How to get rid of fb and instagram and still be up to date on my favorite bands?

  1. you can filter your Instagram feed to only show you chronological posts from accounts you follow (i.e. the way it's supposed to work in the first place) by tapping on "Instagram" in the top left corner and then choosing "following" from the menu that comes down

  2. Bandbond will show you all the posts from various social media of any band you choose to follow along with your calendars and music release info

  3. I use local weekender emails for shows and look at bands websites for shows. I live in a large city though so it may not be effective in other places.

  4. I use YouTube music, if I subscribe to an artist it tells me when new shit drops. I like starting with one song e.g. Elder - Spirit at Aphelion, then sit back and listen to all the other similar artists out there to discover - the playlist is different every time and I wouldn’t have discovered so many great acts if it wasn’t for this🤘Bandcamp is pretty good too for other info too

  5. Spotify? It gives you tour dates and upcoming new releases for musicians you listen to. I don't rely on it so I don't know how great it is.

  6. You'll find your news sources for music, its out there Do it! I cut facebook nearly two years ago and it was the best thing I could have ever done.

  7. I am from Berlin Germany and I often find small concerts or events on Facebook tho. Otherwise I would have no clue where and how to find them. I asked friends and they also (sadly) rely on fb

  8. I don't use FB nor Insta, I discovered a ton of shit from this sub and from spotify and blogs that I read.

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