Training Monday: 2022-11-28

  1. I've ran John Meadows "Warlock" 3 times now and have loved it. Debating starting first cycle and want to try one of his more advanced programs. Anything I should keep in mind choosing between Gamma Bomb and Taskmaster from people who have run both?

  2. I essentially take some of JMs concepts and adapt them into my own programming now. I’ve started this bulk by starting with lower volume, doing feeder sets and slamming into a couple of high-intensity working sets to failure.

  3. I’ve ran both and I much prefer Gamma Bomb. I also have a home gym and can do the full program with modifications, mainly leg days. It’s very high volume which I enjoy and it’s easy to know if you’re following the program correctly with the right rpe.

  4. For what it's worth if you feel it in your wrist you're doing something wrong. That barbell should be supported by your shoulders - unless your just uber tight and it's like a painful stretch you're feeling?

  5. Not seeing much improvement with chest, currently doing high intensity / medium volume twice per week. 8-10 sets to failure twice a week, exercises i normally do is dumbell bench press, machine chest press and cable flies or dips. Anyone has any advice? 💪🏼

  6. Something that helped me on chest was to imagine im truing to push my hands together as i press up(barbell). The fly machine focusing on keeping a bend in your elbows as reach the centre helped too. Coming from a powerlifting background, it took a while to make it so my bench was truly a chest dominant exercise rather than a compound push movement.

  7. To shake things up, I change the order of the exercises. Also add a slight incline or decline to the dumbbell bench to hit the chest just slightly different.

  8. DB Bench and machine chest press and flies/dips are training chest pretty much in the same plane of movement. Do some incline exercises too. How much have you gained on your poundages in 3 months and how much weight have you gained? You can't improve your chest without doing both of those as well as having better exercise selection.

  9. Too much volume, you need to recover to grow. If you want to stick with 2x a week frequency you need to cut way down on the sets to true failure.

  10. How fast are you talking? Safest / least catabolic rate is ~1% bw / wk but with drugs you could probably get away with more depending on how much fat you have to lose. But dedicated 30-45min cardio for fat loss isn't always necessary depending on your dieting and how lean you already are.

  11. If you’re asking for opinions on it, I train using JPs methodology and love it. I’ve trained this way for the last year-ish

  12. Can you give me more info on this? I see you put 2/3 working sets per exercise. This is what I've been doing lately as it's the only way (even on cycle) I can recover. But I'd love some more info as im generally pretty unstructured

  13. Doing mobility training based on Andreo Spinas functional range systems/kinstretch. Anyone here familiar with this? Idea is to strengthen the joints and end range mobility through CARS, PAILS, and RAILS.

  14. Quick question concerning cardio and running. In my pre-powerlifting marathon running days I would run at least 6mi most days. Now since I’m at the gym a lot more I’m not running as much but for cardio I been running 2-3 mi most days and in other days I’ll use the stair master for like 10-15 min. Both at a fast clip. I’ve noticed that this has helped a lot with my RHR and for my next cycle starting in February I still want to continue running. (I broke my ankle 1 yr ago so had to take off running for a long time) Does anyone think it would be beneficial to run 6 mi regularly again? On longer runs you get less cardio since you are running slower and doing interval training seems more intense for the heart. Main focus here is heart health and not looking weight or anything else.

  15. Looking for some nutrition advice. I am 47, 6'4" 179 lbs. I would say I am at 10% body fat. Currently on 100 mg week test c (TRT). Looking to run my first cycle 400mg test c a week and an AI. I have maintained this weight for 4 months with 2700 calories (40p,25f,25c). If I were to run a 12 week cycle what caloric intake should I be looking at to gain lean muscle with a small amount of fat. It took me a year to get this lean. I was 250 with no muscle tone. Thanks for the advice.

  16. Been running Jeff Nippard’s Hypertrophy Fundamentals, specifically the upper lower portion. Ran through the body part split portion a few times already as well.

  17. Been doing N-suns 5/3/1 5 days since starting my (first) cycle. I'm in week 6 now and I obviously had some real good strength gains but my tendons really start to hurt (mainly elbows), as it has a lot of pressing volume. I like the high volume of this program and clear, linear progression, though. What are some programs you guys like? Should I lower the weights and up the reps to release some pressure from tendons, or should a deload week be enough? My ego wants to keep lifting heavy so I can keep hitting PR's and strength goals, but it might not be the wisest decision. In the end my main goal is aesthatic improvement anyway. You guys have some advice on work out programs or program adaptations when on gear?

  18. How much weight have you gained on the main movements? PEDs allow you to gain strength quicker than your tendons can be prepared for.

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