The Daily Check-In for Sunday, May 15th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

  1. Major sleepless night... I will be fragile today... also going away for a night on business... therefore will need to be extra vigilant.

  2. You can do this! Business veneus can be tricky. I used to drink a lot because I (thought it) felt uncomfortable and (thought it) took much energy to be sharp and to entertain all the time. Last I had a multiple day event. It took me almost zero effort to not drink. You will even enjoy it, enjoy that you can do these kind of things without booze and wake-up sharp the next day.

  3. I trust you Riley, nobody knows how to look after you more than you, I believe in you and whatever comes, you’re on this path, and there’s only one direction this path leads, no matter how challenging or how often we wobble, our lives are better already. I read that if someone offers you a path without challenge, it’s going nowhere, so imagine where we’re going! And we are all with you 🌻

  4. I should be asleep because I have the big cycle I've been training for tomorrow (or today actually!), but my brain has other ideas 🤷‍♀️

  5. I really couldn’t be more grateful for everyone here, I’m grateful for the opportunity to offer support, to receive support, to feel connected to amazing people who want the same as me, a better life. I have so much admiration for strivers!

  6. IWNDWYT - I’m grateful for my husband and all the support he has given me through this journey so far.! I couldn’t have gotten to three weeks without him

  7. Today I’m grateful for otc medication. I’m feeling sick, not covid but I think the flu, and I’m grateful that I live in a time when there is readily available over the counter medications that will help me feel better.

  8. God yesterday was tough. I had no idea I was so close to ending it. I love the fact the my doctor is advocating for me to see someone, but it is taking forever.

  9. I’m grateful for my sobriety. I’m pretty stoked to wake up not hungover tomorrow. I’m going out with some friends soon, they’ll drink and feel like shit in the morning. I think I’ll go for a walk when I wake up.

  10. First week down! Last Sunday I woke up with the idea that it was the last time I woke up after a night of binge drinking, blacking out and throwing up. I'm happy to say it is Sunday and the first week is done.

  11. Back for Day 2. IWNDWYT. Homebrew fridge failed (must be a sign) so I dumped around 50litres of homebrewed beer.

  12. Grateful for this beautiful day. It’s just about summertime. I’m going to swim and eat some cake with friends. I am loved by my family, even if sometimes we don’t get to choose how we are loved! I’m grateful for my health and that I’ve been able to improve everything in the past few years. IWNDWYT 🌊

  13. Grateful to have weekends where I don’t wake up feeling like hot garbage. I’m actually productive! IWNDWYT.

  14. Thanks for hosting this week LF 😊 I will not drink with you today in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😊 have a great week

  15. Right now I’m so so grateful for modern medicine and the obnoxious beeping on my phone that woke me up when alerting me my child’s blood sugar was urgently low. I’m grateful for my sober self, because drunk me would have never woken up.

  16. Checking in. So much to be grateful for. It’s a habit I can appreciate. My car broke down last week. Bad time, bad place, but I got it sorted. As I was walking in the rain all I could think of was how grateful I was to have my cosy waterproof work jacket on and to be outside. Made me chortle 🤭 helped me deal with the stress. Most grateful to have finally stopped drinking. It’s like a gift every day. We’re doing it team. IWNDWYT

  17. Nothing beats a fresh pair of trail kicks! Hope you enjoy the first few runs breaking them in Feeb! Also the perfect time for a new look patio, warm weather has arrived again 🙌👐.

  18. IWNDWYT - thank you for hosting this week Lavender Foxes. I grateful for the new opportunity I have been given now this year to semi-retire and eventually get back to my “small holding” from working overseas. In the meantime I can learn, travel, get fit and strong and just focus on some basics like - sobriety - it has to be be the mode for me otherwise this year will be a road crash of incidents and near misses. The rock and roll has to be the porridge and the walks this year. So I am grateful for a gift of time while I am serving notice to (sounds very hippy) but just do me for a bit after 14 years working overseas and 29 in the same job. Could be the best year if I stay sober or a wasted year if I get drunk.

  19. I am grateful that the sun shines and that I can get on my road bike today for a nice tour. Grateful that I did not have any urge tot drink last week despite being in situations where I usually drank most (couple business dinners). Grateful that I am coming up on a year 🤩 IWNDWYT

  20. IWNDWYT. I'm grateful that I decided to stop drinking. Best thing I've ever done for myself and for the people who mean the most to me.

  21. To be fair it has always be an issue for me to be grateful for anything in my life. I am mostly focused on voids, my troublesome past and things that should be different. Of course I'm aware this attitude is paralyzing and does nothing for my mental well-being. I'm taking your advice

  22. Checking in! Another weekend survived. Got a blood test tomorrow, fingers crossed it all comes back fine. Hope everyone here is good. IWNDWYT!

  23. I am grateful for my family, my wife and children. For our health and the time we have together. Being sober helps me to appreciate these things for their simplicity and value in my life. IWNDWYT

  24. Happy Sober Sunday SD! I’m grateful for the love and contentment in my life, and that wouldn’t be possible without you good people showing me the way: thank you! 🙏

  25. Was to a bar for best friend's birthday, had a virgin cocktail and enjoyed my night. Chilling in my bed now knowing I'm gonna wake up so fine!

  26. I am grateful for waking up sober again today, and I am very grateful for this amazing community, thanks to all of you I made it 30 days sober today. Have a great day everyone, IWNDWYT!

  27. I have so much to be grateful for. I’m grateful that my big old doggo has outlived her cancer prognosis by several weeks and is still here with me - even though she is currently snoring her face off and keeping me awake when I want to sleep in lol. Grateful for beautiful weather this weekend, for my health, and for every single person checking in today - especially

  28. Today will be Day 5 and I’m proud of myself…last night I was working in a bar, as a musician, which I was really nervous about - the setting is always a trigger for me for drinking/partying. But I made it through the whole show sober, and even hung out with a few pals after and was able to DD for them! I can’t believe it.

  29. I made it to day 7! My longest streak yet. Didn’t do anything out of the ordinary for me this weekend, I went to bars to see live music and dance with my partner, except I was totally sober and extremely hydrated. IWNDWYT

  30. I'm getting used to these alcohol free weekends - I actually do stuff! No more, "well, can't go to this or do that because it's at 1pm and I won't be driving by then". Off to get a coffee and then a nice long bike ride.

  31. I am grateful for my faith. Having something to believe in . ✨God✨ He's my rock and my guide each and everyday . Iwndwyt 🫶SD

  32. Day 7 checking in. I’m loving being able to clearly hear my body’s messages to me, knowing what it needs and responding, in the same way that I would if my kid told me he was hungry, or thirsty, or tired, or needed a cuddle.

  33. I am grateful to have woken up sober on a Sunday. It might not sound much but it hasn't happened in a while. Yesterday I told myself that just for 1 day I wouldn't drink. Even when I was handed a beer at a children's birthday party, it was tempting, but I passed it over to my wife and stuck to my promise. That technique worked so I'm gonna do the same again today. IWNDWYT

  34. A circle around the sun sober! So grateful and y’all made the difference! Grateful for all of you SD. Goodness but I’ve not done this since childhood. Thank you my friends — we can do this together.

  35. We’ve had issues with raccoons in our attic and finally caught one in our trap at 3:30am! Woke up to the weird barking noises they make. So much for a good nights sleep 😑 😴 IWNDWYT

  36. I am especially grateful for family today. I get to spend the afternoon at a bridal shower for my oldest nephews fiancé. Family means everything to me. I’m grateful and fortunate that I have an amazing one.

  37. Starting my Sunday off going to work real quick. Old me would’ve been in bed until noon and not got out the house til closer to 2 and the whole day would have been shot, wasted.

  38. Went to a wedding last night and had a lot of fun sober. This is a total win as two of the last bad lapses were during weddings. IWNDWYT

  39. Gajillionth Day 1, but feeling confident I’m going to make it work this time. Simply tired of being sick and tired and I know for a fact that sobriety feels better than all the drinks I can drink. IWNDWYT.

  40. I've been struggling lately and need this check in. As much as I know it's normal to have cravings and bad days I feel like a failure for even wanting to drink.

  41. Was wondering why my sober app only said 4 days, when it’s been 5… then realized it’s because it flips over at 8am, and here I am wide awake at 730 :) Today I’m grateful to be experiencing this beautiful, sunny, warm morning, listening to the birds outside, feeling peaceful. IWNDWYT 🪷

  42. I am grateful that I made it through another weekend sober. I have found that just changing the way I think about my drinking has helped. I switched my thoughts from "I'm taking a break from drinking" to "I don't drink anymore"... this has been really helpful. I wanted to stay in bed longer this morning, just felt so tired! But I was able to get up and going after hopping out of bed, this would not have happened if I were still drinking.

  43. Thanks, Foxy, and happy Sunday to you and yours. I hope all is well with you today. I'm grateful for morning pages, I've been amazed at how helpful it has been to externalize my thoughts first thing in the morning. This morning I was amazed to find and address a resentment that was festering. It was brought on by a scene in a book I'm reading and an offhand comment from a friend, and it took me several attempts at asking what was eating at me to really see that it was this stuff. Curious! The morning pages are likely a key factor in getting un-stuck from life. Let's keep experimenting with shit until we find what works! Sober on, y'all!

  44. I'm grateful that i realised i hate alcohol, and that I've been able to make a change. I'm grateful I've learned how much happier, calmer and more fulfilled i can be. Booze can get in the sea.

  45. I'm grateful to love and be loved. I'm grateful for the spring weather, sunshine, and plant life. I'm grateful I have the comforts of fresh coffee, a warm shower, a working car and a few extra dollars to buy delicious donuts to take to brunch. IWNDWYT!

  46. I frickin frackin made it through last night and I really wasn't sure I was going to. I got a full night's rest and now I'm dressed to get my workout in before the day starts. I'm more relieved than anything else. Another day, another chance.

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