The Daily Check-In for Sunday, November 6th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. I also will not be drinking today, and when the day is finished, I will have gone a week without alcohol. I think the last time I did that was over 5 years ago at least. Let's go!

  2. Checking in and not drinking today (well, tomorrow for me) with you! Happy to be here with this community.

  3. Sobriety gave me new memories with my family. I spent halloween with my kids in an indoor waterpark. Even my moody almost-teen actually had fun and i was grateful to witness and remember it. I also reached a milestone at my new gym and i feel good physically. I no longer have a huge wine belly. Iwndwyt!!!

  4. Happy Sunday! Overall, good day. Was struggling a bit at the grocery store (they moved all the alcohol in a spot that you are forced to walk through it). I slowed WAY down walking past my beer of choice but I didn’t dare open the cooler to grab any. Bought myself a nice bottle of sparkling cider that’s chilling in the fridge instead.

  5. Still eliminating bad habits daily. It's amazing how many I picked up from a decade and a half of hard drinking every night! Some not even obviously bad habits, just a lack of a good one in a place where it should be... like never reading an actual book/or kindle as a leisure activity... just didn't have the focus to do it, for quite a while.

  6. Drinking and recovering from drinking and thinking about drinking and planning drinking really takes up a lot of brain space!!! Congrats :)

  7. I can relate. When did those bad habits creep in, and where did the good ones go? I realized that for me it didn't all happen overnight, so repairing the damage done has taken time. At least we are improving each day rather than degenerating! Take care, Bruce. IWNDWYT

  8. IWNDWYT. Had a close call today. Been so stressed out. Buddy at work pulled out a bottle of whiskey and I reached for it when I noticed it. My brain is still wired that way I guess. I didn’t even touch it, stopped myself immediately.

  9. That’s scary isn’t it, the power of the body memory. I’d struggle with overriding that one ar the moment, fantasising about a glass of whiskey! Let’s sober on another day 💪🏼

  10. I had surgery on both sides of my jaw this week, inserting screws for implants (side effect from cancer treatment). I’m thankful they could fix this in the first place. I’m thankful I could go into that with a calm mind and I’m thankful I manage it without self medication. 🙏🏻

  11. Didn’t drink on Saturday when my Alabama Crimson Tide lost and probably were eliminated from the postseason, and I’m not going to drink on Sunday either! IWNDWYT

  12. Another sober day done! Got the chores out of the way, went for a drive in the sun with my husband, now sitting on the couch with a burger, life is good!

  13. Thanks for hosting this week I will not drink with you today in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😊 have a great week

  14. Morning checking in. Sobriety gives me something to be proud of. Still can’t believe I’m doing it. Never thought I’d get here. I remember that every day and I’m grateful. Also comes with good sleep, peacefulness, more energy, gratitude. Thanks SD. ❤️😊

  15. It’s both sweet and sour, this reality, this vision of myself, warts and all. My journey has been good so far over this 11 months as I naturally unravel myself. The ups and downs and the middle ground have been felt and lived through. Find a little knot and undo it. Repeat. But, some things about myself make me feel uncomfortable, some things are displaying clearly and it’s a lot to handle. There’s some aspects of myself that I used to think were positive, my drive, I now can see might be mania.

  16. Currently on day 4 after relapsing on the first of this month. I also just started a php (partial hospitalization) outpatient program to get help with my alcoholism and mental health issues. I also just started naltrexone and a new antidepressant on Halloween. I’m hopeful but cautious. Anyways, IWNDWYT. ❤️❤️

  17. Having your daughter say "we're proud of you, Dad" is awesome. That happened this past week and for that I'm grateful. IWNDWYT, friends.

  18. Hello fellow sober people. I've had another busy weekend. Sometimes I feel like a fraud. Living this beautiful life doing all these wholesome activities. I feel like I'm waiting for someone to call me out, no error, that's not for you, back to the gutter where you came from.

  19. My 92 year old mom fell in the bathroom after her shower. I was able to pick open & unlock the door as she was on the floor ( left leg was shorter then the right= broken hip) called 911, got her dressed. Surgery was the next day, I have been at the hospital daily for hours at a time (she’s forgetful early dementia) I am grateful I was at her home when she fell, this could have turned out very different. IWNDWYT!

  20. Sobriety has improved my mindset so much. I was really upset about life last week- stress and some emotional upheaval that was kind of unexpected really hit me but I talked to my husband, I shed a few tears, but I didn't want to drink about it. So grateful for sobriety and each person here adding to the power of SD. IWNDWYT! 💞😊

  21. Starting day 8. Lying in bed, no hangover, no thinking "what the fuck happened", no anxiety, not riddled with fear.

  22. I'm going through medical issues. If I was still drinking, I'd be a bigger mess than I am right now. I'm at least grateful for that. IWNDWYT

  23. IWNDWYT 💕 I used to look at people at 33 days and think they had it sorted, that’s not how I feel now but feeling so much stronger than I have in years. Thanks everyone for the solidarity

  24. IWNDWYT! Staying strong this time around after a couple months relapse after 30days sober. I’ve been reading This Naked Mind and it has really helped me move forward in this journey. I’m so inspired by all of you and the support this group brings!

  25. I've been able to do all sorts of shit for other people, and for myself. Maybe even starting to heal. So incredibly grateful. Sundays are the tough days but I KNOW that I won't be drinking with y'all today!

  26. Day 8. Managed to go to an event yesterday where I’ve always drank previously, with two people who were drinking, and not touch a drop. IWNDWYT 🙂

  27. I was able to do a late sunday afternoon activity with some friends. Usually on a weekend I would be drunk by 2pm and unable/unwilling to leave the house. I skipped out on so many things because drinking took priority. I am really grateful being sober gave me that opportunity today. IWNDWYT

  28. Because I wasn't hungover yesterday I was able to get through my anxiety and have a nice picnic at the park with our friends and all our kids on an unusually warm, beautiful November day. The kind of day you just want to bottle up to get you through the cold days ahead ❤️ Also the fajitas I made kicked ass and were very well received! IWNDWYT!

  29. Good morning SD. So happy to be back here with you. Not drinking for the last few days has been hard. I wasn’t drinking daily but I was using alcohol as an unhealthy coping mechanism for some unavoidable stress. I had myself convinced this wasn’t the case.

  30. Sobriety gives me mental stability. It takes the edge off more than drinking ever did. (And alcohol always made me think the opposite.)

  31. Grateful for fantastic sleep and waking with no regret or shame. So much healthier physically. Able to present at any given time. IWNDWYT. 😊🙏🏻✌️☀️

  32. Even with the extra hour here on the East Coast of the US doing Daylight Savings Time- IWNDWYT, all 25 glorious hours totally Sober today. 💞🐿️🐿️

  33. I went to a bar with friends and watched the Illini choke, and didn't drink. My wife had a drink after we had a long day with the kids, and I didn't open one with her.

  34. It’s the end of Daylight Savings Time, which means I got an extra hour to sleep, and for the first time in many years I didn’t need it to help sleep off a Saturday night. Instead here I am awake at my usual time, my dog is raring to go, and I don’t mind one bit because I had a lovely sober night in a long string of lovely sober nights.

  35. Today is day 8. I can’t remember the last time it’s been this long. Thanks to this group. IWNDWYTD 👍

  36. I am so grateful that I have my health back. Almost a year ago I quit drinking. My knee was bruised and sore, kidney stones, was even losing my sight! So grateful that I will never have to do another spinal tap or MRI too!!!!

  37. Happy Sunday. Up early, Lol, I would never have just gotten up at 530am in my drinking days. Best time to catch up on boring ass expense reports as I’m not wasting prime day time on it. Gonna be a good day and now that the World Series is over, tonight I will catch up on The Peripheral and some Terminal List.

  38. It’s given me the gift of clarity. I can live a less anxious life because I’m in control at all times. There are moments I miss going out, but the life I lead now is so much more peaceful. I’ll take it. IWNDWYT.

  39. IWNDWYT! This week I am thankful for the night time memories that I made playing video games with my daughter. Drunk me would not have had that!

  40. I am so grateful for experiencing so many things sober... Improving my relationships is an easy number one but that'd due to a number of other things. I'm more reliable, more fun (as in a variety of things to do, not just pubs), I'm more present and connected, and I WILL REMEMBER THE ENCOUNTERS. I am so grateful for my sobriety journey.

  41. Day 9 in the books!! Woke up to a good long walk in the rain and then a little light practice on the drums. Coffee and an audio book complete the morning. No powerball win last night so that's the only dark stain on an otherwise wonderful morning (not that much of a stain TBH, I only play when it's a gazzilion $$).

  42. Today is day 14 for me. I truly don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve gone this long without alcohol but it’s probably somewhere near 10 years. So simply put, that is what sobriety has given me this week. Simply being sober. And that is what I’m doing this for. IWNDWYT ❤️

  43. Not today. Finishing the outside Christmas decorations. Don’t want to be on a ladder drunk like all the other years. It’s a wonder I never got hurt.

  44. This week I woke up early each day feeling so happy to be in my warm bed, with no headache, and no cringing from piecing together the night before. IWNDWYT ✨🐝

  45. Lets do it, Ive been drinking daily since lockdown and it got worse and worse. Now im at a bottle of vodka or 3 bottles of wine on an empty stomach.

  46. Just completed week 1 (again) and looking forward to a working week without a hangover (or being drunk at work). IWNDWYT

  47. This week sobriety has opened my heart as I seek peace from past trauma. Yesterday I was driving alone, talking to myself like ya do, and suddenly this string of words poured out, like an untangling of a million sorrowful yesterdays. I felt like I could see where so much of my craving for approval has come from, how addiction was simply waiting to grab me, and it held me tight for 48 hard (and sometimes hilarious) years.

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