Love reading before bed again!

  1. I've started reading too! I discovered im into creepy things, so starting out with some light Dean Koontz to get me back in the habit of reading. IWNDWYT.

  2. There are Perry Mason books?!?! I made it a 2021 goal to read through all the books on my kindle and I just finished the last one, so I’m definitely about to go look for these.

  3. This is my favorite! My room has a cozy and dim reading light. It really is the most special feeling to snuggle soberly into my clean bed and read…😴😇

  4. I can so relate to this! Haven't tried Perry Mason but I have a number of books just waiting to be enjoyed during peaceful sober nights! I've probably read more this past month than I have in years.

  5. Yes!!!! My reading always goes out the window when I’m drinking. It’s such a treat to get into bed sober with a good book!

  6. Yep! Picked up my Wheel Of Time series to start over. Last time I had made it to the middle of book three. Now that I started from the beginning again I'm realizing I don't remember most of what I had read, probably because I was drinking while reading them before.

  7. My rekindled love for reading is one of my many favorite parts of sobriety! I had so many books I’d picked up over the years that I’m finally plowing through. I specifically wanted to get through Dune before the film releases and I made it!

  8. Isn't is awesome finding the enjoyment in the small things you gave up doing because you were drinking?? I'm painting my nails again, reading books... all the things I didn't even realize I was neglecting. I'm glad you rediscovered reading! ❤

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