Better sleep, when?

  1. I didn’t sleep at all for 5 days. Then had a few fitful nights & finally, real sleep. It’s nice. When I quit the first time, sleep was the best thing ever. Almost too good bc I didn’t wand to get up. Drank again for a few years, quit & now I really like sleep again but it’s not the same. Kinda strange but I still sleep very well. You’re getting there!

  2. It takes a while, especially if your anxiety levels are high. I remember seeing flashing and my temples throbbed when ever I closed my eyes for ages. Eventually it settles down though.

  3. After a couple of weeks if I avoided blue light from devices before bed and didn’t drink caffeine after lunch, then I was sleeping within minutes. You can expect a couple of bed weeks at first, get into a healthy sleep routine, read a book (a good old fashioned paper one), don’t look at any screens, drink herbal tea.

  4. I had a lot of trouble sleeping the first week or so. Twice I took a Benadryl because the lack of sleep was making me feel strange. That would give me a few hours of solid sleep and I’d be good for the next few days. Then by week three I was sleeping like a champ!

  5. I only woke up once last night which was a HUGE improvement from the first 5 days. I did take a Benadryl so I’m sure that helped.

  6. Day 5 for me. I found it calming to realize that, yeah it sucks not to sleep, but no matter what sober crappy sleep beats passing out.

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