The Daily Check-In for Monday, October 24th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Today is my 3rd sober birthday running. The first one was awful, the second one was good and this one is amazing. I'm staying in a hotel, eaten a cooked breakfast, and I'm digesting in a hot bath listening to talk sport radio. Being sober is amazing. IWNDWYT ❤️

  2. I love chilling and listening to TalkSPORT. I hope to have the same kind of sober Christmas this year. Chilling with good company, with a fresh mind and a happy soul!

  3. Been waiting for this to go up. Morning all. A former regular returning from a year (give or take) of field research. Day 1 with a major hangover, but even bigger resolve to do better.

  4. Same story here. Logged in like every day back in 2021 and then the last 10 months have been a drunken roller coaster that I want off of. I'm on day 2 so here we go!

  5. I also went to a concert this weekend and I have very similar observations. I heard all the songs, I danced like nobody was looking (they weren't, they were standing in line for drinks), and I had a blast. In contrast, a friend of mine got drunk, fell asleep and slept through the majority of songs.

  6. That sounds great, Yangsi! I have always wanted to try a corn maze with my kids this time of year, but due to work craziness, I have never made the time. But the thing I really want to get back into now that I am sober and now that our kids are a little older is fly fishing. I regret having lost that somewhere back there, but perhaps your example will be the spark I need..... I hope everyone has a good day / night. IWNDWYT

  7. Im inspired to try new activities sober as a distraction, good call OP. Haunted houses are awesome! Fell asleep accidentally so browsing Reddit in the middle of the night (needed to pee/brush teeth 😂) anyway super happy and greatful I’m not waking up in the middle of the night w a hangover like last night. Super excited for a productive ass day. Have a good one! IWNDWYT

  8. Today I’m feeling a little sad. Part of why I got sober was I knew that if I wanted to find a long term partner in this life I needed to become the kind of person they would want to be with. I can’t drink and be that kind of person. I got through my first wedding sober and it was incredibly fun but it was hard being one of the only single people. Any sober dating tips or commiserating would be appreciated. I will not drink with you today

  9. Seasonally I ski…and have a beer when I get back to the car. Seasonally I mt bike…and have a beer when I get back to the car. Seasonally I hunt…well you get it.

  10. man, I got so spooked by a haunted house as a kid, a guy with a chainsaw, I can't go back. So to do that ALONE? well done my friend.

  11. A haunted house sounds really fun! That event in particular sounds like an awesome time. I’d totally do that by myself.

  12. Onto day 5! My insomnia is still insane. Actually it’s the worst part this time around. Have not slept tonight, last night? Lmao

  13. 1,2 Freddy’s coming for you. 3,4 better lock your door. 5,6 grab your crucifix. 7,8 better stay up late. 9, 10 Never sleep (or drink) again. IWNDWYT!

  14. Haunted house ! 👻 Love it. And thank you for the finely written encouraging host post. 😀 After a day to trying to think of "things I've never done sober ..." aside from never-being -a-total -asshole when sober ( only when drinking or hungover) . I realize that I now lack the resentment of other sober stints. At peace with my sobriety - for the first time now I don't resent it. I will not drink with you today. Another sober-strong weekend accomplished 💪.

  15. Day 1! Again! This was a lousy month to get laid off. But guess what: I didn’t drink for 20 days, and that’s the longest streak I’ve had in over a year. So maybe I’ll get to 21 days this time. Maybe I’ll get to 2100. Maybe I’ll never drink again. Either way, just for today at least, IWNDWYT.

  16. LOL yes those staged haunted houses are a blast! I've actually done those sober when my daughter was younger and I had to drive her and friends. Highly highly recommend!

  17. Took the kids to a pumpkin patch & corn maze yesterday. Was hot & windy. Kids were all whining about sand in their eyes. Got some terrible photos, but I had a good time! IWNDWYT

  18. Day 29! Went to a Halloween party yesterday and didn’t drink at all. My husband and his friends had maybe 1 beer each or nothing at all. It was nice to have genuine conversation with people. IWNDWYT!

  19. Today is my first day of being sober. I was hoping I’d be able to find a community to try and help me through this, so I’m really happy This Reddit exists. A bit about my past. I’ve been a social drinker for most of adult life, but has time as gone on I’ve found myself drinking more often and upped the amount I drink. I’ve woke up in the morning and cracked a beer far too many times than I’d like to admit. I have a group of mates that love to party, But lately I feel like the party is over, I’m 37m and I’m just getting bored of that life style. Lately I’ve been waking up in the morning and my lower left rib cage is really tender to touch, which is concerning as I think it has something to do with my liver. I’m really optimistic about the future and all the benefits being sober will bring me.

  20. I ate too many buffalo wings yesterday, like way too many. Woke up feeling just a little nauseous in the tummy, reminded me how I would have felt if I threw 7 or 8 double IPAs in the mix.... Unimaginable tbh

  21. You can’t get back time. Make the most of every day. Especially to those just starting your sobriety journey-it is a good place to be. I’m proud of you. IWNDWYT 🙂🍁✨

  22. 264 days. I just about built a cabinet this weekend. Did I enjoy it? No. Is it a productive thing I wouldn’t have done if I drank on Fri and Sat? Yes.

  23. Not today. This Halloween season we’ve been watching scary movies like normal. But being sober and watching them, makes it crazy hard to sleep lol. I stay awake scared and wake up at every noise

  24. We’ve decorated the house for halloween and are dressing up for the first time in many years. Can’t wait! IWNDWYT

  25. I've drank 2 times in the last month and I think I'm ready to be fully sober. I've had a head ache for 2 days and all the work I've been in working out and eating well seems like it got messed up in that one day of drinking over the weekend. I know it didn't but it is still frustrating to feel like one day messes up your progress.

  26. Day 10, double digits (again). I keep waking up early, and although today I snoozed in bed, it was a nice feeling to begin the work week with a clear head and no embarrassment from the weekend. I’m meeting a friend after work for.. coffee, and then I’m going to treat myself to an alcohol free bottle of Corona to sip whilst watching my shows tonight. I might also fit in a gym session before bed. Also on day 2 without smoking. I’ve decided that my 30’s will be a journey to my best health and I’m enjoying it at the moment.

  27. Good morning everyone. Hope your weekend was a pleasant one. It's been really nice these past 2 months not drinking. I look forward to another day without alcohol. I won't drink today.

  28. took my kids to a pumpkin patch yesterday, which had a beer and wine tent. last year I would've been so focused on drinking as much as possible. this time around I just enjoyed being with my kids and seeing them have a blast. another proud moment along the way. IWNDWYT 🎃

  29. I was pretty tempted to drink while watching sports yesterday, but I didn’t, and I just wrapped up a morning run. Grateful I didn’t drink yesterday and I won’t be drinking today either! 🤙🏽🏃🏻‍♀️🍃

  30. I’m committed to return to solo camping, (gotta get my nerves up—more daunting without the fuzziness of alcohol) and IWNDWYT!

  31. Hi, everyone! IWNDWYT. I haven’t had any seasonal activities in forever. Living the retired life will do that to you. But every day is a holiday right now. I wake up guilt-free and have days of clarity and peace. That’s a reason to celebrate.

  32. Today is something I’ve never done, period: fully unpacking, organizing and decorating my living space. I always just get to a barely functional point and then exist in a messy, complicated haze. NO MORE. Day off today and I’m going to douse this thing in elbow grease.

  33. Made it through the weekend with friends and family. No one even asked why I wasn’t drinking. It was a relief! IWNDWYT!

  34. Checking in! Broken sleep last night and over ate this morning so feeling quite sick, but I'm sober and I won't drink no matter the temptations! I'm realising it's a fine line between cravings from being hungry and cravings from feeling sick. I used to always drink myself through any of those feelings.

  35. Ugh Monday’s suck but at least I’m not hungover. Still exhausted (maybe still fighting off the last of my cold) and still depressed. I get so frustrated with the exhaustion. I want to do things but I have no energy. But I won’t let alcohol convince me it will make me feel better! IWNDWYT 💙

  36. Iwndwyt- today is going to be stressful. I’m trying not to freak out. If it becomes too much I’m going home from work early, and I won’t feel guilty. I’ve got to protect my sobriety

  37. Good Morning friends. It is rainy and so lovely this morning. We have been in a severe drought. I am enjoying the rain and my coffee. So thankful to be 9 months sober today!

  38. I also went to a haunted house sober yesterday! It was fun and and I was terrified. On a separate note- I have been struggling with sobriety lately and it gets more difficult as we near the holidays. This was always a big time of gathering and celebration for my family. But over the last 10 years, I’ve lost many of the older family members that used to bring us all together. So, holidays are really rough for me and, in prior years, I would drink a lot between now and the end of the year. I’m sad and getting anxious about making it through the next two months. I’ve made it through the last week by coming here to read and remind me why I made this choice 80 some days ago. Just going to keep taking it one day at a time. IWNDWYT

  39. 1 month sober!!! 😎😎😎 This weekend was a bit of a challenge. But here I am. Monday morning, drinking my coffee hangover free ready to kick this week’s butt. IWNDWYT

  40. Dreary rainy fall morning here...I love it! I've always loved rainy days, just something about them that makes me feel that whatever my best is today is just fine. My hair doesn't even have to look good! It's just not expected on a rainy day lol!

  41. So last night I went to the Halloween party. It was fine not drinking--a couple of other people weren't. The tricky part was that this was a party given by one of the women I met doing another new thing earlier in the summer: a circus arts summer camp for adults. It! There were five of us, and we really bonded over our bruises. Kickass women. It was wonderful.

  42. Morning y’all, I’m beginning my 4-day work retreat I have been dreading. Biggest challenge yet to my sobriety with social anxiety and peer pressure at play. 1 day at a time starting now! IWNDWYT

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