[Off-Topic] Daily Chat: 2022-11-27

  1. Gonna tell my doctor I have a slightly depressed mood and want a prescription for dbol. 12.5mg a day indefinitely should cover it.

  2. Gonna get in a car crash, break both my legs and fracture my rib cage, spend 2 months in the hospital and then ask my doctor for Deca-Durabolin to help regain lost muscle mass. Fuck yeah.

  3. I always get wierd looks loading my cart with all the greek yogurt between me, my wife and my 18-y.o. that also lifts we eat about 8 full tubs of it per week. Nectar of the gods.

  4. Girl broke up with me yesterday. Had probably needed to happen for a long time now. Still sucks. I have no idea how it’s going to work out when she still living in the house with me but at least she has her own room. We get along as friends well enough and she’ll still do my injections.

  5. I just felt so good today after working out, I just wanted to compliment everyone and say thank you to all of my friends like one of those drunk I love you texts. I just felt so positive, I’m DYEL to my core but I couldn’t stop myself from zyzz posing in the mirrors today. I’m just so ecstatic today, i love this world and I love god, my hope is through the roof.

  6. Deca dbol pumps are madness. Flexed my bicep in the gym during arm day and almost felt like my bicep was gonna cut my skin open and escape. Fuck i missed dbol

  7. What’s it mean if you wipe down a bench really well and then some girl wants it after you wipe it down and she wipes it down, too Lmao she prolly thinks I’m a dirty ass dude 😂

  8. I usually wipe down a bench before using it, even if someone wiped it before me. Considering some percentage of people are a combination of slobs and utterly checked out from reality I tend to assume it’s better for me to rely on my wiping skills vs that of a stranger. It costs me almost nothing and I know the bench is clean before I use it. Kind of a no brained.

  9. I feel like such a godamn loser right now after the degeneracy I subjected myself to at like 3am last night. Been sick haven’t left the house for 2 weeks now but just starting to feel better. Cancelled multiple dates, by myself for thanksgiving, no gym, haven’t done shit. Needless to say watched tons of porn cuz nothing else to do. Went down a tunnel next thing I know i’m dm’ing this OF chick she’s asking for dick pics worshipping my cock sending back vids of her dp’ing herself saying she wishes it was me. I finally bust 2 weeks worth of nut and the regret was immediate. Out almost $300 and feel like an ashamed piece of shit today.

  10. That's a goal most natties reach if they put in the effort and time, so should be easily attainable for you on gear

  11. Feeling myself a bit today. Went to a drive through to get some food. When i went to the 2nd window, i saw the cashier scribble something down on a receipt quickly then throw it in my bag. I went back to my house and read it and said if not married give me a call. Only problem is im in a relationship and also not gay. Later that night went to a party with a couple of my buddies, somehow i was forced into a conversation. Was liking the convo and thought we were just being buddy buddy but later she pulled me aside and said she just wanted to be blunt with me and asked if i had a girlfriend. I said yes, was awkward at first but i think it was good after a very long and uncomfortable game of beer pong. Was feeling down about myself because, bulking and always just feeling bloated. So this was a nice dick rub.

  12. I think she was a shy girl. A good girl. Shes gona make you work for that pussy and commit to her, 'cause thats probably how they do things in her country.

  13. So like many people on this sub I have a penis. And I used to quite enjoy using my penis to the point I was a damn near sexual deviant. But over the past four years since trying a medicine cabinets worth of anti-depressants to keep me from visiting the one true muscle god in the sky I have lost that joy. I started TRT a month ago and fuck me my horny is finally back and it feels great

  14. TRT turned my relationship from sexless and dying to me fucking the mrs so often that she will sometimes say "I'm sore can I just give you a bj instead". Definitely feel like im back in my early 20s.

  15. #1 reason I don't wanna give them a try, may change my life for the better but seeing how intimacy is one of the only ways I have to get some joy and more importantly communicate with people that shit is way too risky.

  16. I love my wife but god fucking damn does she piss me off. It’s only the 2 of us so we’re doing something quick for dinner. Steak and Insta mash. She’s like “I don’t know how to make it” mind you she’s made it a hundred times before and THERES DIRECTIONS ON THE FUCKING BOX. Today I ask what’s for dinner. She says she doesn’t know/care. I say “tacos for dinner?” “No I don’t want tacos.” She replies. Then fuckin say that. She says “I want buttered noddles” “that’s not dinner”. Like have some common sense. Jesus Christ. Thanks for listening to my rant.

  17. Yeah sounds like she is just teasing your balls and testing boundaries. Be the man and if you want something take it. Next time she will know better than to 2nd guess your opinion or wishes.

  18. What does these Ninja warrior show contestants most strong at ? Forearms strength? Core ? Upper body ?? Or are they into calisthenics ?? Just was curious like how can they so nicely do these impossible looking tricks

  19. Cardio, calisthenics, rock climbing, gymnastics. There are ninja warrior gyms specifically for that in every major city now

  20. Are most women you meet mentally fucked? Swear I some how always meet someone who I think is nice and then after spending a week or so with her realise that they are a headcase. Wifeys where you at?

  21. Got reminded recently why under no circumstances you talk about this thing of ours with normies. Cucks will be jealous and go talk shit behind your back and no one wants ti hear it because theyre too afraid of needles lmfao

  22. Nibivolol seems to elevate prolactin in some, freaked my gf out by making one nipple leak a little milk. Might keep doing it as a party trick.

  23. You're 4 months post breakup, two months ish post sex tourism, mid porn addiction, your current options are a fatty and some 5/10s, and you're wanting to start a new relationship?

  24. the move is to realize meaningless sex is fucking retarded, work on yourself so you can be emotional available and beat your dick instead of wasting time and energy on subpar women

  25. Visiting my girls parents for the second time. The first time they literally had no food and I couldn’t go shopping as we travelled 23rd there got in at 10pm, Christmas Eve so nothing was open, then Christmas Day then finally 26th we were leaving to fly back in afternoon so I just said screw it I made it this far just eat something then eat like a cow at night when I get home. Flight cancelled. Stay at her parents again fly back 28th. Lost 8 pounds.

  26. I think you may have gotten the point from other responses, but dude they took the effort to try to get you food youd like and tried to get enough for you. How are they supposed to know? You should feel very fortunate that they care enough to even try and should absolutely let them know you appreciate it id you havent.

  27. Just an opposing view to consider: They know nothing of nutrition and have not had anyone in their life with your lifestyle. The fact they realized they were short the first time and intentionally went out of their way to try correct it the second time is a sign they’re trying.

  28. You better walk away if you don’t want to be a skinny dyel bitch. Or keep her away from her family, just tell her they are toxic and you are the almighty.

  29. I'm currently downloading Microsoft's fligh simulater and playing Hades for the first time. Seems like a good game. I didn't know if I should pick up Diablo 2 Remastered or Hades yet....

  30. Hey! I read the wiki, totally get what a first cycle should be. I just turned 28, really lean right now switching over to maintenance calories with a 5 day workout split / 3 days of hiit cardio / active rest days.

  31. If you’re 28, you can hop on. As long as you’re lean and know how to lift with proper form, you’re good to go. Most people here will tell you to wait until you’ve hit your natty limit even though 98% of them never did themselves. Just read the wiki and be sure you understand it.

  32. Sounds pretty reasonable. Have you been training for a long time/feel like you’re very competent? Maybe just get some blood work (including hormones) done preemptively so you know what your starting point is.

  33. If you are not at your peak by 28-30, you will never be. You either started training too late or didn't train hard enough.

  34. Honestly, I would get a DEXA scan and get to a low as possible bodyfat before you start. AAS works better the lower your bodyfat is. Then start working with a coach or have your diet down to a T. Make sure your movement patterns are perfect (form is immaculate.)

  35. I legit don't know where to ask this, so might give it a shot here: I can get weed seeds, and I'm interested in growing my own plants (kinda semi legal here in small personal only amounts), buying seeds is 100% legal as well. I'm mostly interested for the sedative, relaxing and sleep promoting effects of certain strains, like Northern Lights or Bubble Kush.

  36. I think the weed subreddit might have some answers on how to do it. Idk if rules allow linking to other subs here or not though

  37. Takes a few weeks to get growing from seed. Maybe a month or so til you’re in full veg. Seedlings won’t need nutrients and are easy enough to start off under 18-24hr lighting.

  38. Don’t know much about the growing part, but if you want to make edibles out of weed, the easiest thing to do is grind that shit into a very fine powder in a coffee grinder, then substitute that powder for a bit of the flour in a good brownie or cookie recipe, mix it in well and you’ll have pretty damn evenly dosed edibles

  39. Scientifically, weed makes your sleep quality worse, even if it helps getting to sleep. Have you considered losing some weight if you aren't shredded already?

  40. I get the same. The only correlation for myself ive been able to make is increased sweating = way higher chance of ab cramps. When they get bad I supplement magnesium and it seems to help some.

  41. My mate who's on a shit ton of gear farts the toxiest gasses ever to permeate our atmosphere. Is that normal? lol

  42. first cycle question, it’s my 4th pin today of Test E, (14 week 400mg a week Test only) first injection was in deltoid with a 5/8 23G pip lasted bouh a week, switched to quads for next 2, got 1 inch needles for quads and decided to use it for deltoid, for some reason it’s stinging , started 10 mins after injecting, should i be worried or is it just muscle irritation due to a longer needle, i did aspirate and no blood, or bleeding post injection

  43. I take adderall for ADD but I'm looking into taking steroids. I did testosterone replacement therapy a few years ago while taking adderall and had no issues. I would go through that program again but I've moved and the closest place that does the therapy is a 45 min drive one way. Has anyone ever had trouble with adderall and steroids? Thanks in advance.

  44. I mixed them and was totally fine. Watched my blood pressure throughout and never got higher than 130/85, but usually stayed close to 120/80. Keep up with your cardio and drink lots of water, becuase blood pressure is gonna be your biggest issue mixing them. Also eating enough food can be hard, on test you'll probably need to eat more, and at least for me I can't eat while the adderall is active, so only before and after.

  45. 32/M/210lbs/6'0". 500mg test sust for 12 weeks. 30mg anavar daily for the last 6 weeks. Currently on week 10. I started getting spicy nips around week 6 so I began taking 25mg of aromasin EOD. My spicy nips have virtually disappeared, which is awesome because I had issues with that in a precious cycle, but I've had some issues with ED. I started using generic Viagra (HIMS), which worked great the first 2x I used it. But I've tried it twice since and am still struggling to keep it up. Mind you, zero history of ED in any capacity. Wondering if I'm getting my dosage wrong or something. Any advice is appreciated.

  46. I'm guessing you are very young so will go gentle. It won't make the slightest bit of difference either way if you keep you top on or off. Women are just people, they like good conversation, a fun time and most could not give a monkeys about your muscles. The only people you will impress with nice muscles are other men. Learning to hold a decent conversation and having some healthy interests and a good sense of humour will put you in much better position if you want to date.

  47. If you're not a visible big guy even in a long sleeve shirt I don't think taking it off would've impressed anyone

  48. Having gone down this rabbit hole, one end solution is ONNIT Total Human + (if you wanna spend $$$) Athletic Greens. Literally everything, 3 servings per day (2 vitamin + 1 AG), boom done.

  49. Sorry no he was specifically talking about dumbells as far as weight not reps. If you can lift 25's through 40's correctly with good form make those your bitch before you struggle with weight you'll "lift" but with terrible form.

  50. Can anyone help me with this? I've been injecting my shoulders and keep getting these lumps after a day or two goes by after injection they're hot and pretty painful. 2nd time around using and it's been the worse 3 injections I've had. Below is what I've been doing.

  51. LabsMD boys n girls, 25% off until tomorrow at midnight ET. Got this code in my email BF25OFF, If you've been putting some blood work off, go get it.

  52. Getting gyno surgery in a 5 weeks. I had it from puberty bc I was hypogonadal and tried dirtybulking. My nipples are pointy and you can see it through shirt. I was wondering how bad does gyno have to be to the point where surgery will be noticible?

  53. Q about getting off after a year of BnC: ive been on low dose ment for a couple months and plan on getting off gear in 3 months. Ment is known to have a short recovery time at about 3 months, what im wondering now is whether i should hop on hcg for a week or two now as my testicles havent been in use in the past 10 months and then get back on ment for three months before quitting.

  54. Cringe, why do people use it? It sounds ridiculous. I hate this word and those like it. Every few years some smuck finds ways to use obscure words or sayings that stick with the people and to feel relevant you and everyone must post this word or say it amongst friends. Karen and cringe are in right now, what are other infamous words or sayings you fellow enhanced bros can remember that fell off?

  55. Yea switching from ECLIA to LCMS is a good way to make people believe that the test booster they grabbed after listening to Huberman really fucking works man going from 420 to 465!! Life changing /s

  56. Wait what? I'm confused. Also have you ever done this with the "Cut off" tests? I forget the number, but for PrivateMD they say "you can't use this test if you're above 1500" or something like that.

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