I can stay in control of myself. My husband still drinks, he’s a normie. A one drink and done guy. It fascinates me. Last night it was tequila. One tumbler with 2 shots (measured!) with lots of ice.

  10. Self control! That's not a virtue that is generally praised in our society but having experienced a lack of control and a slavishness to alcohol I agree 100%! Sobriety is awesome!

  11. It has been a horrendous past 6 days of quitting where anxiety, night sweats, high heart rate, etc were plaguing me so I had to taper down. But today is day 2 of being 100% alcohol free. I am definitely not drinking with you today because, in addition to other major reasons, I cannot go through those withdrawal effects ever again. IWNDWYT.

  12. So proud of you for getting though these first difficult and horrendous first days. I hope for you it will only go better from now on! You can do this! Thinking of you and see you tomorrow!! 💕💪

  13. I’m sober because I want to be present in my life, for all the good times, for all the bad times, for my family - for life. I will not drink with you today!

  14. Today is going to be difficult; going out with my sisters and our boyfriends tonight for dinner. I’m planning on drinking some fancy NA drinks and treat myself with whatever food there is on the menu. I’m also being desi. Wish me luck! IWNDWYT 🧡

  15. From going to bed around 4 am bc it was a drug/boozed night out to waking up at 4 am on Saturday bc you went to bed at 8 pm Friday night. WOW, I LOVE THIS FEELING SO MUCH.

  16. Those are a lot of good whys, probs. Yeah I think time is a big one. I can’t remember if my therapist asked this or if I read/heard it somewhere but the question ‘are you happy with how you spent your time?’ hit me pretty hard a while ago. Really got me thinking about life in general.

  17. Every single thing in my life is better sober and it was so hard to get here. It took many attempts and I’m in my 60’s so I don’t have any more time to waste. Now I’m off to run 8k (couldn’t do that when I was drinking!) and then go pick up our new doggo from the shelter where he’s been for over a month ☹️ (we had to wait so he could be neutered yesterday). Our last dog died two months before the pandemic started and then there were literally no dogs to be had so this has been a long wait. I am SO excited. No way will I drink with you today, I want to be present for every moment!! 🏃‍♀️🐶🐕🐩🦮🐕‍🦺🐾❤️

  18. Why stay sober? The reasons are legion, but let me say to those that are lurking or thinking about stopping alcohol: YOUR LIFE WILL VASTLY IMPROVE WHEN YOU QUIT!

  19. Had a great sober day but by far the best part....our two young kittens were fixed recently so we have to give them pain meds as a post surgery thing. They are fuckin hilarious when they're all doped up! 😄 I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, IWNDWYT my friends 👍

  20. I am not drinking because I want my child-like self back. The one that marveled at the evening stars while laying in my front yard and loved the smell of campfires. The self that noticed nature and practiced music and who was dramatic, funny, and silly. IWNDWYT ! ( it sure was nice not to wake up to empty beer cans in the house and rush to the fridge to see how many i actually drank! Only one can of sparkling water on the coffee table:)

  21. Why stay sober ? I have spent 35 years or so pretty drunk a lot of the time and eventually ended up in a sub-optimal place. I perhaps have 30 years left to live to the full - I’d like to be at peace with myself and those I love - I’d like more real fulfillment and to make something beautiful on the small piece of land I own in the West Country in the UK. I don’t think I will be able to look back content if I piss up my 50s and 60s. So staying sober I can assess the two ways of being for now and take an audit of my outputs and moods and decide based on the data - but I have to give that a chance - a fair chance - and I owe myself that - so at 45 days I want to go on to 2 months at least and then have a think. IWNDWYT.

  22. I’ve decided once again, to not go to the football in order to takeaway that 5% of me that will want a beer before kick off, then one at half time then a couple for the walk to the bus station then a bottle of vodka for the evening etc etc etc. I’ll watch it online with a fancy bunderburg ginger beer instead! IWNDWYT

  23. Day 12. Hardly a craving yesterday. I went to the grocery store and had to walk through the alcohol section and noticed how extensive society's conditioning is. Even after the alcohol specific section there were wine and beer stands and promotions all through the store! Imagine that for heroin or coke or even cigarettes these days. It's really something. I don't expect others to change just because I'm on a different trajectory, I just find it very interesting how noticeable it is for the non drinker. I never gave it a thought beyond "let me grab a few bottles" when I was drinking.

  24. I've been listening to the audiobook version of The Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley over the past couple of days. She talks about experiencing different stages of sobriety. The first 45 days or so are the "Honeymoon Period;" then you have to get over "The Wall," which is the slog from (about) day 46 to (about) day 100; after this, you achieve "Freedom." It's an oversimplification for sure, but useful, I think. Freedom sounds like a beautiful thing, I don't want to be trapped and kept small by alcohol anymore. That's why I will not drink with all you amazing sober warriors today. 😻

  25. I love this prompt so much and relate very much to the "one little life" dilemma. You are right, it's so necessary to make the most out of what we are given, and all alcohol does is take take take. IWNDWYT. Thank you for hosting!

  26. Day 14 !!! The body is hydrated, the mind is clear . Energy levels are up and so is my future. Congratulations guys! IWNDWYT

  27. That's, Caffeinated, it has been a great week! I appreciate your help in putting a +7 on my day counter. Great question about the why, that's a question I haven't pondered in a while.

  28. Yes to those upsides! But damn if you didn't nail the dark parts. It's that quest that sends me in a spiral towards death, like quicksand. I must remember that. Not out of fear, but just.. Nope. Nada. No fucking way. I'm walking in the light now and I like it. 🌟 I'm staying here! IWNDWYT

  29. Thanks for another great post probs! My WHY is because I'm sick of being sick. I want to stick around this place and see what good I might be able to do. I want to learn to have real fun and enjoy life, and I'm starting to now! This reddit is great and you're all giving me hope. Have a super day! IWNDWYT

  30. Thank you for hosting us this week, probscaffienated, you’ve given me so much to think about. And this post is so spot on! All I can add is that I want to be happy for this beautiful short life. My time is shorter than yours, so how much more urgent is my need for sobriety??

  31. Morning Will. I think a wee 5k is in order today. And now that I’m back to shorter runs, I’m going after your times buddy! (Providing the ol’ knee holds up of course) 😅 IWNDWYT

  32. Thanks for taking care of us this week, caffeine. It’s been great! And all of your WHYs are similar to mine. I want to LIVE, I don’t want to just exist. I want to see all that I can see, taste all that I can taste, feel all that I can feel, and experience every ounce of life. I don’t want anything muted by alcohol.

  33. Happy Saturday! I had my worst day of cravings in six weeks yesterday. Work and home stress. And also being surrounded by free wine (again). But I made it. I kept reminding myself that my tomorrow won’t be any better for drinking today, and in fact most likely worse. I was also at risk of a bender because of how I was feeling. I’d never consciously observed that before.

  34. Good morning friends. It still makes me so happy to wake up and enjoy my coffee without a hangover. Hope I always appreciate this feeling. IWNDWYT

  35. I wanna stay sober because I want to have money for the things in life that actually make me happy. I wanna be in control of myself at all times. I don't wanna die before I'm 35. I'd like to find love someday but that starts with loving myself.

  36. 86. Finally accepted my long term relationship really was over yesterday. Pretty heartbreaking but the last thing I wanted to do in response was drink so I’ll take that as a positive. IWNDWYT

  37. Being my best self when I’m not drinking is my motivation. Remembering that I’m not perfect helps me not start drinking again. IWNDWYT

  38. I’m going to a Christmas craft fair with my family and out to eat. I’m not crafty but I love time with my family, especially since my kids are grown and making time for my wife and I. No booze for me today. Happy memories instead.

  39. Between reading a sobernaut’s comment about alcoholism being suicide on an installment plan and realizing that I was going to spend every night drinking on the couch if I didn’t quit. That’s boring.

  40. I want to be the best version of myself possible, experiencing life without the crutches of emotional and physical bluntness. I want to live as long as possible to experience my two small children grow up into teens and adults. I want to be an example to them for how people can take control of things in their life and change, overcome obstacles, and commit to healthy choices. I want the next relationship I am in not be clouded by the third party of addiction and shame. IWNDWYT!

  41. Day 20!!!!!!!!!! I’m pumped!! I’m crying because I’m so damn happy to be at day 20!! Life is 100x better sober! I’m up early with my kids, and the best part is that I’m not nauseous, hungover, hiding the empty wine bottle in the bottom of the trash can, telling them to “let me sleep”. I’m present mentally, feeling good, ready to have a great day with my family ❤️ I just spent 20 minutes snuggling my daughter and her baby pics and her being AMAZED that she came out of my tummy 🥰 And moments like that just don’t happen when I’m drinking. IWNDWYT!!

  42. I think the simplest reason I stay sober is that I felt miserable all of the time when I was drinking. Everything sucked. Now everything isn’t perfect, but at least I don’t have the guilt/fear/nausea/etc I had when drinking.

  43. 290 days. I dreamt that I had to play as running back for the Detroit Lions last night. Despite that trauma I still won’t drink today.

  44. All those things you mentioned, PC, are some of the reasons I stay sober. But a big one is that I want to be present for my kids. When they need me or want to talk to me or anything. Knowing I can be there for them anytime, day or night, is what keeps me sober. IWNDWYT ❤️

  45. I want to stay sober (and will stay sober) because I am finished with the drinking life and all that it entails. It bores me, the shows, the music, the parties, the constant peeing, the drunkness.....I have experienced it and I am done. It was fun for a while and man I had some amazing experiences and for that I am grateful.

  46. I’m sober because I want to experience life for once. I drank for every reason under the Sun. Good times. Bad times. Boring times. I want all that for myself. To experience emotions is to be human. (Well dogs experience emotion as well🐕🤗). But I want to be present and see and feel and not be distracted all the time. U/probscaffeinated excellent hosting this week!

  47. I stay sober for lots of reasons. At the top of the list are my family and my mental health 💞 Thanks for hosting this week, OP! IWNDWYT 💞🐿️🐿️

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