The Daily Check-In for Sunday, June 26th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. wow im early! i honestly don’t know how ive stayed sober this long, i never saw this being possible. i came here one night after being hungover all day from a blackout night of drinking. i was tired of the debilitating hangovers, the way they triggered my anxiety and depression and sent me into a hole, sometimes for days/weeks. in some ways i have no self control when i drink, in some ways i have tons, which sets up this perfect storm of being able to get absolutely wasted without quite realizing because im really fucking good at keeping it together and acting sober. the problem is once i hit a certain point i say things i would never want to say, things i don’t mean, or believe, or care to share. i do things i’d never normally do, things i’d regret. i can’t moderate, ive tried, i actually have to admit i always let out a little giggle everytime i see a post here asking if anyones been able to moderate, knowing a majority of the comments are going to be us all trying to find gentle ways to kindly say “no”. i wasn’t sure about the IWNDWYT bit, it felt a little intense to me to have a tag line, or a phrase, maybe it made it too real or felt a little ott as a newbie; but i saw someone say “i won’t be hungover with you in the morning.” and i loved it, i felt seen with that line, and less alone. i think that might be all i said at my first check in, im not sure. i now proudly say both. ive stayed sober for 70-something days since the night i found this group. i genuinely mean it when i say i don’t believe i’d ever have a streak at all without SD. im beyond grateful. WHEW. that got long and sappy. sorry! TLDR : IWNDWYT, and i won’t be hungover with you in the morning. have a lovely sunday everyone! 💕🌈

  2. I was the same way about IWNDWYT. Felt cultish. So for a while I avoided. Then eventually I was like: naw it’s just nice people who don’t want to type all that out.

  3. Was out to dinner with my Dad and kids last night. And before that, attended an event in a pub. Interesting that I am so used to never drinking around other people that neither event gave me even the slightest twinge. Very grateful for that, and for waking up well-rested and free-of-spirit.

  4. IWNDWYT 🇨🇦!! Temptation came over me out of nowhere today and I'm not sure what the trigger was.... But not today, Satan.

  5. Day drinking in the summer was my jam. It felt strange to not buy beer at the store today. Cos you know what’s perfect for this searing heat and intense UV- a dehydrating poison that makes you disconnect from your body, ruins your sleep and adds to free radical damage from sunshine!

  6. Wow, you quit right before Covid hit. I did about 6 months after you, also on a Monday. I actually didn’t know about SD until well after I quit, as I would often Google my day count for motivation (“x days sober”) and usually end up reading people’s stories here (or other blogs). I joined about a year or so later.

  7. My inspiration for joining all of you wonderful people was recognizing that I truly could not stop at one. It had become unthinkable. Also, I had gone from a weekend/social drinker to a near-daily, secretive drinker, and I could no longer deny that I had a problem.

  8. Day 3 for me and Sunday afternoon here in Australia. Had a sober weekend for the first time in a long time. Somehow had ended up drinking way more than intended on a normal Thursday night. Woke up so sick and probably still drunk to get my kids up and out to school. Was supposed to go in to the office and couldn’t manage it. Called in sick with a sick kids excuse which is wholly believable given everyone is sick all the time at the moment, which actually means I shouldn’t be adding to it with days like Friday. It’s hard enough parenting and working at the moment. I felt so sick, miserable, sad, fat and stuck that this has to be the last time. I have to be better than this. I won’t drink tonight and aim to start the new working week fresh and sober and off on the right foot. Sick of feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Today has been ok though. Slept well last night and have had a productive day. Just feeling a bit edgy.

  9. My anxiety got much better (like, 98% better) after I'd committed to not drinking. Like 40% was the anxiety inherent in trying to moderate, 25% was general physical malaise that went away quickly as soon as my sleep and digestion normalized, and the other 35% was probably the yoyo between a depressant (alcohol) and all the stimulants I used to get through the day (coffee, tea, sugar). So, I was able to get out of the anxiety in a phased way: -40% immediately, -25% around the 4-5 day mark, and the rest around day 20 or so. It's worth it!!! Parenting while drinking is harder than parenting while sober, believe me.

  10. Hi. I’m here because I realized the last time I binged, how much it upset my son. I had the chance to eclipse that by making that the day I chose sobriety. I told him that next morning I was done but I needed some help and I had found an online treatment and enrolled in it. I hope I showed him that there is no stigma attached. If you need help with the head, heart, and body, you get it. I’m also here because this is a place I come when I need strength or want to feel safe emotionally and supported. So, thank you, to the community, for being that place.

  11. Happy Sober Sunday SD! I was sober curious, but also I have a close family member who was in a bad place due to alcohol. I was on the Al-Anon sub looking for advice when someone mentioned this sub. I love the feeling that there are like-minded people out there in the world. We are not alone. Thank you all for being here! IWNDWYT 🙏

  12. Three months ago I got a dui with my child in the car. I was hungover from the night before and still blew over the legal limit. I ended up in the emergency room because I said I didn't want to live without my daughter after they cuffed me and dragged me away from her.

  13. I was lurking here for years knowing I had a problem but it was functional so I didn't worry too much. Then it became a much bigger problem over COVID lockdowns.

  14. I came here from a post on all, catching my attention. I stayed because I found a tribe that spoke my language, for the first time ever. Priceless. I will not drink with you today!

  15. Well done, keep going! I love this sub and I love waking up hangover free. Nothing beats it. For me hangovers are the equivalent of actual hell, lol.

  16. As of today, I'm seven weeks sober. Seven weeks ago, on that Sunday, I woke up with such a hangover, didn't know how I came home, sink full of vomit, lost a lot of memories about the day before. That day, I knew I was done. So my main reason was that I wanted to remove drinking from my life, because I just hated it so much when I woke up after a night of too much drinking.

  17. I will not drink with you today. I'm here because I just got fed up with drinking, from feeling a bit off the next morning from a beer or two to waking up in the hospital after a binge. Too many little things, too many big things. So I'm a week into however long this goes and this sub makes it less lonely.

  18. I was aware that I had a problem (but did nothing about it for years) then woke up last year after the work Christmas party and thought "no more"! I found this sub a couple of days after and have been active in it since then, with reasonable success - I'm currently on a 26 day streak and have definitely changed my relationship with alcohol for the better overall. IWNDWYT 🙂

  19. After an almost 80 day streak, then a 3 week relapse where I convinced myself I could moderate, then quickly realised that is complete bollocks (for me, anyway), I'm here and sober.

  20. This is my second time here. The first time was more of an exploration experiment to see if I could actually have a spell, even a day without drink. I got 99 days under me belt. About 4.5 years later I came back, knew the drill, I’d already prepared my path with an open mind. This time after a month I couldn’t believe my brain started to use the words….maybe forever.

  21. I will not drink with you today ! My boyfriend is gonna stop being sober, it was easy to share sobriety with someone. But I will not let that get to me !

  22. Last night I passed my biggest sobriety test so far , my best friends birthday celebration, we always used to get drunk together, this year everyone apart from me was in full binge mode, and I stayed strong, denied all offers of alcohol and explained my decision to stop drinking , thankfully their reaction was no where near as bad as I thought it would be and most either didn’t care or were supportive, I’m so damn proud of myself, good luck to everyone on your sober journey, the key is taking it day by day IWNDWYT

  23. I found this group in Spring of 2020. Folks here, so kind and supportive, have helped me as I try to learn how to live without alcohol, after a lifetime of abusing drink.

  24. I don’t even remember how I found this sub. I’m glad I did. It helps so much to come here almost every day and read other peoples stories. Good and bad. Recovery is not linear. IWNDWYT

  25. I actually found this sub almost 4 years into my sobriety. When covid took off, I was at home for a month with not much to do but dwell on everything! Looked up some help online, stumbled across this sub. Joined reddit to get on here specifically.

  26. Two weeks sober in a few hours! I feel fantastic and never even thought I'd get this far but I'm smashing it. Getting facetime with my grandchildren today and my husband is making a fuss of me.

  27. Day 37–I turned down alcohol several times yesterday! I didn’t know there would even be any, so I feel like I did really well in the face of a surprise. IWNDWYT

  28. I haven’t reset my counter. Unfortunately I relapsed last week. I’m frankly disgusted with myself for last week. I’m technically on day 3 now. IWNDWYT

  29. Last night was a test for me because I went to a concert with friends and they came over to mine beforehand for drinks. I stayed sober and had a great time!

  30. A few of us are having a miserable time on a family trip and I came very close last night to picking up some wine at the hotel bar. Going to be a rough day today and am happy to be facing it without a hangover. IWNDWYT

  31. I stopped that day, because there is more to life. Hoping to continue my streak into my vacation! No work for a few weeks, so life is good right now! IWNDWYT!

  32. Checking in! Up nice and early again, feeling sick from eating too much but that's way better than drinking too much. Hope everyone here is doing well, wishing you all the best. IWNDWYT!

  33. Day 105. The sun is shining on and off, and I'm going to make the most of the day. I hope you all have a lovely day, whatever you are all up to. IWNDWYT ❤️

  34. My general quitting grew out of two realizations: 1) I would not achieve what I wanted while drinking, 2) Drinking makes life a continual Groundhog Day, where every day looks the same and I didn't do anything truly interesting.

  35. I will not drink with anyone today. Not by myself, not all day. Yep , I quit for my health. Twisted my knee so bad while mowing, had to go to physical therapy. From there I told myself that I had to get sober and healthy.

  36. Thank you Blarp and I also really like the vibe of this place - such a positive safe supportive place with truly inspiring stories. This thread btw is already an amazing read!

  37. Happy Sunday people, IWNDWYT, WE GOT THIS 😁. I found this group months before I decide to give up alcohol but I have wanted to for years and had many attempts. After coming here daily and reading all the different posts it really seemed to help and I started my day one. Didn't know how long I would go and still don't but hey I'm over 6 months now and that in itself is MAJOR for me. This group Rocks 🪨!!

  38. Like many others I stumbled across this sub while searching for resources as a sober curious person and lurked but didn't look seriously on my other account. The last 2 weeks of May I told myself I was going to take this summer to get my shit together (I'm a teacher, went on summer break memorial weekend). But 3 weeks in I was still drinking every night and it was zipping by. I finally decided my "maybe tomorrow" attitude wasn't working and started actively reading the sub and bought some books. And finally, a week ago, took the advice I've given so many students. Sometimes you just gotta rip the band-aid off. So here I am. I will not be drinking with you today.

  39. I am here for encouragement and will be regularly checking in again. I was doing well but haven't been making it more than a week lately. Wanting to sleep better and feel healthier again is why I am here today!

  40. Morning all. I'm here after trying a few different communities online (COVID!) and this one was the most low-key, least judgmental, come-as-you-are space BY FAR. I had been barely drinking in the year before I quit for good, but I knew the missing piece was finding a swell group of people willing to share and laugh and cry and be accountable to ourselves. I was tired of trying to do it alone. This place has ultimately helped me talk more with friends and family about quitting and why I did and how not drinking makes me feel great. So thanks, SD, for being the ticket. IWNDWYT and send each of you a grateful hug.

  41. I had been bouncing between moderation and abstinence since the beginning of the year when my definitely-not-a-relationship fell apart towards the end of April. My feelings for my totally-not-an-ex had been my primary motivation for reigning in my drinking. There wasn't anything I could do to convince myself that my life was worth living on its own. The next few weeks consisted of binge drinking punctuated by a 1-2 day stints of sobriety. My wakeup call was needing to take a couple shots around 9 am to feel functional. It was an unmistakable sign of the damage I was doing to myself.

  42. I’m here because I was miserable. I had been a heavy drinker for about 14 years. The last 3 or 4 years most of my drinking was alone in my house. I started dealing with a lot of depression. I had a couple nights where I started having self harm thoughts. I was just really unhappy with how my life turned out. During that depression I also got a dwi. I was at my rock bottom. I reached out for help. And I also remembered this sub. I had found it a previous time I tried to quit. This time I was ready. I was disgusted with who I had become. And it was finally enough for me to make a change. This sub has helped me out so much. Thank you all so much for your support. My life has been so much better without alcohol. I’m in such a better place mentally and physically now. And I am actually happy for the first time in years. I hope you all have a good, sober Sunday! IWNDWYT

  43. I have been drinking beer for long time. For years it was never an issue for me but along the way I started to become aware of my inability to slow down, stop or moderate in any way. I’ve known for years now the truth behind controlling the first drink and only that one. I tried quitting for myself 4.5 yrs ago so I must of had desires to quit prior to that. I failed in that first attempt because I had no resources and I really had no clue what I was up against.

  44. I've had 3 streaks inbetween a few days where I tried to drink. I think this current streak is after a huge fail at moderation on cinco de mayo. I pretty much learn the same thing each time: if I do force myself to just have 1 drink, I don't enjoy it at all and that becomes my whole focus so I miss out on everything going on. If I don't moderate, I drink way too fast. So the best thing I can do is just not drink so I can enjoy my experiences and be free of the whole mental arguing thing.

  45. My memory is bad. I blame it on drinking for 20 years. Now I can’t recall exactly how I found SD but it was probably mentioned in another sub. This place has been my number one tool in sobriety. I did AA a decade ago and the room became too clingy and personal. Someone said I wasn’t ready and would relapse. I got a dui while attending AA. Was so ashamed because they were right that I never went back. Holy crap I am remembering a lot now. Yeah. This sub has been the support I’ve needed to keep me on my path, through the lovely ups and inevitable downs. It’s a life saver to be honest, I am lucky to have a place I can check in every morning and say IWNDWYT.

  46. I had a few sober days under my belt when I stumbled on this sub. I had tried so many times to quit and failed until I landed here, thank you

  47. IWNDWYT - I had a rough night last night, almost caved into my desire to drink after a little over 6 months sobriety.. but I didn't, I had a couple NAs and then ate dinner and went to bed - I am SO glad that I fought my stupid alcoholic lizard brain played the tape forward and didn't give in to temptation!

  48. Day two and I’m feeling good thanks to this community! I posted yesterday and the outpouring of love and support was incredible. Feeling so damn happy to be sober today. Thanks to you all. IWNDWYT.

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