1. The most important sentence in this guys tweet is at the bottom where it states that the public school is “erring on the side of caution because the law is so vague.” So they decided to interpret the law this way, taking drastic steps to make it seem as if they’re being victimized instead of simply asking for clarification. Typical lefty response. Mountains out of mole hills…..

  2. Probably because that’s what other teachers also do. I remember in HS seeing pictures of a few of my teachers hot wives. Never occurred to me that it was an issue until a gay person decided to do it. Just to be clear, I’m all for this bill, I just think not allowing your teachers to have a picture of their spouse on their desk is kind of ridiculous.

  3. I don't recall my heterosexual teachers having pictures of their spouses in the classroom. Yes, a few talked about their spouses (especially when they worked at the same school) but that was it.

  4. That’s you. I remember at least 3 of my male teachers had a picture of their wife on their desk. I specifically remember those three teachers because their wives were hot. It never occurred to me that it would be an issue until apparently a gay guy did it. I’m all for this bill, I just think this seems ridiculous and rightfully so, giving the left ammo.

  5. This isn’t about pictures, this is about a bunch of groomers demanding to be able to groom children, since they can’t procreate.

  6. The left made a lot of progress for years because they didn't make enough waves to wake up the normies. Things have gotten to the point now that even people who don't pay attention to politics can ignore it. Feels like the tide is turning.

  7. Yeah normal teachers don’t have pictures of their spouses up on display in the classroom. That’s not fucking normal. They’re doing it cuz they have an agenda.

  8. So no pictures of spouses in the classroom? You all don't keep pictures of your spouse in your office at work? I bet most do.....

  9. Well, since BTC is a sociopathic liar, despite his self-appointed title, I'll guess that about 20% of what he tweeted is accurate and 80% is complete BS hysteria.

  10. Just so everyone is aware. This is double speak in a way. Make the bill seem overboard and show how ridiculous it is. This is why they are “interpreting” this so drastically. Use our common sense against us

  11. Can't believe straight pedophiles don't exist and grooming only exists within the LGBTQ. It's bonkers; we're only allowed to teach what's "normal" and keep it at that. Indoctrination is only so when it's the gays. Children who believe themselves to be under the LGBT umbrella and feel like they can't tell their parents, so all they have to turn to are their fucking teachers are outed and subjected to god knows what. Gay conversion, verbal and physical abuse, who knows. There's a reason it's kept from them. No, it's not the heteronormative environment we're all born into and taught widely that's indoctrinating, it's the people who want children to know they like, exist, and stuff, so they don't grow into bigots. I can't help but think having a picture of the teacher's hetero spouse wouldn't have raised ANY alarms. Crazy. It's like children are being used as a buzzword to condemn them, like the mere act of educating kids is bad.

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