[Off-Topic] Daily Chat: 2022-12-01

  1. Turn off the electricity before you hit the wall plug brother, made a similar mistake as a kid but it involved getting angry at the dinnertable and a staple. Either way stay safe

  2. 9 years for me. I remember thinking using it once a week wasnt that bad then i went a month without and it was night and day difference. Never touch that shit again

  3. Coke feels so overrated to me. How do you even party with it, how does that work? Are you going to the toilet for a bump every 20 minutes and breathe through your mouth the whole night because your nose is stuffed as shit? Seriously my dudes, shit has changed, we now have mephedrone, benzos, MDMA - this isn't the 80s any more you know

  4. Anybody up to date with the whole “LiverKing exposed” fiasco going on? I mean anyone with half a fucking brain and any type of knowledge in the juice world knows the dude was on something. But holy fucking shit, dude spending 11k per month on pharma gh, running approx 10iu daily / 70iu a week?! Jfc. They say money can’t buy happiness but.. it can buy tanks, private jets and 11 grand worth of pharma gh a month so fuck whoever said money can’t buy happiness

  5. He spent $11k a month on GH and had IGF-1 levels that were perfectly normal for an obese 38 year old man who’s never even walked by a gym. Imagine how pissed you’d be if that’s what your outcome was for that price.

  6. Really don’t understand peoples interest in the liver king. I will say though he has been lying for a while now so not sure why anyone would believe what’s in those emails.

  7. Literally who cares. All pros and “influencers” lie about their dosages. Why? Because they have a financial interest in selling snake oil or TRT. Both mpmd and liver king are both losers and liars.

  8. I was on 10iu of GH a day and all I got was carpal tunnel and a constant need to take a nap, plus I got fat and looked like a water balloon. Dude must be working hard as fuck for those gains and for sure he's not on simple growth, he's probably pinning a whole fridge of all kinds of gear daily.

  9. You make more exposure and money claiming fake natty status and having every fitness influencer make a reaction video about you; over some no name humble roid user that is open how he built his body. /thread

  10. Who cares about a random guy on the internet not being natty. Why waste my time watching that 1 hour video..

  11. Woke up this morning with two girls (one that i’ve only hooked up with once) drunk texting me last night trynna see if i’m interested in a relationship. Must be something in the water. I told them both im looking to take things slow and not lock down with someone yet.

  12. I've had a girl fly in who wasn't my girlfriend, slightly similar. My biggest advice would be to have a lot planned (to fill the space around the banging). Personally I find with my girlfriend it's mad easy to just sit on the couch and say nothing, but with girls who aren't my girlfriend empty time/space pains me haha.

  13. Here's a hint, if you are going on a trip together, she thinks she's your girlfriend. even if she's said she understands your just fuck buddies.

  14. Women get really lonely in the winter months since they don’t get the 24/7 external validation form wearing slutty clothes everywhere

  15. My appetite is fucked, my sleep is fucked, my brain is fucked, everything other than my muscles is undeniably fucked.

  16. I fucking love listening to female vocal pop music while lifting. I can’t explain, it just hits different. Lately Kim Petras, GFOTY, Cascada, Carly Jae Jensen, Charli XCX, maybe some Doja Cat, etc. Noise cancelling headphones blocking the metal or rap on the gym speakers and it’s bliss. PR’d 5 plate rdl last night for reps my soul felt like it was teetering on the edge of the void but the girl’s voice would pull me back.

  17. Wifey was pretty bummed recently that she couldn't find a ps5 to buy me for Christmas being thst it was the only thing she's really wanted to get me for the past year or so (I normally really don't like getting gifts).

  18. We need to have a day with a discussion about women. Ffs. Do’s and dont’s. Do- talk to them like a person. Don’t - take your shirt off on a date bc she can’t see your muscles through your shirt. Do- make an effort. Don’t- date a manager/ co worker. Do- drop your ex. Don’t- hook up with an ex. Do- fuck like a rabbit. Don’t- not pull out. Do- respect the crazy hot scale. Don’t- think she’s a unicorn. That is all.

  19. You didn’t cover your thoughts on girls at places you frequent such as the gym or coffee shops? Where’s our do and don’t here?

  20. Pull out method doesn't work. Wear a condom, blast ment until your are sterile, or commit and nut inside without protection. Going raw and then pulling out is a pretty retarded way to prevent pregnancy, the only reason you might pull out is to cum somewhere else if she doesn't want cum dripping out of her pussy and into her panties and bedsheets afterwards

  21. What a week. I’ll admit I’m a noob when it comes to pricing but found out my guy has been gouging me a bit. It’s cool, I’ll find someone else after this last vial. Pop the cover off this morning and as I do that it slips from my hands and shatters open. Luckily I’ve just been running Test but still not how I wanted my second cycle to end… Happy Wednesday y’all.

  22. I always keep multiple sources around. One guy has best price for the basics, one has more variety but is international, the other has good variety but the exotics are pricier because they're stateside already. I just buy from the person who fits my needs.

  23. If you’re new when it comes to it, I’ll just contribute that everywhere is different and pricing varies quite a bit between different places. If it’s good gear and you know him, it’s probably worth it unless you’re getting shafted. Cheaper in no terms means better in this instance.

  24. Finally got the nerve to message my cute manager on snap to ask her if she’s free this weekend to do something together. She’s left me on delivered for 15 hours. Maybe she’s still asleep.

  25. As the man you aren’t allowed to make the first move on coworkers ever. Let them come to you, feed into the flirting then avoid their advances obviously so her and everyone else can see. Drives them nuts bro.

  26. God bulking is so frustrating . Hit 228. Look lean af still too. Had like 3 protein shakes and maybe 1200 cals of pasta yesterday. I’m down 5 lbs today lol

  27. Yesterday I went to my home town coney island for 2$ coney day and had about 7, with all the toppings, and gained 13 lbs

  28. As one of the biggest MENT fanbois around, tren definitely gives way more strength. 280 tren shit on 350+ ment in regards to strength. But I keep ment in my blasts and cruises at various levels.

  29. Yeah i didnt know bulking was hard work. I always had to cut. First time in a bulk right now and i thought i would enjoy eating everything all day, but i simply cant. And thats at 3000 cal. I dont know how guys eat 5000+.

  30. Can someone link me to the “what was the biggest mog you’ve had on someone or been mogged?” I read the first reply about hotdog dude and laughed my ass off then had to close app and now the search function and digging thru last couple days daily I can’t find it….thanks.

  31. Not my friends anymore because of their attitude but I grew up buddies with borderline incels and in the last year before I cut them off we all went out to a bar.

  32. A chad user here recommended Lose It to replace MyFitnessPal as my nutrition tracker yesterday. Here to recommend that you do the same if you’re still using MFP. Lose it is extremely feature rich and easy to use

  33. MacroFactor. Calculates your actual TDEE based on weight fluctuations over time, tells you exactly how much to eat to gain or lose weight at a certain rate. So easy.

  34. How long do y’all wait to tell someone you’re dating that you like to inject your ass with mystery chemicals a few times a week? Seems like a lot of them don’t like it but hiding is too annoying. Especially if you end up living with them. Do you weed them out early or wait until they are too invested and emotionally dependent on you to leave? 33m btw

  35. I told my future wife I was on trt (which was true) about two months into the relationship. I didn’t want her to find evidence like needles and then have to wonder what was going on. But I also knew with some certainty that she was the one, so I was very comfortable being up front about everything.

  36. If you want to take pct orally then please remember - you have to dissolve the pct in vinegar and castor oil and let it sit in your mouth for 30 seconds before you swallow or thr pct wont work - please be careful fucking with your hormones and health guys you should know this already.

  37. Ex/current girlfriend (not really back together) was on serious date 1. We were fucking for a while before that but when we knew we’d be in a relationship I knew I was going to tell her because:

  38. Anyone else on here do their cardio on an exercise bike? I’ve been clocking 75+ miles a week for my cut and my ass is getting beat up even with a seat cushion. Zero chance I’d make it as a bottom

  39. I alternate between this and stairstepper. Bike is less taxing on the body but makes my cheeks hurt.

  40. I’ve got a fairly high end bike at home and still had to buy one of those gel cushions to make it tolerable for rides over 20 minutes. The bonus I guess is that it forces me to get out of the saddle and do more hill climbs.

  41. I had some shitty schwinn bike for a few years that hurt my ass constantly. Ive had for a while now an echelon bike (think peloton knock off) and my bums doin fine with it. Usually only do 45 mins 5 days a week though and hop outa the saddle during harder stretches.

  42. I work remote but I’ve got this dumbfuck I work with that makes me want to drive out all the way to California and slap the shit out of their stupid ass.

  43. Just got on ADHD meds. I'm like 50/50 if I actually need them, but this first morning I feel like a god. I know there's downsides (shittier sleep = shorter life), but so far, goddamm.

  44. Start slow. Consider taking half of whatever they prescribed. The idea isn't really to feel like a God,although that euphoria will go away over time.

  45. The feeling like a god part will fade after 2-4 weeks, DO NOT chase it, taking more will make you have much worse side effects. I've been using stimulants on and off for 2 years now (not diagnosed, but definitely exhibit some ADHD symptoms) and they've improved my life a lot, but you've gotta be smart about it.

  46. I recently got diagnosed with adhd and my therapist is pushing hard for me to take meds. I'm pretty unsure about it though. I'm a sober alcoholic and I feel like I would just end up abusing the drugs. Don't know what to do.

  47. What are you taking? 30 is a fuck load. I only take 2.5 mg Adderall IR 2x a day and it works great, I sleep fine. I take 2-3 days off and use it for work related tasks that need to focus. Don't take it everyday, don't abuse it either, theres metabolites so you dont need it every waking moment. That's how morons get stuck taking 60/mg a day of Adderall after 5 years.

  48. Yeah. There was a dude on here who was gay, about 160 lbs. he took tren, became straight and 161 lbs.

  49. I thought eating ass was disgusting, but after 2g gear a week for 20 weeks I was interested in nothing else. Best transformation imo

  50. Became more comfortable exploring what I already knew I was interested in, but no entirely new interests

  51. Is it pointless fucking a chubby women if your cock is bang average? Like do bigger girls have bigger pussies? I’m kind of assuming their fat gets in the way of getting proper up in there, like do I have to hold up slabs of fat to get the angles good?

  52. It's never pointless to fuck a chubby chick, just a little tougher sometimes. The phrase "extra cushion for the pushin" was coined for a reason. They usually take dick well so you can beat that pussy up without feeling like you're fucking a 2x4.

  53. There's a huge difference between a chubby girl and a girl with enough fat to get in the way of you fuckin her.

  54. I have a seething hatred for all medical providers. I straight up dont go to the doctor unless I really have to, like when I thought I might have a hernia. (I didnt, they fucked up and said I did and $700 later after a surgery consult was told it was an infected hair follicle..)

  55. My experience was the opposite. I had to get a dental implant this year, and my dentist does accept my insurance. Before I got the procedure done, I was given an estimate of how much I would have to pay which turned out to be slightly high. Although my insurance maxed out at $1000, I still received the negotiated rate for everything. Had I been uninsured, the procedure would have cost $6000, but the insurance rate was $4500 and they paid $1000 of that so having insurance saved me $2500. So sometimes it does work out.

  56. Lmao I had a recurring infected hair follice about a month back. The final time it got really big and I couldnt get the puss out. Took a mild steak knife to it and slightly sliced into it until it erupted everywhere and I found the hair and pulled it out. Imagine I had wasted money going to the doctor instead. Fuck that.

  57. Ex invited me over after work yesterday after she spent the night. Fucked again. She told me how much she missed my dick (idk how but i swear our anatomy was designed for each other, 10/10 orgasms every time both ways)

  58. If you think there's a chance you might marry her than stick it out. But if it's just for ass, you've already hurt this poor girl once. Just cut out earlier than later.

  59. Man, you gotta learn to relax mate. I know, way easier said than done, but I can feel the tension all over across the globe. Maybe it would be a good idea to go on a diet break - eat at maintenance - and work on your food focus. Of course, you still gotta work out hard and lift your weights every week, but forget about fat loss and all that shit for a while.

  60. If you are in Canada you can do mdma/psilocybin therapy. It may very well help you rearrange your relationship with food so that you treat it as food and not as something your mind uses for psychological reasons.

  61. Hell yea, do you ever trip during a blast or just while cruising? I feel like it would be crazy to do it in the middle of a cycle/blast

  62. Took a few a couple weeks back with some homies and worked out, and hit a new PR on bench lmao. Was fucking GETTTTTIN IT

  63. Give it another month for your body to fall to pieces. Jk, but for real don’t be surprised if you have some sides over the next month.

  64. Report back after being off for 6 months. Hope it will stay this way mate, but if you have been on for more than 2 continuous years... the chances are rather shitty to be frank.

  65. Got a pea size painful gyno lump and dick issues on test tren cycle. Took 0.25 mg prami last night and the gyno is already shrinking and not painful anymore. Amazing. When do I get diamond dick from this stuff?

  66. I remember them being pushed as a healthier alternative to smoking. So many people who never smoked started vaping lol

  67. My program yesterday was; 200kg paused squat 8 sets of 3, 200kg RDL 3 sets of 10, 300kg yoke for 3 sets of 20m, max weight farmers walk for 10m. Today I have DOMS like I’ve never had before in my life

  68. It's all teenagers there, plus a decent amount of incel adjacent types. Used to be a fan of mpmd back in the day when he would do literature reviews of anabolics and stuff, but lately it's all been drama videos, which I guess make more money, but I really don't care which celebrity is juicing.

  69. How bad or good is winstrol injectable? Im on week 2 with masteron, test p, and primo. I swear my body is changing by the day along with strenght wise. I just want to know if i have to worry about my liver.. Im using 200mg weekly of Winstrol Honestly im feeling greaaat.

  70. Just got hit by a random 700 eu delayed bill for a window repair. Realised I don't have savings, wellll fuck. Honestly no idea where my money went the last months because I'm dry.

  71. If I was dehydrated and was about to die on a desert island , how many ml of bacterilistic water would I need to inject daily. Would it be better to better to inject subq or im?

  72. If you’re having heterosexual sex and you’re a male, it’s not easy to contract herpes unless your partner is having a flare up and it’s pretty obvious if they are.

  73. I had a friend fuck a girl raw who had herp and he didn’t get it. Go get tested. Let us know how the q rip down the pee hole goes for you

  74. Same, caught it last week. Was probably going to happen no matter what with the way I’ve been slinging dick the past 8 months. Luckily this girls really cool so hopefully we can make things work because idk how to break the news if I have to in the future.

  75. The herpes test only works if there is an active flair up so keep that in mind. You may get a negative result despite having herpes. Also, if you ever had cold sores as a kid.... You have herpes. Sorry you had to find out this way.

  76. Am I missing an injection site guide in the wiki? I found the stuff in technique but nothing about sites… looking to rotate shoulders and quads in but they feel much different than glútes. Any pointers??

  77. There wont be a significant cortisol rebound normally. Especially at thag dosage, most of the people I know who take Tren take a lot more than that.

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