Sober September?

  1. I did Sober September a year ago and kept it up - one year alcohol free tomorrow! And I plan to keep it going so yes, I will do Sober September Part 2 Electric Boogaloo with you!

  2. My birthday month too. I hope to celebrate sober for the first time in longer than I can even remember I’m in!

  3. I am just completing all of August without a drink, and was considering seeing if I could keep the ball rolling...I return to work as a bar manager tomorrow, so it's gonna be a challenge, but sober September has a nice ring to it...

  4. Think of all the yummy mocktail experiments you can make! Drink out of the shakers so no one suspects. The service industry is really tricky to navigate sober but I feel like there's a lot of options too. Great work on August and I'll see you for sober September too! =)

  5. I briefly contemplated dedicating September to mindful drinking, but I'm not falling for that. Sober all the way!

  6. Same! Last night I was trying to schedule my drinking days then I was like umm this feels silly… Maybe just take a break for a bit.

  7. Just mentioning to my doctor last week about wanting to cut my alcohol consumption was enough to put me into a much more mindful drinking mode. I had managed to cut hard liquor by myself but the beer was out of control (8-10 at 6-10% each). Tapered down to 3 last night. Head out for a business trip tomorrow so that will be easier to say no for me. I’ve found my triggers and can now control them better, but I really need to do a few nights completely off finally!

  8. This is exactly why I really do not like threads like this. Setting a month long goal is bad news. There’s a reason why we always say “one day at a time”.

  9. I’m in. I have put a plan in place for success. I want to quit forever, but this is a great place to start!!!

  10. I started sober in late june enjoyed being able to say Dry July as it rolls off the tongue. Dry August I just said I'm looking after my mental health. Now Sober September will sound like poetry. It helps to have an answer you believe in so you find strength in voice to repel the people who may try to persuade you.

  11. Yes, I’m in!! I started yesterday but not sure it counts though because I was hungover as hell ugh :/ Sept 1 will be day 3 for me :)

  12. I'm in, with the desire to quit entirely. Alcohol does not enhance my life, and if I look back it never really has.

  13. I would love to give it a go. It will be difficult, but having a community of people in the same situation as myself will be helpful.

  14. God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll have four years tomorrow. Today (no matter what day is, including tomorrow) is a great day to stop drinking.

  15. Count me in! I know it's going to be a struggle sometimes but a support network of fellow people doing this with me will surely help. IWNDWYT

  16. I’ll be right there with you! Waking up sober, ready to challenge the world, is the best feeling. You got this!

  17. I'm in. I just joined this group today. I'm looking to quit drinking because I simply want a healthier lifestyle. I want to reach top-tier health or as close as I can get. Essentially, I think my liver my be mildly compromised by years of arthritis medication use and I believe that eliminating alcohol will go a long ways.

  18. My quit day is sept 10th but I’m starting the first too for a month! Goal is when I’m off to exercise and read during the game and play games with friends at night. Hopefully that keeps the craving away let’s do it

  19. I’ve committed to it (again). Funny thing, it’s the month I find “easiest” to do - not that it’s easy, just always struggle with Jan, Oct and whatever other months they get to rhyme with sober! I hope I’m still on the wagon this time next year!

  20. 9/1 will officially be 2 months alcohol free for me. It’s tough but it starts getting easier! Just know you can comment and post here and it helps. There are highs and lows of this whole sobriety thing. Either way, we are all in this together! Welcome aboard! IWNDWYT

  21. I think I will try this with you. I'm hungover today.. I've been trying to stay sober and hasn't been working well for me. I need some motivation!

  22. I'm in! I did Sober October last year and will be celebrating one year on October 1. You will not regret this decision and sticking to it a year from now!

  23. Well … I just finished off my wine and since tomorrow is the 1st I will join you! We’re trying for a baby and my daily drinking habit has got me a little worried so let’s do this! I’m in :)

  24. Same same!!!! My birthday month too. I started Last Sept on the 12th. The 12th will make 1 year Sober and plan to continue. So yes!!! We got this TOGETHER

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