1. I am excited when I see one reach the 1 year mark during these times. It has been a shitty time to get sober. I think I could not have done it and am glad I came into pandemic sober. IWNDWYT

  2. I know I’d be straight up dead or pretty close to it if I hadn’t gotten sober before Covid hit the fan. Big props to anyone getting and staying sober during this wonderful time.

  3. "keep up with my addiction.." - I like that.. we chase it and chase it and chase it.. not understanding we really do possess the power at any time to just stop.. and let it run away

  4. Congrats! I’m back on day one today, but seeing other people’s success inspires me. Hope you’re having a great day.

  5. Glorious! Just like your after photo. Congratulations on your good decision and everything that’s gone into backing it up.

  6. You look incredible! I'm so happy you found us and so happy that you're here! Killing it baby!!

  7. You absolutely can! I am finally repairing my life and it's been a super sweet journey. Remember this day one, I remember mine last year and it's been a trip for sure. Stay up!

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