The Daily Check-In for Monday, July 4th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Thanks for this link. I like the word neglect to describe what I had. But not now! My flat may be a bit untidy but it feels a more cared for home just because there’s my fewer things around me. Less is more. I wish the kitchen floor was clean though.

  2. The people around me now are the same people who were around me when I was perpetually pissed. The early days were hard not just because I was stopping drinking but also because of trust issues and my mental projections. "They think I can't do it!" was playing over and over in my head. What they were actually thinking was "I hope he can do it but, taking past efforts into account, we have to protect our hearts against likely failure". That was uncomfortable....and understandable.

  3. Good morning SD! Most members of my family still drink a lot. I’m around alcohol every day. I wish it was different but they have to make their own choices as I made mine. This is the part of my environment I would change! It certainly allows me to practice my sobriety! 😂 IWNDWYT 💗

  4. Please don’t worry about the weight- I gave myself 100 days of ice cream and cake, before I cut out the sugar. By 100 days alcohol free, I believed in myself so much, I knew sugar would be simple. I lost 20 pounds/ 9kilos really easily 👍🏻

  5. My inner sloth has taken over. I need to wrest control away and stop neglecting my space. I think the mess is a kinda external manifestation of some internal troubles. I’ve been putting off getting things in order. Not just my space but a slew of other self care things. But I’m ready to begin again, gently and actively. Iwndwyt.

  6. I was never a list maker. I've always been resistant to the power that a piece of paper thinks it has over me. What I have discovered, during this stretch of sobriety, is that I am the master of my own lists. I decide what goes onto them and I get a weird joy when I've got a 'full house' of crossed off things. It's scratching an OCD itch that I didn't know I had. Sometimes I'm very specific with a list of jobs and other times it's all a bit wooly - with things like "spend an hour in the garden" and "do something for someone else that'll be nice to remember tomorrow morning".

  7. I find small things matter and they take a few seconds. As I look at my pile of clothes not put away 😂

  8. Saw a car commercial today… “The experiences we never forget come from the choices we make”. I chose not to drink poison today! Let’s make good memories today!! IWNDWYT 💪💪

  9. Don’t know why but it feels like today is going to be a difficult one. But it feels good to acknowledge that in writing. I’m in the UK so none of the July 4th pressures thankfully.

  10. Having a family barbecue in my backyard today with four generations of family attending! Doesn't happen a lot, so should be a good day...definitely picture worthy! IWNDWYT!💥🍔🇺🇸🌭💥

  11. The environment has been a challenge for me in my journey so far. I used to share my apartment with my (now ex) fiancé, who also used to drink daily with me, but after one night of wayyyy too much drinking, there was an incident and he moved out and broke up with me. Drinking ruined us. It’s difficult to still be in my apartment alone now, as I am reminded always of our happy memories here and the bad ones too. That may sound silly, but it’s difficult to describe. Even the freezer drawer where we kept our alcohol is a trigger for me. But now, instead of grabbing a nip from that drawer, I grab my ice tray to put ice in my glass of lemonade, or water everyday. Yesterday was a big struggle for me and I almost went to the liquor store! I was so bored and sad, I just wanted to drink. 4th of July is my favorite holiday, and I’ve spent the last few years completely trashed on the days leading up to the 4th and of course, the day of the 4th. The temptations of seeing friends on social media drinking, memes online mentioning day drinking and getting shit-faced, and even fancy 4th of July themed drink recipes to bring to parties.

  12. Another sober day down, but diagnosed with COVID... I have to say, feeling unwell with this virus makes it easy not to drink as I don't really feel like doing anything! But I don't recommend getting COVID to stay sober 😂

  13. This is a challenging weekend being a holiday in the US and also just past my 6 month “anniversary”. It would be an easy time to say “just one won’t hurt” but I am not doing that! IWNDWYT!

  14. I had my first night's sleep. No sleep aids. Woke up soaked in sweat twice but managed to get 6 hours in, I consider this a small victory.

  15. Summer holidays around friends and family are no more reason to drink, than driving to a liquor store and buying alcohol for ourselves on any other given day. It's not a slip... it's a concious decision made.

  16. Thank you for this wonderful read. I like the concept of Possibilitation, as a means of growth post stopping. Having had several attempts in the past year, I have tried several initiatives but gave up on them within days or weeks. I look back and it was a lil here and lil there, a lot of initiation but not much achieved eventually. I do feel uncomfortable with this pattern and I realize all I need to is initiate these initiates daily, a daily checkin for them all, however minor they may be, cleaning the storage, one item a day at least. Somedaya I might get to a few hours of organization. But. I need to stick to checking in on each imitative daily. Thank you and to Possibilitation. Iwndyt

  17. Not today. A great sober weekend behind me. I played 2 gigs of original songs and got asked to do a third! I couldn’t have done this if I wasn’t sober.

  18. Now that I’m sober I see problems that I’m not sure that there is even a solution. The thought of irreparable damage has me walking around like I’ve been punched in the gut all day. I don’t know if my drinking caused it or it I drank because of it, likely a combination because things are rarely so black and white. The pain from this has been absolute but I know now that alcohol will just muddie and already hazy situation.

  19. Well I’m back. Day one today. I was active on this sub a couple of months ago and was loving life without the drink, however, I had such a busy month in June with 2 weddings, 2 stag do’s and a family birthday party that I decided to just drink. I won’t lie I enjoyed myself at every one, but I feel that now is a good time for a bit of a detox. Aiming for 30 days. IWNDWYT 😀

  20. Not drinking today! Up early, relaxed in bed with coffee and my phone cuddled up next to a sleeping child, then up sweeping and laundry's going and holy cow I am so happy that I am able to do this and benefit from it after so many tries. IWNDWYT

  21. Going through a nasty divorce. There have certainly been moments where I've been tempted to reach for an anesthetic. Today, it's going to be hard to be spending a holiday we used to enjoy together alone. But I know that processing this pain can't happen drunk and that working through it is essential to moving on. IWNDWYT.

  22. Happy Colonial Separation Day to all y'all! Tons of love and blessings to y'all. Freedom from addictive thinking is absolutely worth it, and I am here again today to make sure I stay free and independent.

  23. Getting my environment the way I want it is a slow process. I work on it as I have time and feel motivated. Kinda hard to do that sometimes between work, visiting family 3 hours away, routine shit and everything else I do.

  24. My environment is definitely a work in progress but I am getting there, one garbage bag at a time. My goal is to know where everything that I own is so I think in order to achieve that goal, I need to own much, much less. IWNDWYT. 🌳

  25. Lovely post mrsstop! IWNDWYT 💕 Day 4, I made it through a Friday, Saturday and Sunday! That’s something that hasn’t happened in awhile.

  26. Usually the 4th of July is an excuse for me to get hammered. Not only am I very disappointed in this country but I’ve been very disappointed in myself. I will not be celebrating anything today. I won’t drink and it will be nice to wake up yet again with no hangover.

  27. I don't feel uncomfortable anymore. I've been working on creating a safe space for my home again. I can happily say that I'm there. It's because of my morning and evening routines. Also, being present more than before has helped me to find gratitude in some of the most simple things. IWNDWYT. I'm very happy to have the day off!

  28. Thanks for this. Am travelling home today and the desire to get a bottle or two of something to lubricate the journey, destroy today (and tomorrow) and make my husband unhappy is making my teeth itch and my scalp sweat (attractive).

  29. Good morning! I’m thankful for the day off work today. And I’m thankful I won’t be spending it drinking. Before I quit, anytime I had the day off. Or got off work early, that’s the first thing that popped in my head. That’s finally starting to not be my first thought. And I’m grateful for that. I hope you all have a good, sober Monday. I’ll see you back here tomorrow. IWNDWYT

  30. I'm looking to move so I want to change my whole environment. It won't be as nice as where I am now but it will be all mine and I'll be able to control it and make it work for me. And there won't be any wine in the fridge!

  31. I am currently sleeping on a hospital couch -- someone I love will have surgery early today. I hate hospitals, but I know drinking would make literally everything worse. IWNDWYT!

  32. This REALLY resonated with me, especially as I get ready to move to a new place. I love this way of thinking of the shift to AF af, and the before, during and after phases as distinct and worth tailoring. THANK YOU. IWNDWYT

  33. I'm also learning to let certain things be and which things I can control. I want to nurture myself so that I can nurture others. Glad to not drink this holiday in the USA!

  34. 8-1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep is what I got last night, and that’s just the environmental change I’ve been looking for! No drinking equals better sleeping. What a gift!

  35. Good morning friends, day 13 here. I’m also an orchid person, I require a very specific environment in order to thrive. And guess what? Alcohol is not a part of that space. I used it to protect my sensitivity, to dull frequent overstimulation and in the end (no surprise here), it made all of it worse. I have had many attempts at this point but I’m more self-assured in this one. Thanks to All of you for being here, you & this community have provided one of the most powerful tools in my toolbox. IWNDWYT

  36. Not drinking anymore because I want to be safe and present. I drove at 11:30pm last night and got home and then I had to drive to take care of a sick relative at 12:45. Sober life is freedom.

  37. Greetings from 4:15 PST. Cat knocked a plant off a bookshelf, that's it for sleep and also possibly my entire 4th. Cat! (Shakes fist).

  38. I won't drink with you all today. There's a much better chance I end the day with all my fingers. Happy 4th to my fellow Americans and a great day to everyone else.

  39. I had a lovely day here in Asia today and even managed a sunset drink with my friend. I had a coke float which took me back to my teenage years while my friend moaned that there was no alcohol at the cafe lol.

  40. I need to get to bed earlier! I swear when I sleep 5-6 hours instead of 8 it's like half as bad as an alcohol hangover. Ok maybe only 1/4 as bad, but still!

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