The Daily Check-In for Sunday, September 18th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Yeah but that’s good because you are back and you have done your body a ton of good on those days off. I get it - I am on a day 5 for like the 20 th time. I had a thought the other day that it was rubbish to keep coming back and saying - here I am again day 1 or whatever - but No - I have never caught a word of that from anyone. Someone once suggested that what worked for them was really logging how and why they drank which I now do - getting ready for the “suggestions”. Day 1 - all about tactics for food and drink, relaxation , surfing a few crappy bits and breathing and an early night rolled up in a duvet and t shirt waiting for the little wierd dreams. You got this ! IWNDWYT. I am only on 5 and feel vulnerable an bit silly like you - but it’s ok - there are dozens of us. Your here and that’s all that counts today Ni 28

  2. Congratulations for posting your vulnerability to Darth Liquidous, that acceptance take courage and is a sign that you are around the corner :-) from an awakening.

  3. Andy, that’s such a breath taking accomplishment, one fucking thousand!!! Dear god man, I’m so proud of you 👏🏼 🥰 you are a force for positivity and support for so many of us here. Thank you my friend, thank you. And congratulations 🎉🎈🥳🙌🏽

  4. Morning Will 👋 Shaved a whole minute off my 5k yesterday (28 mins 53 secs) You feeling me back there? 😄 Just kidding, I’m nowhere near you (yet 😉) IWNDWYT buddy

  5. Oh, Cinq! So very N🧊 to see you here on my hosting week! And goodness, thank you for the lovely share!!! I feel so much of myself in your story. So glad we've made it to this point together!!!

  6. Something happened recenly. Im feeling emotions I normally would try to drown out with alcohol. I'm sad...but I will not drink a drop! I need to feel this to move past it. I will not drink with you today 💙

  7. Good morning SD! Growing up, drinking was normal, even as a small child. Blackouts, binges and risky behaviour. All normal. I used to feel sorry for non-drinkers. I had periods of enforced sobriety when I had my children but I always felt deprived and couldn’t wait to get back on it. Hangovers got worse and worse, but I couldn’t NOT drink could I? I came across this sub and found people on here who wanted to stop and HAD stopped. I love you all on here! You have shown me the way and changed my life. Thank you! IWNDWYT 🙏👍💗💗💗

  8. Omgggggg, you're too fricken good at that!!!! Was hoping to get some good sober future comments from you during my host this week.

  9. I’m not drinking, today at least! I’ve been struggling lately and wondering whether it’s all worth it. My alcoholic brain is trying to get me back to it but I’ve worked way too hard and wanted this way too long to stop now.

  10. So nearly 4 weeks ago I'd interviewed for a job where I work. It was a promotion, and after the interview I didn't have a good feeling about the people interviewing me or how well I'd done. Don't think I was in a great mood that day and the interrogation lasted 1.5hrs.

  11. IWNDWYT. Your story sounds so familiar to me, but mine is 10 years longer. As a teen, I thought as long as my grades were good nothing else mattered. That mindset set me off on a path where as long as things were good externally, then internal wasn’t as important. And so without rock bottoms … but IWNDWYT. Curious to read more about your journey! 💜

  12. Morning checking in. Good to see you amber. My drinking was a problem for decades. I wanted to stop but I found it impossible. Then I found this sub and also This Naked Mind and that combo worked. Stopping drinking is my greatest achievement. When things suck, I can still say well I didn’t drink. It’s mind blowing! We’re doing it. It’s not easy at first but it’s worth it and it does get easier, honestly. The secret is…it’s one day at a time. Pure and simple. Looking forward to your week amber and IWNDWYT

  13. Day 3, hangover is finally mostly gone and feeling pretty normal. Looking forward to making this number grow big, just day by day. I will not drink with you today!

  14. G'morning from the UK! 28 hours of air travel and airport lounges, all done sober. I needed 14 hours sleep to catch up, but I did it all sober!

  15. Feeling down this morning after a couple of glasses of wine last night at a family get together. No "cravings", just self imposed social pressure and a terror of being thought to be pregnant 🤷‍♀️ Not a complete mess but I let myself down. I'm going to see out the rest of September sober but in the meantime IWNDWYT 🙂

  16. Played. Relied. Ignored. Medicated. Sick. Tried. Failed. Explored. Sick. Failed. Explored. Sick. Failed. Rinse:Repeat. Ooozed. Realisation.

  17. Day 6. I'm tired. I kind of feel hungover. I was urge surfing hard yesterday. Having a bumpy ride on the struggle bus. I want this monkey off my back! IWNDWYT

  18. I have done 5 - I can do today - IWNDWYT. Thank you Amberbuhbamber for hosting this week. I’ve done a big share on the main thingy. All about my first world problems. On analysis I am Ok. But if it’s ok with you lot I’ll come and check in and not drink today - drink is never a real friend to me but this sub is. You ridiculously pleasant people

  19. I started drinking at 16, and never thought I had a problem until a few years ago. Like many people here, I never had a run in with the law, never a DUI (pure luck obviously), and never caused injury to anyone (pure luck again). I always had my career, raised two boys, owned my home, and paid my bills. But I never missed one day of drinking, except when I was pregnant. I thought everyone drank every day. My parents did, so I thought all parents did, so in turn, I did too.

  20. Hey Amber - thanks for hosting!!! It's always so inspiring to hear the stories on this sub and I'm looking forward to learning more about your journey as the week goes on.

  21. Day 7 today!! I was an alcoholic for 10 years and decided to finally take back control of my physical and mental health. WE GOT THIS

  22. Checking in again, mood to drink? Absolutely the hell not. Plans of the day? You know what I put too much pressure on myself lately to make plans and then not do something and feel bad about it,

  23. 7 days and I've had the best weekend without the demon! I'm on vacation for a week so it will be testing but im proud of the days so want to keep building on them. IWNDWYT

  24. Went to a concert at a winery. Great music, great venue, majority of folks drinking..heavily. Except me😊 Gladly IWNDWYT!!

  25. Not drinking today and having a no-spend day. I'm also going to try to disconnect from the internet a bit and focus on reading. Have a great day everyone!

  26. Drugs and alcohol discovered me. They took me to parties and enjoyed me so much they imprisoned me there. I fell in love with my captors, abusive as they were. The party long over, I carried it on ... every night and all weekend. This is fun, right?

  27. Thanks for hosting amberbuhbamber! Elements of your story sounded familiar, especially the idea that it was easy to say I didn't have a problem when I never got a DUI, or went to jail, or the hospital, too. But I knew I had a problem for years and years and years anyway. Finally admitting it was both hard, but critical.

  28. Day 5, I’m a baby in terms of day compared to many of you. But I’m proud of myself (a feeling I’m not all too familiar with). I feel good, I’ve worked out every day. I’ve (even if narrowly) avoided triggers in this short period which I would have never imagined getting past ,even a week ago. So I’m back for my 5th day happy to say IWNDWYT and thank you to SD and the vast majority of people in this community

  29. I certainly won't be drinking with anyone today. I'm in bed with the worst cold I've had in years - for some reason, I feel this illness has something to do with giving up drinking. Like my body is readjusting priorities...?

  30. Having a delicious coffee before I head to the gym then get waffles with a friend. I really should get started on clearing out my back yard of dog 💩 as it has to be done before I can get any gardening done or heating oil put in the tank but I find an excuse every time not to....any volunteers? 🤔 IWNDWYT

  31. started at 15, considered myself high functioning for decades, finally was able to quit through grit, education and communities like this sub. Also - high functioning was my excuse to ignore the problems... too late to go back but I can fix going forward - IWNDWYT ✨🐝

  32. My story is similar to yours, Amber. I got drunk for the first time when I was 13. My sister and stepbrother thought it would be fun to see what I was like drunk. The following year was a lot of drinking with them and their older, cooler friends. Then they started getting into harder drugs and shit got real ugly and I stopped drinking, hanging with them and focused on school. Fast forward to college. I was dating a guy who was a few years older and we would drink casually. A few times I would binge, blackout and vomit, but not often. Then we broke up and I started to party hard with all my restaurant friends. So many scary situations that I put myself in that I’m still amazed I survived. Over the next 23 years I would ramp up the drinking and then try to quit or control it. It never directly affected my jobs so I didn’t consider it a “real” problem. Then, one night it all spun out of control, I had to call out of my second job and I disappointed a group of people that mean a great deal to me. That was my rock bottom. I quit, I started read quit lit. Everything suggested finding a sober community and I stumbled on SD. This community is the reason I have been able to stay sober. Recognizing that I have a problem, I’m not alone and that I’m loved and valued by people who share this journey has been life changing. I can’t go back and change all the things in my life I’d like to, but I can be present and better for all the people in my life now. IWNDWYT ❤️💜❤️💜

  33. I started drinking when I was 15-16 and thought it was the greatest thing. I could feel comfortable fitting in with people and joining the party. It felt like the antidote to my fears and social anxiety.

  34. Thanks for hosting! I drank for 20 years. Started because I was shy and awkward and that made me loosen up at parties. Then became an almost daily part of my life and I couldn’t quit. Then my life became a clusterfuck and I started thinking I didn’t want to live. That was the final shake to get me to wake up.

  35. I often get drunk during the day on sundays, then have a shitty Monday at work, feel shame and confusion and annoyance at myself. Today I will not drink and I will start the week sober. My goal is to not drink until at least my therapy appt on Thursday night.

  36. I've been aware I had an issue with alcohol since 2019. Then COVID escalated my drinking and I just haven't gone back. I keep trying and I'm looking to make it finally stick. Here's to a sober Sunday...I wake up feeling bad and telling myself I'm not drinking then 5 o'clock rolls around and I convince myself I'll stop tomorrow. IWNDWYT

  37. Thanks for hosting Amber. Like yourself I started in my teens and looking back I was never a moderate drinker more foot on the gas seeking oblivion. I was a shy and awkward teenager and it helped me relax and feel more confident and comfortable. Plus peers thought I was a 'bit posh' and I liked the fact the saw me more like them when drinking and smoking, I relished in the surprise it gave them. My parents thought that by letting us drink it would take away that element of wanting to rebel and do it behind their backs so they used to buy us booze to drink with friends when we were underage, legal age being 18 here.

  38. I think my story is a lot like many here. A large part if my life is living healthy when it comes to eating and exercise but alcohol is destroying my mental health and my physical health “under the surface”. Here’s to making this time stick, one day at a time.

  39. Im pretty sure mine started as I tried to drown out feelings and being upset. Im actively working on it but havent completely eliminated it yet. Its getting pretty close though. I cant really hide it anymore and need to stop so I can fully heal if its possible plus its making my main relationship harder now it seems.

  40. New member. Early lurker. Your story sounds like mine! I have been a highly functional binge drinker with no off button once started for 33 years. I have been sober now 108 days, the longest ever before I started drinking at 13. IWNDWYT. Congrats on your amazing journey.

  41. Thanks Amber and happy sober Sunday to all y'all. This place is amazing. There's SUD on both sides of the family, my parents grew up in alcoholic homes but tried to be moderate drinkers themselves. I think I first drank at age 13, higher capacity than any friends even then. Experimented with alcohol as a teen (now appreciate how that hugely increases statistical risk and fucks up a developing brain). First black outs at 18, and my drinking escalated when I started college. Regular black outs, regular loss of control. Quit at age 21 but started again in grad school, you know, socially and "moderately."

  42. Had a lovely time at dinner last night with my boyfriend’s parents and NO alcohol. When I was drinking, I would’ve had two drinks beforehand (for no reason!) and many glasses of wine throughout the evening, then woken up this morning feeling awful. IWNDWYT!

  43. Happy Sunday and thanks for hosting. I can certainly relate to your story. It took me a long time to figure out that I was an alcoholic (was not as bad as my parents who where also alcoholics). This sub helped me to realize that there is a wide spectrum of alcoholics, that I am an alcoholic and to stop drinking. My family is my biggest motivation to not drink and my mind and body are also enjoying the benefits.

  44. I had my first drink (wine cooler, it was the 80s lol) at 15 and would drink off and on through my teens and 20s, but I’m never stuck because I would easily get sick. In my late 30s I discovered wine and for some reason that’s when drinking started to get me. I still only drank occasionally, but I could hold my liquor much better.

  45. Checking in this lovely morning. I'm 30 days sober today. I gave myself grace to go for stints of 5, 10, 20 days at a time then revisit drinking. I had one beer in 30 days and I did not enjoy it. I just want to stay sober so that's what I will do. I applied for a big job yesterday, my so is running for local office and were finally coming upon an election soon. I got things to do and alcohol need not distract me so, bye felicia! No drinking poison today.

  46. IWNDWYT. Can officially say i have now made it through my second sober vacation. The best part is how far away the “real world” feels when you don’t drink away your vacation. I feel like I’ve been gone from work for weeks! It’s glorious. Home today and I am sad vacation is over but I can’t wait to sleep in my own comfy bed.

  47. Checking in for September 18 have plans to go to morning recovery and meditation meeting. yesterday I planted a bunch of flowers for fall and made the kids rice crispy treats. Lots of chores, lots to do, it was a fun day I’m looking forward to today. Counting down to my sober anniversary! We had Thai takeout for dinner last night it was super yummy

  48. HI, DCI friends. Can’t write much today. I’m in the middle of terrible back pain, which is totally screwing with my attitude and emotions. Ive never experienced this before, but now that I’m old, I suppose it comes with the territory. I’ve got some doctors visits coming up soon. Hopefully I’ll get relief.

  49. Went to LA beer fest yesterday and I have no hangover and no regrets.. ate a lot and watched my friends get hammered.. I was not jealous. Day 12 let’s go!

  50. I knew I was spending a lot of money, and that it probably wasn't normal to be going to a different gas station every day at 9 in the morning to avoid seeing the same people. But coming here definitely helped me realize the same thing, I definitely fell in the "spectrum" of problem drinking.

  51. Coffee, Celtic FC game at 12pm, working on my online Head Movement Course (slipping punches) and maybe a cycle! So much better than sitting on my arse drinking and surfing the internet reading crap! IWNDWYT!

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