this is horrifying. what's going on with America

  1. At this point it's pure comedy. Every twenty-something who bought a few shares of TSLA at $1,000 thinks the world is coming to an end.

  2. Yeah hop on over to the UK where our energy prices have gone up 150% in the last year and fuel is about to average £2 a LITRE

  3. The dollar is doing alright against other currencies, so it's not losing influence it's actually getting more of it. Other than that i don't know the market it's crazy.

  4. Today looks pretty bad though, in fairness. Anyone who thinks this is business as usual doesn't really understand what's going on. We may make it out totally OK, yes, but then again, maybe we won't. Sometimes bad things happen. See 2008. The stock market made it back, but it affected a lot of lives and left deep scars on the economy. A large part of what we're dealing with today goes back to what happened then.

  5. Nobody's having a good morning, this is not a good economic situation and it's going to affect all of our lives, some more than others. I think it's OK to experience some anguish.

  6. I generally think we're in a correction period from the growth after 08 leading up to the pandemic and it was triggered by the pandemic and war. I don't think we're on the brink of collapse like some people think. The financial sector is strong unlike in 08, and there are last resort options available if needed to skirt any actual cataclysm. Job market is still fairly hot. Speculation on national debt default will always be speculation.

  7. in short order will be a good time to explore my top 10 whisky stash....or on other hand maybe still keep them as they are and just focus on quality and value driven 12-18yrs olds

  8. I adhere strongly to the “don’t invest more than you can afford to lose” policy. I just sit back, leave everything as is and am just waiting this out.

  9. It sucks that everyone messes with the guy just for expressing a negative reaction to a negative event. I guess the rest of y'all can go smoke pot on the lawn or something.

  10. Some people just aren’t meant to risk what they have. You should invest in a CD...... I wasn’t saying investing in a CD is a good thing. I was saying if you don’t have the stomach to lose your money in a volatile stock market then don’t invest in the stock market.

  11. This sub is annoying as fuck sometimes. What happened to investing and holding for decades? Why are you constantly checking your portfolio every day?

  12. Either you day trade and none of this matters or you’re long term. Unless you’re retiring next year and didn’t factor in some safety in your portfolio none of this matters

  13. It is not only the US, Europe is in far worse shape, the only Eurozone economy is much weaker, higher inflation and ECB too slow to jack up the interest and haven event stopped buying assets. We are fucked. Hopefully just mild recession of 12-16 months from 2023 and then back to 1% interest rates.

  14. Yeah I hear this tossed around too, and it makes me wonder if people even have a basic understanding of what the 08 crisis was.

  15. They highly doubted it, too, right up until the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, lol. Just because we highly doubt it doesn't mean it can't happen. It has before and it certainly isn't looking pretty right now.

  16. I hate that so many people got caught with their pants down in the market, but it certainly feels good to know being cautious pays off.

  17. You do realize that every country in the world has a crappy economy right now right? Europe is in a worse condition, and so is China. Get some perspective, it’s not just about America all the time.

  18. Why would higher rates cause a default? It increases the cost of future debt issuance, but combined with inflation and rising rates, existing US debt is getting devalued

  19. Everyone is in the same spot. Have some patience and remain calm. The light at the end of the tunnel will eventually come.

  20. WRONG, inflation is global not a US thing, we are much better off that europe and some other places, but the big problem is PUTIN PUTIN PUTIN nothing to do with the US government or Biden. THis is also an election year when the GOP desperately wants to blame Biden for inflation, so they and their donors in big oil and Big Ag and food processing are happy to max the gouging and block any windfall profits tax bill to punish gas gougers.

  21. To be fair, the technology around crypto is here to stay. It's fundamentally more efficient in payment processing and can bring check settling time near to zero. That's why the Fed is researching and putting together white papers on a stablecoin to process bank payments. Tech around smart contracts will likely only grow as well due to efficiency, security, auditability, etc.. Crypto is far more complex and evolving than simple digital coins.

  22. On the contrary, Putin did indeed disrupt food production in Ukraine but it was the international community that decided to put unlimited sanctions on his government, and elements like Boris Johnson insisting that Ukraine refuse any concessions in any negotiations with Russia.

  23. I agree with your overall point that the US is in a better position than most countries, but not your stance on crypto. One thing to also note is that a lot of problems are caused by the supply chain issues which almost all countries are dealing with.

  24. A wold power decided to wipe another country off the map... What would you expect to happen? All in all it's not that bad at all.

  25. Maybe Republicans will run someone who is fiscally conservative but also doesn't say things like elections are fraudulent and everyone should rise up against the system to keep me in power... Probably not, but I might vote for them if they do.

  26. The pain has just started. Just see what happens if gas doesnt come down by September. Entire euro zone will be in pain and high fertilizer prices leading to high food prices will cause pain in all emerging markets and countries that rely on food imports. The ruble is already up 20% this year and there is alignment in ME btw qatar and the rest of gulf countries, and none of them have a very cozy relationship with Biden. I have a fear that putin may come out on top in 1-2 years.

  27. I think that has prices will go down or at least stay stagnant by September as OPEC+ agreed to increase their supply in July and August. It’ll be about a 50% increase from what they originally planned to produce. Although it’s still not an ideal supply, it is a diplomatic breakthrough as Saudi Arabia was initially stern on not increasing their output.

  28. Inflation will come down, everyone needs to chill. Consumers have built up a lot of savings and want to spend. A few rate hikes over the span of a few months isn't going to change that dynamic meaningfully.

  29. Inflation will come down but everything will still be 20% + higher than it was a few years ago while wages haven’t picked up.

  30. You were warned that if vegetable was put into office that you’d see a recession the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Let’s see who’s gonna be right

  31. I honestly don't know how much this has to do with who's in office and who isn't... It's been coming for a while

  32. Huh it’s like the rich using its influence and power to manipulate the American people to vote how they want us to vote.

  33. "he can't raise them too high or else America will be forced to default on its debts due to the national debt being sky high"

  34. Its only in stocks were you see this fear. My workplace, my co workers wouldn't even know we are crashing. They and myself just DCA into their investments and continue there lives

  35. Chill. Unless you're retiring in the next 6 months, just ride out the trough. If you were retiring in the next 6 months, you may need to postpone.

  36. We're at that stage, In the game of monopoly, where one person owns everything and everyone else is rolling for their life, hoping to land on free parking to survive the next rent bill

  37. Oh, please….this is the absolute best time to buy stocks!!!! I got some great deals today. I am only here to make money so I can survive in these crazy times. 2008 was a completely different scenario with the predatory lending.

  38. Dude the economy is cyclical… ride it out, it will come back (probably roaringly so) buy low if you can and hang on…this is a long game.

  39. Once poor people lose all the extra savings they got during the COVID pandemic, then prices will suddenly stop rising.

  40. I've been in the market for years and everyone always feels like the sky is falling down. If you only invested money that you don't need right away like you should have you'll be fine.

  41. As this is my first time in the market when this is happening, this is terrifying, But with 35 years til retirement ill just keep my saving as usual, hopefully the entire economy is back in like 5 years

  42. The US can restructure it's debt, and a large portion of it are 30 year maturities, raising interest rates for the short term shouldn't be catastrophic for debt repayments.

  43. No amount of interest rate is going to help with the supply crunch. It's better for Powell to slowly ease the economy into higher rates than sudden tightening. And even then, it's not going to help with the supply chain disruption, energy prices, or food shortage.

  44. Are you actually puzzled that closing the world economy for a year and handing out cash to compensate is having a negative impact on the economy? Not being sarcastic. These panic posts are everywhere lately and it's just mind numbing.

  45. There is always a way to make money, personally I bought a lot of stock that goes up when the market goes down (SDOW) I also bought stock that goes up when the housing market goes down (SRS) as well as making money on volatility (UVXY)... Make money on the crash and then make money on the rebound. This is too easy. I’ve only been into trading since December of 2020 and I started with $1,200 (free money from the government) and now I’m into 6 figures. A proper hedge isn’t in “safe” places like bonds it’s betting against the whole market and against the housing market, and against the dollar (UDN). Granted I wouldn’t have made so much money if I didn’t buy options as well but still I’m in the Green right now I’m up almost 40% just today for example. I can’t wait to be able to buy up all the companies I want at a discount with the money I make on the crash. Plus I have some other plays that are gonna have a short squeeze so I think I can weather what’s coming pretty well.

  46. Lol if you think America is in trouble, check out the other countries... Almost everything is tied to USD due to forced adoption of petrodollars.

  47. Go outside. It's summer, go do something fun. Swim in a lake. Take a run. Hike a trail. I dunno. But you have to stop watching graphs for a second.

  48. Um... yeah, this is what it looks like when there's a bear market. Bear markets don't happen when everything is fine and somehow the market crashes for no reason offering everyone an obvious buying opportunity.

  49. Yo, this is the kind of freak out that needs to chill, say what you want about the market, yes it will get worse. However, America won't default on its debt. America would cheat the fuck out of the world or fuck the tax payer twice long before it would default on debt.

  50. The smartest are still making truckloads of money even in this down economy. Just because your portfolio is down doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom.

  51. Dude all is well. Japan survived with yield control infinite qe so will US for another decade atleast. Japan is crumbling now but atleast survived 100 years after default. We wont be alive to witness the great collapse but sadly children of people who don’t have corn will be on streets when that happens unfortunately

  52. Don’t worry the government has a plan. Right now that plan is to disarm the nation so it can’t do anything when the crash does happen.

  53. Almost as if a certain “ cult “ called this downfall 2 years ago and was laughed out the door. System is fucked, big guys will get bailed out, small guys will get swallowed.

  54. Love how the GOP refuse to agree with anything Dems wants to do to reduced inflation like demanding oil companies increase production and use their leases for explorations.Cap oil prices and drug prices.To remove tariffs Trump placed on imported goods.Yes the deficit is going down but people are starving.Both parties must work together.

  55. When are you planning on living off your gains? Start worrying a couple of years before that date. Until then, enjoy the roller coaster

  56. When it comes down to it, America imports wayyyy more than it exports, consumes wayyyy more than it produces. Does this honestly seem sustainable forever?

  57. You guys are clueless. America will not default. Not all the debt get serviced at current or futur higher rate, educate yourself before being all end of the world gloom. Current debt is not magically getting all serviced at 4% overnight.

  58. We need policies that promote production. The regulatory environment actually tightened. So yeah, this was all highly predictable.

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