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  1. Does the use of computers in trading, completely get rid of the risk of losing money because they can pull out of investments before the price can drop?

  2. Sold AMZN then jumped back in lol. Decided to replace NVDA with SMH since I can't predict which chip company will do better in the future. FAANGM are great long-term holds, but if you think you can take more risk and get more reward elsewhere, go for it.

  3. I got in at 24 its initial high and it tanked for months I was in the red, I messed up and didn't sell at 70, sold some at 50

  4. same, i just got sick of it and got out 30% down at end of trading today, was a very small position luckily compared to my other positions

  5. Anybody have some suggestions for non tech, renewable energy stocks to get into? I’m looking to diversify my portfolio. Currently have a smaller position in BRK.B and WM but, other than that it’s mostly tech and renewables.

  6. Undervalued is hard. Personally, I work in the utility sector so can recognize a good undervalued but solid utility, right now that would be AEP, ED, ETR, and FE (Con Ed, Entergy, and First energy). Some might say PPL but I find utilities with exposure to the "socialist" policies in the USA a no-go.

  7. Thinking of selling a few of my AMZN since its been underperforming lately and then using the money for more ICLN or ARKK. Any thoughts?

  8. I lost $750 trading stocks since starting back in August and gave up, options are definitely not my thing lol. Going to stick with long term investing from now on.

  9. So whats the general feeling with the direction of the market? Im feeling quite cautious about it and genuinely concerned. I had a coworker who knows 0 about investing talk about how they just got into the market and were borderline giving me advice. That and the many overpriced companies that shouldn't be where they are, the flat week, the possiblity of a lockdown. The only thing keeping me in is the chance of a second stimulus which is not guaranteed at all

  10. I’m cautious too but slowly dripping money in one day at a time. Lockdowns are a possibility but I think positive vaccine news will keep drive things more

  11. Wtf is happening to NIO!? Another 5% down in after hours. I guess this means tomorrow is another red day? 25% down I may as well just cut my losses

  12. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/nio-joins-tesla-and-other-rivals-in-rush-to-offer-more-shares-in-electric-vehicle-companies-11607641044?cx_testId=48&cx_testVariant=cx_1&cx_artPos=2&mod=home-page-cx&cx_method=click#cxrecs_s

  13. Give it a few days....sometimes the market is ahead of the game, sometimes its behind. They do it like that because its the way they do it.

  14. I noticed that we don't see posts for the most mentioned stocks of the day anymore. Is it because this sub has been invaded by a bunch of newbies and

  15. Anyone day traded SLS today? If you did, congrats. Just saw that it went bunkers for a 176% gain. What's up with life science companies as of late?

  16. we will see tomorrow if this was priced in i.e. we see a sell the news tomorrow or if this pumps the market. I hope it doesnt pump the dow and surpress the nasdaq, but i also wouldn't be surprised

  17. Man, the IPO markets today opened way too expensive for my taste. At this point holding cash would be the best strategy for me until some pullback occurs

  18. Decided to lower my qqq and up my Arkk ratio. Was concerned that Arkk is an all time high, but then so is qqq lol.

  19. Trust the process, at least there's a path to profitability and a viable long-term future unlike Doordash. No reason they can't be valued the same as a Booking.com etc.

  20. Got in at 146, held to 160 and watched it spiral downwarss and sold at 149. What a fucking waste.

  21. For those of you who are legit long term investors, do you ever get an irresistible urge to sell your shares when they go up bigly in a very short period of time?

  22. I do it. It’s my redistribution. I have a certain threshold I want for stocks and if I goes way above it, I take the profit and put it into an etf. Or, If I see a winning opportunity, I will take some profits and use those to buy the new stock.

  23. Question, are options that are OTM priced in typically for chart patterns? For example if there is a ascending triangle pattern and the MACD is trending up, are the options OTM calls priced in to be more valuable or does it typically wait until the stocks value jumps up?

  24. Getting tired of seeing MSFT trading sideways for months and its my biggest holding. Someone convince me to keep my money in it and not another growth stock

  25. Falling value of the USD means you are actually losing money holding on to it. Swinging a fraction out of it into recovery plays was one of the smarter moves I made over the past month.

  26. I ended up selling the 5 shares I had to help me top off my Christmas shopping, but I intend to buy them back in about 3 months time. My logic being that it traded sideways for most of the year that I had them, why not take advantage now

  27. MSFT is pretty much never going to fall off, your growth stock likely will. Keep cash in MSFT so that you have a fall back when riskier plays don't work out.

  28. dip may have already happened at $143. personally I think the talk of ABNB falling to $80ish remotely soon is hilarious, it's overvalued by market cap but it's not correcting in half.

  29. I have a few. Im not worried about the small dip today. The vaccine is on the way, sports will pick up soon, once that gets closer to normal the online betting platforms should do pretty good in some new states that just legalized sports betting. Im holding for a while. What are your thoughts?

  30. Bought 1000 OTC shares for SLGBF after doing some reading and liking where they're going. Don't intend/need to touch it for a while.

  31. Anyone have shares in Silver Spike Acquisition? I bought in at $10.18, today it spiked to $15.14 and is currently at $14.22. I have 11 shares in it, and I’m wondering if I should hold on to this long term or not.

  32. ABNB being under immediate selling pressure shouldn't be surprising, because apparently the hosts were allowed to get in at the IPO price.

  33. Hosts being in the IPO reduces selling pressure. They have a vested interest in holding the stock.

  34. Yeah I'm watching it closely myself. I wanted to get about 50 if it was in the 65-80 range, now I will wait for a bit and hope I can get about 25 at 100-120ish

  35. I tell myself I'm am investor, in it for the long term. And then I can't resist selling my shares when they're up 100% in a month... It's so hard not to want to sell.

  36. ughhhhh i got in at $158 and i'm holding the bag... do i just get out now? i know this money could be put to better use even if it goes back up. it's not like it's shooting to $180 tomorrow. yeah, i know i'm an idiot for buying.

  37. if you think about it a lot are still watching where it goes, meaning tons of potential buyers than sellers. I'm actually about to open position around $145 if it holds for another 20 minutes.

  38. Bought ABNB at $146 with the intent to flip it. Watched it go up to $160, got greedy, and then watched it fall. Dropped back down to $146 and I sold for $0 profit or loss. Lesson learned!

  39. I hate it that they aren't tradeable in Europe... it's as if our leaders don't want us to get rich easily.

  40. I know it opened way higher but it's nice to see ABNB not shoot up to something ridiculous like 200. I hope it keeps dropping like this so plebs like us can get in at a decent price of 80-100ish.

  41. I believe so, but probably not in the short term. Christmas should be kind to them, lots of people inside gaming, good games coming out, etc.

  42. Was about to ask about this one- what is the deal with that stock? Seems crazy volatile rn. What are people feeling it’s actually value is?

  43. lol at the downvoting. A flash crash doesn't hurt you bagholders, just helps us plebs get some and then we're back up to the current price!

  44. I don’t think ABNB will come down to $65 after the initial pop, but I’ll buy at $100-$110 if it goes back down.

  45. Yeah that's what I'm thinking too. I have limit set at 65 but I will adjust it a bit in the next week or so when it hopefully comes own to the 100-110 range like you said.

  46. I was thinking of jumping in if the market cap was around 30bil. It's 100bil right now. This market is acting foolish. I'll have to sit out until a good correction! The people throwing money at everything that moves have to calm down!

  47. just my opinion, the whole market is inflated. It's not a good idea to start ANY long position right now. Wait for the end of the Christmas rally. Then reality hits.

  48. I saw a post saying that AirBnb is currently around $150 per share in the private market. Can’t say I’m surprised but still lol

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