The Daily Check-In for Monday, May 16th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Good morning SD! Thank you to everyone here for your help and support. Today marks five hundred days since I had a drink, and I will not be drinking with you today either! 🙏

  2. Yes! 💪 Congrats on three weeks, I'm glad to be sharing this streak with you! Looking forward to another day of enjoying sparkling water and a clear head. 💜

  3. IWNDWYT - drinking won’t make anything better - it has never worked for me. Keep going - really brave to keep going and work on all that c**p without drink. So much work and work you can do 1000 per cent better sober !! I feel that I am equipping myself for something by getting sober and I don’t know what it is yet.

  4. Exercise is my mental decluttering time. It’s amazing how much better I feel after a good workout. Essential in my alcohol free life. IWNDWYT

  5. IWNDWYT in a little town near Santa Fe where the wildfire smoke is so thick that we can cut it with scissors. ☮️ 🐝 💜 😢

  6. The first two weeks after I stopped drinking, I found exercise helped me a lot. However, over the Easter break I overdid it to the point where I almost couldn't walk. But hey, took my mind of alcohol.

  7. Lovely post, self love, self care, forgiveness and empathy, 3 out of 4, forgiveness is a work in progress, like me! 😂

  8. I’ve been walking every day! I had a minimum step goal of 5k during winter, it’s unrealistic to walk much more than that in -40 Celsius. Since the weather is finally getting better, I’ve doubled that to 10k. I’m on a 28 day streak, today will make 29.

  9. Day 8, checking in. My husband and I have a very serious situation to deal with this week and I couldn’t be more grateful to be sober and clear headed. In fact, if I hadn’t been sober this past week, the situation may never have come to our attention. I’m am so grateful for my strength. Thank you, universe. Thank you, higher power. Thank you, me.

  10. Keeping active has been one of the most used tools in my sober toolbox. Back in the days of blackout drinking I used to think busy/fit people were weird. I couldn't understand why they didn't spend their free time sitting on their arses, getting smashed and gibbering nonsense.

  11. So well put - it is order instead of chaos. ThT lift maybe 20 minutes after you finish … er I have an addictive personality but no issue with getting. Addicted to that is there !!!

  12. Morning! I’ve always kept pretty fit, but I got a Fitbit when I was 100 days sober, and the improvement in my resting heart rate was amazing- I wish I’d had it from the start IWNDWYT

  13. I used to love long walks. They are a real opportunity to get out of your head for a few hours. Yesterday I was a real irritable fucker to those closest around me, so felt kind of bad. I don't ever have to feel like that ever again as I've heard a few around here say.

  14. Ooh yes... walking... love it! I do a weights class at the gym and I've found that the two complement each other beautifully... if I did a long walk a couple of days ago my squats are off the scale!

  15. Checking in, discussed with my wife last night, she's joining me on the journey. Should help with accountability and temptation.

  16. Another weekend down 🤜🤛 I've been getting my diet together and bought a bike for exercise, put some miles on it and I feel great after this weekend.

  17. I did have a drink last night. I have a headache, I did exactly what I always do when I am drunk, and am disappointed in myself. I will not go to work today. I am a disgrace to myself. I am very disappointed in myself for drinking. But I am straight back in to iwndwyt, I won't give up, I will never give up. It feels awful, don't make the same mistakes as me. Don't give in. Stay strong.

  18. Posting here has been very valuable in hardening my resolve: I will express my thanks by not raising a glass of booze with any of you today. IWNDWYT!

  19. Survived three parties last weekend. It wasn't even difficult anymore. Progress I guess. But I still am vigilant, as I often fail at +6 months.

  20. Morning. Checking in. Will get a walk in at lunchtime to the park. Calms the mind, lifts the spirits. Have a good week everyone and IWNDWYT ❤️

  21. I have no idea what I would do without my fiance. I wouldn't eat, clean, or most likely practice basic hygiene lately. Day 3, again, of no sleep. The bad thoughts are thankfully at bay for now, but they will come back.

  22. I have started exercising in very small chunks, the beauty of this is that it is very manageable and I’ve managed to keep it up most days.

  23. Exercise helped me and is a great metaphor for recovery. One step, one hour at a time. Pretty soon, there’s some real progress.

  24. 2 full weeks. Managed a weekend away, meeting friends and strangers who were drinking. I’ve got more of that happening this week, but feeling positive. IWNDWYT. Let’s do this, team!

  25. Thank you Lavender_Foxes for this reminder! I feel better when I exercise. And I can keep fitness and sobriety small, if needed. Just one step, one day at a time. 💐 IWNDWYT

  26. Spending the day at the school I’ll be at next year. I’m excited to spend a whole day and to get to meet more of my colleagues. All of this with a clear head. IWNDWYT ❤️💜❤️💜

  27. Walking is good for the body good for the soul. Some of the best chats I've had have been whilst walking. I've found clarity and solved problems whilst walking. IWNDWYT

  28. For me exercise has been incredibly important too. For the first time in my life I am exercising every day. I could never do that while drinking. IWNDWYT!

  29. i keep missing check ins 😩 but still no booze! IWNDWYT, and i won’t be hungover with you in the morning. have a lovely start to the week everyone! 💕

  30. 57 days down, and 55 have included exercise of some sort (rowing, hot yoga, weights, dog walks, heavy-bag work, landscaping, etc,, ). There is no possible way I could have made it booze-free without workouts, if you will pardon the hyperbole.

  31. Walking is a BIG help to me to!! And I can read posts on here while I’m on the treadmill…. and 3 miles go by so quickly! I leave the gym feeling so good physically and mentally!! But this group…. All these wonderful people checking in everyday…. are the people I need to thank for helping me get to 50 Days today!!! 🥰

  32. IWNDWYT. I can relate to Foxes building some exercise into the day. Simply put all of the mood chemicals in our brains we send out of whack by drinking heavily are benefited in the very short to medium term by some exercise. That little lift in outlook helps us face up to some of life difficulties which in turn supports us in our sobriety…. Which gives more energy and positivity and we exercise and stay sober and spin wash repeat - nice little positive feedback loop that can start with a 5 minute walk. For me doing something - even if it is a walk for 5 minutes is a non-negotiable. Used to do undisciplined weights but waiting on a hernia operation - ho hum :-) walks and an elliptical for me. The older I get the more I realize it’s “all one”. Exercise and sobriety and sleep and diet and mood and relationships - well all of it then operate in relation to eachother. The greatest lever though for us - not drinking - IWNDWYT ! Let’s get after this week a day at a time.

  33. Exercise and metal keep me sane. As sane as I can reasonably expect to get, anyway. 😁

  34. I really must start thinking of exercise in the same manner I think of my day at a time. I WILL incorporate 30 minutes of exercise into my life today with the same willpower that I WILL NOT ingest any alcohol today...and I plan on making that pledge to myself every single day. Who knows if the exercise will stick, I hope so, but being sober is my main priority!

  35. Exercising is an extremely strong tool to stay sober! I like walking as well as road biking and mountain biking. One year sober today! 🤩 IWNDWYT

  36. The iced tea gods are looking down on me, shaking their finger, tisking at me for having that last glass at 4pm yesterday. Wide awake in the middle of the night. Buuut, at least I’m not wide awake with post drinking anxiety. I’ll take too much iced tea any day.

  37. That happened to me last week with an afternoon coffee. But as you say: better than the alternative. I hope you got some rest, and you're ready for today!

  38. I have found that exercise is incredibly helpful for me in my recovery. It is a great way to de-stress and as the weather has gotten nice recently I can walk outside and really appreciate the fact that I’m alive. IWNDWYT!

  39. I have to drop my cat Fi (short for Fiona) off at the vet for her annual dental cleaning and check-up this morning, then I'm off to the gym!

  40. First day at the new job today! It’s working from home, so I’m not going anywhere new. It’s the same office, new laptop and monitors and new people on my screen. What an interesting world we live in.

  41. Drank yesterday... not a lot, but enough... it's disappointing because I felt like I was doing good during the week. Resetting to day one. I don't want one slip up to derail me. Today i am not drinking.

  42. I made it. 4 days hiking in New Hampshire in that heat with big drinkers and no beer after the hike, no wine with meals and no whiskey cocktails or aged Scotch in front of the fire. Everything happened and of course one of my friends lost their keys (like I used to do) and people getting taken down by tent lines etc. I just watched and giggled and felt amazing each morning. A VERY BIG SHOUT-OUT TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. This sub changed my life and changes my life each day. IWNDWYT 🙏

  43. Just undergoing my period every few months where I lament about how the pessimism caused by my alcoholism screwed me out of so many opportunities in life, I should be financially independent by now! (40) Oh well, no use languishing in the past, just learn from it and keep a positive attitude and it will turn into a virtuous cycle eventually!

  44. Regrets - got the teeshirt - clarity precedes everything but we don’t know what would have happened exactly had we been a different person then. I love to wallow in regret - could have and should have etc. I did what I did and I’m 53 and wonder if I pissed my best years up the wall ? Getting excited about this opportunity, rationally, is the best thing as we know we cannot change the past. Regret - sit with it - then literally cross it out and make peace and attack this week for you now. I think it can be good to decide not to repeat some stuff but living a world of regret is possibly for me not good - things may happen on this part of the journey that will astound you ?? And which may not have been available on another road. I have no point ! IWNDWYT I empathise I guess - all I can work on now is now and tomorrow.

  45. I undergo a period every few months where I lament something as well. I think that sobriety initially made those feelings a bit harder because it sharpened some memories and allowed some additional pain back in, but now I find it easier to navigate, and I am less hard on myself. As you say: onward to a more virtuous cycle....! IWNDWYT

  46. Today looks like it will be a a BEAUTIFUL day here, so I am committing to a long walk or a bike ride this afternoon, when I get off work in 12 hours.

  47. One week down! I had a fun and fulfilling weekend without alcohol. I start a new job today, and didn't drink to calm my nerves last night. It's 6am and I'm ready to tackle the day. IWNDWYT!

  48. Day six sober and I didn’t just survive, I THRIVED on my first sober weekend!! Yeah, there were some moments I wanted to drink, but overall I felt great and didn’t want to ruin the feeling with drink. Reframing my ideas about what alcohol “does” for me through reading recovery literature is making all the difference. A month ago I never thought I’d say something like this, but I’m actually excited to post IWNDWYT!

  49. Good morning all soberinskis! I know I should be greeting the start of this week with positivity ... but I just know that work is going to suck! LOL. Oh well, head down and keep on marching.

  50. I will not drink today. Exercising has been key to my recovery. I started boxing with Fight Camp and I love it. I always feel much better after I hit the heavy bag.

  51. Could not sleep last night (anxiety) and finally got up out of bed. Put my angst into making a cake in a mug. It was yummy. (

  52. Exercise is really important to my recovery as well. I have recently picked up the pace and have started running, my goal is to be able to run 5K. I’m a long way off from that but just like becoming sober, it all starts with the first step. IWNDWYT. 🌳🏃‍♀️

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