Daily Ask Anything: 2022-12-01

  1. Is Clenbuterol really that harmful even at low to moderate doses? Started yesterday at 20mcg. But seems like there's a lot of users claiming that Clenbuterol is something they'd never touch due to its toxicity on the heart. I'm thinking to just ditch the Clen now tbh.

  2. 20mcg isn’t a super high dosage, which is good since you’re only just starting, so in terms of side effects you’re not as likely to experience anything too serious. The best thing you can do if you plan on staying on clen is to closely monitor your heart health as you increase dosage. Of course if you notice anything start to feel off stop taking it and go see a doctor to make sure you’re not in any immediate danger.

  3. Bloods 5 weeks into my cycle had me at 0.52 hematocrit. Will this just keep climbing the longer I stay on?

  4. I haven’t taken any other orals so I don’t have much of a point of reference. But I liked it for: insane pumps (felt full AF; lower back pumps on deadlifts were nearly debilitating), increased work capacity (I was lifting for 1.5hours and all I wanted to do was lift more), and strength increases.

  5. I don't know much about anything when it comes to steroids, but I saw a guy talking about all the preparation he did for a cycle and it kind of surprised me. It got me thinking. What supplements do ya'll take before, during, and after a cycle? I see milk thistle, glucosamine, more liver pills and oils. Are there any specific do's and don'ts you follow as well? Thanks

  6. All the other ancillary things are to keep your health optimal during cycle. For instance if your liver levels seem to get out of wack you might want to take extra stuff to keep it healthy. Or some people are really prone to to estrogen so they would benifit from estrogen management ancillaries.

  7. Telmisartan 80 mg / HCTZ 25 mg / NAC 1g / EPA/DHA 4 g / Metformin 500 mg / D3/K2 / Choline/Inositol 500 2x / Men’s Multi / Atorvastatin 10 mg / Rhodiola

  8. Need that bounce back time bruh. All women are different but most don’t want but 10-15 min total lol. They just want to get a nut like us.

  9. Tren is one of the worst steroids for mental health issues . Its nicknamed the relationship wrecker for a reason . Might not be right for you

  10. I like taking cocaine but I recognise that it is unhealthy and places a greater risk on my heart. I then use my cognitive power as a human to make the decision to not take cocaine.

  11. Stupid question: Looking to do my 3rd cycle. I specifically want to avoid the 'cartoon' (ie massive disproportionate delts with a gigantic chest and tiny waist) look. I'd like a more subtle look.

  12. I mean you’ve completed 2 cycles if you don’t have this already why would the third cycle do this too you? Again it’s not dude ing magic dude you have to lift right an eat an it still won’t happen over a couple cycles that shit takes time.

  13. Oof yea if there’s one thing I HATE it’s when I accidentally become mr Olympia. Just a side of taking one steroid tho 🤷🏼‍♂️

  14. Pendlay Row's spiked my HR like crazy for some reason, never had that happen, sled work did the same yesterday. Is this concern enough to possibly get some telmisartan preventively? I was considering hitting urgent care tomorrow and requesting some.

  15. You need to increase your LISS cardio. You’re getting heavier/bigger on cycle. Your heart is having a hard time keeping up.

  16. Hair loss and acne. Can you somewhat predict how bad those will get before a cycle? I had severe acne, was on a very harsh accutane treatment, and it’s now mostly cleared up. But I’d prefer never doing that to my body again as it was awful. But is it a given with my experiences that I’ll end up being a walking pimple?

  17. I had acne quite strong as a Teenager and i‘m still on low Dose accutane since 7 years. Started my cycle 8 weeks ago, tbh i think my skin got way better. Idk why. Added proviron 50 mg a week ago, noticed that a Little Bit in terms of a few pimples. So hard to predict, i guess. Hair is still fine, no shedding at all. And i‘m feeling absolutely great tbh, mentally and physically.

  18. It’s a risk you’ll have to take if you cycle, people respond differently. I never had facial acne problems prior to cycling or after, but get it on my body. I also had very thick hair and it thinned some.

  19. I don’t know of any ways. But I’m relatively new to everything. I’ll tell you this from my experience… I had pretty clear skin going through puberty and through my 20s. First cycle, my back and pits became a living zit. Like to the point I had to put towels on anything I was using in the gym to soak up the blood and puss.

  20. Yeah that pea you feel is a pretty standard indicator, especially if it’s sensitive. That’s when mine came on, but it did subside (never went away though, just got better). I can’t say if it’s common with everyone, haven’t been doing this for too long.

  21. I've taken 1500mg daily (which is the recommended daily dose on mine) for almost a year now. No dangers to it. I even double the dose whenever I look watery or eat like a fatty every now and then

  22. I’m taking 250mg of testE split into 125mg twice per week. Currently not taking any arimidex, however I got my 6 week blood test results back and my E2 is 363 pmol/L (range is <160).

  23. Any of you degenerates ever run anadrol and superdrol at the same time? Or am I fucking crazy? I’ve run anadrol at 80mg for 8 weeks without any adverse effects, I was thinking 20/10 adrol/sdrol

  24. If I’m getting blood work in a few days but also got some var is there any reason to wait to throw it in? Shouldn’t change estrogen which is the main thing I’m worried about, won’t change test levels, just a elevated kidney/liver values?

  25. One time I injected EQ/test and started coughing. Fearing a dreaded pulmonary embolism, I posted a similar question to the DAA. The response I got is similar to the ones here.

  26. If you get high Estrogen sides and pop an anastrozole, does it work right away or do you more so need to take it proactively to effect the estrogen?

  27. Estrogen has a biological half life of like 5 hours, so your actual levels will be much lower within a day. Take a serm if you need instant estrogen inhibition. Or take a low dose serm with an ai and the serm will block e2 while estrogen clears

  28. I wouldn't expect any. Zoloft is metabolized primarily by CYP2C19 and CYP2B6. I can't find any information about the metabolism of ATD, but based on its structure and similar compounds, I'd expect it to be a substrate of CYP3A4. So no, I wouldn't expect there to be any interactions.

  29. It doesn't matter. You can inject it wherever you want. It all ends up in your blood (and other compartments) anyway, regardless of where you stuck the needle in.

  30. Aromasin or anastolozole should be sufficient; if it doesn’t halt gaining in size opt for something like ralox, but I doubt you’ll need it. Don’t stress

  31. Don’t take one on trt or cruise. Should go by the sides not what the doctor prescribed which they should also say don’t take it unless you start having sides

  32. Just stop the AI at or before your last blast injection and ride out the fluctuations as you taper down to at cruise. There will be some rebound, but it’ll be manageable as test/estrogen levels will drop as well.

  33. I’d Personally just cold turkey drop the AI, you’re already going to have the estrogen dropping as you are injecting a lot less on cruise. It will drop down. And save yourself crashing & having more issues too.

  34. Anyone else here fart like a mother fucker on a bulk? I have to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes to do a reenactment of Hiroshima.

  35. High protein intake causes gas for many people. If you're eating a lot of legumes (black beans, lentils, etc.) that could also be contributing.

  36. I’ve been on 250mg p/w of Test E for roughly 4 years now. Am I doing anything bad to my body by being on for so long? Apart from potentially my fertility but not worried about that. Is there anything else I should be taking periodically that I’m not aware of?

  37. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with that dose, but it should be monitored by a physician with regular labs. My TRT dose is 240mg test cyp + 100mg deca per week and I'm in the best shape of my life at almost 50.

  38. I don’t cAre too. Read the wiki an the previous experience threads before you decide to hope on gear. Don’t just take advise from people on the internet do your own research in the different compounds an what the do for your body mind health. Sides an how to control them.

  39. This my last week on tbol and I feel tired every afternoon unless I nap and my upper back feels like there’s a huge knot but there isn’t…. Thinkin it’s time to stop… was fun while it lasted… I’m having problems with my joints and elbows now I’m wondering if it’s an e2 issue

  40. depending on the rest of your cycle the orals probably catching up to you. Typical organ lethargy id put it down to. Could be other things but all depends on your cycle

  41. I know it’s common knowledge that a significant part of tren sides are from sleep deprivation but god damn after going to bed pissed at the wife mixed with trensomnia, I’m convinced any more than 24 hours with no sleep would send me into complete psychosis. After finally crashing last night I woke up feeling brand new. Getting a bad night sleep is not an option on tren anymore lol

  42. Magnesium + weed helps me. If you’re looking to go pharmacological you could try Hydroxyzine, mirtazapine, trazodone; probably in that order.

  43. Enjoy the bubble guts. You probably won't have a solid shit for a few weeks. Hopefully you're starting with 500mg before working up to 1000mg.

  44. Similar issue here but worse, I don't usually make it to 30 mins and sometimes I can't get hard in the first place. Seen using trest ace between 1-5mg daily (started at 5 and lowered to 2 then 1 to see if it would make any difference - no), plus 100mg test e weekly, and 100mg mast OR 100mg primo weekly (first mast then changed to primo - no difference observed). I also tried 0.25mg caber which didn't seem to make any change. Not sure where to go from here. I've had very slightly increased acne throughout but no other noteworthy high e2 symptoms.

  45. Well, being the average length of sexual intercourse is about five minutes, you’re pounding her into painful suffering, while expecting to remain hard for half an hour.

  46. Yeah, give the poor girl a break. Nobody wants to get pounded for 30+ minutes. She's just being polite, bless her heart.

  47. So you fuck for 30 minutes and wonder why your dick stops being hard after 30 minutes? Do you expect to stay hard forever?

  48. If you have issues with MENT solo then the first thing to try is adding back in a tiny bit of test and see how that changes things. If you think there's a prolactin aspect to it then you can try taking P5P (Vitamin B6, but it needs to be a 100% P5P form) to lower it.

  49. I'm looking to get the most current info on atherosclerosis, values on blood work and their significance, and what values would be needed to get a very decreased risk of atherosclerosis.

  50. Lipids and Blood pressure are the two main contributors. LDL above range is not good If you have family history, genetics do play a part in it.

  51. Ahhh how about dropping the big wet coumpund down to trt levels, you definitely don't need it to cut, especially if you're only on 1700 cals, you're not big enough to warrant that stack in a cut

  52. how long will an opened vial of test last? opened it back in August and decided to wait a bit and I'm wondering if it's still good

  53. This might be TMI, but I saw a bodybuilder say on his off cycle he was taking HGH to help “wake his balls up.” I’ve been having problems during sex. I don’t have much of a problem getting hard which seems to be a common side effect of steroids. however, I have noticed it’s harder for me to climax. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. Or if anyone’s tried HGH, and it helped them with this specific thing. Any HGH I come across is super expensive so I’ve typically stayed away from it but if it’s helpful in this regard, I may have to take a second look. Thx!

  54. Are you taking antidepressants or any other drugs? Even pain killers can decrease sensation and make climax harder.

  55. Get bloods, specifically prolactin and estrogen, never really heard of HGH used for this purpose, what compounds have you been running? Anti depressants can also dull the climax

  56. I hope this doesn’t qualify as source talk but I have to ask: is 10k/month a normal price for an advanced stack? I just saw the liver king takedown by Derek and that price tag seems extremely high.

  57. Prescription HGH is big money. It’s not even a “steroid”. Even UGL HGH is cheaper but still be talking like 2k/mo. You don’t need HGH most of the time.

  58. It's not 10k for an "advanced stack", it's 10k a month for 10 IUs of GH per day, which is around what that costs. Not too expensive not too cheap compared to the market price.

  59. Not normal at all. Most Bodybuilders aren’t rich people and are generally using UGL. Going the pharmacy Route Is thousands for advanced stacks.

  60. I can assure you almost no one in this sub is paying even 1/10th of that a month for gear. Not source speak, but my newest cycle is running me less than $500, so take that as you will.

  61. so you're already blasting? and you're gonna add a compound that takes 6-8 weeks to be saturated and start noticing some differences? how long you blasting? eq needs to be run 16-20 weeks

  62. Pretty sure ppl say NPP / deca is a wet compound, so not sure you'd want it for performance. That's probably why the other reply was nasty.

  63. Had quite an unusual night last night. Felt abnormally drowsy early in the evening. Went to bed early. Woke up at 3 am feeling feverish but also had chills.

  64. go for it man, just train with the same intensity. nothing wrong with switching things up for a bit. helps keep things from going stale ime

  65. No Unlawful Discussions. This includes traveling with unprescribed drugs, shipping, smuggling, discussion of legality, price, laundering, etc.

  66. if u want nutty vascularity I think rad 140 could probably be used this way. However I use it ed for 8wk cycles 10mg a day and veins pop a tad more than usual.

  67. Idk shit about S23 but steroids and sarms are both androgens, so you should expect a similar effect if the compound is decently androgenic.

  68. Is there any actual way to control e2 other than AI / chemicals etc ? Especially on TRT, it feels like sometimes my e2 acts up why other it’s fine. My labs are 1000 total T / 60 e2.

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