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  1. Any advice on building a reliable monthly dividend stream? 23yo, no kids. Planning to contribute 500-1000 monthly towards investments. What’s my progress in 5 years? Thanks in advance

  2. I’m new to investing and I have about 9k that I want to invest in index funds (mainly VOO and VTC) but I don’t know if I should now or later. Is the market gonna back down a little or is it going to continue to rise?

  3. chinese are gonna dump the market after the ccp spy list has been released. all these chinese junk stocks everyones in is about crash out. they might even try to dump bitcoin since the chinese have the biggest stake in bitcoin.

  4. Wandering if I should invest in pltr right now, kind of new investor and I made some Impulsive mistakes and I dont want to do the same mistakes again. Holding sne,crsr and cnk for the long. Any advice?

  5. I believe in building a portfolio from the ground up. Start with a solid base of etf's and a few large cap blue chips. Then gradually begin to add individual stocks of companies you truly believe in. Eventually, dabble in high risk growth stocks and maybe even some pennies for fun. Basically, a pyramid with the high risk stuff always as your smallest holdings.

  6. PFE vaccine Officially Approved and is now being distributed Stock is going to the moon on Monday Buy and Hold till earnings for best gains . 2 THA MOON🚀👩🏻‍🚀

  7. Yoo, lets assume that the EV sector will be massivly undervalued in 2021. What effects would it have on the economy itself? And for big tech companys? Would the trust in the stock market be gone?

  8. When the options are in the money and you have the exercise it? I don’t do options but that’s what happened to my friend.

  9. Anyone know anything about RSCF? They were awarded a patent for covid-19 vaccine capable air Transportation System Patent. Obviously the covid vaccine approvals good of made it spike, but has anyone heard if they are planning on using these units? I can't find anything on the gov't saying they will...

  10. What do you mean ? Of course it is now even more then ever The vaccine was just approved and multiple countries have already begun placing orders and shipments have begun. This is going to skyrocket starting Monday leading up to Earnings We did it boys

  11. Wondering what you guys think of ESGR (insurance company). They seem to be very profitable with a ton of cash. I've never heard of them, but was doing some screening on finviz, and found them.

  12. What do we think Monday will have in store for us? How will Moderna be affected by news of the Pfizer vaccine being shipped out in the states?

  13. Everyones going to dump Moderna and get in PFE . It’s the worlds first corona virus vaccine and PFE is already a amazing company with many different income streams . Was just FDA APPROVED and is being distributed now with more orders daily . PFE has a lot of room to run I suggest holding until Earnings

  14. Mind medicine and Numinus Wellness and Foley is gonna take me to the moon tomrrow. We are flyingggg tomorrow!!!

  15. Buying call or put options. I am new to this game so I’m hoping someone can explain how selling the contract works.

  16. Yes that option contract increase over time just like a share . Go to the option page and you can see for yourself . Go to the 140 strike price and see the ask and bid , then the 145 ask and bid . Those will let you know the next price for the option giving it gradually move up . It does not have to reach the strike price also if you buy way out the money. Maybe a 170 strike price for a 0.07 premium . That’s 7 dollars .. if that prices goes up to 150 from 133. you still making a killing on just a 7 dollar investment

  17. Regarding tech, I absolutely believe sections of the space are way overvalued, but I think the number of impacted companies will be far fewer than during the dot com era. I'm not as optimistic as others on EV + ride-sharing + food delivery (I'm looking at you doordash) but very bullish on Cloud. I think we're just scratching the surface on digital transformations. The Microsoft vs Salesforce + Amazon battle is going to be interesting moving forward

  18. What ticker had the widest analyst upgrade/downgrade historically in a single maneuver? (I.E. PT was $2.00 - became $100.00 — curious to analyze the reasons)

  19. Anyone have a take on MMED.NE Mind Medicine? Seems promising and Canada Health seems on board. Stock has been flying.

  20. If you have to day trade 1 stock on monday.. what would you buy and why.. also what will be your entry and exit points

  21. PFE . There vaccine was just APPROVED by the FDA and is the first corona virus vaccine in the world . This company already has so much strong integrity but this is going to make it skyrocket . I’ll c y’all in vallalah.Never 2 late as StooNkz ONLy gO uP

  22. I need your guys help: I have a little over 14k and a year left to live... I want to make as much as I can, cash out and spend it all before I go

  23. Here's a first one for me. I own a few shares of ALXN and they just got an offer to sell the company. Thoughts on how to play this? Any chance it ends up in a bidding war?

  24. Do I need to worry about the liquidity of an ETF if I'm only buying $1000 worth? And what difference in bid vs ask should I be worried about? Is $6 difference a lot for a $50 stock?

  25. In very few circumstances, low liquidity can be advantageous, however, for 99% of traders, they should shy away from low liquidity assets (regardless of investment amount).

  26. Anyone else find it absolutely pathetic that discussing a lot of SPACs here is banned, due to it supposedly misleading noob investors? When in fact with a proper approach, it’s actually much safer and rewarding than buying into some of insanely overvalued tech stocks that get discuses a million times a day?

  27. I'm in with 35 @ $13.03. I feel like there will be a dip between now and Q1 so I'll probably pick up more if I can average it appropriately.

  28. Think the floor is $3.50 CAD. Should run up more. Has a larger moat and better backing than Compass Pathways and they still have a market cap 25% larger. I could see MMED running up to over $6-7 CAD once uplisted to the NASDAQ.

  29. Any other non-US person thinking about selling their US-listed ADRs in Chinese companies and buying the stock on the Shanghai/HK exchanges?

  30. Companies would only be delisted if they don’t comply, so it depends on the company if that’s actually necessary.

  31. A lot of people say it’s priced in but I’m interested as well. I’ve got some calls expiring 1/18 that I’m hoping will print

  32. Thinking about flipping MKC for PLD as part of my consumer good exposure. I didn't really understand MKC and bought on technicals. PLD looks like better future FFO compared to MKC's EPS with a better multiple and higher yield. Anyone have thoughts on this or either company? Looking at a 3-5 year hold in a my Roth.

  33. I started investing in stocks as a side hobby about a year ago and have diversified my portfolio pretty well to midigate my risk. I have been trading on Wealthsimple but I realize it is pretty shit. I am a Canadian investor so im asking for Canadian stock exchanges u may recommended for lowest fees and what not.

  34. How many trades do you make per quarter? From what I’ve researched if you make a lot of trades interactive brokers has the lowest fees. I’m with TD as I don’t make a ton of trades. TD has $10 fee per trade but you can avoid quarterly fees by keeping more than 15k in your account or by setting up a $100 monthly auto deposit into your tfsa.

  35. Should we have a rate my portfolio sub Reddit instead of a monthly stickied thread, as the thread just has so many submissions that I don’t think anyone’s portfolio gets rated unless you post in the thread when it’s created?

  36. I invested 20,000$ last week for 1540 shares at 12.95, sold 150 shares on Friday; to thus increase my position on OTC:TSNP who recently merged with Humbl. Inc. to 19,000 shares.

  37. Would someone be willing to rate or critique my portfolio? I’m about to start investing and need some advice.

  38. I'm new in investing, although I have a finance background. I have been reading up for the last 2 weeks, and I'm thinking of investing about 6k.

  39. I'd say not more than 5 stocks with 6k and also don't buy all your money in one day. Start tomorrow and then invest in a few weeks to average your buy price.

  40. What are everyone's thoughts on Fisker? Do you think they can compete with Tesla in the Electric vehicle market? I guess only time will tell

  41. is there any rules of thumb for picking a stock? i keep almost buying the top or almost do. its almost got to the point where im about to buy something and i know thats the top because im about to fomo in. it feels like i find about everything when its too late and i feel like one of the new traders whos always a sell signal for the top

  42. SLS have burned a couple of people with the hope of it doing a GLSI. Is anyone Holding SLS over the weekend or Maybe even longer? They should be worth more than 8 dollars, right?

  43. I’m still holding over the weekend and seeing how it plays out. I wish I had sold when it was at $18 and made a profit then but oh well. Can’t get much lower, right? 😂

  44. Very simple noob option question, I haven't tried options before even though I just finished a tutorial. If the stock is $10 now and you want to buy call option: $15 has a higher premium and $50 has a lower premium. As far as I know you don't need to hit the break even price to profit if you only want to sell the option(which 95% of people do instead of exercising) before expiration instead of exercising the contract. If the stock goes up to $14 and you sell the contract, you would make a lot more with $50 call option correct because you paid way lower premium? This doesn't make sense to me as why would you pay a higher premium if you're just going to sell the option instead of exercising the option.

  45. The closer the strike price is to being in the money, the more sensitive the value of the option will be to a change in the underlying stock price. A rise from $10 to $14 in the stock would barely budge the value of a $50 call while it would make the $15 call increase by a lot, relatively speaking. That's what delta means in options - how much the price of the option changes for every $1 increase in the price of the underlying asset.

  46. I have $10 that I want to invest when the market opens tomorrow. What stock should I invest in on cashapp that will have fast growth tomorrow?

  47. Hey bud, obviously everyone is just giving you a hard time. They mean to politely advise you that you are not likely to turn $10 into very much in the stock market in a day.

  48. What’s the criteria for doing DD on a company? This is my first time actually having money to invest and I don’t want to fall into the FUD/FOMO cycle

  49. I’m newish to investing but for DD I look at finviz, yahoo finance, IBD, and market watch. Look up some technicals like macd, cci, ema. I find that compounded with podcasts and some YouTube videos are helpful. A lot of people are doing good DD just have to find what media you like but I’d recommend doing as much as you can. People here can list good tickers but read up on them definitely.

  50. Thinking of picking up 20 more shares of BABA bringing my total to 50. I have an average price of 290, but it seems to be holding very steady at ~260-265. Feel like they're getting beaten down not b/c of their fundamentals, but b/c of the whole Ant IPO.

  51. Well they're trading in the 300's because of the ANT IPO hype. Now that it won't happen it's trading where it's was previously at.

  52. I mean wouldnt it go up with the assumption that things go back to normal sooner than later and theres more selling opportunities as ppl get back on the road?

  53. Looking at investing in Volkswagen but not sure which ticker to pick. Why are there so many? VWAGY or VWAPY? I’m in the US.

  54. Thursday was great for NET and friday awesome for CHWY. Also getting some good momentum for APG. Will probably add more CRM on Monday.

  55. Made my first ever buy because I saw Disney was booming. It then proceeded to make its first dip of the day to which it recovered like $2 higher than the price I bought it at then slowly dropped all day.

  56. For future reference. Generally You never want to buy into something right after it’s popped 15% or more . That means many of the holders are now looking to cash out their gains, meaning the share price drops. Read up on technical analysis and check out investors.com regarding buy points / buy range , etc

  57. Don’t worry i bought Dis at $122 early in the summer. Sounds great now of course but, bare in mind, I was down 7% to 10% on that position the rest of the summer and into the fall. I am still holding 😊

  58. is there a set percentage of tax you pay on gains/losses? does it vary depending on time held?

  59. SBE reached an ATH this week and then dropped over 15% since. What's the reason for this? Do you reckon it will follow the same path as other SPACs? I'd like to hope not, considering it has seen a more constant growth pattern compared to other meme SPACs. What are your thoughts?

  60. Can indexed funds buy options? I'm not talking about mutual funds or hedge funds. For example, is SPY even allowed to buy options in their portfolio?

  61. It has to find its “normal” price which is probably around 30, and then grow from there

  62. Tesla’s bullish momentum hits a snag as it stalls in the $600’s. Tesla dipped sharply on Thursday before reversing. It’s found itself right at $610 support on Friday. If bulls can push it higher, the next resistance levels first lie at $628, then $660. However, bearish MACD and RSI are indicating a potential break below $610 support to test $585 support, and if that level breaks then $575 would be next level of support.

  63. If you buy option leaps for 2022, do you make money If the stock price goes up? Or does it have to break even first?

  64. Time passing causes all options to lose value. Stock price rising causes the value (if it's a call) to increase. The amount of value lost with each day that passes will be miniscule this far out before expiration so, all other things being equal, if you sell the leap again you'll make profit.

  65. Made a poor FOMO play with QS on Wednesday. I had been wanting to buy it for a week and couldn’t get the purchase done until it had spiked. Got in, had a decent day and it dropped heavy today. Think we will see more drop?

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