The Daily Check-In for Sunday, June 19th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. I’m two weeks sober today. This week has been hard and my emotions are all over the place. I’ve been journaling, exercising, crying and letting it all out. I’m so grateful to wake up hangover free for the past two weeks. IWNDWYT

  2. 2 weeks today here too! I'm totally with you and believe me, I know what a bloody great achievement you've made by doing it.

  3. Two weeks is epic!! Such an emotional wreck I was and youre absolutely right to embrace it. The up and down is your brain trying to get back on track now that alcohol hasn’t shown up. It takes time for our brains to heal so no point cowering to the effects (granted you need to be aware of your situation if it needs medical supervision). Keep pushing forward!!! Iwndwyt

  4. Just in from a wedding where I had the most amazing time without an iota of alcohol. It makes me wonder why I EVER even felt the need to ruin an amazing time with the poison of alcohol. Finally I’ve learned that I don’t need it to have an incredible time!!!

  5. The smell of Vicks immediately brings me back to childhood. Laying on the couch home from school watching The Price is Right, drinking tea with honey and eating Lipton Cup O’ Noodles.

  6. Relapsed... interestingly didn't break the pledge because I didnt post in the DCI yesterday (a sign?)... will post a report shortly.

  7. I haven't had a drink in years!!! Today marks two years for me. I'm here today because of the help I've received along the way from this community, as well as the help I have been able to provide others. We can't do this alone, as much as a lot of us wished we could, and I'm honored to do this with a community full of such strong, supportive, vulnerable people. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, there's no more important work than the work we do here together. IWNDWYT!❤️

  8. Going to a Father's Day cookout tomorrow without a hangover. I took some time off work this week and I actually look forward to my time off now since it doesn't involve going on a bender.

  9. Good morning SD! Not a dad (a mum) but looking forward to a week’s holiday with my grown up kids next week. They know I’m not drinking so there will be temptation but no pressure to drink. I will not drink with you today 💗

  10. All of my friends had a drink after work. I did not. Will probably be the same tomorrow. I’m definitely choosing not drinking with the rest of you fine folx. Happy Father’s Day and Juneteenth!

  11. Aww, hats off to you. Well done! My accountability has fell to the wayside lately as I'm up so early so my usual check in routine has gone awry. I need to get back on it, thanks for reminding me! IWNDWYT

  12. I've been trying to moderate and it's gone just as well as you'd expect. Full abstinence feels impossible on every level. Hate this and don't see a clear path forward. But at least for the next 24 hours IWNDWYT.

  13. Another beautiful day! I’m going to do a 5k run but I’ve decided to join the jog/walk section. Let’s be realistic about training, and walk before we run eh? Same with abstinence. There is no substitute for patiently clocking up the days, doing the work of that time in your journey. We are where we are. I’m so grateful it’s a good place. IWNDWYT 🌊

  14. Tomorrow morning I will be a week sober. I haven’t gone a week without drinking in a very very long time. Aside from maybe 1 or 2 exceptions, I don’t think I’ve gone a week without alcohol since I was 18 (22 now). It feels like this time is different, I feel very certain in my sobriety.

  15. A few days into my sober journey, I banded together with a few people to form a sober crew, intent on making it to 30 days sober. Here. We. Are! Thank you for helping us find the way! Happy Father’s Day, particularly to the man who agreed to give up drinking to help raise two tiny scared children. A true hero. IWNDWYT.

  16. Just sent off my first reset to the badge bot. I had a couple of large nips of vodka yesterday - I felt nothing from it, but the lack of intention to stay stopped was there on my part.

  17. My sister invited me to her local environmental group meeting once. On arrival we were immediately welcomed with a glass of wine. I politely declined and was gently mocked for being the stand out halo-toting monk of the group. At the time, I felt a bit sheepish. If the same thing happened now - I would feel powerful because I could resist the subliminal peer pressure on top of denying myself a pleasant glass of wine in nice company! Inner power beats shallow gratification any day. Greetings to all the super(wo)men out there!

  18. I pledge today to reinforce the promise I make myself each morning. To set my pathways to more positive channels in this jumbled and, sometimes, emotional brain. I will not drink with you today. I will not drink with you today. I will not drink with you today.

  19. Hey Ok_Yesterday_9181!! I’m so happy to see you hosting us this week! It’s great seeing your check-in comments and all the support you provide on here on SD. You have been helpful to me with your positive energy for sure. Have a great day and IWNDWYT 🤗

  20. Yesterday was hard day for me with the nice weather (Europe). It was 25 degrees clear blue sky and all I could do was think about how much I wanted to drink. I even skipped taking my medication (Antabus). I’m glad I managed not to drink but boy was it difficult. Thankfully it’s grey skies today and that makes it much easier for me not to drink. I’ll make sure to take my meds today instead and not drink with you guys.

  21. Good morning, happy Sunday and happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, fighting the good sober fight. My relationship with my dad was a complicated one: he was funny, intelligent, accomplished, generous and caring. And he was also a physically, emotionally and verbally abusive drunk. I used to stand in the card aisle before Father's Day looking at each card and then putting it back because I just couldn't say the nice things that were written inside. I'd always end up buying a blank one and just signing it.

  22. Big day. I’m up 45 min before my alarm. Have to run to work real quick. I ended up not doing my Fathers Day dinner yesterday because plans changed and now my in laws are coming today so instead of a chill day cooking for myself I’m having to chef it up for an audience today. All good.

  23. To all of the great and loving and responsible step-dads out there! You chose your families and the responsibilities that came with them and I am so grateful that men like you exist! It is a tough job to be a dad so thank you. IWNDWYT 🌟

  24. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! I have been sober for 2 years tomorrow! I still have freedom! It hasn’t always been easy but when I get through those days which happen so rarely I feel great waking up in the morning!

  25. It’s my second Father’s Day without my dad who passed away in 2020. I miss him so much. My dad was an alcoholic. He was functioning until he retired and didn’t find anything else to do but drink larger amounts of alcohol daily. He was a good person and a good dad. Ultimately his heart gave out. It says “alcohol related” on his death certificate. He was 80. I know he would’ve still been here if he stopped in his 50s as told by his doctor after landing in the hospital for the first time from drinking.

  26. Today is my first week without alcohol. I made it through a wedding last night which wasn’t easy at all. But a big step. First time I’m not hung over post wedding. Great feeling! I’m also not drinking today! No breakfast Caesar needed.

  27. Thanks, OK, I'm excited for your leadership this week. Feel all those feelings of stage fingers and know that it'll be OK. You're gonna crush this shit.

  28. Happy Fathers Day to all the awesome dads out there! Make your kids and yourself proud by staying strong today!! No poison for dads today or for me!

  29. Good morning. For the former me, the US holiday of Fathers Day would have just been another excuse to get drunk. Today I’m letting my son sleep in, and having my own dad over for dinner. Happy Fathers Day, I’m not going to drink alcohol with you today.

  30. ¿Sunday already? What a fast week. Today is the nightmare day. The hottest temperature in many years is forecasted. With no AC i was dreading the rare triple digits (USA). But i think it'll be alright. No alcohol to raise my internal temperature. Oh this will be new.

  31. It’s 3:00 am, and I’m awake, but thankfully it is not because I passed out at 6pm yesterday! You know what? It feels NICE 😊! Be kind to yourself and to others today. IWNDWYT

  32. I don't feel the need to post every day here now. I have enjoyed being sober today and have it spill over into the wee hours of Sunday!

  33. This day can fuck right off. Still, I consciously choose not to drink. I’m in bed before 9:00pm feeling possibly the loneliest I have ever felt in my life. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight. Wishing everyone out there all the best with their own conscious decisions to abstain from alcohol today. IWNDWYT.

  34. Went out to dinner last night with friends and hung out afterwards. It was so nice to simply be present and enjoy their company. IWNDWYT!

  35. Off for a kayak this morning, I have tons of things to do but sober me tries to take time to stop and listen to the loons. IWNDWYT. 🦆🌳🛶

  36. Happy Sober Father's Day to all! 9 days, closing in on double digits. Feeling all the feels the past few days. But so grateful for sobriety. IWNDWYT 💚

  37. IWNDWYT! Went to a local music festival with my wife and some friends - great to wake up sober and hangover free.

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