The Daily Check-In for Thursday, October 27th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. I still struggle with that one… but a good routine has helped, both for sleep and exercise. And setting goals! If I can stop drinking, I can start exercising.

  2. Good morning! Sleep has been the best thing about sobriety! Even when I don't get enough, like last night, I can still get through the day just fine. Treated myself to a hotel-quality set of sheets for my sober birthday back in August! IWNDWYT

  3. Inspirational. I should do this. Tuesday night I had to work the kitchen alone with a full restaurant. Smaller kitchen and a skeleton crew, one person no shows and I’m fucked basically. I just don’t have it in me to phone in to work, or schedule time off. I should, though.

  4. Day 7. Finally. The longest I have gone in a year. My sleep isn’t going so well still and I really thought I’d feel better than I do but I’m sober and that’s the most important thing. IWNDWYT

  5. I'm working shifts so hard to get in a routine but 8 hours in bed trying to sleep is my number one rule . Also eat enough so I dont get hungry between meals and eat junk. Excersise is not on my list as my job is quite fast paced and physical but I'm no way in shape I need to work on that more. IWNDWYTD

  6. Went out yesterday with work and some work colleagues really overdone it, acted boisterously etc. I was stuck on their table it was horrendous, but glad not to be the one making an arse of myself.

  7. We relocated from a house to an RV, a move I credit at least partially for my ability to get sober. The amount of life maintenance I had to do was slashed and I’m mentally able to manage much better.

  8. Just within the past week, I experienced several profound insights based on my reading of Gabor Mate's book In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts...And then I managed to relapse on Tuesday anyway. WTF is wrong with me?! I feel like a huge hypocrite.

  9. Agreed with RS, please don't beat yourself up. Learn from this, what led up to it and how you move forward. Maybe not driving for a month is an information-gathering tool. I'd like to also gently suggest your husband may, maybe, find Al-Anon meetings helpful. Take care of yourself, and I'm so glad you're here today. Thanks for sharing. IWNDWYT

  10. For sleep, it is routine. I go to bed at the same time every day, infuse some essential oil, read a paper book and, if my mind is racing, listen to a sleepcast. I try to get at least a 20 minutes walk outside in every single day and a 5k run on non-work days. Sweets are the biggest struggle for me. In my early days of sobriety, I didn’t even try to control it, if I wanted ice cream, I ate ice cream. I wasn’t drinking! I now treat myself to a (small) DQ Blizzard on Fridays after work - better than scotch, even though the calories are huge but oh so worth it. IWNDWYT. 🌳💤📚🏃‍♀️🍨

  11. Yesterday was a very stressful day on much family drama coming from so many angles. But I said on paper, because it should have, and normally would have made me so crazy and anxiety riddled, that I would have normally drank (guzzled) a whole bunch of alcohol at the end of the day. But I didn't. My nerves felt amazingly good, I wasn't shaking from excess adrenaline, and my mind felt calm and clear. I handled the issues with a sense of power and leadership, and made key decisions on how to move forward. Even if my decisions weren't accepted well with certain family members, I was ok with them, and that's all that really mattered to me. There was no second guessing myself...I felt secure, even if no one agreed with me, I didn't care. I knew I was making the best decisions possible, and I felt comfortable and at peace with it all. Normally I would overthink and overcare how I would be received and perceived, but screw that. I was honest and fair, and had only good intentions to make the situation right.

  12. Day 4 - Thursday is where I usually start the weekend's drinking so I need to watch myself today. Had a few successes at work and already going, "I should celebrate tonight..." No thanks.

  13. I used to drink the most in the late evenings and on the weekends. I set my own work schedule, so I decided a couple of years ago to work early (7am to 3pm) so could have time to cook, be there when my kids got home from school, and get to bed early.

  14. Years ago my morbidly obese best friend and his gf moved in with me. He's 30 yrs old and never had a job. Typical neck beard stereotype but he is the sweetest man I've ever met. Really good soul. Just deals with crippling anxiety. I made a pact with him that if he ever got a job I would quit drinking.

  15. Checking in. I feel like I need to shift my focus - I've been attending AA meetings weekly, been posting here every day, seeing a therapist biweekly, and just have been really intent and focused on recovery and not drinking.

  16. It’s important for me to keep a routine. For sleep, I have a nighttime routine that starts about the same time every night, shower, read, candles, sleep. For exercise, I make sure that I take a mid morning walk, and then an afternoon walk, since I sit all day for work. I usually do an evening YouTube workout, but I’m nursing me knee at the moment.

  17. It is a little odd that promising a bunch of internet strangers/best friends helps me stay sober. The alchemy of this space is amazing. You all are a big part of my sobriety. Sometimes I almost can't believe I am 9 months sober. Thank you all and IWNDWYT.

  18. IWNDWYT. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for keeping me strong and keeping me going. Keep on going my friends, we’re near the finish line.

  19. I’ve been trying to not do large muscle activities after dinner, but I also do other things to prepare…like no coffee after 10am. I will not drink today

  20. I have been blessed as a "soon as the head hits the pillow" type. I don't take it for granted. I sometimes sleep as early as half 9, for 12 hours at a time at the weekends. bliss.

  21. I’m not a good sleeper. Never have been. And that’s ok. I’ll take being awake sober from 1:30 - 3 am and feeling peaceful every single time. IWNDWYT and thanks Yangsi for a great prompt. I’ll be working on this one for a long time.

  22. 🪵🌻IWNDWYT 🌼🍁 Enjoying camping, running, backpacking without a hangover and learning how to be at gatherings present and not chasing a buzz. It’s a good and grateful time.

  23. I am not drinking today! Almost at a year too!!! I work out daily. Get the cardiovascular benefits from a brisk 2 mile walk at 5:45am. I have now switched to an elliptical, 30 minutes a day . Sleep is great, up till 10:00 pm, out like a napping baby. Diet- muscle milk protein shake with berries, spinach and bananas , along with wheat bread toast for breakfast. Low carb diet the rest of the day. Down 50 pounds so far !

  24. Morning people! Question for fellow sober gymbros and/or gymgirls, anyone been on creatine? Just started today, been told to go on a week loading with 20g and then maintain with 5g a day, did it help with gains?

  25. I’ve struggled with sleep the past couple of years and it was a big factor in deciding to stop drinking. I was expecting the solution to be instant, but was surprised to find it took about 6 weeks sober to finally get back to a place where I could reliably get 7+ hrs.

  26. Diet: I meal plan and shop for Sun-Fri on a Saturday. That means I don’t have to think about it in the week but also Friday night and Sat food can be a treat/whatever we fancy. Exercise: just commit to 10 mins yoga and 10 mins headspace everyday. Don’t beat myself up if I miss the odd day and on the flip side try and do longer of both when I can. Sleep: I fall asleep reading every single night. I’m asleep in 10 mins 99 times out of 100. IWNDWYT

  27. My bedtime routine has gotten a lot better over the last month. I help my youngest get ready, then we read a book together. After that we snuggle up, watch BBC nature docs to the oh-so-soothing voice of David Attenborough. I turn the brightness down and we're both out in minutes. After learning about some animals anyway.

  28. Answer regarding sleep: it’s still not ideal for me, I struggle to stay asleep but have no problem falling asleep. Here’s what I do - a sleep routine consisting of herbal tea, essential oils, dark, cold room, and little to no screen time. Also I find if I go to sleep to early I am up several times in the middle of the night. Hold off on sleep, establish a sleep routine that is right for you and sweet dreams! IWNDWYT! Go get ‘em sobernauts!

  29. I am saving this one, you described all the feelings perfectly. I have friends trying to get off the dopamine rollercoaster right now and I am going to show them this. Thank you, you rock. IWNDWYT ☮️

  30. Another great host post. Thank you 🙏. Sleep 💤 comes easy to the sober me. True recuperative sleep. ...not restlessly up-twice-a-night for tums ( antacids) and/or a wiz. Actually the sober me never has GI ( stomach) discomfort. I train year round for amateur sport(s) truly makes for a "good 😴 tired" at days end. I will not drink with you today. We got this 💪.

  31. Hello! Sleep...I love it so. Had about three months when work pressures and life stuff meant I was wide awake at 3 am every day, and it really took its toll. Mentally, emotionally and physically. Ick. It's been better for the past three weeks, but I had a 3 am sproing yesterday and man, that felt bad. The difference between yesterday and today (slept until 6) is huge.

  32. Ugh, had rough sleep myself last night. Job stress is getting to me. The decision to try again to have a child or not is getting to me. Still not drinking though. No more hangxiety for me.

  33. I beat the odds and got my dream job in a niche but very profitable industry…alcohol is ruining my odds of continued success. I’ve been trying to stop for five years and it all ends today! I’ve realized that I’ll never be capable of having a healthy relationship with any vice and I just have to flat out quit

  34. There is so much to be said for peace and living a "normal life". I remember being so envious of people who were out in the world, looking so together and not hungover while I was a trembling, anxious, sweaty mess just trying to put one foot in front of the other. "How do they do it?" I'd think. Now I am one of those people and if I spot someone in my anxious hungover shoes iI feel a deep empathy for them and am reminded that I never want to be back there. IWNDWYT! 💪

  35. I will not drink today. I am so sick of waking up trying to remember how I made a fool of myself last night.

  36. I was awoken at midnight with excruciating pain in my knees and ankles. In the past several years I have medicated my condition with alcohol. I have had streaks of days and even a few weeks sober. However, thanks to this sub, Smart Recovery, and the YouTube Huberman videos, I have received the information I needed to ensure that I not only stay sober until my neuro appointment in November.

  37. Checking in on my 700th day of sobriety! I’m not gonna lie- I think from time to time- hmm, what if I had just a glass of wine with dinner? But then I remember how great I feel now and how horrible I used to feel. I remember how much I’ve grown over these 700’days and how stunted I used to be. I remember how wonderful it is to live a healthy lifestyle and how I used to be killing myself from the inside out. I remember that I NEVER want to go back to the person I was 700 days ago. Never. Ever.

  38. I need to start practicing better sleep hygiene. I used to have a great routine of a cup of tea and read for 30 mins. It was perfect. Fell out of the habit but it was great. On a rare occasion, I'll take a sleep aid (Unisom). work shift work so my circadian rhythm is messed up.

  39. Ugh back to day 1, I was drowning in depression yesterday but then we found out our 7 year old dog has cancer. It was just too much. But I’m getting back on the wagon. IWNDWYT 💙

  40. I feel like sleep, diet and exercise are actually a triangle…they‘re so interconnected, and I need to focus on all three to be able to do any single one of them halfway decently. Big surprise - alcohol melts the triangle into a little puddle of shit.

  41. Yaaaawwwn! I woke three minutes before my alarm went off. That’s been consistently happening since I put effort into my sleep hygiene. And that starts the moment I wake. This has been happening since I put zero effort into drinking poison.

  42. Great post! I am living the feelings of “emptiness” after depriving myself of dopamine highs for all of October. And since I want to keep going after October, I am looking into a scary future with no “artificial highs and lows” like you said! Terrifying!

  43. For getting to bed on time I set an alarm that will automatically ring every night 20-30mins before I would like to be in bed(for working days, same time every night) so that I dont have to think about it all night and keep an eye on the time. I feel it takes a bit of pressure off of myself.

  44. Cant remember my last drinking day but i will just say it started on same day i stopped using my most recent DOC. So, Oct 17th was last day so DAYYYY 10. Glad to be back on this sub after so long away, people on here are the best. SO SO SO SWEET!! Hope everyone has a great day! IWNDWYT

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