Thankful Thursday: Black Cat Magic

  1. I am grateful for this naughty little girl Josephine who is helping to heal the deep wound left when my best girl of 15+ years died in April.

  2. A chewing monster of destruction! Sounds like my daughters new puppy lol. I still miss my old girl Sandy who died 3 years ago. We have another dog and he’s a good boy but she was something special. Never be another like her💕

  3. Ahhh bless her, she looks so cute and innocent! Sorry for your loss of Stevie, I can’t imagine losing a beloved pet after that length of time. 15 years is amazing.

  4. What a beauty! I’m really grateful for my pets, too. My cat and my puppy both jump on my bed in the morning and lie on top of my chest and legs and it is such a wonderful way to wake up every day. I’m really grateful to be able to look after them properly in sobriety and it’s an amazing relationship to have, instead of it feeling like a stressful chore like it did when I was tired and hungover all the time.

  5. I‘m grateful for my weighted blanket, aka lap cat, Stanley and my „acupuncture specialist“ cat Roxanne. Caring for them gives me a daily structure to hold on to.

  6. I have STILL not seen that documentary (although I feel like I have done because it was talked about so much). Great names!

  7. How beautiful, thanks for sharing. She’s so cute. I’m so grateful these days to have the health and energy to take care of my cat - I find the simplicity of her life so calming and she keeps me going on the tougher days.

  8. I am grateful for my family & their good health, my dog & my porch cat. For the hummingbirds that have been visiting my feeder all week. For my girlfriend in PA who made it safely through a tornado last night. And for all of you!

  9. I am grateful for a lot of things, pets and people in my life. Since it’s her birthday today, I’ll focus on my wonderful daughter. She is beautiful, intelligent and has a wonderful personality. (Sure, Champi , that’s your “unbiased” opinion🙄)

  10. I’m grateful for my dog Jax. He knows when I’m upset and always tries to cheer me up. We truly do not deserve animals.

  11. I’m grateful my kids all started school happy & healthy yesterday and in a quasi normal environment this year - still masked etc which is fine, but they can at least eat lunch in the cafe etc and normalize their time with friends. Hoping this 21-22 school year gets off to a great start for everyone!

  12. Cats really are the best. Today I am grateful for self forgiveness, my supportive partner, good weather and my company that I work for. And the opportunity to rise from the ashes.

  13. I'm thankful for the weather that's starting to get chilly, which signals the coming of fall. There's no cozier feeling than looking outside at the gray skies and hearing the crows caw while I'm in my warm house with a space heater at my feet. That and having no meetings today, just a giant block of free time to dig in and work on big projects. The best of days.

  14. Now that I’m living alone again, I can’t imagine live without my boy. Especially as he is just as neurotic as I am!🤣

  15. Hey Alex!! I love that story - my friend has a three legged cat that has finally accepted me as a person in its life, so whenever I go over I hear "thump...thump...thump...meow?"

  16. Ahhh tripod cat! Oh I am so jealous of the chocolate and pancakes, I’m tempted to get myself something similar. Enjoy your beautiful day.

  17. I rescued Cash 2 years ago from a Kill Shelter 3 days before he was to be expired. He has helped me so much. He's a Treeing Walker Coonhound. I coon hunted for years so I'm naturally drawn to hounds.

  18. It’s horrifying to know that such shelters exist and I’m so happy that you saved Cash. He has a very soulful face, thanks for sharing his sweet face with us!

  19. Gorgeous boy! What a great save. I used to live in a county with a no kill shelter. Want to work toward one where I live now.

  20. I’m grateful for my wife (who’s also my sober partner and best friend) and for our furry horde; two dogs and three cats, one of whom is also a black cat!

  21. I’m grateful that I get to visit Colorado for the long weekend. I’m grateful that I finally sold my car and decided to get a tattoo with the money. I’m pretty excited and look forward to the finished product. I’m grateful for helping myself by getting more exercise and eating better. I’m grateful that I am trying to go to sleep earlier tonight.

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