The Daily Check-In for Sunday, June 12th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Great touchstone OP! "Drink Less, Do More." I love that. For so many years I hid inside those bottles of poison, shrinking away, trying to become invisible or just gone. Until I finally took note of a small voice inside saying "I want to live." What had been a whisper is now my cheer! I want to live, and live well! I missed so much, but I'm here now. Getting stronger every day. Thank you all. SD helps me daily! IWNDWYT

  2. Ditto… literally everything you said! Love you sober friend and so grateful you’re my thinking mind this morning 💗🤗💗

  3. I cheer you on, sweet friend! I'm proud of you, and proud of me. I will stay sober with you today! Love you 💞🤗

  4. Hello sober friend. Another wonderful comment that has me happily inspired and pondering things. I've quit drinking, and then started again, many times over the years. I feel they were practice runs and each taught me things, even if only what doesn't work and what to watch out for. This time I have more tools than I've ever had, especially this sub and the support and inspiration of fellow sober ones such as yourself. 🙏 Thank you! Other than tea 🫖 IWNDWYT!

  5. A beautiful post. This is only my second attempt but for me the work was facing it and working to remove the shame before I could even attempt it, and that took years. Guided? Yes completely, I don’t pretend to know by what but I talk to ‘the Universe’ and it talks back if I listen to those synchronicities. And they definitely brought me here, for which I am grateful 💗

  6. This speaks to me Muck. I am able to work on being a better person now that my beer addiction is in the rearview mirror. I do think we can aim for something larger and longer than our life span and agree with you very strongly that the universe provides concrete direction and clues/suggestions. My AF journey this year started on Valentine’s Day with a renewed focus on daily meditation which led to my quit day in March and 10 big things have happened to me over this period which have reinforced my new direction. But drinking a shit ton of beer every day is not and was not the answer. Of this I am certain! IWNDWYT pal.

  7. Over the years I've become especially fond of the Zen school of Buddhism, and one of the most interesting aspects of this is the reading and contemplating Zen stories, or Zen Koans.

  8. Beautiful! So relate. In my ’seeking’ I’m learning that there’s nowhere to go to find what I’m looking for, and in quitting drinking, I found that all I needed to be able to do it was right here within me all along! And then I instantly found y’all, the support I’d needed. I had to stop panicking and grasping. So many times I’d googled looking for help, and then there it was, because something had shifted in me.

  9. Beautiful!! ODAT is what's working for me. The other times I'd tried but failed was likely because I forgot how important it is for me to keep it small. Keep my focus on THIS day, and getting to this bedtime sober. Thank you.🙏 IWNDWYT!

  10. Not drinking, but man, woke up today feeling a little hungover… must have been dehydrated. Nice reminder of how I was so used to that that that was normal to me.

  11. Welp, I experimented with having a social drink Friday night then moved on to solo drinking yesterday. The glass of wine and two mixed drinks were enough to disrupt my sleep and give me a headache. I’m back to full abstinence. IWNDWYT.

  12. Past the 3rd weekend. Made another night of DJ'ing without drinking. It used to be a staple for me to get completely smashed back stage for 24 years. Can't believe how great I feel at the airport today and that's with about 2 hours sleep. I didn't drink last night and won't be drinking with you today.

  13. First time here, although I’ve been lurking for years. I’ve been going through some things in life and the wake up calls have been growing more and more serious. My relationship with alcohol is problematic and the effort and energy that goes into pulling it back, only to veer back into unhealthy patterns and then doing it all over again just isn’t worth it. I’m exhausted and am not going to drink with you guys today.

  14. I think my mantra lately is keep your conscience clean and your claws sharp. I’ve said it here a few times. It’s working for me.

  15. Grateful for a decent run this morning. Still terrified of the damage that drinking and 5 years of sloth have done to my body, so I am super cautious, only 1.2km each day, and then some walking. Last full day of rehab. Get to sit with the experience of ADHD medication (3rd day of that) and continue thinking about the challlenges of life post-rehab.

  16. Hey Dogforahead. I am loving IWNDWYT as my little reminder. I've also really grasped to focus on today as if I am worrying about not drinking in the future, my head isn't in the game today and I cna lose sight of this overtime and drink. That isn't to say I am constantly thinking about it as I am not. I just have more of a focus on the here and now. This is ahrd for a neurotic like myself, but I am changing! Not drinking is proof I can change. I've done it before, had years under my belt. I drank again as I forgot. This time I am trying to learn from those mistakes.

  17. My touchstone is (thanks to this group) "I will not drink with you today"... and if that isn't working I go to... "Alcohol is a lying assume that pretends to be your friend but steals everything behind your back"

  18. Day 1 of my current streak I wrote "please, Belinda, please do not drink" on a page of the journal I was writing in because after my final bender I felt so sick and shitty. I actually thought I might die my blood pressure was so high and I was shaking so badly. I was so scared and depressed while writing that that I was sobbing and the page became wet with tears and was thus the page that notebook opened to naturally with the funky page so was easy to find or stumble upon as the weeks went on. I hadn't looked at my day count in a long time until yesterday. Apparently that was about 1600 days ago. :) I will not drink with y'all today.

  19. I will not drink with you today! Instead i'm eating delicious avocado toast for breakfast right now and will be spending most of the day with my family and partner!

  20. Tough night, open bar event with my partner, my cousin, and my alcoholic mother. I told my cousin I've been sober for a month and some change and she pressured me to drink a couple times and when I consistently refused booze she kinda side eyed me and asked if I was pregnant LOL. I didn't tell my mom, but politely declined the handful of times she asked if I wanted her to get me a drink at the bar. "Red or white?" "Neither thankyou😊"

  21. Day 2! I did laundry and some dishes last night, and am planning to cook and do more dishes tonight. I'm trying to bring some semblance of order back to my apartment without overwhelming myself at a time when I'm easily overwhelmed. IWNDWYT!

  22. I just remember that one drink could set me back months or even years because I won't stop. I don't want to waste any more time drinking. IWNDWYT ❤️

  23. I can never sleep for more than 3hrs at a time, and its nightmares the whole way. Whether ive been sober for a while or fell back off. Iiiiiiii dislike this. Woke up to tell yall lol. Back to bed for a few i guess. Iwndwyt.

  24. Hey SD. Still Saturday night here in California. Heading home from a show in downtown Los Angeles. Checking in a little earlier in the DCI than I normally do. Be back in the morning with my coffee. IWNDWYT ☕️

  25. 10 days, and it feels like time is standing still. But still, IWNDWYT. Wishing peace within the thoughts of every one of you out there tonight.

  26. Good morning sobernauts! I get to be up early because my son graduates today!!! And I’m so so excited. I will be there, and I will be fully present.

  27. Morning. Checking in. Definitely one day at a time and play the tape forward have got me this far. I also like you can be as happy as you choose to be. Pulls me up when I’m spiralling. I set my day with Be Calm, Be Happy, Be Kind. Sometimes it works ☺️

  28. “It’s not everything, but it’s something” has been helping me recently. Kind of a variation on “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly” or “the perfect is the enemy of the good”

  29. Such a solid Saturday back from being sick all week. Hit the gym, hung out with my buddy (who’s also going sober this week) for a minute and just talked about how stoked we were. Went on a second date and got the kiss! Excited for today, going to be another beautiful day!! IWNDWYT

  30. Sunday is here! I got a big week coming up, I got the bday, and surgery Friday morning. Sobriety is strong but I guess if there was ever a test it would be this week. Wishing you all a fantastic Sunday though. Let’s get it!

  31. IWNDWYT because it would be a shame to flush away all the progress in life which I already made during my sobriety

  32. So right - 'find oblivion'. Many, many nights I had made the decision somewhere between 3 and 4 pm that I was going to shut it all down and find oblivion and drink my face off. Many nights I would also state 'ok, just 3 tonight, you've been hitting it pretty hard lately' ... and then after the 3rd drink, the evil mind would say 'wellllllllllllllll at least you are cognizant and trying to limit it, good job! Now let's have a fourth, fifth, and sixth'. LOL. I would reward myself because I was simply thinking of reducing, but never actually executing upon, my drinking. Crazy stuff.

  33. Proud of y’all for making it another weekend… These summer weekend days seem to be a little tougher around the edges. But DAMN are they worth it! I have found a saving grace in NA beer. I also listened to a great podcast regarding peoples’ relationships with alcohol. It’s called Feel Better Live More and it’s episode #277. Enjoy and have a good day. I won’t drink with you today.

  34. First time here. Several years ago I got help for my drinking problem and managed to go nearly 1.5 years without drinking. This last month has been by far my worst period since then. I have tried again and again to stop recently but haven't been able to do it for more than a few days before falling back in. I'm tired of conning myself into thinking that drinking any amount is worthwhile. I figure checking in here couldn't hurt.

  35. I am getting colonoscopy on Monday. Woo hoo!! Will be drinking lots of gross stuff but not booze. Happy Sunday to everyone. IWNDWYT.

  36. Hello Sunday ! IWNDWYT ! I like drink less and do more - I read that the booze basically just hijacks our whole curiosity system - over time we rub out any desire to do anything new - we just drink. How sad is that - no better idea - no other desire. It’s like a dust covered life with no colour - enslavement.

  37. Oh how I love hangover free, weekend mornings! 😊 I don’t have a saying other than, “we’re not doing that anymore!” whenever I think of alcohol. IWNDWYT. Happy Sunday! 😀

  38. Well Saturday ended up being pretty damn good despite having to go to work for a little bit. And you know what? No alcohol. So I will try that again today. Iwndwyt

  39. Happy Sunday! Thank you for hosting dogforahead. My current mantra is “I choose to try to be the best version of me, which includes being alcohol free.” IWNDWYT.

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