Dudes, I start drinking whiskey and beer everyday at like 11 am how do I slow it down, or ween off of it

  1. You just have to want it and fight through it. Make rules for yourself. Start an hour later every day until you can go a day without.

  2. I feel you,. It takes some time to gets your head on straight. The cognitive dissonance that built up over years doesn't just turn off overnight.

  3. I was a day drinker & I quit cold turkey. You may not want to do that given possible withdraw effects. I have read many posts on here that talk about medical treatment & assistance. I tried cutting back, but before long I was right back where I started. I was drinking 2 bottles of Prosseco a day for 3 years. I would start at about 8:00 am. Keep coming back to this sub, read posts daily, it's what got me to quit & stay alcohol free for over 75 days now.

  4. Were you afraid to quit cold turkey? I’ve heard of people having seizures from that, and when I tried I got the uncontrollable shaking in the morning/hot and cold sweats. It fucking sucked. I know that this is going to suck but ,,shit

  5. Out of curiosity, do you eat breakfast and lunch? I would drink when I was hungry. Also didn't realize how dehydrated I was from drinking the night before. Ask yourself, am I hungry? Dehydrated?

  6. Yup! And then I would drink to feel full. And not eat on purpose so I could drink and feel buzzed. I eat when I’m hungry now. 32 days and counting for me.

  7. No I never have an appetite for breakfast and I even smoke weed, I usually just have an orange Powerade then it’s drinking from at least 12 pm on, then eat a big lunch and dinner. Crazy you ask that because my wife always says to eat in the morning but nothing ever sounds good so I don’t.

  8. start by reading Allan Carr's book The Easy Way to Control Alcohol. Just don't do it - do something else. Do you want your kids to be like this when they grow up?

  9. Try cutting out the whiskey first. The beer can help you ween off while preventing bad side effects

  10. I was afraid, but I thought I can try & if it goes badly I can seek medical treatment. This sub has taught me all about what medical options are available. I read the posts in this sub for many months before choosing my quit date.

  11. If you are worried about the possible withdrawal effects, give yourself a manageable goal that will help solve both the drinking and the withdrawal issue at a slow and steady pace. For example, instead of worrying about stopping completely today or tomorrow, push back the time you start drinking by 30 minutes each day. Start today at 11:30, tomorrow at 12, then 12:30 (dont stay up an extra 30 minutes to drink more though). In 5 days you’ll be drinking for 2.5 less hours per day, which is a great accomplishment in an of itself.

  12. Some people are able to ween off of it but I never did it always ended up changing in waves. I’d slow down then it would ramp back up, then repeat. Of course my inhibitions change a lot according to if I’m drinking or not. I did taper when I stopped drinking but then had to stop altogether

  13. I was the same and I want to warn you that for me it got worse all of a sudden. I was drinking at night, then during the day, then first thing, then to a level during the day where I was passing out way too early and making a fool of myself in front of my children. I look back and think to myself wow alcohol is a sneaky jerk and took me down this slide so fast and seemingly completely out of my control that it almost feels in retrospect like being in a car wreck or a roller coaster that was just happening to me so fast. Stop. Just stop. be safe and ask your dr, but stop it right now is my advice. For me any slowing down or half in half out is just unworkable and total bs. Just stop -- give it a few months and I can guarantee that every possible thing that you could possibly measure will be improved. It certainly was for me. Good luck

  14. Its easy. Not long from now your pancreas,liver or kidneys will give you all the reason ever to stop. Think of your kids and just do it.

  15. Make sure your doing other healthy things to feel better. Drink as close to a gallon of water a day as possible and make sure you’re eating and not just crap. Wait longer until you start drinking and track exactly how much your drinking. Just be aware of what’s happening with your drinking. Those of us who have lost that awareness completely can attest to how damaging it is. Stay strong my friend and be safe!

  16. I noticed in some replies some possible "cross-addiction" stuff going on. I saw that pattern in myself. I would quit one thing and then it was "whack a mole" with other destructive and addictive choices. I had to (and I'm still working on) get to the bottom of the reason why I made those core choices. For example, "I drink to feel full in the morning" why not...eat? or have a meal replacement shake, or smoothie? Drinking alcohol in the AM "to feel full" makes me chuckle a little because it's such a classic example of the type of thinking and decision making that addiction drives! It's like "normal life" is so far away and "normal people" are totally different species and the river to get there is so wide and unforgeable.

  17. You’re addicted and have a chemical dependency. If you don’t stop you’ll drink yourself to death. It’s that or suffer through some discomfort and live. Your call. We’re all here to support you and know you can do it.

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