The Daily Check-In for Wednesday, August 31st: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Hello sober friends! I’ve been checking in with myself daily so I know I’m doing the best I can, and thank goodness I get more than 4 hours sleep!

  2. Interesting, the words fun and relaxation do need to take new meanings and redefined, else will be miserable with old beliefs still lingering in there to catch me in a weaker moment and slide their way in.

  3. Welcome back friend. You know you’re in the right place here. I’m pulling for you. I always like to remember how “easy” it is to just not drink…meaning mentally. I’ve taken that out of the equation. The back and forth, the starts and stops. It’s over. I don’t drink. That’s it.

  4. That’s tough to handle in early stages. I can’t imagine what you are going through, and I hope you can find some forgiveness for yourself in this phase.

  5. I’ve avoided doctors for the same reason! Thank goodness our bodies are amazing! I hope your visit proves as such!

  6. Checking in! Wow I'm early today! Up early and feeling good. Hope everyone here is doing well. Wishing you all the best.

  7. Hi There MuckDr. I'm so proud of you. I was feeling ill this weekend too. Must be a almost twin thing .🤗 Thank you for the inspiring check in . I hope the rest of your week See's you feeling better and proud of yourself .❤️

  8. I will not drink with you today. I’m living life consistently and persistently and it’s paying off. I’m looking forwards.

  9. Kudos bud. Try listening to “Huberman Lab” episode 84, you might find some useful tips some of which may appeal to you and work for you.

  10. Good morning - 7 am here in the UK. Home from overseas - I didn’t drink on the flight and I think on my third or fourth day. I WNDWYT.

  11. My task list is difficult. Mentally I’m in a bit of a complicated fog. We spent the day cleaning out my mother’s house yesterday, and it was very hard on all of us for numerous reasons. She wasn’t even gone a day and we were already going to work to clean up the remains of her life. I was a proponent for it, but quickly realized this was way too soon.

  12. Good morning! I’ve been quiet on here recently because I’m on holidays (which are sadly ending today). It’s been a very active holiday, so I’ve been too tired to think about drinking.I feel like I’ve had a little jumpstart on my fitness which I need to continue when I get home. IWNDWYT!

  13. 260 days here. Starting to waiver really want to be a normal drinker romantacising about that glass of red. You know the one where it all ends well. IWNDWYT

  14. Day 30! After today I will have not drank for the whole month of August (except for a couple of purely medicinal drinks on the first). That feels like a pretty solid accomplishment, though I'm not sure anyone else cares. Oh well. IWNDWYT!

  15. Its nearly 8am and I haven’t been to bed yet after drinking. My thoughts have been racing and I can’t sleep. I’m making a change from now. Something has to give. This is my first and hopefully only attempt at stopping drinking. Day 1 let’s go!

  16. I pledged Monday, and drank. I didn't pledge yesterday, but I didn't drink. I had a long, really nice conversation with my partner going forward, and I feel a boost of confidence and certainty going forward now. Like I'm standing on even ground that may not be familiar just yet, but is more predictable than where I've been walking. I will not drink with you today.

  17. Doormageddon: Day 2. I don't know what it is about DIY and me. I start one job with the intention of repairing something and end up rebuilding the whole village. All I had to do yesterday was replace 2 door slats and the rain bar. What I've actually done is disassemble the whole front door and start thinking about building a space ship. Onward!

  18. Woke up early from a bad dream, and stressed the fuck out bright and early this morning, but tomorrow is one of my kids birthdays and if I don’t drink today I won’t be hung over for it tomorrow, IWNDWYT

  19. IWNDWYT! I had oral surgery to remove a failed root canal tooth and had a bone graft after. This is probably the closest I’ve felt to hungover since quitting and yet it still isn’t close to as bad to a hangover. Happy to be sober with you all today and to finally be able to take these steps towards better health. IWNDWYT!!!

  20. Today is the first day with students at my new school. Yesterday was hard. Overwhelm, crushing anxiety and a few mild panic attacks as I tried to wrap my head around everything I need to do and then try to makes sense of how to make it all happen. More than once I I thought to myself “I wish I could have a drink”. I know that what I really wanted was to escape all the hard things. I looked at my mentor and told her that I was feeling overwhelmed. She looked at me and said it was okay. It will all be okay. And then my department chair came and said to just be me. Just do what I do, the way I do it. It will be okay. I came home, got as much done as I could and drank a few extra seltzers. I am grateful I’m waking up without the haze of a hangover. I’m still feeling a whole bunch of anxiety, stress and overwhelm, but I’m not going to try to drink it away. I’m going to 🧘‍♀️ and be me and let the love I have for teaching get me through today. And look forward to sleeping in on Friday. Most importantly, though, IWNDWYT. 💜❤️💜❤️

  21. Today's main events are going to be a big workout at the gym and making banana bread from scratch. Alcohol will not improve either, so it will not be part of my day.

  22. "Change your thoughts and you change your world." It's not always that easy, but a useful reminder on perspective and the inner voice. Have a good one, friends! IWNDWYT

  23. No drinking from over here 🏄 anyone have tips on reinvigorating creativity? Substances used to be my crutch or muse, if you will, and I'm hoping something else can spark the same way while being sober!

  24. Yeaterday I chose to win, and I won! That seemed simple enough so today I'm gonna do the same. I want to win again. It doesn't have to be a massive victory. I can cheat with chocolate, or maybe won't achieve nirvana in my spiritual practice, but IWNDWYT.

  25. Post therapy is always the hardest time for me, I’m so exhausted today and thought about a drink and a nap. But I got a new job and things are turning up. IWNDWYT 🤍

  26. Morning from me and my matcha latte. Last day in London today going to eat some amazing food and relax. Guys I actually did it I had a sober trip away. I can literally do anything. IWNDWYT

  27. My work team is having a happy hour for my boss’ boss farewell. This feels like it’s going to be a tester for me even though I genuinely don’t want to drink. I’m just a tad nervous about what i’ll say when offered a drink.. IWNDWYT!

  28. Thanks, Kay, today is my Friday!!! Tomorrow is a day off and I'm excited. As summer transitions to fall my work life predictably gets busier. I'm working with my counselor on loving my inner critic and providing some re-parenting. I look forward to being able to pause and to remember that I'm working hard, making progress, and doing the best I can. Sobriety gives me the ability to love myself and work on caring for myself like I deserve. Sober on!

  29. It’s 2am so it’s technically day 9 for meeee !!! IWNDWYT 👏👏👏💕 hope everyone sleeps well and has an amazing day !

  30. I will not drink with you today! Work is so stressful at the Moment but I manage it because I just Go immediately sleeping after coming Home and skip the drinking

  31. Not today. I fly out here soon on my first ever international trip. I’m very nervous. I’ve only slept for 4 hours. I’m not nervous about drinking. I’m nervous about flying and being away from my family. Wish me luck and safe travels!!

  32. Another glorious day. The fever wasn’t the tooth. It’s fucking covid. I thought to test at home before I called the clinic, because of the fever and the fact that my parents had allergy type symptoms when I was there, and it was positive. So was the test I got at the clinic.

  33. 74 days and I'm down another pound today. Unfortunately I'm also on 4 hours of sleep also. Man oh man I never knew sleeping was so difficult. Still, IWNDWYT. Gonna get to 90 days. And then a 100 days. Oh and I haven't been on a run for 3 days and that sucks (to be fair it's been storming and flooding). Gotta run tonight. Have a great day y'all.

  34. I’m still here and starting my 9th month. Not a single day that I haven’t woken up grateful that I didn’t drink. I start every day with a small victory and so do all of you!

  35. I’m so tired and run down, I could use time to focus more on myself and allow myself to think about my improvements. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  36. I hope today is a better day for me. I was not in the best of moods yesterday. No matter how I tried to pull myself out of the funky mood, I couldn’t. I’m trying to adjust to working in an environment where almost everything pops up last minute. I understand things sometimes come up, but when it’s a pattern it’s just poor planning, and that’s not how I like to work. Anyways, it’s not making me wanna drink, but it is making me angry, so I need to work on that. IWNDWYT

  37. Hello lovely sober ones, and thanks Kay! Staying busy and moving in a positive direction has been really helping me too. More projects, more fitness, more reading of quit lit. I'm determined to stay sober, so I'm working on strengthening my foundation each day. Let's do life sober!⚔️ IWNDWYT

  38. It's been sort of crazy and stressful the last few days at work, but I'm staying sober, even when those thoughts of buying a pint on the way home pop up. I know I'm better without alcohol, and I know I don't need it. IWNDWYT.

  39. Up at 3:30 with a pukey dog. She's been through a lot over the last year (and me with her) so every time she's not well it's pretty stressful for me. Compound that with the fact I am supposed to leave this afternoon for a few nights away and it's going to be a difficult morning to process and cope.

  40. hey y'all! i haven't checked in in the past days, but i'm still sober going on day 10 now!!! started university and i adore my degree, as well as the extracurriculars i've taken on. staying busy, staying sober, having a life ((: hope y'all are well and iwndwyt!

  41. I'm feeling like I need to get back to my routine of exercise in the morning because that seems to make me feel best, rather than any other time of day. So I'm heading to the gym soon, after coffee. Thank you all for being here. IWNDWYT

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