[Off-Topic] Daily Chat: 2022-11-28

  1. Accepted a job offer for nearly 40% more than I’m currently making and dragging my feet about putting in my notice. Working in office has been unreal and my current group is like a family.. dreading the fully remote life but can’t say no to this compensation and responsibility upgrade.

  2. They are not family, homes. Your family is family. Those MFers, save for one or two if you are lucky that you stay in touch with, will forget your ass as soon as you walk out the door.

  3. The pay increase could be even more if you’re able to move to an area with lower housing costs or lower taxes.

  4. Remotes has advantages and disadvantages. It is much harder to learn in the remote environment. But you gotta go for the better paying job offer. Congrats

  5. Get a standing desk, possibly a walking treadmill for under the desk if you want extra LISS while cutting, and a Herman Miller Aeron Chair. Make sure you take your lunch and try to get outside and go for a walk while giving someone a call. With the decreased socialization from a non office environment add some extra socialization at the gym maybe? I always leave my Teams video on so I don't feel that isolated. Also, optics are key so at the least rock a polo up top and sweats on the bottom and keep your background the exact same for every video call.

  6. I acknowledge my social awkwardness but I swear most of reddit is socially retarded. I saw a comment saying that it's pointless for a man to try and better himself (for dating purposes) because if every guy did that then the collective standards of women would rise thus rendering the improvement moot. Then it went on to say that telling a guy to improve himself is like telling a poor person to just make more money

  7. Ive had enough conversations outside of this sub to realize that very few people have an appreciation for reality and take ownership of personal responsibility.

  8. That's how pussies think. They don't want competition because they can't compete. That's why there are so many simps. They think simping will make women forget that they don't have any of what women actually want.

  9. Dudes not wrong, on some theoretical mental masturbation sense. The fact is the standards for men are so low as it is where shit like a decent physique and decent job sets you apart from the vast majority of other men. Dude just wants to blame external factors and not take responsibility for his own difficulties.

  10. Being on a mission to evolve until death requires a bit of ruthlessness and the ability to embrace the constant change that is life. People constantly change from day to day, even if they think they don’t. It’s their habits that stay stuck, because they cling to the illusion of status quo.

  11. Crab in the bucket mentality. Some mafuckas dont want to put in any work. Or you have those sociopaths that want to make everyone else not want to improve because they are their competition

  12. My wife and I have reached an unspoken and unofficial backrubs for blowjobs exchange system. This has been an amazing weekend

  13. I have a fwb like this. I go over, we cuddle, I give her a massage, she sucks me and I fuck her. Tho I think she's still getting the better deal. Oh well

  14. The idea of an "empath" is so fucking stupid. Literally just some made up bullshit so girls with BPD feel better about themselves

  15. Good luck man, I had to do the same back in April. It was tough and I’m still single but it was the right move. Feels nice to be single again honestly. Didn’t realize how much that relationship was suffocating me and keeping me from growing

  16. Well youre on a 19 nor, now all the gym bunnies can have a piece 😂 you know they been imagining you while their dumpy boyfriend’s give em two minutes of terrible missionary

  17. Hit myself with my e-collar to prove to the girl it doesn't hurt my dog, just surprises him. Had her try it... 2 hours later I am hitting her with the e-collar while my cock is balls deep down her throat

  18. dog is prob sleeping with one eye open tonight after seeing what happened to the last person to wear his collar

  19. I love this idea. Some of the homeless folks ive talked to have been jumped in their sleep if they’re wearing shoes that look nice or newer, i bet clean new socks are more hidden and just as appreciated.

  20. I have started training arm wrestling a couple months ago. My arms have never been this nasty. In 2-3 years when imma state champ I’m gonna have legs for arms and my biceps will grow to the point that they attach at my ears

  21. Name checks out, read this and instantly thought of the SpongeBob episode where he was pumping his inflatable arms up

  22. Maybe already posted but Privatemdlabs has. 25% off coupon running for black friday, ends tonight. You can buy bloods now and they are good for 6 months. Not too shabby.

  23. Finally convinced my gf i can blow my load while my cock is deep in her throat, she almost chocked to death lol, she said never again

  24. Sounds like how I felt when on SSRIs for my depression. Didn’t go away until 6-8mo after I stopped, and even now a few years later I find myself in positions where I know I should feel a certain sense of accomplishment or excitement but do not. Anecdotally it seems generalized apathy towards positive and negative life events is common from those who were on SSRIs. Lots of my mates have similar feelings, all lads who were on meds before their 20th birthday. It definitely gets better with time is all I can say

  25. Ever tried Wellbutrin? Recently started and it’s helped me a lot. Similar situation to you about feeling bad but I wasn’t taking anything but gear

  26. IME this is what your brain can do subconsciously to cope with loss, anger, depression etc. Somehow you rewired your brain/ emotions as a way to never feel anguish or despair again. Thinking "it's better to be numb than to feel at all." Honestly sounds like you need to make a deep connection with someone or see a therapist to pinpoint the causality of this response. Then deal with it head on to push forward and change perspective. Ultimately the path is your own.

  27. The boiler went out at my place last night, so no heat or hot water. The forecast says it's gonna keep getting colder through the day, with a low of -26F (yes, NEGATIVE 26) tonight, so I might be dead later. FML

  28. Remind me of when it's -30C / -40C here in Canada during the winter, at least we're fine when we get inside. Good luck man! How will you be able to warm yourself btw? I suppose you can't make a fire inside lol.

  29. Boil, then bring to a simmer, 2-3 big pots of water on the stove. Sleep in the kitchen. Set a timer every two hours to put more water in the pots. Crack a window so you don't die if you have a gas stove.

  30. Maybe he’s just spacing out when lifting. I’ll do this and stare off in one direction.

  31. Say what's up when you catch him staring. It may be something innocent. I have kids and I am not above checking out a hot guy.

  32. Sitting in traffic with diamond hard boner. Tucked under stretchy soft waist band. Feels mighty good. Might nut into my own belly button if I'm not careful.

  33. 1 week into tren. first bout of digestive issues. moaned for 5 hours in bed last night before i woke up at 1am and violently puked up my last 2 meals. the type of puking where it feels like your stomach is squeezing as hard as it can. as much as i resent the word ‘triggered’… as a recovered bulimic of 10+ years it is truly triggering to puke so hard.

  34. You can see from my comment history I'm in the middle of severe gastro issues - something I tried out of desperation at the weekend really helped - big handful of activated charcoal tablets. Like 10 to 15 of them all at once. Absorbs a lot of nasty stuff that might be sitting in your bowels.

  35. It’s your liver and gallbladder. If you run tren long enough you will get Cholelithiasis. I’ve had this happen tren is liver toxic due to its high androgens binding to the liver. Some people have zero issue with tren. Tren and orals give me gall bladder and liver issues. You can take omeprazole and stuff but it only works for so long.

  36. I think I may have just put the protein bar empire out of business. Instead of using milk with Kodiak cake powder I used egg whites and was able to get 5 big waffles from it. The macros are as follows,

  37. Lower the Kodiak and add 2 scoops of protein powder(chocolate) and some cacao. End up with 55 protein and 50 carb! Plus sweeter and chocolate! Add splenda if you like sweerer.

  38. I hope I go back to "normal". I feel bad for my wife, I'm starting to act like a fucking lunatic. I kinda want to come off the tren for her sake, but the gains are amazing. I think I'll ride it out until the vial is empty. Then I'm done...probably...

  39. Feeling depressed and i think it might be because i havent watched porn for a few days. Dopamine crash.

  40. Had a dream last night that my ex came over to fuck me and then afterwards her boyfriend picked her up. First thought I had in the dream was to talk about it here. Woke up this morning and had to make sure I didn’t text my ex in my sleep. Bullet dodged. Dick not happy.

  41. I find it interesting that needing to use needles is a hurdle for some people with respect to drugs. It sounds kinda like the Trolley problem:

  42. It is funny that you posted this. If oral only steroid cycles was actually viable I’d be on them. It’s the needles man. (I love this subreddit I came here because I was interested about getting on. I never left.). Getting one shot used to cause super bad anxiety. However I had to get a bunch of vaccinations for traveling to 3rd world nations. Did it 3, 3 and 2 over 3 weeks. By the 3rd week the phobia was almost gone. The nurse being so good that I felt almost nothing really helped.

  43. It's much easier to ingest something orally than it is to inject via IM/Subq/IV routes. Also needles hurt, cause scar tissue, seeing blood freaks people out, etc. There's a lot more involved in injecting.

  44. Biggest reason it took me until 34 to start Test was the needles. Its a massive phobia for me and still is. I basically have a panic attack twice a week now. If I could take a full cycle orally with the same sides as test id be the juiciest man on the planet.

  45. Please dont wish for an entire population who is on gear. The BEST part about the needles is that it seperates the real lads from the poverty-abs-fuckbois that take superdrol for three weeks and dont understand the difference between muscle and gylcogen/nitrogen retention.

  46. It’s definitely addictive, 3 years ago told myself I’d just get a sleeve and now I have almost half my body covered. No ragrats

  47. 1st pin of my 2nd cycle yesterday. Don't really miss the pip but I'm excited to feel juicy again. I normally powerlift and lift for strength. But this time I'm taking more of a bodybuilding approach, let's see what happens.

  48. Probably pick a show for 2024. This sounds god awful and the chances of crashing and burning are going to keep climbing the deeper you get into this contest prep.

  49. you don’t have a needle disposal thingy in your gym bathroom? i just assumed those were all juicy needles that were used up, i think a lot of people pin at my gym

  50. Yep. I usually plan my 2nd Adderall dose so its at least still active at the gym. Lifting any more than 4 hours after taking it sucks though.

  51. Watched “Stutz” on Netflix last night and I must say it was a very interesting documentary. Doc produced by Jonah Hill about his therapist, had some solid advice in there that I’m going to try and start implementing in daily life. I’ve had a pretty tough year and thought about seeing a psychiatrist myself and after watching that docu it was pretty eye opening.

  52. This trainer at my gym is so fucking annoying. Clapping and cheering her clients on like they’re kids and using baby voices. Super cringe

  53. Tren makes me picking up small fights with my gf in order to break up with her because of... her tits. She's the kind of petite girl with small ass and tits (B cup?) and a cute face. I always visually enjoyed a pair of nice jugs but since I started taking 19-nors I bite my lip everytime I see a woman with big ass/tits and I even envy my friend who married a 6/10 chubby chick since she has big tits.

  54. So you want to fuck some hookers because other dudes might be laughing behind your back about how your girl doesn't measure up to their watermelon swinging, wide ass having wives?

  55. Dont make major life decisions on tren lol that is a 6 year commitment you finna throw away over tren horniness. Or who knows, maybe youre looking for an excuse to dip her

  56. Yep, tren fucks you up real good in the noodle. Even after you drop it you’re all like “what are my priorities again?”

  57. I hope you are atleast getting decent gains for how much it's fucking up your life...I doubt it though with the fizeeks of guys I've seen on tren in here

  58. My life is a mess. I have a girl coming over for Christmas from across the county. I’ve said we’re not in a relationship for a couple months but she still calls me her boyfriend. I thought I wanted her to move over but now I realize that I don’t. After getting sober I’ve learned that we are different people with different values. I’m grateful to have met her but I think our friendship will have to come to an end. I’ve tried to help her change some things but she doesn’t see the problems that I see. Right now I’m in a position where if I can get her, I don’t want her. I’m not where I’m at spiritually, mentally, physically or financially, I don’t think I’m where I need to be to be with a girl I’d be happy with.

  59. Had a full body workout today, which is unusual for me, but got my nose surgery tomorrow, can't lift for the rest of the week to let it heal (one week is doable).

  60. After some nose surgeries they pack the gauze with cocaine -- hopefully your insurance lets you get the full snow-nose treatment and not the cheap-o synthetic crap.

  61. Where's the proof ? Please tell me there's a video or something exposing him. I've been fucking waiting until this guy got caught

  62. I really love my gf but her lack of basic life skills is starting to stress me out and make me question whether I want this in the long run. The little things are adding up. And she takes criticism way too personally when I bring it up.

  63. I feel you man and i was in same situation as you. Only thing i can suggest to you is talk to her about these things,if she refuses to listen. Drop it for a week and Talk to her again.Be nice and respectful about it

  64. I think you need to have a talk with her. If you’re the only one working and doing more than your fair of the household chores then it’s not unreasonable to expect more out of her. You guys are a team.

  65. Check out some videos by Dr. Rand McClain. He says more time than not your high red blood cell count is going to be due to sleep apnea, get that fixed and the problem corrects itself. When you have sleep apnea your brain is oxygen starved so the bodies response is to create more oxygen carrying red blood cells, couple that with TRT and it starts to get over high normal range.

  66. Took my gym bag with me for a road trip from high elevation to low elevation then back up. Forgot to depressurize my bottle of soap. It popped and got over everything.

  67. Me and this girl I work with were talking about caffeine and our habits and stuff, and she goes on to say that she vapes, but only “every couple weeks” and that she gets withdrawals from it…

  68. Is tren just not for some people? Didn’t develop and ego havent had increase to lifts. Can I just be a low responder? Do I honestly bump the tren? I’m on 400mg a week currently doing a 1-1 with my test, taking 300mg a week of masteron with it. 50mg anavar daily with 25mg dbol. But it’s just not hitting me like everyone says it hits them.

  69. Awhile ago, I was serving on jury duty. It was me, one other man and the rest were women. One day, we were in the room deliberating. The sheriff(who was also female) called me out and made some comment about how they've got "all these women here to keep you in line".

  70. PCT’d off cycle around 2-3 months ago because my mental health was in shambles. I did make some solid gains (scale went up 35 pounds) but I’ve lost most of them because I can’t eat because of anxiety. Been to a psychologist, been to a psychiatrist and a therapist and got put on meds. Meds made me lethargic and more depressed. Was thinking about switching and trying a new med but that seems unlikely because I plan to join the military soon out of necessity and can’t be on any psych meds to join.

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