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  1. Are you putting in the time and research that it takes to be a successful trader? Or are you just chasing popular trades and selling at some arbitrary percentage that you're up?

  2. 10 yr is rising again, I feel like the market thinks we already peaked with Delta. Or these vaccine mandates making the market feel bullish with recovery.

  3. Forgot about c3.ai after IPO and I see its tumbled quite a bit. Earnings look good and only thing I can see is early investors were selling out.

  4. I am bullish on SOFI long term but it will probably run up before and then selloff after. I think they will have a good earnings report. I just hope we get some kind of update on the bank charter.

  5. Good earnings from zillow, will buy a bit more tomorrow. This stock is all about risk from regulations vs. reward from massive potential growth of US housing market.

  6. Investors are just allergic to the housing market in general, sales went down 6.6% but prices still went up. Sounds like greed.

  7. Hey guys I'm new to option trading and I just started on Robin Hood. Maybe someone can help me out I understand buying and selling puts/calls etc. But just not sure exactly about what it means to exercise those options as well as what happens when they expire. I've read on it but haven't really got the best information. I bought a put that expires august 6th. The strike point is $82. Currently The stock is now at $79. It says a total return is $22. Is this the total profit that I will make or do I get max profit if the option expires in my favor or "in the money". Sorry for the new questions just trying to get better at this. Any help would be appreciated

  8. Also before purchased the put It stated that Max profit is $3,800. Do I only get that value if the stock really goes down. Or do I receive that profit if the stock falls down in my favor after the expiration date?

  9. Idk why Lowes and Home Depot get lumped with home sales. Home improvement is post sale. Both have a lot of room to run into the fall imo

  10. Except for vaccine stocks, I don't think there is much money to be made. Ventilators are already bought and there is not really much treatment medication. Been a while since I treated covid though on my icu so idk if anything changed for treatment

  11. I don't understand the use of dividend yield. Can someone give me a concrete example of how it is used please?

  12. We pay $1 a share. Our share price is $100, so we pay 1%. Oh, damn, our share price fell to $50. Great news! We pay 2%!

  13. Used? It’s just the dividend as percentage of the equity stake. I.e stock costs $100 and pays a $3 dividend per year it has a 3% yield.


  15. of all days, why was today the day with a huge spike up in the last half hour on the nasdaq and sp500?

  16. Moratorium unexpectedly extended recently. Big money wants to pump prices and psyche out retail to join in bullish boosting only to have this new later date have them making higher profits shorting and put options cheaper to buy for when they make their short positions for the resulting maybe crash or correction or pullback.

  17. AMD may well pull back or at least consolidate here but needless to say, just based off what's happened in the past year, $80 probably won't be seen again this year, if it does happen, it'll likely mean that that the semiconductor sector has seen a steeper drop than the drops it's seen during it's ups and downs, and the Nasdaq took a deeper dip than the 10 to 12% drop that it took twice in the past year (I wouldn't be surprised if it saw a second 10-12% drop this year, but it's not going to see a 20% drop this year).

  18. I got in at 75 and got out at 115. I know AMD will go much higher later this year and will be a solid stock for years. I just can't pass up +47% gains. If it touches $100 again I'll buy back in in a heartbeat.

  19. For CRSP and any early stage biotechnology companies, you can ignore financials (up to a point). The reported earning may have been payment by bigger companies that they have partnered with. Too lazy to check again but if I remember correctly CRSP has an agreement with Vertex.

  20. Ok so BYND earnings came in below estimates. I end of the day today sold off my position and now it's diving in AH so feeling good about that. The thing is, I still truly believe in the long term reach of this company and their products so I'll be buying back in tomorrow. Hopefully at a good dip!

  21. Fiverr worth a long position? Considering it with its drop. It’s back to where it was three months ago

  22. It's a Covid stock..... it was $25 before the pandemic. No pandemic ( hopefully ) soon, what's your determination that it will hold $175?

  23. Why do some stocks sell for much more than the ask price? I was looking at GMG today and noticed that the sale price was 45% higher than the average. Is this just a computer glitch or signs of something else?

  24. I'm debating opening a position in Fiverr but it's so hard to tell where the bottom is on growth stocks like that. Any thoughts? Market cap is under 7 billion now so I feel like long-term it's probably a good play, but I'm wondering if I should hold off.

  25. I bought more today. My two cents are that earnings were actually pretty fine and this is an overreaction on soft guidance. Then again guidance is always soft cause it pays to set Low expectations. Disclaimers are that I plan to hold for years, I’m comfortably sitting on extra cash anyway, I don’t need the money, and I’m used to the swings of these sorta high fliers. How long do you plan to hold? Would you tolerate seeing your position down 10,15,25,35% in the short term? If seeing a 10% drop would prompt you to sell then definitely do NOT buy FVRR. ETSY earnings looked like shit for example. It barely grew. Not the case of FVRR

  26. If you really want to start postion you could always DCA your capital you are deploying into it. Like say 10% of what you willing to put into it today then more later. If it goes up at least you in it. If it goes down you can average down.

  27. McAfee announced a huge dividend! Why is it only up by 0.90? Im seeing people on social media buying in but... i might think about it

  28. Because the stock will drop by the value of the special dividend so you aren’t actually receiving anything

  29. You plan to sell before 2022? In that case I wouldn’t be so sure. As a long hold, definitely.

  30. Need some advice. I FOMO'd into LCID during the hype spac run and bought in at the peak. I've been holding since, but am considering taking my loses and buying it while its at the low. I believe this company will be a EV competitor in the future and want to hold shares. Would it be better to sell with a loss and buy more shares while the price is low, or hold what shares I do have and wait until its green?

  31. Generally if you are sure about your investment and your long, it's better to hold and just keeping DCA-ing monthly. It's impossible to time the market.

  32. Just sold Cloudflare before earnings. I'm expecting a big drop and then will rebuy. Anyone else here sell before earnings to rebuy?

  33. I sold around 2/3 earlier in the week in anticipation of earnings dump. Been holding it since last September. Pretty overvalued atm.

  34. Consensus on PLTR? Currently testing key support at 22.67, but otherwise consolidation last two weeks has been looking good, with rising SMA and EMA. Looks like a short-Med term bullish play, aside from earnings coming next week.

  35. Yep, many folks were going against $MRNA for sometime. I made great profits doing calls spreads on $MRNA. I did close my remaining spreads this morning to rake in the recent rally profits. But I do plan to get back in once the swing of things go back to green from the current red day. I do expect $MRNA to reach $500 by the end of September.

  36. Wow, $SE is at $306. Remember watching at $60 in early 2020. Wish I would’ve bought then, but glad i bought in at $220 at least. Better late than never

  37. Such a great stock. Bought in at 40 sold at 80, bought in at around 130 and have kept scooping more and more of it up. Also, pretty easy Stock to read IMO. It will take a good size hit, but not for too long. Great buying opportunity that has really helped me. Up 107 percent on it now.

  38. Up 200% on my small NET position. Time to take the cost basis out and let the rest ride before earnings?

  39. It’s always a good idea, especially if your portfolio has become overweight. “Nobody ever went broke taking a profit”. You should have exit plans when you enter trades though, even if the exit plan is “hold forever”. Which there is nothing wrong with doing if your thesis hasn’t changed and you still believe in the company.

  40. I’m buying UVXY looking for a 15-25% pop in the event of a market sell off/COVID resurgence in the US over the next 1-4 weeks

  41. Bought a few shares of XLNX yesterday and I’m already up more than 6% on it. Should have bought more than 3 shares, I just wasn’t super confident :P

  42. Which ~$400 stock would you be buying right now? ROKU, MRNA, BNTX, GRNC, ZM, COKE, UNH are a few in the range.

  43. The SOXX is basically flat and SMH is down less than two tenths of a percent...considering the volatility that chip stocks have been through all year, I'm pretty sure this is just a normal early afternoon for them.

  44. I hold GUSH and USO since last year. Dont do option trading but given the limiting production are you saying holding on to these until the production increases say maybe next year or 2023?

  45. Any opinions on BYND? I like the company, see them getting more and more deals and it's down like 30% over the past 6-8 months. Maybe a good time to buy?

  46. I love BYND, but I got in at the low of the dip last earnings. I'll pick up more tomorrow if we see it dive again. I believe it's going to do well long term. The products are solid and they are coming out with more including "chicken" that's being used in some big restaurant chains.

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