The Daily Check-In for Monday, September 26th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Did you go to the farmers market under 83?? I used to love that! Quite the bounty there!! Good, healthy eating is just as magical as sobriety, in some respects.

  2. 106 days sober and 8 weeks pregnant today - this morning I have my first OB/GYN appointment and I can’t wait to see that ultrasound. Sobriety brought me more than one blessing lmao IWNDWYT!

  3. Good morning SD!! I had a bit of a weird night last night, I was totally exhausted from work, a bit overwhelmed and then a bit bored and lonely. Total rollercoaster of emotions and the perfect formula to just say ah fuck it I'm going to get a bottle of wine. Except I didn't! I had a wee cry, I screamed into a pillow, I went to bed at 7pm and I woke up feeling very relieved 💝

  4. One “sober stumble” that happens is struggling to strike the right tone with people you like, but who are drunk at social events. I was sober at an all-day children’s birthday party, and a friend was trying to tell me how great my kid is. “She’s really special.” “Thanks! Your kids are also really kind — we love that about them.” “No, no, but you don’t understand; your daughter is a princess…” (with that special drunk slur and pointed gaze for emphasis). I just patted him on the back. Apparently he continued to drink with friends at an after-party dinner, and the next morning was too hungover to take his (delightful) kids to their sports practice. Used to be me, used to be me… IWNDWYT

  5. I feel this one hundred percent. I was at a party recently, and the friend I was talking to had dribbled hot butter down the front of her shirt eating an appetizer. She then went on to slur some very sincere and sweet things, complete with that pointed gaze, and hugged me. I cringed as I tried to accept the hug but also end it swiftly because I didn't want her to rub butter on my shirt. 😆 So awkward!

  6. Good Morning everyone. Let's not drink today! I did not notice but I passed 8 months Sat. It does get easier. Thanks for all the help

  7. I noticed myself have a thought as I put on my favourite earrings, then put on my silver necklace with the new chain I treated myself to the other day (the old one had broken years ago), “I think I’ll put on my sparkly bracelet today too.” I smiled as I put it on, unable to remember the last time I’d worn it. It felt good.

  8. Hi Andy. Been a bit out of touch with the DCI due to work, so I missed your big day last week. Congratulations on earning that comma in your counter!!! It has been great seeing you check in ahead of me each morning for years now. IWNDWYT

  9. Thank you for teaching me the word schadenfreude. I will not forget the definition because I won't be getting drunk today!

  10. My first not drinking experience around people had to be extremely uneventful. It was as people were finally starting to see other people, when things slowly started opening up again after the pandemic shut everything down. 25% capacity in somebody's backyard sitting in a giant circle with 6 ft in between each other, nobody noticed or cared, or gave a shit what anybody else was doing or drinking. Just happy to see other people.

  11. The leaves are starting to turn up here Grampayaz, though honestly it isn't a great year. (Don't tell the VT tourism board, I said that!) I hope you can get back up north soon..... IWNDWYT

  12. Wooohoooooo - love all the edits because being first means you have to be so brief ha ha! Congrats on beating Will - and IWNDWYT 💝

  13. I went to family and friend dinners before I prepared myself to feel out of place, bored, and weird, especially as the evening wore on. I will not drink today.

  14. Morning checking in. Great post Clutz and well done on getting through it. I just avoided every social situation for as long as I could. I find now if there’s drink involved I can’t bear it. I want to shake them all and say there’s another way! But I don’t. I leave early 😊 each to their own. IWNDWYT

  15. Hello lovely sober friends, and thank FC for your share. I do regularly laugh at myself but certainly could do more, especially on a Monday morning!

  16. I would like to report that yesterday’s beet adventure was a success, 9 jars of beautiful pickled beets! IWNDWYT. 🌳 🫙

  17. I think we have to relearn how to be at parties, like learning how to socialise as a teen. I started drinking at 14 so I never did sober mingling, and it's a very different experience when you're sober.

  18. Hello 30 days!! I’m excited to have made it to 30, it seems like it flew by. Next is to finish off sober September. I’m really loving the positive changes and am grateful for everyone’s stories! IWNDWYT

  19. Six days sober, I'm about to complete my first week without alcohol in god knows how many years. All of my right side and stomach aches have disappeared, which I think is unbelievable. I know there is still much healing to do, but I can't believe for how long I've been hurting myself.

  20. Happy Monday, everyone. Can’t believe I’ve made it this far. I’m more centered and more calm inside than I ever thought possible. Thanks for this sub. IWNDWYT! 🙌

  21. Big week ahead. Determined not to let my anxiety rule the day (or manifest at night as insomnia). Because really, it is all okay. Love to all. IWNDWYT.

  22. I think your observation about drinkers is spot on..."I don't think most of them even noticed I wasn't drinking and those that might have didn't seem to care."

  23. Oh my dear Klutz, I love your story. I mean, not the part where you were a deer in the headlights, but you survived!!!

  24. Day 6. Waking up alone in a house without Husband wasn't as bad as I thought. Just doing my (new) morning rituals of journaling before work.

  25. Finally feeling better from an awful cold, and bought a little Nespresso machine for on demand espresso. Fall is here, it’s dark already, I need all the help I can get. IWNDWYT friends

  26. To wake up sober is always good, but i feel even better knowing that I declared inttention to kick that demon out of my life for good.

  27. Survived a work friends wedding. There wasn’t that much drinking. But I panicked and told everyone I was on a cleanse (I am known to do these). I didn’t eat any food… part of the story. Double awkward no drinking and not eating while everyone was eating… a cute girl started talking to me and I mumbled “im not eating” but I made it stayed 3 hours, had some good conversations got a number of an old friend to go boating / fishing with. And I didn’t drink all their booze and sarcastically insult everyone!!! A win. IWNDWYT you beautiful humans.

  28. IWNDWYT!! Wasted my weekend but at least I didn’t drink yesterday! I have an embarrassing amount of day 2s though.. let’s get to day 3!

  29. IWNDWYT. You are all amazing and I hope today is an easy one with plenty to do to keep your mind busy and excellent food to keep you satisfied, and a warm cozy bed for when it’s time to rest. 🌟

  30. That’s a great story. Embarrassment and awkward situations don’t kill…even though they feel like they might. Laughing it off is the best.

  31. I had a situation a few weeks ago, long planned girls trip two months into sobriety, all of a sudden dreading something that was supposed to be fun. We were sharing a house by the beach. I kept just over explaining myself. It was a mix of people I know my whole life and some I met that weekend. In trying to justify my choice, I’d find myself just going on and on about not drinking, using health issues (real) and other issues (sorta true?) And clearly nervously over explaining. Most people were just like, yeah Ok, and truly didn’t care. And the other thing I noticed was only one woman was drinking the way I would’ve wanted to. The rest barely had any or maybe over did it one night then took it easy the rest of the time. You know like normal drinkers, haha. Anyway trying to explain less and listen more going forward. IWNDWYT

  32. People care far less than we think they will, and if they do have something to say, they tend to be projecting their own issue into the situation.

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