The Daily Check-In for Wednesday, July 6th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Strong and excellent words Rosa 👏. Hope you have a lovely time at the party and you glide gracefully through the stickiness of it all.

  2. Hi friends. I haven’t checked in for a while but all is well, no boats are being rocked, and I’m healing. Hope you are well. I will not drink with you today.

  3. Morning Cinq. It’s raining where I am this morning. I’m on a journey today and will sit back and watch the world pass me by. Hope you have a gorgeous day.

  4. Feeling pretty low after breaking a good sober streak. Had no food, drank three beers which knocked me flat - I threw up in the shower with absolutely no control and can’t remember large sections of the day. Would take the hangover over this shattered emotional pit. Broke my spouse’s trust by drinking at a time she really needs me. Broke my own heart.

  5. Good morning! It honestly never gets old to wake up with a clear mind, hangover free. I’m thankful for my sobriety. I hope you all have a good, sober Wednesday. I’ll see you back here tomorrow, IWNDWYT

  6. This will be my first day. Last week I ordered 7 bottles of wine and when I get them, either I'll return to the sender (no costs), or distribute to acquaintances (those without a drinking problem, obviously). I will not drink you today!

  7. I will be two years sober in 22 hours. I still feel guilty for how things ended up with me and my ex. After over a decade of heavy drinking it was her kicking me out and how I felt afterwards that made everything click for me. It was either quit drinking or watch myself die while leaving my daughter without a father in the process. It actually has been easy for me to stay sober but dealing with what I lost in that relationship has proved to be very difficult. I feel a lot of guilt and I still think about how everything happened but staying active is what helps me. I'm always hiking in my free time or playing guitar and those activities keep me in the present rather than the past. I'm grateful to be sober because we share custody of my beautiful 4 year old daughter and that wouldn't be possible if I was still drinking. We coparent fairly well but it's hard to watch her move on with someone else. I just needed to vent I guess. One day at a time! IWNDWYT!

  8. Had such a weird day yesterday - woke up rested and refreshed and knocked off some key tasks. Got home and felt very resentful about some family stuff I won’t get into, so I went to bed early, but all the negative emotions kept me awake for hours. In the past I would have reached for alcohol, and I’m proud I didn’t, but I need to work out how to manage these feelings….

  9. I’m on my way home after a busy day in the summer’s heat in one of the most crowded cities on the planet. And guess what? I didn’t drink. Got a quick gym session in this morning and the rest of the day felt so easy! I’m still battling my ego and the need for attention from the opposite sex but hey, baby steps.

  10. Thank you again MrsStop. I'm feeling proud about a couple of things that came from the same distressing event. Firstly, I bravely stood up for myself by politely asking someone to stop saying something to me, about me, that was hurting me. This in itself was huge due to emotional scarring that has had me avoid rather than face painful conversations. Fear of rejection among other fears.

  11. I'm really, really hanging in right now and I am not drinking. I'm proud of that. That old "coping" mechanism is long gone and that makes me walk tall. Did I binge a show on Hulu? Yes. Emotionally eat a bit? Yes. Look at my phone too much? Also, yes. But I didn't drink. I haven't had the urge, but I'm vigilant anyway. IWNDWYT and wish us all grace and peace.

  12. Greetings all you fabulous SD denizens! Day 549 here. I am making ALL the major life changes over the past two months and future month. Almost uniformly good ones, but it's still a LOT. Tiring, even as I'm happy. I need to be vigilant when I'm tired.

  13. Day 18. I can't believe how quick I've gotten here. It feels like I was struggling to get through that first night just a few days ago. And yet I've accomplished so much. I started working out and doing yoga again. I've read a few books. I've deep cleaned and reorganized my kitchen. Thanks to the Sunday check in I cleaned my damned bathroom. I've actually gone out and socialized with people. I have done dishes immediately instead of later, and folded laundry instead of running it through a wrinkle remover in my dryer before wearing. So I'm proud of starting to get my shit together. Feeling like a functional adult instead of a useless human. And on a note not related to drinking my AP scores came out yesterday and my pass rate is the highest it's ever been!!! So just a proud teacher moment that I managed to accomplish even while still drinking. So today? Today I'm going to continue to be a functional adult so I can be proud still tomorrow. IWNDWYT.

  14. Being sober has allowed me to get some self respect. The fuck it's came from a place of not caring. Not caring about my relationships, not caring about the examples I was setting, not caring about anything other than getting wasted. Most importantly, I didn't care about myself.

  15. Good morning everyone! I haven't checked in in a while but I'm happy to report my streak has been holding up pretty well. IWNDWYT☀️

  16. Good morning SD, and happy Wednesday! Today I get to see one of my best friends irl for the first time since covid started; I’m definitely going to cry and hug her tight, and I’m going to be sober for it. IWNDWYT :)

  17. Onward! Big day coming up and my emotions tend to get a bit bigger too around these milestones. Feeling positive today, onward.

  18. I’d be proud to call you mom MrsStop…. Your words spoke from the heart and truly showed how deeply you care about your son and about us. And we all care about you!!

  19. I’m saying sorry to myself and others by not drinking. I will release the guilt that doesn’t serve me. Grateful for another alcohol free day. IWNDWYT

  20. Currently at airport and saw a sign a few minutes ago celebrating the ability to drink alcohol here 24/7. 😖 so so so glad to be sober! IWNDWYT ❤️❤️❤️

  21. I’m proud of myself for the way that I’m handling things at work. I’m better able to handle the pressure of last minute events that have been popping up a lot lately. I do not like the unknown. my fear of the unknown is at the core of my anxiety. I like to plan things from plan A to plan Z. Now I’m rolling with every “surprise” that comes up. At my core, I still hate it, but at least I don’t let it take over my body and make me feel so uncomfortable that I want to drink. That was my M O before I quit. IWNDWYT

  22. I didn’t do much of anything I was proud of while I was drinking. I simply cannot dwell on that right now. I will give myself and others grace today. I am proud of myself for staying in the moment. I have a sibling who loves to point out to my mother how I am an a addict, and my mother has repeated back to me over and over again. When she brought it up they other day, I started to explain again, but then I just said, I don’t give a shit what she says, I am busy keeping my side of the street clean. This sober business is tough on so many levels. I know I will never be able to stop being vigilant with alcohol. I tell myself every day that there is a reason that “the windshield is so much bigger than the rear view mirror” Thank you all, this sub has been my biggest support. I will not drink today. 🫶

  23. i have a white claw in my apartment (long story, nothing to do with drinking or wanting to drink) and it’s so completely and absolutely not tempting. in fact it’s the opposite, it’s entirely grossing me out. it’s so wild how long it’s been since my last night drinking and how long my brain has held on to those feelings of shame and guilt associated with alcohol, and my drunk self. on the one hand the repulsion is nice cause it means i have no desire to drink, but on the other hand it makes me think i still have a ways to go in not only forgiving myself but also growing past the past. i don’t quite know what im getting at, but it felt somewhat shareable. IWNDWYT, and i won’t be hungover with you in the morning. have a lovely wednesday everyone 💕

  24. Laying awake at 4:30am for no apparent reason, just not sleepy. I may get tired earlier tonight, but IWNDWYT!💜

  25. I woke up sober. My body hurts. I’m tired. But. Im sober. To me, no pain I have is worth the Dante’s Inferno I lived through. I’m here if anyone needs a voice on the other line. If no one’s told you today, I see YOU, and I love YOU. IWNDWYT

  26. Mrsstop, thanks for your post. That line “you can say sorry by not drinking” hit home. I hope to regain my family's trust by not abusing alcohol anymore. I'm proud of them and I want them to be proud of me-that's a big motivator for not drinking. IWNDWYT, friends.

  27. Quick question for everyone because I can figure out how to start a post. I was drinking a liter of vodka a day for a while and have since stopped thanks to a good detox program some in patient and currently doing out patient and nightly meetings. I’m 2 weeks sober but am still expierencing brain fog, almost as if when I go back and think about what I did yesterday, 2 days ago, or a week ago the events seem blurry. Towards the end of my run drinking it became easier and easier to black out so I guess my question or questions are; has anyone else experienced this and will it get better, or have I finally done some permanent damage?

  28. IWNDWYT, getting easier by the day, have surgery on my heel on friday, hoping it goes well. looking forward to an alcohol free recovery. have a great day guys, you all deserve happiness!

  29. Currently at airport and saw a sign a few minutes ago celebrating the ability to drink alcohol here 24/7. 😖 so so so glad to be sober! IWNDWYT ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Nothing yet, but it's still early. Yesterday I was proud to change my mood. I was in an awful mood yesterday when I got home from work. Then I took the dog for a walk and listened to Queen - You're my Best Friend. Felt much better after that. IWNDWYT.

  31. Day 2. Took a 4 day bender over the weekend, just disconnected from everyone and every thing. I cant do that anymore. Today I will be me and can be proud of that today as long as I do not drink with you today.

  32. I can't say that I'm proud of anything at the moment, but I am glad that at least I didn't stay down after my relapse on Monday. I've been honest about it with myself, my husband, and all of you, and I'm willing to learn from it and move on.

  33. Pretty much already feeling like normal after having a hernia surgery a little under 2 weeks ago! Glad I was sober for all of it. Drunk me probably would have let it get twice as bad before doing anything about it and had not nearly as speedy of a recovery.

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