What improvements in your life did you notice after you quit drinking?

  1. My insomnia evaporated; I feel good enough in the morning to go to the gym; I have like eleventy billion more hours in my day; and I no longer suffer the stress of wondering what I said.

  2. 24 days in and really, not much physically. I think the big thing for me has been self awareness, and how I see the world. An example, it’s my 48th birthday today. I looking back at old pictures and the celebrations looked blurry, just like my memory of them. Today will be different.

  3. Sober sleep is like it's own thing. Makes everything else better. One funny thing used to happen. I'd quit for a few days. Then sleep great and feel great. Then my brain says "Hey what a beautiful day. Let's bet some booze!"

  4. "Hey, we've been good for awhile. We deserve this. Just think of it like a cheat meal. Its only one night and then we'll go back to sobriety." - Our alcohol addicted brains.

  5. This scares the shit out of me. Im gonna be sober for a month this Saturday, for the first time in my adult life (I am 30). Its been quite easy though, because it started with a stomach ulcer, so I just had to stop drinking. And I was mostly staying at home, aka without the friendly enablers in my office and amongst my friends. Of course in the last 18 years spent drinking I am surrounded by heavy drinkers/ alcoholics mostly. I am scared of the near future, that I will not be strong enough to fight my alcoholic brain AS WELL as all those people telling me to “shut up and drink like a normal person” once the ulcer us healed. I dont want to go back to drinking. On the other hand there will be times I would like to have a glass of good wine, am I just doomed to never do that again?

  6. Yeah, turns out my metabolism didn't slow down! I just drank 5 McDonald's meals worth of beer a night.

  7. This! This is my list. Night and day differences across the board. The sleep and anxiety were the biggest improvements - for years I thought I was doomed with anxiety that came out of nowhere and sleep issues that were some cruel joke. I’m not a religious person but I started thinking I was being tormented by a demon it was that bad . But the demon was booze - the very thing I thought I was controlling my anxiety with lol

  8. Better sleep, lost 50 pounds, appetite is better, stomach issues from always eating junk are better, the random pain I would get in my side is gone, mental health is better. Most of my issues that arose in the past 5 years were due to alcohol. Alot of waisted doctor trips with me trying to find another culprit so I didn't have to quit.

  9. I actually avoided the doctor more when I was drinking because I was terrified he’d see right through me and tell me it’s all my fault.

  10. Did you find out what the random pain in your side was? I had the same thing and thought my liver was failing at one point so I had it tested. The test said my liver was fine but after I quit drinking, the pain went away! Still have no idea what it actually was aside from being alcohol-induced

  11. I quit drinking at a very stressful time in my life so I honestly didn't feel that much better. My anxiety was keeping me up at night, I got really bad acne, I was eating a bunch of sugar and gaining weight, I was forgetful and crying all the time. It went on for months.

  12. So sorry for your loss , I too am grieving sober and I like it better I'm grounded and real about the situation. I can not see me going back to drinking as I just don't miss the anxiety I also can sleep much better .

  13. Oh man, this feels so true to my experience also, the only difference is that it's my brother instead of Mother. Sending you hugs!

  14. Yes. I lost 40 lbs in 6 months. Energy levels are good. Sleep is amazing. Anxiety and depression are nearly gone and replaced with a strange positive outlook. Motivation and creativity are back. I can handle stressful situations and then find other ways to wind down afterwards.

  15. You sound like you're describing me, the grey area makes it almost seem like I live in a bad dream, and all the things you've gained are what I want to wake up to

  16. Anxiety way down, much healthier outlook on life, less puffy and bloated, lost weight, feel present and happy with my life.

  17. The biggest thing for me was that I became interested in life and living again. When I drank, the highlight of my day was drinking. After, I rediscovered my actual interests. Like reading, hiking, going for scenic drives, etc.

  18. Sleep is my best friend now. Sex with the hubby is way different and better, I am a sweet-o-holic now days and I remember everything and I feel no regrets!

  19. Lost 35 pounds. Clear eyes and skin. Less anxiety. But most importantly I wasn’t living my life around booze. The sheer effort of drinking was hard work.

  20. Man, I'm glad I don't drink anymore but reading these comments I'm kinda jealous of other people's results. I have way less energy now, my sleep is worse but I sleep more.

  21. My habits have become a lot healthier. I realize now how much drinking was really holding me back. When I quit drinking, I started washing my face and brushing my teeth every night before bed, because I'm not too drunk to do it. I have a way healthier relationship with food because I'm not constantly binging every time I drink. I can go to sleep and not wake up wide awake at 3am when the hangover starts (I do still have insomnia though). I wake up every day hangover free and I'm ready for my day to start. My anxiety and depression has gone down majorly. I drank to cure my anxiety but then my anxiety would be terrible the next day because I let myself be on autopilot with alcohol taking the lead. My relationship with other people has also improved because I'm able to think more clearly and respond more thoughtfully.

  22. Almost at 6 months, I lost about 60lbs. I still eat what I want, but I’m much more mindful with the food I put in my body. Not eating Taco Bell at 11pm all the time lol. My skin is amazing now…. I used to wear a full face of make up because I always felt like my face looked terrible everyday. Now I never wear make up because of how much more glowy my skin is now. Sleep is amazing. I always get 7-9 hours of sleep, where as when I was drinking nightly, 4-5 hours tops. Anxiety is gone. Sex with my husband is sooooo much better. I would have a hard time reaching an orgasm when drinking, if at all. I’m overall just so much happier now.

  23. My anxiety about work has almost completely disappeared. It's honestly amazing. I go to bed earlier, and wake up much more rested and alert. I used to always wake up around 5:30 to use the bathroom and couldn't get back to sleep because my heart would start beating faster. That was alarming and has also disappeared. I'm 17 days in now and drank 5-6 beers nightly for decades.

  24. I didn’t realize daily drinking that I was in a constant state of hangover anxiety. I thought I just had anxiety. I still get nervous sometimes of course, but feeling calm without alcohol is great

  25. My level of drinking before I stopped was about 4 bottles of beer with friends after work Thrn a bottle of rum at home every night. It was worse if I knew I didn’t have to work the next morning/day. My lowest point: not having a single person in real life to talk with.

  26. Saaaame. After one year sober, I’m finally trying to make the cpap work for me. Early experiences are going well!

  27. I sleep a lot better. I have dreams again, that I sometimes remember all of. My relationships are better. I don’t explode into a fiery ball of bullshit anger over nothing. I get WAY more accomplished daily. Life is better on this side.

  28. I just hit 1000 days and honestly… I’ve gained weight, my skin still breaks out. I’m still emotional and struggling with my mental health and anxiety. My relationships with my family are stil iffy. But it’s one of those things where day to day nothing changes but when you look back everything has. I’m in a loving relationship. I finished my graduate degree. I got a huge promotion. My new coworkers don’t think of me as a sweaty hungover mess. I haven’t embarrassed myself lately (at least not seriously). I haven’t gotten another DUI. I haven’t forgotten to feed my pets. I’ve remembered the books I’ve read and the movies I’ve watched. I’ve sought help for my anxiety and have been able to confidently take my meds knowing I won’t be mixing them with alcohol. I’ve grown.

  29. I have been wondering about sleep. Day 8 for me and this week is even worse than my normal insomnia. Glad it is not just me.

  30. Overall health improves, which affects everything you can think of. And it compounds, for example if I drink even 1 or 2 beers at night, the next day my motivation to exercise is shot...so it's not just the toxin itself in your body, it's the heads space it puts me in that prevents further improvement in other areas.

  31. The best by far is no longer feeling guilt, shame, or paranoia about drinking episodes. Sometimes I start to get down about things I've done, but I remind myself that the best way to make up for that is to be my best self everyday. I get good sleep and wake up early even on weekends! It's so relaxing and peaceful. When I go on vacation, I actually enjoy it because I'm not hungover, dreading the long day ahead of me, and not enjoying anything I planned to do because I feel like curling up and dying. I get so many more personal projects done such as growing my own veggies and fruits, planting grass all over my property, and just making my house feel like a place of love. My family is closer and happier. My daughter is proud to be just like me, and my teenage son trusts me with so much (even when he has messed up). My marriage is better than even before I started drinking. I still have things I am working on but my life is so much better in every aspect.

  32. I hear you on making your house feel like a place of love - I'm 2 months in and I've completed most of my home improvement projects, currently decluttering and organizing my closets, and I clean so much because suddenly I enjoy it and I want to be in a spotless, calming environment. I've even used a toothbrush to scrub hard to reach places. Before I'd consider it a win if I vacuumed and did a load of laundry every fortnight lol

  33. I can brush my teeth without gagging. I no longer wake up in a panic. I remember everything I do, say and think. No one looks at me with side eyes. I have more free time. My RLS is under control.

  34. At least a bottle of wine plus 3-5 vodka soda drinks per day. Sometimes two bottles of wine. I started with vodka and moved on to wine because it was easier to stomach. My acid reflux was so bad that I couldn’t drink wine as my first drink of the day. So I would start with vodka soda around 2 or 3 pm and then by dinner time it was wine until bed.

  35. A fifth of vodka or rum would generally get me through two nights of drinking. Probably grabbing a couple of those a week. Sometimes a little more.

  36. Not all the benefits showed up at once, and I occasionally will have insomnia (but it’s usually because…oh yeah I had coffee at the meeting and after…and 3 cups of coffee can do that!), but over time I got more comfortable with being uncomfortable, which is a big deal for me. About 8 months in I started going to meetings because I was so lonely, and now I’m working with a sponsor because alcohol wasn’t the problem, it was a symptom of some deeper issues. I can’t afford therapy, but I bet it’s similar!

  37. Time wasted drinking/eating/staying up watching stuff just to have something to do while I drank has turned into lazy, enjoyable mornings with no rush. I have time to cook breakfast, shower, read, go for a walk, wake my kids up in time so they aren't rushed. I've exchanged anesthetized evenings for very pleasant mornings.

  38. The absolute biggest improvement is never again waking up from a blackout and realizing the humiliating shit that I did.

  39. TL;DR - I stopped for mental and physical health reasons and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement. I’m not “cured” of my ailments, but I definitely feel better off.

  40. After about five weeks the biggest improvement is my mental clarity! I’d been dealing with brain fog that had been steadily increasing in frequency and severity for the year or two prior. Now it’s entirely gone, and I’m so grateful.

  41. My eyes look livelier. Skin is much healthier looking. My nose isn’t red anymore. My face isn’t round anymore, it’s actually got shape again. Better sleep. Sooooo much less anxiety!! My BPD symptoms aren’t as severe. My eyesight improved drastically. (Went from using .75+ to not needing glasses at all now) The dopamine release feelings have started happening recently (104 days in) & that’s been one of my favorites because I remember getting those feelings when I drank. I truly never knew whether I could feel that sober, and now I know :)

  42. This is what I need to hear. I mostly drink for the dopamine. Not drinking tonight and I'm just sitting here bored. Nothing seems appealing. I won't wanna waste nights on my phone or computer, but I'm just trying to get into the mindset that, ultimately, this is better.

  43. Honestly the feeling of knowing that im working hard to better myself feels so rewarding sometimes

  44. As others have noted, my anxiety went way down — but that took some time. I was able to just handle stress and tension better, with a clearer head. I also used to wake up every morning pissed about the fact that I woke up at all. I remember that turning around within a few weeks. Also, I felt far less guilt and shame and was able to begin working on the things I had been trying to numb and drown. Lastly: I magically had more money.

  45. Man, I wish that had been true for me. I think I handle stress worse. I do feel less guilt though since I'm not doing stupid shit while drinking.

  46. Nothing much has changed for me. It's frustrating sometimes. My weight hasn't really changed. My sleeping patterns haven't really gotten better and my depression and anxiety are through the fucking roof because now I feel all of those feelings rather than drowning them in alcohol. But the biggest best improvement (that I love btw) that has changed is that I don't wake up hungover in the morning anymore. And that in itself is most definitely worth it.

  47. Someone in this sub said: alcohol is a depressant, it depresses your bodily functions so your body has to work harder to function normally. That’s why when you first quit (or hungover) your heart feels like it’s beating a mile a minute and your so unbelievably tired since your body has to work so hard just to function when you are drinking and is preparing itself to keep working hard when you start drinking again. Once some time passes after you quit (~4 months for me) you will start to feel more energy, better sleep, little to no anxiety, lose weight, etc…

  48. It's only been about 2 months for me but one of the first things I noticed after about a week was that my heart wasn't pounding like a drum when I tried to go to sleep. I can't believe I managed to go through life feeling so sick, anxious and exhausted all the time. It made everything just that much harder and of course made the desire to drink in the evening if only for some relied that much stronger

  49. I was a very heavy drinker and when I would take breaks of a few months, I honestly wouldn't feel that much better. However, when I finally stopped for real and got a few months under my belt, everything changed for the better. Anxiety and sleep and just general mental and physical health are so totally improved. Add to that every relationship I have from kids, to dog, to the guy at the dry cleaners, I get a respect that I never had before and now that I reflect it's because I was an unserious, unhealthy pathetic bastard before and now I am on my game 1000x more and everyone can tell

  50. Truly every single aspect of my life has improved - some in big ways, some in small, almost unnoticeable ways. Better sleep, lost weight, less anxiety. This week I’ve been reflecting on how much confidence I’ve gained as well. I truly love myself for the first time in my life. What an invaluable thing to gain.

  51. Now that I’m on the eve of 50 days, I can honestly say basically everything in my life got better after getting sober! In these 49 days I’ve had, I’ve lost 28 lbs and no longer have a racing heartbeat, night terrors, anxiety. I sleep like a baby, my GI system is getting way better, overall mental clarity. Holy shit my skin is so good without even trying. My overall mood is drastically improved. My relationships are better than ever.

  52. Yeah feeling all the things in the moment kind of sucks but I am slowly relearning human coping mechanisms for that. And then yeah, they are there and then they’re done and I move on! Bonus is no hangover.

  53. Took about 2 weeks for my sleep to regulate and get better. Still have night terrors but I was able to get health details while sleeping to get properly medicated to help with that. It took a while but I am overall much happier too. I can go do things and have fun and I can remember it all like an immersive movie. I don't have to worry about hiding it or staying away from the young relatives I have. Every single aspect of my life got better.

  54. People regularly mistake me for a decade younger now. I don't have diarrhea as much. I lost weight. But also muscle tone. My night terrors, depression and anxiety didn't improve much unfortunately. It wasn't as big of a help on my mental health as I would have hoped.

  55. Maybe, now, after having taken this major step (you are already over 800, congrats! ), you get time to take care of the rest, your other "issues"? Now, you know at least, that drinking is not an issue any more 🤔

  56. Sleep like a log, wake up feeling at least ok, much more sociable and chirpy, get less annoyed at general life stuff and everyone close to me are relieved.

  57. I’m just overall a more honest person and set better boundaries for myself. Could list out a ton of physical health benefits too.

  58. Better sleep, yes, no waking up by remorse guilt feelings of the drinking. Much more motivation to do something. I can go for a drive in the evening or I can pickup my wife for diner, fully aware that I am sober. Also, my private life is better now, I can now read at least 2h in the evening and I know all I read in the morning. I also started to pick up my stock trading, being abke to process now all the info even after 5pm 😁

  59. Life is just simpler in every way. And I have so much more time. I’ve raised two kids and I can say with authority that nothing—NOTHING—takes up more time than alcohol abuse or addiction.

  60. A better version of myself all around. I read again, I go to the gym, I talk to my family, I am more aware of the world.

  61. Someone else said "heart not beating as hard". This! Not waking up with a dry mouth, pounding heart and terrible anxiety.

  62. Better sleep, better skin, lost weight, more energy, clarity, happier, calmer, and NO MORE SOUL CRUSHING HANGOVERS!!!! That’s the best part 😊

  63. Less anxiety, better sleep, and I’ve lost about thirty pounds in the last 9 months. My mental acuity is also off the charts. I’m much more proactive and on top of stuff.

  64. No doubt. Lol. My stomach hurts less, I’m less bloated, less back pain, less headaches, better sleep, better sex, all of it.

  65. No hangovers. 4 hours of Friday night drinking can ruin an entire weekend. I drink non alcoholic beer. I found this brand called partake and like them. Feeds my craving and like 10 calories. I can drink 5 of them and wake up early everyday.

  66. Anxiety/regret/depression. I’m accountable and present for everything now, so my regrettable behavior while drinking and the resulting anxiety/ depression from the fall out is no longer there.

  67. Fewer bowel movements that look like Jason Voorhees caught Count Chocula on my toilet reading Reddit. That's been a plus..

  68. Actually everything got worse. So i started drinking again, just in a more managable way. Being functional. Quit AA tho, that shit was depressing and sucked.

  69. Less anxiety, fewer panic attacks, fewer migraines, fewer headaches, much better sleep (no more insomnia!), weight loss, money saved. Life is SO much better sober.

  70. When I was drinking I thought, "I'm awesome why are they cutting my hours!?" "How could they fire me, I'm the best they have!??"

  71. Overall boost in present mind and awareness. Makes it much easier to navigate life stresses this making life as a whole better.

  72. #1 solid sleep. #2 money. #3 lost weight #4 skin re-hydrated from vast crevices. #5 energy #6 I can keep going on. I work out and now I feel muscles.......IWNDWYT

  73. Definitely all of the above but I’m also eatingealthier. About 6 years ago I quit drinking for 9 months and didn’t loose any weight and felt only slightly better. This time however I have lost a decent amount of weight by just not eating fast food which I think has also helped to improvemy sleep

  74. I think what I love the most is that im enjoying my life more. I'm enjoying my work, I have the energy and clarity to concentrate and do an good job, sometimes my mind goes into overdrive and I get a little hyperactive, but it's better than lying in bed wishing i was in a coma post bender. I have so many ideas and things i want to do now. I also enjoy doing stuff more and I savour the moment, whatever it is I am doing ( museum, movie, book, walk, etc) isn't just a box to be checked until it's wine o clock and I can get shitfaced lol. So I plan and look forward to actually doing stuff.

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