The Daily Check-In for Friday, June 10th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Good morning SD! Sounds a bit “woowoo” but I went on a weekend yoga/meditation retreat. It really helped me deal with grief and lots of stuff that happened during lockdown. Something I did for myself. IWNDWYT 💗

  2. Bring on the woowoo!!! That sounds awesome! I’m going on a meditation retreat end of next week for a week, so looking forward to some woowoo 😅

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  4. Sounds nourishing, being with yourself, with loved ones and like minded people, that’s looking after yourself 💗

  5. Today I bought a pillow that says “focus on the good.” I’ve been getting too bogged down in the shitty parts of life. I’ve let myself focus only on the negative rather than enjoying the joys of life. Today, I’m deciding to focus on the good. IWNDWYT.

  6. I was writing something very similar in my journal this morning, feed my mind love and appreciation rather than escalating and reinforcing the anxiety provoking!

  7. Weekend vibes are upon us! Getting into bed to watch For All Mankind season 3 premier! It’s so rewarding to lay in bed and be able to find gratitude at the days end. Sobriety is a beautiful thing. To anyone out there who’s struggling don’t give up and understand early sobriety is tough but so worth it! Know that many of us here have felt sobriety was impossible, but with honesty and determination it is very achievable.

  8. Wow, that’s a MASSIVE 900! Or was that yesterday and badgebot not clicked over, either way, 900 or 901, 🥳👏🥳👏🥳👏

  9. Here I am, present and correct! Well present anyway and that’s another work for a gift. I present myself! I am working on various things but mostly working on keeping going. A lot of the time there’s a three wheels on my wagon vibe to my life and I’ve got used to sword fighting on the back of the cart. Sorting out alcohol (don’t drink it) is definitely part of the solution, I’ve got more capacity to deal with /gestures vaguely all this. So, just for today mind, IWNDWYT 🌊

  10. Exercise. It's astonishing to me that I could have spent so much time immobile. I'd promise myself that I would start getting to the gym tomorrow, to wake up earlier and get out ... only to get a terrible night's sleep, delay getting out of bed as long as possible, then to feel too exhausted to think about working out, then drag through the day until I can get my drink on to feel OK again. Fuck. That.

  11. Wednesday I fell ... I leapt off the wagon and drank alcohol. I was down in the dumps and clamped down in a powerful sensation of meaninglessness. Well, that's my excuse anyway.

  12. I’m sorry you were so low, meaningless is the worst! And I’m more sorry you beat yourself up, though I totally understand. I’m proud of you for getting back up and starting again, I’m glad you’re here in this tribe with us, we can get through anything together. Sending positive vibes 🌟💗

  13. Yay Friday, we made it!! Now that means probably laundry, maybe a little cleaning, a workout, maybe some reading. A nice, chill evening with the cats.

  14. For the first time in 15 years I will be stringing together 2 sober Friday nights in a row today 🤭 it's giving me a kind of rebellious rush of joy. I will not be drinking with you today, I will not be drinking with you ever again ❤

  15. Alcohol free Fridays are so much better than alcohol fueled Fridays. Friday helps to set the tone for the weekend. No more wasting my precious weekends alternating between drunk and hungover. IWNDWYT.

  16. Today is my first ever day 5, and my first ever Friday without drinking. Yesterday I broke my previous record of 3 straight sober days - even with going out to a fancy restaurant for a birthday and handing back the wine list without an order.

  17. I hope everyone has a happy sober Friday. What a totally better option for Friday than what ChicagoFro laid out at the top!!! IWNDWYT

  18. IWNDWYT because making real emotional connections with people is how it's meant to be - not lonely wasting away at home

  19. Good morning everyone! Friday marks my two week point. This time two weeks ago I was nursing a hangover and feel guilty. This Friday I am sitting on a terrace in Fez Morocco having breakfast sober. Stay strong, stay sober!

  20. i’ll admit when i started to stop drinking i never expected it to actually stick. i thought it would be a bust in a couple days just like every other time. but im at 2 months, i honestly can’t believe it. really happy to be here. IWNDWYT, and i won’t be hungover with you in the morning. have a killer friday everyone ❤️‍🔥

  21. Yesterday was a struggle. A bunch of annoying things at work - so I chose to leave early and curl up on the sofa with snacks and look for new jobs. But I didn’t drink! (And didn’t tell a colleague to fuck themselves…). Had the best sleep in ages last night, getting my hair cut today dog sitting this weekend, so it’s all positive from here. IWNDWYT! Hope everyone has a wonderful sober weekend.

  22. Checking in! Happy Friday people, hope everyone has a good sober weekend. Another week nearly done and another weekend nearly survived. Wishing everyone the best.

  23. I know it's going to be hard, and I am fully prepared to have a difficult day, and an even more difficult night. But I will NOT give in.

  24. For me, using the "Headspace" app and getting into meditation has been a big help in my journey. Highly recommend the app and its content!

  25. I know Fridays can be tough. I pledge to make it through today without drinking, and I sincerely hope you will make it too!

  26. Good morning from the eastern US-- where my city has cooled down for a minute and the sky is blue and the birds are chirping and the squirrels are losing their collective minds (iykyk).

  27. I could use a little love, support and strength thrown my way for my dad this morning. Tripped on uneven sidewalk almost two weeks ago, and not only screwed up shoulder, but his surgically repaired hip as well. Today is going to be the first of numerous meetings with his GP and cardiologist to figure out a plan how to move forward with an MRI and a CT to figure out what's going on before they start planning surgeries.

  28. Some before getting sober I started running again. In 2017-2018 I would run 30ks per week. Picking up running again (even if it's jus 3k per week now) reminds me of the person I was all those years ago and gives me hope I can get back there.

  29. It's easy for me since it's so close to my DWI and I'm still traumatized by my bad decision making, but I'm building up my arsenal for when it does become difficult. I assume it will, and if I am going to keep to my pledge of never drinking again- well, looks like I'm in the right place.

  30. Today will be my first night out sober in... gosh, I don't know, since I was a teenager, and now I'm in my 30s. I don't know what to expect. Will probably call it an early night, catch up on Stranger Things while cozying up with my gf and 2 dogs, maybe read a book.

  31. As someone going alcohol-free in the alcohol business… these kind of posts resonate with me so much. Thank you for sharing

  32. Still heartbroken today, still very sad and missing my dog, but the dark cloud has lifted just enough that I have room to feel just a bit more than just that sadness and so I also feel grateful. Grateful that I had more than 10 years with the absolute best friend imaginable, grateful that she’s not in pain now, grateful that I found the strength to be fully present with her during her last days, during her transition, and even grateful to be fully present to feel this grief. Grateful for the work I’ve done on myself over the last year or so that made it possible for me to handle this. Grateful for the amazing people in this sub and your kindness. Grateful to be here with y’all. IWNDWYT ❤️

  33. Great post thanks, ChicagFro. Fab hosting this week! I have come on A LOT in the 5 months I’ve been sober. I’ve applied for, and was offered a job that will uplift my salary by 70%, which will make a huge difference to my family, our quality of life and our financial security. I’ve started therapy and found out I have PTSD from complex trauma. My anxiety is a lot better and I’m starting to see things so much more clearly. Most importantly, I’ve learned that I CAN do, well, anything! Quit drinking. Face my demons. Leave my comfortable job. Be brave and rise to the challenge. Have faith in myself and optimism for the future. Oh, and I’ve also eaten a metric ton of chocolate, cakes and donuts. IWNDWYT, fellow travellers! x

  34. That’s a good question. What’s the big investment you made ? I write a lot “out” when I am sober. I love those Moleskine books - but have loads of notebooks. I have settled on the big size and blank pages and I bought a nice pen for 20 dollars and a packet of ink cartridges on a blue/black colour. Even if I am writing “sh*tty day” - “got in a funk over nothing but didn’t drink” I take some joy that in nice handwriting and paper. I write in the morning and the evenings and once a week I have a big re-cap. I bought a silly “your best year” type course online and did that as I am at a period of change and obviously number 1 change is getting in control of drinking (been on that one for 14 months properly) - I have lists of things I want to do and change and little plans for the week or month. Gentle - not huge (but I am moving continents 😳) So I think just investing in a way to record what is happening and to reflect and encourage myself is nice. My digital notes are hard to engage with - so too long a post but nice pen and paper and essentially a self help book was sat 50 dollars well spent and the time to sit down for about 39-40 minutes morning and evening ?

  35. Day 10, a third of the way through my Dry June. Feeling a little restless about the weekend, but also feeling excited to tackle the long list of projects that have been put off due to drinking.

  36. Happy Friday, everyone! How wonderful it is that we're no longer part of the drunken maniac scene. IWNDWYT! 🙂🐱

  37. Today is my daughters second birthday. And she is going to grow up without a single memory of her mom drunk. That gives me so much inner peace. ❤️

  38. Thank you for this reminder. I am having a ROUGH Friday and, for the first time in a long while, am craving alcohol to just take it all away for a second. After reading what you wrote, I am thinking I will go straight home after work, get into a warm, scented bath and read a book. I had planned on going out with friends, but I worry that I won’t make the decision that best serves me, and that is to not drink alcohol. So. I’m pledging: IWNDWYT. And I’ll take whatever steps necessary to make sure I hold to that promise.

  39. TGIF and IWNDWYT Sending love to all whether long time or lurking. Thanks ChicagFro. You’ve given me lots to think about and you’ve helped! 🙏💕

  40. I've been a pretty big fitness buff most of my life, but sobriety makes it possible for me to take it to the next level. I'm glad that I've lost less than a handful of workout days to alcohol this year, and I intend to do even better in the remaining half of the year!

  41. No more wasted Fridays or Saturdays! Life goes by too fast and is too precious to waste a day! Hug your loved ones and live today to the fullest. IWNDWYT. Instead I will be on my knees today praying that my husbands bone scans are clear! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  42. I’m finishing up a week long business trip in which I’ve been reflecting on who I am these days. I’m NOT the party person anymore who would be waking up this morning feeling like shit because I was out all night with the other conference attendees. I knew I needed some alone time last night so I bailed on dinner plans with other people and went for a walk instead. I’m NOT one who needs to be the center of attention anymore…the funniest, the loudest, the most obnoxious. I don’t really know who I am today, or what defines me, but I want to spend some time thinking about it.

  43. I've decorated my house. For the first time in my life, I've put art on the walls. I've had paintings sitting in storage for years. Augmented those with some thrift store finds. Now, my kitchen and living room look like something out of a movie. Lifts my mood every day! IWNDWYT!

  44. Good morning folks. I will not be drinking with you today friends ☀️. Today I have hit my twenties! Damn. It’s great.

  45. Need to do some more investing in current work skills. That investment would pay off long term & help my daily confidence or any future role I may take. IWNDWYT

  46. I go to the gym religiously and my online shopping has gotten a little bit out of control, but it's nice to be looking better and dressing better. The confidence boost might have gone too far haha. However, the way I've really invested in myself is by being more aware of my body and mind and giving them the love they deserve. I rest now. I cook myself dinner. If I wanna take a nap I take a damn nap and it's so much nicer than being exhausted from drinking all the time. It took me a long time to understand that I deserve to be happy, but I do! IWNDWYT

  47. Stress is building up at work. The thought has crossed my mind to grab a drink a few times. Staying strong here; drinking won't solve anything. IWNDWYT!

  48. IWNDWYT. I went to a show last night, and seeing how the people who were drinking a lot were acting like tools reminded me how grateful I am to be sober 💙💙💙

  49. Happy Friday Sobernauts! It’s a gorgeous day here in my neck of the woods, so I shall endeavor to do something productive to live up to its glory! Maybe some gardening. Maybe a hike with the pup. Maybe a laze in the sun. So many possibilities. But I won’t ruin a moment of it with alcohol. I hope you have a wonderfully sober day/evening wherever you find yourself. And IWNDWYT!! 💕 🐝

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