The Daily Check-In for Tuesday, October 18th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Im hoping I get there. I’ll say Im still irritable but less so that I was 258 days ago. Either way I can’t blame it on a hangover!

  2. Yes all of that is similar to what others have reported. Alcohol makes us emotionally unstable and isolated. It causes stress in our lives. When we remove alcohol things are able to improve significantly! Sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes it takes work. Sober on!

  3. Day 12. First happy hour tonight (“team building activity”). The bar has kombucha on draft and I’ve given myself permission to leave whenever I want, even if it’s 5 minutes.

  4. I’ve been sober for some time now and yesterday I thought about drinking. Going through a rough divorce from an alcoholic and sometimes I like to think I could drink moderately and that it was his fault I drank heavily. I also saw some interesting looking holiday ales at our cute little farm stand and the holidays special drinks was something I used To enjoy. Anyway here I am, not drinking with you today.

  5. Not today. I am struggling to get back into a workout schedule and I’ve let my diet slip lately. By slip I mean all out binge eating. I was on my way to the best shape of my life and I’ve kind of thrown it away the last 1.5 month. But at least I’m sober.

  6. I've been over eating too. But yes we are sober damn it! Lol I will not eat chocolate today and I will not drink today!

  7. Learning to love and forgive myself has been a hard journey. I can live and forgive others far more easily. Allowing myself the grace I extend to others is an intention I set almost daily. It has been a gift that has reaped rewards I couldn’t anticipate. The inner peace that comes when I do this one thing allows the rest of life to flow much easier. I still struggle with it and imagine I always will. But knowing it exists is enough. IWNDWYT ❤️💜❤️💜

  8. Starting over but feeling positive and inspired today bc of a really wholesome interaction with a friend yesterday :) IWNDWYT

  9. Day 8 and feeling great! Feel like I'm seeing more and more glances of the person I have the potential to be as long as I keep this up. IWNDWYT!

  10. IWNDWYT Day 8 I realized yesterday that I made it 123 days sober last year, on my first quitting attempt. Even if I get through the holidays alone, without a relapse, it's not an goal I can achieve again this year.

  11. My partner was gifted some alcohol which is currently sitting in our fridge. First time I've had cravings for a while. Used the CBT tools from smart and feel good.

  12. Wow. Thank you for a great host post. Truly resonates with me this morning. New sober beginning... I will not drink with you today.

  13. If any old version of me is dead, let it be the self-loathing one who didn’t believe she had any power at all. Being that person was miserable.

  14. You ABSOLUTELY deserve to be happy, my dear!! No doubt about that. And you’re right, unfortunately, the only way through the scary forest is taking one step in front of the other. You have to make your way through but soon enough, the sun will be shining again! Sending you love! The love you are deserving of!!! ❤️❤️

  15. I love this quote. I try to live it. We are all so impermanent and the things that really matter end up being about love. Love and care of self and love and care of others. Shine bright fellow sobernauts and IWNDWYT 💜

  16. Love me some Marcus. I read the following quote in a book my stepmother gifted me: "Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life" That God thing can was a tough hurdle for me.

  17. Checking in at 120 days. That’s 4 months. That’s crazy. Really happy and proud of myself. Working on the loving and accepting myself. IWNDWYT

  18. Checking in! Feeling rough today but no temptation to drink (yet). I'm still feeling confident. Hope everyone is doing well. Wishing you all the best.

  19. Still working my night shift from... Monday? So... I didn't drink Monday - Haven't yet for Tuesday - And will check in again after I wake up this afternoon!

  20. For the first time ever, 1 full month! Amazing how much stronger to resist and easier it is to not drink as the days go by. IWNDWYT

  21. Horrible nightmares last night. I'm on antibiotics for lyme disease, so maybe thats why. I'm exhausted, didn't sleep well at all.

  22. Day Nine and I feel significantly better. My stomach feels better and I have more energy. My sleep has improved. Last night my wife and I spent most of the evening just talking to each other about our day. It felt like when we were first dating. I am realizing that most of my relationship issues centered on my being drunk. I think I turned a corner today because I actually feel pretty good. Let's keep this momentum going. I will not drink with you today.

  23. Instead of celebrating my cake day with cake flavored drinks, I will simply eat cake. Much love to you all

  24. I was just thinking this last night as I took the pup for a long walk. In the least religious sounding way possible, I do feel "reborn" anything that she aka drinking me done I have to forgive myself for, as it's not the person I am now or at least not the person I want to be.

  25. Love today’s quote. And the list of character traits of “the old you”, it is so accurate. That is important because it’s a reminder that the old you is a terribly selfish person, and no fun to be around. But also because if a random stranger of the internet can describe the old you in such detail they must have some insight into it and probably also some wisdom to impart. That’s what makes this community irreplaceable. Thanks for the reminder OP. IWNDWYT

  26. Day 8 of not drinking for my son, my wife and myself. Did my first strength workout in years yesterday, and was able to perform at work. I will not drink with you today.

  27. Day 2 I will not drink today. I slept well last night and feel so much better waking up without a hangover.

  28. Checking in. When I was drinking, time went by so fast. Now that I'm sober it seems I don't have enough of it. IWNDWYT!

  29. I like to think the old me, the real me, is back! She was there all along and would show herself even when I was drinking, but she was dulled down and silenced by numbing out. One of the best things about being sober is returning to who I really am. It’s a familiar, cozy feeling. Like I am welcoming myself home. IWNDWYT

  30. The old me was like a wall resting between the older me and the new me. I had to demolish that wall to examine the older me and find out what was needed to heal and move on.

  31. Yesterday in my check in I posted about how I was starting to forget what the hangovers felt like, well last night I stayed up eating junk food and went to bed way too late… woke up feeling like GARBAGE.

  32. Thanks Alley Cat and happy teetotal Tuesday to y'all. I was feeling tired and run down yesterday and don't know that I did a good job of sitting with those feelings. Instead I ate 😬 a delicious cheeseburger with fries and later chocolates. So I guess I'll wave the "work in progress" flag for yesterday. I'm starting to work on "Emotional Sobriety" by Dayton (saw it referenced here) and it seems like it's really going to be important for the internal place I find myself. I'm so grateful for the entire recovery community and everyone trying to build a new life for themselves. Sober on!

  33. First 24 hours of not drinking after years of daily drinking. Woke up on cold sweats, stomach is a mess, and even though I slept all night I feel exhausted. Kind feels like I drank too much last night, but had nothing. Anyway, here is to another day of avoiding self sabotage and trying to be a better person for me.

  34. The amazing thing about that quote is that the “meditations” of Marcus Aurelius were effectively his journal and never meant to be seen or heard by anyone - essentially his valet (body slave) scooped up his diaries and had them published after his death. He wrote that quote to himself - so that is the quiet thoughts of the Emperor of the known world - probably while on campaign - in his tent at night. Start again - be a better man or woman - but the direction is to himself and deeply personal - as we are with eachother here - supportive and often quite hard on ourselves - he is not without compassion for himself as you read him and definitely knows he is on borrowed time - I like the guy - IWNDWYT

  35. Checking in sober today. Having trouble with lingering emotions from a breakup. I mean they come back raw after I think they are finally put to bed. Taking it like sobriety: one day at a time.

  36. I live every day like it's my last. Not in a gloomy way, just a more aware way. I guess that kinda means I've let go of the old me that was hiding and scared, the one that didn't believe she was good enough to be her authentic self. The pieces of me that I salvaged are genuine. Genuinely kind, thoughtful, playful, scared, serious, carefree, sad, angry, and joyful... all of it, but genuine. Its so freeing. My whole life I tried to numb out all those emotions, but WOW, it feels so good to experience them like a child does without masking it all up! Everything just has it's place now, whether good or bad, it has it's place. I can't even put it into words properly, everything just feels real, and that feels very liberating.

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