I got stopped by the police last night.

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  2. I got pulled over for speeding on my way to an AA meeting. The officer asked where I was going and I pointed to the church which was 1000 feet down the road and told him the truth. He then asked how long I had been attending meetings and I told him two weeks which was also true. Then he let me go on my way and told me to keep going to meetings. Felt amazing! Way to go OP!

  3. One officer pulled my friend over as we were on our way to an AA meeting, he asked him if he’s been drinking, he told him no, he’s been sober for 12 months. He saw his AA tags on his keys. He told him “alright have a good night. Don’t relapse”

  4. Fantastic work, it’s amazing how a situation like this can go from ruining your life to being an easy interaction with a police officer. Who knew? 🤣

  5. OP, thanks for sharing this experience. Having accumulated 3 DUI over my preceding 25 year professional drinking career, I was actually anticipating being stopped for a random breath test by the police. I’d actually go out late at night in the hopes I would be stopped and a few months ago, around midnight, it finally happened. And I had the same satisfaction and ease that you probably felt. It was a small and important victory.

  6. I love this so much, the idea of looking for a DUI patrol just for that chance to say "why NO, I haven't been drinking. Let's go take that breathalyzer!". Man, I bet that felt great. Good on you and OP

  7. I'm strangely looking forward to being pulled over at some point. That poor officer is going to get a driver with a creepily wide and beaming smile!

  8. She was one of the most fun, happy people I've ever met, and never drank alcohol. She didn't get to enjoy her twilight years but remains an example that you really don't need alcohol to have a great time and enjoy life.

  9. In all my years of drinking, driving drunk was never something I was willing to gamble on. I was always perfectly happy to remain sober while I was out and then hit the bottle hard when I got home.

  10. My MO too! We're, previously, I mean before a little over a week ago .... and definitely not today ... 😁

  11. I had a nasty car accident about three months into sobriety and I was basically bounding up and down with happiness to be completely sober -- the cops must have thought I was pretty weird how happy I was. Not drinking to cool the stress of that day remains one of my proudest achievements

  12. Great job! I have a breathalyzer in my car from my drinking days—I’m always looking forward to that first time I get asked if I’ve been drinking and I’m gonna smile as big as I can and proudly say no and offer to blow! I can’t wait to blow that 0.0.

  13. I got pulled over about 8 years ago after coming back from a club at 2am. Fortunately that night I paced myself because I was driving home later. I had 3 beers over the course of about 4 hours. The cop made me do the entire sobriety test. I ended up blowing a 0.02. He let me go. I nearly shit my pants. The next morning I ordered a breathalyzer. I don't even mess with that anymore. If I'm over 0.04, I don't drive.

  14. Also amazing how those sobriety checkpoints are a breeze after you stop drinking. Great story, OP! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Congratulations on leveling up. Imagine that in an alternate timeline, there is a version of you still drinking, and that version got arrested for DUI and now has to deal with all that shit. You have transcended all that. You should be extremely proud of yourself. You were shown a very clear sign that you are on the right path. Very good things are coming your way, friend. Just keep doing what you've been doing for the past four months. It's working.

  16. Can't wait to get pulled over to troll the officer. "No officer I haven't been drinking tonight or the last 200 nights, what about you?"

  17. When I was a regular drinker there were lots of DUI checkpoints going around all over the place. Ever since I started my battle against drinking (2016) and never again drove after drinking I never got pulled over. I drove by some and my face should be like “me!! Me!! Pick me!!” but it never happened 🤣

  18. I got pulled over once for speeding. I had just left an AA meeting and was going to work the overnight shift. I immediately started tearing up when I started talking to the officer answering where I came from and where I was going.

  19. The comment you made was not on the topic of sobriety (which is exactly what I asked people NOT to do in my stickied comment above) and has been removed.

  20. I swear us recovering alcoholics are going to be the nicest people when we get pulled over because at least we know we aren’t going in for a DUI now! Very happy for you OP

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  22. Everytime one of my toddlers falls off of something and it's not a big deal I think to myself, if I were still getting hammered this would have been a trip to the ER.

  23. This comment goes is off topic and has been removed. Please stick to the subject of sobriety when you are on the sub. Thank you.

  24. This comment goes is off topic and has been removed. Please stick to the subject of sobriety when you are on the sub. Thank you.

  25. The comment you made was not on the topic of sobriety (which is exactly what I asked people NOT to do in my stickied comment above) and has been removed.

  26. I got pulled over at 4am doing an illegal u turn and looking suspicious as fuck. I was on my way to pick up a couple fellows for the bookers meeting in a parking lot at 5am. I still about shit my pants, and the cop looked almost dumbfounded that I was in there, not drunk as a fucking skunk and had license, insurance registration all that shit on hand. He still didn't really buy that I was going to a meeting at 5am, but he thanked me for my time, didn't write me a ticket and went back to scratching his head on how the fuck I wasn't completely wasted doing jerky boy shit at 4am. It feels great!

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