What would you say to your younger self who thought that a little alcohol now and then never hurt anybody?

  1. Morning. How are you feeling? So Nick sat up with you and a bucket all night to make sure you didn't choke on your own vomit?

  2. I would just say what ended up happening! That alcohol made life easier and more exciting for a while, but it ended up with me being addicted, depressed, abusive and suicidal, and then after all that I had to go back to the start and figure out how to live without it anyway.

  3. you can still have fun and make mistakes and live your life and not drink alcohol. i feel like i put a decade of drinking for “fun” on a credit card and you make your payments on time at first but it gets easier to drink more the more you drink. now I’m paying off missed payments and a shit ton of interest. don’t get me wrong I love a lot of my life experiences but I wish I would’ve discovered real self love instead.

  4. I would show myself the enormous scar I have from my liver transplant operation due to drinking. I would then lay out all the pills I need to take daily just to keep my body from rejecting the new liver. Then I would turn to walk away so I could see me leave in the pain that still exists from all the muscle loss while bed ridden waiting for a life saving transplant operation.

  5. Unfortunately I’m not sure my younger self would listen to anything. But I’d say to move away from home and get to a happier place! Stay with your brother for a while and figure things out, make a plan! Join a hiking club! And I’d say go visit your mother and see how much you have in common.

  6. For me I never thought I could ever be addicted to anything. But the mind just attaches itself to what feels good. Drinking made me feel good. But it also got me into a lot of trouble. Sure parties were more interesting when I was drinking, but that also meant people were getting hurt by getting injured, and regrettable hookups .

  7. “One day you’ll care enough about someone other than yourself to put it down for good. The good times you were chasing will be long gone and will have been replaced by more blackouts, arguments, disasters, missed opportunities, the experience of using the toilet paper roll in the drunk tank as a pillow a few times, lost friendships, tarnished relations with family members and also a lifetimes worth of piss poor excuses as to why you should get some more after work, on your lunch break or on your days off. You’re not a high functioning alcoholic; you’re just a boozy slobbering fucking mess in the making.”

  8. I'd show him my detox discharge papers from last week, and say you'll become exactly the sort of person you're so full of contempt for now. He probably wouldn't listen.

  9. I would tell myself that the person you are when drinking isn’t any better than who you are sober. I would tell you that you just boarded the train to hell. I would tell you it only gets worse. I would tell you that drinking is going to dig you into a hole so dark, you won’t know how to get out of it.

  10. I wish I could have been a bit more analytical about it. I blacked out the first time I drank at 15. That’s not normal and was such an obvious indicator that I was going to have a serious problem with alcohol. I kept drinking and kept blacking out for 21 more years.

  11. If my 18 year old self could meet up with 39 year old me I wonder how shocked and appalled 18 year old me would be?

  12. Ok so look drinking alcohol isn't necessarily a bad thing as long as a person drinks in moderation and if their main goal isn't to get black out drunk everytime they drink. But if I could go back to before I had my first beer I'd honestly tell myself"DON'T DO IT"!!! I've done a lot of fucked up things and hurt a lot of people that I love because of it. A few months ago I said a lot of fucked up and hurtful things to a girl that means everything to me. She doesn't want to talk to me and not a day goes by that I don't regret that, but that's just something that I gotta live with. But you still have a chance, you're young and you've already taking the first step in telling yourself that maybe you should quit or slow down. And believe me if you have to try and convince yourself as to why you shouldn't drink than in a way you've already answered your own question. I wish you well and best of luck to you.

  13. A little alcohol now and then did hurt some people, a lot of people. How much of a poison do you have to consume to “hurt” somebody?

  14. My younger self never thought that; he just didn't care, because he hated himself and didn't feel like he had anything to live for anyway.

  15. I would tell myself about all the lost time hungover. Spending 2 days in bed because I chose to drink for a few hours friday night, or suffer through a miserable day at work/school because I couldn't stop at a few on a weeknight.

  16. You don’t want to end up like your father do you? Do you want to be hiding booze around the house and sneaking drinks at work? Do you want to end up bouncing from job to job after they find out you’re drinking in your work truck? Alcohol is addictive, you don’t need it. Get out while you still can.

  17. This is what I’d tell younger me: Don’t be naive. This shit will catch up to you and fuck you up as it has done to others in our family. If you want to remain a “healthy drinker”, better start now (20 + years ago). Too late for that now.

  18. I’d tell him, it’s not worth the heartache or the money. Too many drunk fights, duis, hospital stays, the list goes on. I’d tell him to get therapy so he doesn’t try to numb the demons.

  19. I don't think there is anything I could have said to my younger self, in regard to alcohol, that would have changed anything for me. I ignored every warning sign. Probably the only thing that would have changed something was to address the underlying issues that made alcohol seem like the answer.

  20. My friends who rarely or never drank are the healthiest and happiest - make the decision to become one of them.

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