The Daily Check-In for Thursday, June 30th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Greetings from my Italian vacation. Truth be told, I’ve been testing the waters here, having a little taste of vino every night. Nothing overboard at all but also, nothing worth it. If I hadn’t tested the waters, I’d feel like something was missing. So, I tested the waters and as so many who came before me can attest- alcohol adds nothing to any experience. In my defense, I haven’t gone overboard and I don’t feel bad about my decision to drink…but, I am done once again. I’ll reset my badge when I get home but for today, I will not drink. I will swim in the Mediterranean and see sights that are the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. Life is amazing; I am happy and blessed beyond belief!!

  2. There was a lot of cake consumption in the earlier days. I've moved on to buying books, jewellery, getting my hair done, pedicures, etc. Sometimes my greatest treat is sacking off responsibilities and having a long bath and going to bed early with a good book. IWNDWYT 🙂

  3. The memory of that last awful hangover is starting to fade and my head is coming up with more "logical" reasons to drink, but it's simply not worth it and I won't allow it. I won't drink with you today!

  4. I can’t forget that part. That cycle I was trapped in was nightmarish. Like literally living in a dreamlike state of self induced torture. Reading folks posts here helps to remind me. Or positing actual experiences here is a good personal reminder. Some use journals.

  5. Good morning SD! I have got into espresso making and I also enjoy trying different NA beers and sparkling wine. IWNDWYT 💗

  6. Morning Sare, I too enjoy na beer, funny how I can moderate them! Gonna get me a nice coffee now to celebrate my birthday alone (covid finally got me!) Have a great day 💗

  7. Do you have some recommendations? When I drank I would go for a heavy ipa or a hazy, but I bet even the na of those has quite a few calories (looking to shed some lbs). But an na beer every once in awhile is great. I have only tried Heineken 0.0 so far which tastes pretty damn close to the real thing.

  8. Decent day today. Being sober over two months has resulted in my resting heart rate going back to my normal (50bpm) and my blood pressure (112/68). I was pretty excited to see that today :)

  9. Lots of tea and coffee at first. Now I’m onto energy drinks which I know are unhealthy but ya know, big picture. Also ice cream. Ice cream is a nice indulgence I can appreciate, especially when I’m having a down day. IWNDWYT

  10. I really had to learn new ways for treating myself. But nowadays, I have lots of treats: cherries when they're still expensive (even though they're still cheaper than a bottle of wodca), chocolate, homemade biscuits, fruit and herb teas, jewelry, a massage, a book, a holiday, hobby material, a bath, watching a movie that's not on Netflix and therefore I have to pay for it,...

  11. Day 41 under my belt and just booked a holiday for a week in Lanzarote with my brother for the end of Sept. All paid for by me not drinking or doing coke. Its far off but also athing to keep me focused as my brother said he won't go if I relapse.

  12. Morning. Checking in. My treat is decaf green tea. I wouldn’t have believed that was possible but that habit has now stuck and my brain thinks oooh time for a cup of tea. Good brain 😁 It has taken a looooooong time though. Have a happy day SDers. I will drink tea with you today ☕️

  13. I like chamomile myself. But I do have a green tea mattress that I bought after a couple months of not drinking. Not sure what it does for me but it sounded fancy 🙂

  14. As a treat, I enjoy mineral water. Perrier is probably my favorite, but I also love Mountain Valley, Topo Chico, Gerolsteiner, really any chilled mineral water is a treat. So yeah, I’m checking in and I won’t be drinking with you today.

  15. From blossoms comes this brown paper bag of peaches we bought from the boy at the bend in the road where we turned toward signs painted Peaches.

  16. Iwndwyt at first my treat to myself was literally any liquid, coffee, tea, energy drinks, juice, soda, you name it. Now I treat myself with a mint chocolate chip fatboy ice cream sandwich after a long hot day. It’s SO REFRESHING.

  17. Took some advice from someone in this group to speak to have my detox supervised by a doctor and I did. I feel a hell of a lot better now after a bad auditory hallucination event. IWNDWY!

  18. This is probably going to sound funny, but: seeds. The day being AF clicked for me was January 2, 2021. December and January are the times when the seed catalogs get ya--all those vibrantly colored lush veggies, fruits, herbs and flowers. My husband calls it my porn.

  19. Went to the store tonight just for ice cream. Had a tough day with anxiety, but…I could actually drive to the store when I wanted something!

  20. Candy!! My first sober day was September 30th (9 months today!) so it was prime Halloween candy season. I ate that stuff all day long.

  21. Definately treated myself with sodas and sweet treats not so bothered now 6 months in but it's still important to have the odd treat for me. I often think oh can I afford that? Then I think well if I was drinking I could always afford a bottle of wine. So I treat myself. IWNDWYT

  22. I like candles. Earthy scented ones that help me relax. I really enjoy reading next to them while enjoying some tea. I guess I’m finally appreciating the simple pleasures of a still life. Iwndwyt

  23. ( A lot of) sweets but also treats like magasines and nailpolish. Today I will celebrate my 10th day sober with bying a new pair of sandals. Maybe I would have bought them anyway, but I will define them as a reward for keeping sober. Wish you all a great Thursday- I will not drink with you today ☀️

  24. IWNDWYT in Northern California. I did however eat a piece of chocolate cake which splains why I’m still awake at 1am. 🙄

  25. I haven't really found a treat yet, but I try to be a bit more productive at work/home to keep my mind of drinking.

  26. My reward is running a 5k wherever I need to stay focused on my sobriety. I run most days as a result, taking an occasional day off when my body tells me I need a rest. IWNDWYT.

  27. Day 18! Longest I’ve gone for what I’d guess 14 years. I feel great and went exercising today for the first time in awhile. Rode 8.3 miles on a stationary bike. Can’t wait to keep that up and shed all this booze weight.

  28. I started drinking diet soda. I usually stick to one a day, maybe two. I also allowed myself ice cream, but have now cut that down to very occasionally. I will say that in the first few weeks, allowing myself to indulge any non alcoholic craving I had helped immensely. For non food treats, I got a massage and a pedicure. Thinking about doing both of those today. IWNDWYT.

  29. IWNDWYT - I too am a huge fan of different types of root beer. Unfortunately my ex wife has all of my root beer caps from my previous collection, so I'll start that collection over (kind of like this whole quitting drinking but it will stick this time). Whenever I take a vacation, I always choose an Airbnb, bed and breakfast or a cabin in the woods, mountains, on a lake and make sure to find a mom & pop shop that has some old fashioned root beer. Basically anywhere that I can have a mental reset because I realized that I need those more than I originally though. It also works for me because I don't drink any other soda during the year, with the exception of if I'm craving a Pepsi or something once or twice a year. So those are the two "treats" - root beer and a vacation in nature to escape.

  30. I have fallen in love with Luigi's Italian Ices. They are low sugar and have less calories than ice cream. They are a perfect end to my day.

  31. Happy Thursday, you courageous people! I enjoy a single O'douls Amber in a cold glass every evening. Beer was never my issue so it has zero emotion for me. It's just a nice NA drink that has way less sugar than other choices. Like all that wine I used to put away! Now, one barley beverage is a treat. Let's stay strong warriors! 🛡❤️ IWND☠️WYT

  32. Sugar, namely chocolate, is my evening reward and I'm ready to dial it back again. I'm ready to refocus on goals in July, including nutrition and exercise. IWNDWYT

  33. I have had too many treats , I am getting a bit pudgy in the middle but it got me through some tough times I try to have a nice treat every evening I should go back to my tea and skip the sweet stuff IWNDWYTD

  34. My go to treat is a tall glass filled with ice, seltzer, a splash of cranberry, and a slice of lime…. Very refreshing and looks great! (In the very beginning, I did go through a package of Oreos in 2 days… they are not allowed in the house!)

  35. IWNDWYT I bought myself a (cheapish) watch to mark the start of the journey. I intend to buy myself a very expensive one with the savings after one year. I like the constant visual reminder.

  36. Happy Thursday people, IWNDWYT, WE GOT THIS 😁. Today is my 1st day back to work after a 4 month medical leave from a torn miniscule and surgery. Wish me luck

  37. Today is 6 months sober for me. My treat is a lemonade or watermelon fizzy drink (anything Trader Joe’s) IWNDWYT. Oh- Halo Top or non dairy ice cream or potato chips. Can’t stay away from potato chips. 💕☺️

  38. Rebel icecream and Sonic Cherry limeades. When I was a kid, my mom used to stop at Sonic and let me get a cherry limeade after my allergy shots or getting my braces tightened so they were a big treat then and still feel like it! I realized you could buy powered sonic drink mix online, so I have that added in to a Key Lime La Croix at night. Delish.

  39. I just ate a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast with my coffee and it was wayyyyyyy better than the wine I used to swill. I spent so much time focused on “healthy” eating and exercise, only to drink a bottle of wine every night….I’ve learned that sans wine, I can have an occasional food indulgence and maintain my weight. It’s way more fun!

  40. Ice cream (Breyer's mint chocolate chip is my favorite) and chocolate have been my go-to treats. I often keep a few individually wrapped, bite-sized pieces of dark chocolate in my purse in case of cravings when I'm on the go.

  41. Good morning and happy Thursday! Finally, the end of the week is in sight - this one, like the previous one, has been a long one! I'm hoping for a peaceful, undisturbed weekend since last weekend was disturbed by my bossy, older brother. I think I may just "lose" my phone this weekend to protect my peace bubble. IWNDWYT my friends.

  42. Thunderstorms waking the dogs up today at 3am. Who else is awake when the dogs are whining at 3am, 90 minutes before his already early 4:30 alarm? Me.

  43. Good morrrrning!! My treat at the end of a long day is flowers; for a while I picked up a single rose each day instead of rosé. It made a pretty cool multicolored bouquet after a week or so. IWNDWYT!! 🌹

  44. Hhhm, treats. Well, DQ Blizzard but I try to keep that to rarely now that I’m finally cutting back sugar. I used sweets a lot in the early days. Now it’s a Seedlip garden with Fevertree light tonic and a sprig of mint. Yummy! IWNDWYT. 🌳

  45. Early days I spent a small fortune on fancy non a Prosecco type drinks - they helped me for sure but eventually I found the urge just went away. Now for today - ice cream... now that is a treat. Here in my little New England USA town we have 6 seasonal ice cream shops (it is a hobby here) and to these I go on a regular basis. IWNDWYT 🍦

  46. Last day of the month is always busy and stressful but I’m only dealing with the most bearable type of stress. Sober stress. Not compounded by an over sleeping hang over. Thursday is mine. Iwndwyt

  47. I was treating my self with sweets. Too many sweets too many times a day. I just started cutting back. I naturally have a sweet tooth that went into overdrive when it stopped drinking. I haven’t found anything to replace it yet. I’m thinking I might allow myself 1 sweet per week. Still figuring out. IWNDWYT

  48. Starting day 13! Still have night sweats but sleep is much improved. Work's going well and I find I'm more social and less anxious.

  49. I ramped up coffeesumption and teastravaganza. Extra cookies and ice cream treats. The kids loved that part.

  50. Ice cream! Even bought an ice cream maker! I use the sweetener allulose so it’s better on blood sugars and my hubby can eat it too. I’ve had a heck of week so far so I’m looking forward to having some this weekend. And kayaking!! Definitely looking forward to that!! IWNDWYT!!

  51. Thanks, Blarp, and Happy Thursday to all you soberheroes. Today is my day off, I slept in and am having a lazy morning. I'm grateful for the DCI to peruse, even if I'm a bit late.

  52. I drink root beer floats, never liked root beer before. But it is what I drink as a reward, and a replacement for alcohol. IWNDWYT!

  53. Another day 1 for me. Been having panic attacks the last couple of days. AND ALCOHOL IS NOT THE SOLUTION. Going to the doctor later today for some medical advice.

  54. IWNDWYT. I’ve really slacked pledging, but have been in a much better way since starting therapy and Antabuse. I might not be here every day like I was early on, but I would never made it to this point without this sub.

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