The Daily Check-In for Thursday, September 15th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Good morning cookie, bonjour SD! Excellent timing cookie, just as I’m getting in the car to leave! I will not drink poison with any of you today. Have a great Thursday and sober on ❤️

  2. Wow! That’s awesome inspiring, true sober power, well done sober friend and thank you for being here 👏💪🏼🥳

  3. Great post cookie. Day 2 for me, the usual day I get a “reward” for day one! 🤦‍♂️ I’m feeling very positive and off for a run. Thank you for the resource stop drinking, it’s a big help to me. I will not drink with you today.

  4. Woohoooo - happy six months!!! Aww I love it when the DCI hosting times up with a huge milestone. There's been a few this year and its always so wholesome and lovely 🥰

  5. Reflection for the day: I noticed today when I was out at a bar for a language meet up that my partner’s drinking made me extremely anxious. He has been drinking less and less since I quit and hasn’t drank at home in months. I’m now used to him being mostly sober and that has been extremely comforting.

  6. My wife doesn’t drink very often. The last time she did I found her behavior off. Not really sure how to describe it but it wasn’t as good as sober her.

  7. I’m having quite a time of it. Officially 9 months now, life throws up so many challenges that I wasn’t facing. I’d given up, not entirely, But as good as. Certainly on myself, that was done years and years ago. On my relationships also. But I say “no more”. I’m fighting for myself right now, listening to things I don’t want to hear. And yeah, they’re skewed but I’m able to listen without reacting in that moment. I’m now processing. My goodness, look how far I’ve come !

  8. Good morning! The last week or so, I’ve been talking about how I’m on this path of self-destruction and how I seem dedicated to blowing up my life before my sober date. Well, last night I actually had a conversation with someone that I knew I needed to, and I’m feeling much less self-destructive now. It was scary and hard, and technically could still go sideways, but I feel so much better.

  9. Congrats on your six months!! Went out last evening with some colleagues and everyone was having beers, wine, ciders - and I stuck to a NA beer and a kombucha. This was my first time in a bar-restaurant since going sober and I had a lot of fun instead of regretting it after. IWNDWYT friends

  10. I made it to 31 days. But I still feel disappointed with myself, I don’t know why- I don’t want a drink, I want a hug. I will not drink with you today.

  11. I got home from a concert a couple hours ago, and I stayed sober and danced and enjoyed every moment of it. Earlier this year I saw some artists I've really loved for a while, and I got so drunk I hardly remember their performances. Being present for my whole evening was absolutely amazing, and made me so grateful.

  12. Congratulations on 6 months! I've done two stints of 6 months and I was always amazed at how the small incremental changes day to day resulted in a huge transformation in my life. Imagine what a year can bring?

  13. Funny, just booked an important meeting for next Monday and for a moment I thought how shit it would be having to deal with being massively hungover during said meeting. Most of my Mondays have been spent trying to survive a day two comedown/hangover combo (which is somehow worse than day one now that I’m in my late 30s). Then I remembered that I won’t be hungover because I’m not drinking - woohoo! Have a lovely day everybody, IWNDWYT!!!

  14. Checking in folks, IWNDWYT. Probably the longest dry stretch I've had in months. Hope to retire from 20 years of professional drinking.

  15. 60 days! Holy moly!?!? Some things I've noticed: My neck and shoulders no longer have a deep, constant ache, my gerd/acid reflux is 1/4 of what it was while drinking, my body recovers quicker, my brain is starting to see more beauty in the mundane, less binge eating, less anxiety and depression, less bloating/retention, better sleep, weight loss. I could probably think of at least a handful more. That's not even touching on how drastically my life overall has changed. I'm sorry to brag so much but I'm just so thrilled. You CAN become a non-drinker. Keep trying. IWNDWYT!

  16. I really want to drink tonight but I will keep my streak going. Hopefully things will change at 3 weeks like they did for Clever Cookie. IWNDWYT ✨

  17. Not today! 5 months sober today!!!! I am up at 520 for a 4 mile walk. This is just wonderful. I took the recycling down this morning and this is the first time in 5 months that our bin has been full. It’s full because of boxes and things I’ve bought for the kids. Money spent enjoying life instead of wasting it. Have a wonderful day!

  18. I have reached six months sober today for the first time since I started drinking. I’ve done a couple of months dry before but never this long. Feeling great. IWNDWYT

  19. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you, and hope to get there as well. Mostly the part where I wont be white-knuckling it, haha. Thank you for your words!

  20. Check check - day 33 - i am attending a social gathering tonight and I’ve set myself a time limit: to enjoy but leave after 2 hours, weirdly that helps. Iwndwyt.

  21. Checking in for September 15 I will not be using any drugs or alcohol today to alter the way that I feel think and move about in this world. Listening to some talks on Bhagavad-Gita this morning. Hanging out with my pup and my cats going to spend today focused on some chanting and meditation and study. Hope everyone has a safe sober Thursday we’re almost through this week guys and we’re halfway through September for those doing the sober month. IWNDWYT!

  22. Congratulations on 6 months! I find myself white knuckling a lot unfortunately. I would love to get to a point of peace. I know I need to be patient with myself. My last longest streak was 36 days, it would be nice to beat that! IWNDWYT

  23. I will not drink today. Congrats on 6 months Cookie. I don't ever want to go back to drinking. I'm loving waking up everyday without a hangover.

  24. In less than a week of not drinking my life has profoundly changed, for the better! I had an amazing interview yesterday that ended with them asking me back for a paid working interview tomorrow! I'm so excited for what comes next in this journey. I feel amazing!

  25. I forget most of the details but I can remind myself of the feelings. A small glass of wine seems so appealing. I remember the warm glow and all those rough edges smoothed out. The taste of liberation. But then it is never enough and soon all of the things I want wine to solve are caused by the wine. The warm is just feeling normal, the roughness from perpetual tiredness and chronic anxiety, the liberation is from alcohol withdrawal itself.

  26. I had a dream last night that I got drunk and disrupted work and my coworkers. I had to make amends in the dream. Thank God it was a dream. I WNDWYT!

  27. My plans for tonight fell through but instead of sulking and drinking the disappointment away, I'm looking forward to working out and watching What We Do in the Shadows. IWNDWYT!

  28. 6 months is amazing congrats, can’t wait to get there myself! I’m almost at 3 months and originally thought 100 days was where I could ‘moderate’ but realizing that’s not something I’ve ever done well long term. So thinking this is it for me too and agree this milestones are helping. IWNDWYT

  29. I'm sick, we're understaffed, and I'm working reception in one of the busiest animal hospitals in lower Manhattan while barely being able to talk! Usually I'd take this as an excuse to head to the bar across the street and drink the stress away, but instead I'm gonna go home and cuddle up under the covers with my cat and put on a scary movie. I've gone three whole days without a drink and IWNDWYT!

  30. I think I'm starting to accept the highs and lows that each day brings. I always got so down and anxious if I had a bad day. Anxious I would drink, and "what if" tomorrow is the same? Usually, I've found tomorrow is not the same. I'm starting to feel hopeful in my new found belief that everything will just be ok. Good or bad, I'll be ok...if I just don't drink.

  31. Checking in. I'm really looking forward to the weekend this week so I can sleep a little longer! No, not for that other reason I used to. IWNDWYT!

  32. I've strung together 2 whole days! I even went to dinner with friends last night and ordered a cherry pineapple limeade smash which was so much yummier than and booze laden drink could ever be! IWNDWYT 🍍

  33. Congratulations on your milestone! That is awesome :) I needed to see this reminder to take some joy and pride in milestones. I've noticed that the past three weeks have been fundamentally different than my previous experiences 'quitting,' and I think it's because I'm no longer counting down days of commitment, and I've accepted drinking isn't in the cards for me. I still have cravings and pangs, but my acceptance has changed my hands from white-knuckles grasping to more gentle, cupped palms. I will not drink with you today.

  34. I guess I’m back on day one. I had one of the worst days in a long time. Almost had to commit my son to the hospital for mental health reasons.

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