Daily Ask Anything: 2022-11-30

  1. Hmm. Good to know. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me though. Right now this blend is the only thing I can get my hands on

  2. Just did my second pin of test yesterday, I did it on the same glute as the first but not exactly the same spot. Everything was clean, used alcohol pad before and after.

  3. You are creating the issue. Leave it alone an stop over thinking it. If it’s infected you will know then go to the doctor. You won’t have to guess. Our mi da play tricks on us. Stick it an forget about it.

  4. 21. Am now almost 23. I don't regret it but if I were to go back I would've waited. It's a big responsibility that includes a lot of risk , time, money. I wouldn't recommend it if you are under 25 .

  5. Early 30's a couple years ago because my hair started thinning so I said fuck it, the hair loss was the only thing holding me back.

  6. Agree with the other reply that there are too many factors, probably your genetics, age, and lifestyle being the key ones.. Also, if you mean 1 or 2 years, or like forever...

  7. Of course it's possible. Nobody can tell you how much damage you'd do and how much of your life you'd shave off because it depends on so many things like genetics, diet, cardio, and general lifestyle. All we can say is it would be extremely dumb.

  8. My HCG comes in a vial but with 1ml bacteriostatic water in an ampoule. Does it mean I have to buy those filtering needles so I don't draw glass particles with the water? Or is a filtering needle always included?

  9. I have a friend who is a singer who is worried about ruining his voice from using steroids. I told him if he keeps to low-dose test (~200mg) and Anavar, he should be fine and whatever darkening that occurs will "probably" normalize after the cycle. He wants to do a 500mg cycle with 50mg anavar 6w and 300mg Primo. Anyone educated on this, is it too risky?

  10. I dont think steroids made my voice deeper, but i had a deep voice to begin with. I think the steroids could very possibly make his voice deeper, especially if he have a light voice to begin with.

  11. Don't pour. Use a filter needle to draw up the contents of the ampule, then swap the filter needle for a regular needle and transfer the contents into a sterile multi-use vial.

  12. So I got a bp monitor for home, and had a couple readings. 1- 133/88, 2- 134/98 3- 135/99 How bad is this,? I’m in a tricky situation because I went to doc he gave me BP medicine which lowered it a bit but gave me bad ed, went away on a romantic getaway with the mrs and couldn’t get it up even with her help and viagra! Far out! So I stopped the meds for a week and here I am dick hard again but bp on the rise!

  13. It alarms me that you discontinued taking a medication prescribed by your doctor due to incidence of side effects and haven't told him yet. Doctors love knowing things like that, you should start there.

  14. OMG! Yes! Be careful with that stuff. I knew a guy who took too much and ended up with balls the size of grapefruits. He thought it was going to be cool, but it turned out to just be super awkward. He could barely squeeze his nuts through the toilet seat to take a dump, and he used to be a competitive mountain-biker. Not anymore.

  15. I don't think it's too many.. I think it's odd to take them all at the same time. At least some are probably better suited to the beginning of your day - guessing green tea is a little bit stim - and others are better suited at the end of the day - ashwagandha and (imho no facts) your probiotic. I'm sure there's a best time for the blood pressure one too...

  16. Doesn't really matter, but with a supp stack this large I'd probably split it just for comfort. But anyway you really need to go through your list and ask yourself what you're really getting out of each one. Whole lot of snake oil in there

  17. Since introducing HGH I'm way less hungry, is this normal? I'm still eating enough but I just don't have that impulsivity to eat.

  18. A dab of t4 and t3 will work wonders in your situation. I like Bitrion and just one tablet a day works wonders for me and yes GH and many steroids will all kill appetite it's pretty common.

  19. Was running 800 test 300 tren 300 mast. Made ridiculous progress, looked and felt amazing but also very unstable. So I dropped the tren+mast fully, and dropped test to 600/wk.

  20. hey everyone 🫶🏼 so i’m currently running 500 test e a week along with clenbuterol & winstrol and i’m not sure whether i should be cutting or bulking while on this cycle. also im not running any AI is it necessary or will i be ok from gyno as long as i take my post?

  21. Maybe Google what each of the compounds you are putting in your body already do. Do you normally put drugs in your body without the slightest understanding of what they do?

  22. I’m gonna start my second cycle soon, of test Cyp 500, I was wondering if there another option then arimidex, I got bad back acne from taking arimidex or just deal with it?

  23. Dunno your inj freq, but if it's more than e3d, suggest e3d or EOD. Acne from the levels going up and down, IME, had mild acne start when I was e3d... Switched to EOD and it went away.

  24. Yes, it's certainly a possibility. Even likely. Wellbutrin inhibits CYP2D6, which is the enzyme that converts tamoxifen (a pro-drug) into its active metabolite. When that enzyme is inhibited, there is a significant decrease in the efficacy of tamoxifen since less of it is converted to its active form.

  25. If my wife wanted to start var at like 5-10mg pre workout, what does she need to consider? She’s 110lbs, good shape (lean), doesn’t work out crazy.

  26. Hello, I have a question about my natural status and figured this was the best place to ask. I have been working out for a little less than a year and I am almost 16. Growth hormone deficiency runs in my family, and I was on the border of needing it. My parents didn’t want to take a risk, so I’ve been taking growth hormone injections for about 3-4 years. I was looking around and saw the exact same thing I take is something a body builder was using. Am I natural?

  27. Depends on who you ask. I believe the overwhelming consensus would be no, you are not natural. People with naturally low Testosterone levels and are taking TRT don’t even claim natty.

  28. I’m finishing my current cycle and eyeing my next blast after this upcoming cruise. My last cycle was my fifth and the most I’ve ever done. 750 test, 600 EQ, 700 deca and 50 mg dbol for the first 6 weeks. I saw decent gains, but became convinced that more is not always necessarily better. Amazingly, no real sides except for sore nips I took ai for. I’m thinking of trying primo (along with deca and test of course) for my next stack but wondering if anyone has any other recommendations. I mainly want to see if I react better to it than EQ. I’m not looking to cut, just gain strength and size. My question(s) would be if anyone has had a good experience with primo, and how much they took. Also, I’m interested if anyone has any recommendations of something that might be a better option than primo (mast? Ment?) for my next cycle. I’m most likely going to do less of whatever I do since, again, I didn’t really see gains more extreme on this dose than lower dosages. Thanks in advance for any input.

  29. Lots of experiences and discussion on primo. Check out the "Compound Experience Directory" in the wiki, there are several entries for primo.

  30. Have some pretty solid experience but haven't done a cycle in a while. Last cycle was just Test/Deca two years ago. I have laying around three vials of Test E 200 + Deca 200 and one vial of Tren 200; also a vial of Test P 100. How absurd would it be to run test/deca/tren at 500/500/200 a week? Maybe throw the P in there to add a little bit of test (maybe 100/week), and maybe start the tren on week 3 for a 12-week cycle. Have never had any issues with any of these compounds before but not sure I've tried this particular arrangement. The test/deca blend obviously restricts my ability to do 2x test vs. deca, which is something I've heard suggested before. Got a suggestion to cruise but that's not something I've done before and would rather stick with a standard cycle.

  31. Planning an off season cycle of test, mast and npp. Want to backload slin pins for ED administration which I haven't done before. To do .25 test e (250mg/ml) / .25 mast (200mg/ml) and .5 npp (100mg/ml) ED would put me at 437.5(1.75ml)/350(1.75ml)/350(3.5ml) test/mast/npp per week with a full 1ml injection everyday.

  32. There is no way someone that started too young would know how much they have limited their cognitive development. They have no idea how high their ceiling may have been if they hadn't done steroids too early.

  33. I started at 22 and now I’m retarded. Honestly though not sure what kind of answer you’re expecting. It’s not like you’ll experience cognitive decline from starting.

  34. Is hcg worth using to PCT easier if I’ve been on test for just under a year? Just wondering if it’s really for when there is long term endogenous test shutdown. Will it yield the same benefits in a short term user vs a long term user

  35. Been running 500mg test E weekly. It’s been about 13 or 14 weeks been planning on doing a 20 weeks cycle. Starting to consider pushing it another 8 weeks and doing a 28 week cycle. Is that to much? I’ve never done anything that long, so when I take pct do I do the same amount of nolva? Do I have to worry about my natural test coming back, or is it nowhere near long enough of having long term effects?

  36. Why not stop at twenty, pct, then cut back down and blast again when your bloods and bf% are back to an ideal state. You're risk reward begins to go negative at some point during a cycle.

  37. I’ve been gaining a bit too much on my cycle - not really but having a pooch makes me feel psycho despite great gains - and decided to do a no-carb day and an hour of cardio. I thought something was up because I was depressed, moody, etc. I was about to take more AI when I caved and had some sweet potatoes and instantly felt better. Does anyone else have this issue with carbs?

  38. My hangry hits hard on cycle. I try not to let my blood sugar get low but life happens. Its not e2 related at all for me. Food fixes it immediately.

  39. Do something more reasonable and sustainable than randomly jumping from gaining straight to no carb and an hour of cardio lol.

  40. Asking from a physiological standpoint, would one see discernable differences from taking 10mg of adrol a day? Don't care about "worth" as this is hypothetical

  41. I haven't ran EQ but I'm going to very soon. I've read it's better to keep EQ 1:1 or lower but for safe measures I'm running 600 test 400 EQ. It is said to crash estrogren if run higher than test

  42. It’s not a good idea to run EQ higher than test. If you’re experienced and know your conversion from prior cycles it can be done, I have, but EQ has AI properties and running it higher than test is a sure fire way to crash your estrogen in most cases. At least 1:1 when starting.

  43. I have gone insulin restince on hgh i can’t get a pump Whats so ever(that was made me check it) (My blood glucose fast is 113)

  44. Hello today was my first injection i followed protocol and i disinfected the area the vial etc afterwards i had a hot shower and a couple hours later as im trying to sleep i put a very hot compress over it and now it is completely red is this an infection or just from the very hot compress i will attach an image. I was already taking antibiotics for an existing infection and i will just continue taking them till box is empty i have like 2 days of doses left of antibiotics I just noticed the redness idk when it appeared its been 3 hours since injection dunno if its from injection or hot compress

  45. Is this a real question? Any area u put something hot on is going to turn red because increase of blood flow/ irritating your skin. Even if it was an infection how would any of us know just by saying it’s red. I usually am pretty friendly when it comes to questions but come on man

  46. Going to run a 20 week cycle of 500Test/300 Deca. Will anavar be a good addition to this combo? My idea would be to polish up or stay on the leaner side throughout the cycle. Avoiding dbol as a kickstart for this reason. If anavar fits well. Can I run it the entire cycle at a lower dose (25mg) or 6 weeks kickstart at 50mg and finish the last 6 with 50mg? Or just finish the last 8-10 with 50mg and avoid a kickstart as a whole? Curious on others thoughts on how to approach adding var

  47. Planning to do 8 weeks of dbol+test. 20mg and 500 test. Going with blast/cruise protocol. After the 8 weeks should I just immediately drop to 200 test a week, and for how long?

  48. Dbol and test is my absolute favorite cycle I ran it 200mg test a week with 20mg of dbol and I lean out and my chest and arms got bigger really fast

  49. I’d run the test at 500/wk for 16 weeks at least, and only do dbol for 4-6 weeks tops, preferably the last 6 weeks

  50. Hey guys I’m about to order labs from private labs there’s a aas test but it’s like 300 my question is do I really need all of those test mid cycle or is there some that are more important to worry about right now

  51. Currently running test/deca/dbol cycle. Got told to start taking nolva from the get go at 20g a day split into 10/10 Buuut 3 weeks in im feeling perfect, great gains, little sides (some acne) no sensitive nips etc but....my dicks stopped workong properly, got a blood test ordered but due to postal strikes delayed. Any other advice? Can handle everything but dick issues.

  52. Could be prolactin. P5P will keep it from getting higher and caber will reduce it. Also could be a cardio issue. Try doing some LISS

  53. Caught Covid during week 5 of blasting test c. Should I work through it, rest, stop pinning? Yeah have some equipment at home but can’t tell if I’m making excuses or legitimately don’t have the strength/ energy. Haven’t worked out since last week Wednesday (day before thanksgiving)

  54. before i started my first cycle i would fast for a few days occasionally, since that's obviously counter-intuitive on cycle i was wondering what stage of PCT it would be ok to do a multiple day fast, would i just end up losing a lot of my gains if i did it before my HPTA was functioning at 100%?

  55. Bruh 2-3 days you are good. Would be best to wait but if it’s a mental health or spiritual fast just do it. If you just think it’s good for then wait.

  56. I was in a very similar boat, my t was constantly around the 400 mark with free t lower than the reference range. Hopped on TRT at 100mg a week and was pring every workout for like 3 months and gym felt great. Tbh see what kinda gains u can make on ur TRT dose. It depends on what ur goals are but I feel as long as you are making progress that you are happy with you should stick to the lowest effective dose. I have a feeling you’ll feel great on the TRT and maybe up the dose later on when you aren’t happy with the progress anymore

  57. Don't feel like you have to push the dosage. 1 thing I noticed recently is if I'm still gaining on a reasonable dosage I'm just getting more side effects and probably only slightly better gains at higher dosages. Other then that your previous cycles look like you've done your research.

  58. What’s everyone’s ideas on primo ? Looking to do 500 Test E, 200-300 Primo for 16 weeks. This would be my third cycle and 1st new injectable compound. Thoughts ?

  59. I might be the only person here to not like primo. Love proviron and other dhts. Primo seems to crash my e2 easier than something like adex which I'm very accustomed too. I shed from primo, not a ton but more than is acceptable because I don't usually shed.

  60. I think primo has been discussed many, many times. Have you tried searching for prior discussions about primo? Or checked the wiki? Or the compound experience threads?

  61. For subq, any length will be fine. You only need 1/2" if you're doing IM. 31g might be a little difficult if you're trying to inject oil. For oil, I'd probably stick with 29g-30g. If it's an aqueous solution, you can use anything.

  62. Recommended test p/npp doses if my last bulk was 600/400 test c/deca? Seems like I should run the prop around 525 a week but apparently NPP is similar to DECA?

  63. Test/nand ratio is highly individual. Some people love high test and can't tolerate nand at all. Some people run then 2:1. Some people like low test and high nand. Some people like running deca solo.

  64. I am cruising test prop and primo at roughly 50mg each per week and it seems like I am getting the low estrogen sides of anhedonia and low sex drive on that ratio of primo to test.

  65. I’ll make this easy and simple. Take 150mg of testosterone a week and nothing else. You don’t understand anabolics enough to do anything else and what you are doing now is fucking your body up. Stop. Read. Educate yourself. Look at the wiki. You are not allergic to testosterone. If you were, you would be in walking agony from the moment you started puberty. It literally makes no sense and these are things you need to be able to mentally parse out and understand before you ever start steroids. Take 150mg and see a doctor. Pay someone else to understand it for you if you don’t think you can.

  66. I just finished my first ever cycle which was test e at 500mg/week for 12 weeks. It has been 10 days since my last Injection and I’m not exactly sure what’s going on. My heart beats very forcefully I can feel it when I’m just sitting doing nothing and I noticed that my abdomen also moves up and down to the beat of my heart when I lay down. I had a blood pressure reading I don’t normally check my blood pressure so not sure if it’s normally high or not but I decided to get it checked and got a reading of 160/74 which the machine said was high. Feeling very anxious and tired all the time but can’t seem to sleep. Was gonna start nolvadex at 20mg in 4 days should this help me? Is it time to see a docteur? Please help !

  67. Yeah man just go get your bloods done an see the doc. Is your BP elevated all day or it this just episodic? If it’s all day everyday deff get checked out if it’s just here an there prolly just your hormones adjusting. Nolvodex makes me fill like shit I feel better without it? I’ve only taken it for gyno though. So no help with that part .

  68. Ok, firstly, try breathing. YouTube search “Box Breathing” and follow it along. Then, you must assure yourself that you’ve just gone from blasting your body with 500mgs of test for 12 weeks to nothing in 10 days, it’s most likely just anxiety you’re feeling, so it’s gonna be ok.

  69. BP is not something you want to measure at the “most optimal” time. You want do it it frequently and establish a baseline.

  70. Ive read (and been doing) morning after a piss and before coffee then before bed. Im 120/80 in the morning but have got as high as 135/85 in the evening. Not sure why

  71. Yeah I keep wondering if I should drop the creatine now or not, I've been continuing it but might stop depending on what answers you get.

  72. About to start my third cycle and I’m looking to run Test/Primo/tbol. I’m 28y/o 6’2 250 and my goal is to lose fat and grow lean muscle tissue. I’ve run only test in the past and just don’t know how to dose 2 more compounds. Any advice?

  73. Yes, either choose to gain muscle or lose fat, cuz it’s very difficult and inefficient to try to do both at the same time

  74. On TRT, but had no luck with this question over there, so I thought I’d come to the experts, whever I get my dose up over 125mg a week, my face goes red and hot every afternoon, fine in the mornings, tried an AI, in both agressive and non agressive doses, no luck, also tried giving blood to bring down hematocrit/RBC, still seems to happen, been on Trt for around 8 months, at 250mg test-e I was sitting at a 1150 total test level. Any ideas ?

  75. On TRT, but had no luck with this question over there, so I thought I’d come to the experts, whever I get my dose up over 125mg a week, my face goes red and hot every afternoon, fine in the mornings, tried an AI, in both agressive and non agressive doses, no luck, also tried giving blood to bring down hematocrit/RBC, still seems to happen, been on Trt for around 8 months, at 250mg test-e per week I was sitting at a 1150 total test level. Even tried splitting down to daily injections, really lost here. Any ideas ?

  76. Why do these trt clinics prescibe clomid 25mg twice a week? I've asked several patients locally and they say "to stop balls from shrinking". Correct me if I'm wrong but will 25mg even do anything? And won't it cause issues possibly with Controlling estrogen levels? Guys over at

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