r/Stocks Daily Discussion Monday - Dec 21, 2020

  1. Anyone invested in CERES or know much about it and whether it is worth getting into? Seems to be going places recently.

  2. Just wondering if idna would be suitable for genomics exposure as opposed to arkg. If anyone would have any advice that would be much appreciated!

  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/kjdfjb/how_can_we_find_the_fair_value_of_this_stock/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  4. Big hopes MEYER BUR.TECH.NAM.SF-,05 (M6YA) If they are able to start producing... Most efficient solar panels on the market right now

  5. Does AAU look like a good penny stock to invest into? I’m new to stocks so I’m not the best at reading stick graphs but it’s really low right now and I’m curious if it’s worth it at all.

  6. if you guys are looking for a rad ETF. I really think DRIV has a ton of potential. It's an autonomous driving etf, holdings are things like: MSFT, NVDA, AAPL, NIO etc...

  7. Which of the many Lidar stocks is the best to get into for 2021? I have about 1k to dump. Was gonna go for TAN, but now I'm thinking lidar could be a good play too.

  8. Depends what you’re buying and at what price. Definitely watch YouTube videos and read up on the Greeks to know what you’re buying

  9. Should I be buying Apple stock now or will it go down now that the news came out. I’ve been watching it for the past 5 months and it’s the first time it has gone up so much...

  10. XONE — short? Curious if anyone follows ARKK and their buy/Sell nightly newsletter? Reason I ask is for the last month ARKK has been unloading LOADS of XONE daily. Thoughts?

  11. Hey, just getting frustrated trying to find it on my own. I need to be able to pick a date and screen a % change on that date across all stocks.

  12. Why does anyone invest in SPY or VXUS, or really any of the "traditional" funds? When I look at thier performance vs my other ETFs they are doing absolutely terrible, often opening red, barely climbing during the day - and when they do it's a meager 1%.

  13. Not saying you're wrong, it's been on my list but with the tons and tons of payment players, is this one going to be in the top 10? Is it better than visa, MasterCard, PayPal, square, Apple Pay, and all the rest?

  14. I am thinking of dumping VRAY as they haven’t met my expectations over two years. planning to reinvest in my shortlist i’m watching.

  15. I'd disagree, this has been one of the most talked about stocks this year imo, especially since covid was a huge catalyst for it

  16. What do we think about Airbnb hitting $170 today? Are we gonna see it happen again later this week? Is it gonna soar even higher? 🚀🚀🚀

  17. i read some were its target +200 no body sure specially its new stock i think today we can judge how it will behave i bought it at $156.00 😅

  18. are steel stocks really good right now? ive heard a lot of people talking about them and been looking into them. is there any chance it can do anything similar to 2008? does anyone know if steel/iron prices are getting as high as they were in 2008?

  19. you guys expect QS to continue this bull run into tomorrow? i might buy calls tomorrow morning

  20. When I look at a stock like GRVY, low P/E and small market cap, why is it that the 5 year charts show huge crashes? like teslas 1000 vs GRVY 34 I always thought it was the companies with high P/Es that experience the largest drops. Also is anyone else in on GRVY it it showing good revenue growth and their annual revenue is close to their market cap. The 5 year chart is spooky though being up 13,000%.

  21. I might buy some. They're the best streaming service. I use all of them now and Netflix is definitely #1. Disney+ would be #2 imo. Original content is going to be the winner.

  22. I think it’s better to buy it with your iWallet but make sure you load it first with iDollars

  23. what's going on? i don't see any news? is this simply because of a rumor partnership with apple?

  24. Thoughts on corsair? Ive made a few hundred dollars on it the last few trading days. Wondering how much potential it has to hold above $40.

  25. Thoughts on corsair? Ive made a few hundred dollars on it the last few trading days. Wondering how much potentil it has to hold above $40.

  26. i'm not typically one to buy puts, but QS is the most ridiculous valuation i've ever seen. this company literally has no revenue and doesnt plan to until 2024, they have no product, they only have a working prototype....

  27. They have potentially the future battery that every electric vehicle will use with no other companies close from what I hear.

  28. I made a few calls for NKE 2 weeks ago, march 2021 175c, how come the price for these remain virtually unchanged since the rally from today? If anything I am down.

  29. Bought the dip at about 16, there’s still plenty of head room in this run. I’m thinking $40 price target easily EOY ‘21 maybe earlier.

  30. If you include the futures, the ending for the Dow ended up being a nearly 800 point reversal to end slightly higher.

  31. Any good links or tutorials for learning how to do momentum trading on the daily/weekly? With the volatility of the market, seems like a good way to potentially profit (obviously comes with risks)

  32. can anyone justify this market cap for QuantumScape QS? Literally all they have is a a working prototype?

  33. With PLTR rising today and a lot of articles saying it might be misvalued, is it worth dumping or should I just hold on if I’m fine playing long hold?

  34. It's a pretty innovative company with lots of potential and room to grow. Read into what they do, watch the investor presentation if you want, and make that decision for yourself. For me, I believe in what they do and I'm holding long (1% of portfolio).

  35. With things like this, where there are two camps with radically different impressions, we call it a battleground stock.

  36. So many breakouts today. Institutions are moving their money and so should you. Stop thinking about Xmas money. It's time to get ready for 2021.

  37. Once merger terms are released, share prices tend to be pretty close to the implied values until the merger concludes. There's exceptions, like mergers that seem like they might not complete, or bidding wars. But like I say, usually once such a thing is announced, it's all over except for the arbitraging.

  38. I guess its not going to do shit till after the merger, APHA was up daily till the merger announcement and its been all down hill since.

  39. I've looked at because I try to have some foreign currency holdings to hedge against the fact we're diluting our dollar to nothingness. So I look for things I where I can buy the equivalent in foreign terms. So for example if I want to own lithium for EV battery prospects, there's a Canadian company that does that. Companies like Blackberry and Shopify are available on both exchanges. Gold is also something where I don't see a requirement to buy a US version.

  40. Biggest gold holding for me. Love them, they will be profitable at an even much lower gold price (which I don’t see hapoenjng). On top of loading up shares, I bought a bunch of January 22 $40 calls, good value there too imo

  41. can someone recommend me some good ETF or fund for Clean Energy similar to ICLN? Investment term for 5-10 years. Thanks.

  42. Well, I've done similar the last few times that Intel has been declared dead. This time, I'm not though. I sold out of it a couple weeks ago when it blipped up briefly.

  43. Impossible question to answer but I’m personally holding and looking for a dip to buy more. Who knows if that dip will come, I bought at 60

  44. Wondering the same. Saw a post here a few weeks back saying it was a good buy. They weren’t wrong. Wondering how high it can go realistically

  45. Dow futures were at least as low as 29445 early this morning, and maybe even lower based off the range I saw.

  46. The new corona vaccines imitates the Corona virus protein called the "spike". Supposedly its the spike that sticks to your cell allowing the virus to penetrate and get you sick. The virus can mutate, as long as the spike protein remains the same, the vaccine will (should) still work. The issue will be if the mutation of the virus also changes the makeup of the spike, then the vaccine probably wont work and they will need a new one. The good news is it shouldn't take super long to rework the vaccine with the new spike protein. (I hope)

  47. For every APHA stock you own now, you will be given .83 TLRY stock. I say just hold on to what you have. Probably not buy any more APHA stock, if you want to buy it looks like buying TLRY is the better option. After the merger is done the stock price should return.

  48. The merger favored Tilray more than APHA. That said, I think APHA is making all the right moves for future growth. They are now well positioned for expansion into Europe if legalization gains momentum.

  49. NK up 60% after news of merger. It's the first time one of my stocks has skyrocketed this way. Should I cash in on my 75% profit or hold? Or is there another strategy to maximize my gains on this?

  50. Depends. You see it going up more in the future? How much was the initial investment? Say it's 1k. You're up 60 bucks on the 1k. Take out your 1k and let the profits ride. I'd def be taking some of those gains specifically in a stock like that.

  51. I sold it bought pltr at 14.50 and got 3.4 shares of baba at the same time , just sold my baba for a small loss and put it in pltr

  52. I told y'all PLTR is more powerful than some fucking cocaine bank which is pissed that they didn't get to IPO this puppy. PLTR bulls, assemble!

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