Daily Ask Anything: 2022-11-26

  1. So I as a 15-year-old have some degree of body dysmorphia. I'm not swole or jacked but I have a nice defined body that can shock most people when flexed. I read online about steroids and that Teens should mostly avoid them until they stop developing so I looked into testosterone and tried some natural testosterone increases such as ashwagandha. It did make some difference but I am not happy. Maybe I'm just not patient enough or just addicted to instant gratification but I gave myself a 4-month period in which if I cannot get noticeably bigger I will take steroids. I don't want man boobs or anything I just want to get bigger. Please do not suggest the natural ways as I have considered them. Basically, I'm looking for a steroid supplement that will not damage me too much in my teenage years and won't create a big side effect (man boobs) I've done extensive research but wanted to ask some more experienced people before I do anything. (I have talked to my family about it in which they also suggested I asked more experienced people such as you so this post was made under the supervision of my parent and guardian) Also excuse my slobby writing english is my 4th language and some of this was copy pasted from google translate.

  2. Amphetamines can lower your appetite. Not sure on any other side effects to steroids. Specifically testosterone then you'd already know if you're male.

  3. I’m on opioids for pain (kratom and sometimes tramadol) and half way through my first cycle of test e 500mg/wk. Is there any issue with this?

  4. Bruh you take Krattom to get the opioid feeling. It doesn’t do anything for pain. Same with Tramadol. It gives you a low sex drive an makes deca dick worse not positive but I believe Kratom raises prolactin.

  5. Just got bloods back. Everything looks good except FSH and LH are low. What can I use to raise these? AST and ALT are elevated but just barley out of range.

  6. Might be going on cruise soon, or PCT. If I choose to go on cruise, is it equally useful to pin eod compared to e3.5d or doesn't it matter as much when its low dose?

  7. on antibiotics for a abcess in my belly button, on test deca, havent pinned in 3 days. i heard pinning on days you are fighting infection can be bad or counter productive. Antibioptics being taken. Whats my next steps?

  8. Aside from a messed up heart and brain what would be the effects both immediate and lifelong of flat-lining estrogen with AI at 16 to delay growth plate fusion and taking gh and/or a secretagogue like mk 677? And what if anything could be done to attenuate the negative effects?

  9. This has been the subject of 1000s of studies. So much research on 16 year olds doing that. What’s the coolest is that we have centuries of data so we can see the lifelong effects.

  10. I am currently 4 weeks into a cruise using 200mg Test Prop and 100mg Primo. Current bodyweight stats are 240lbs, this is off the back of my last competitive season. (See pictures on profile if interested)

  11. I am currently 4 weeks into a cruise using 200mg Test Prop and 100mg Primo. Current bodyweight stats are 240lbs, this is off the back of my last competitive season. (See pictures on profile if interested)

  12. Hi i have a question about muscle memory and steroids , for the past 3 years ive had health issues so had to completely give up training after 10 years natural. Would steroids help me quickly regain my lost mass ontop of surpassing it?

  13. Yes, steroids will build up your mass, from whatever starting point, quicker than if you don't use steroids. At a cost of $$, injections and the side-effects.

  14. Not doing any steroids and just getting back into training you would make insane gains. Why jump so quick into steroids if you're not already training and regaining?

  15. Love it, the only way I'm injecting anything from now on, can be expensive to get everything started from scratch, but cheaper in the long run, if you have access to cheap reliable gear I wouldn't bother.

  16. A decent percentage of this sub has home brewed. You can do it very safely as long as you use the proper equipment. It’s very easy.

  17. There's a huge difference between physiological levels of testosterone (usually 400-1000 ng/dL) and supraphysiological levels of testosterone (e.g. 500 mg/week injections).

  18. Try heating up the oil before you pin. Also, what length of needle are you using? Sometimes I can hit my glutes IM with a .5 inch needle. But 1.5 inches tends to work better.

  19. You won't notice much beyond the pumps and vascularity. The only other thing you'll notice is scale weight and maybe some fullness in the mirror.

  20. 29 now. ran one cycle when i was 25. made good gains but my diet wasn’t in check so was a slight waste. thinking of blasting and cruising since my partner and i definitely don’t want kids… what should my biggest worry be? planning on blasting at 500 mg test e / week for 12 weeks cruising at 250 mg rinse and repeat

  21. If you’re blasting and cruising with only test and no heavy hitting shit then you won’t have much worries at all. Just get bloodwork 3 times a year or so.

  22. Does anyone know how the oral semaglutide works? I would think since it’s a peptide it would get destroyed in the stomach. Maybe since the oral dose is so high(7-14 mg) and it works on the pancreas, enough isn’t destroyed right away and makes it into that organ?

  23. Did a few minutes of trawling for papers, found one about the formulation. In short, it's absorbed in the stomach itself before it hits the small intestine and all its proteases, and only because it has another chemical in the formulation to protect it:

  24. Currently doing research for the next cycle. I’m looking at nandrolone, I’ll use deca instead of NPP for convenience and cost. Plan is 500/500 Deca/Test (E or C, which would be better?) for 12, then come off deca and stick with test until week 15. I’ll let everything clear my body and begin PCT of 40mg Nolva at week 17. I have enclomiphene left but should really acquire some Clomid, unsure about dosages and length of the PCT in general. I haven’t yet used an AI, of course cost is a factor here but I won’t run anything when it’s necessary, any suggestions would be appreciated.

  25. The wiki says that you can't PCT off of 19-nors. You'll need to cruise for a while after as there is a possibility of the drug staying in your system and shutting down your natural Test production for several months. That said, some people do PCT off a 19-nor cycle. Would I do it? No.

  26. You need to have a base line understanding of what you are doing before you run gear. You clearly do not.

  27. Can anyone recommend a good blood pressure monitor that they have personally used and had good results with accuracy? Obviously need one with an xl cuff but that can always be bought separately. The one I had seems to no longer be working properly as it’s all over the map with readings and was a cheap one anyway.

  28. Omron. I find that you can't just slap the cough on. You really do have to follow the diagram to get an acccurate reading. But that's just me being a bonehead.

  29. Omron are good. Some of the higher end models have a nice feature that will take three readings separated by 15-60 seconds and report the average, which will give you more accurate data than a single reading.

  30. I’m considering starting TRT pretty soon. I’m a 20 yo and I’m kinda concerned about being on T for life. I just got my levels back and I was at 340 total T and 70.6 pg/ml free T. Is this low enough to justify? Has anyone here started that young who would like to share their experience?

  31. Nap penes with my friend his level was lower than yours. He was overweight, did cardio, and got his levels checked in the evening. He also slept like 5-6 hours a night

  32. At 20, I would try a brief run of enclomiphene to see if you can get your natty production higher. If it sticks, you’re good to go.

  33. What is so special about tren? Like all ive seen is negatives, i dont get whats so cool about it. Is it insanely anabolic? Why is it used during cuts/recomps then instead of bulks? Does it burn fat like DNP? If so then why not just take DNP and avoid all the shit with tren?

  34. it’s everything you want out of steroids, with all the negative sides. it’s the toxic ex gf who ruins your life but has pussy you just can’t resist. you look bigger and leaner by the day and you feel like the most confident, sexy version of yourself. it’s just different man. nothing comes close in my experience, and that also goes for the sides. it’s absolutely amazing until you realize one day that it’s beginning to seriously fuck up your mental health.

  35. Euphoria, sex drive, fat loss, vasularity, muscle gain, aggression. It’s the goat steroid. It’s what you imagined roids were like before you started lifting.

  36. You feel and look like a god for 7 weeks then don’t realize you’re transitioning into a manic lunatic by week 12 which makes you think everything is even better so keep going then you come off and realize you were only half human being for the last few months

  37. It is the finest nutrient partitioning steroid out there. It’s anabolic AF. It can be used on a bulk but it shines in preserving lean mass in a deficit.

  38. Tren, as you seem to know, is pretty toxic to the liver and has some weird effects on the dopaminergic system. But it is very anabolic and has nutrient partitioning effects that can help you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

  39. What about using mast and tren together during a bulk ? I've heard mast does a pretty similar cosmetic effect as tren if used at a very low body fat.

  40. Mast and tren go together like peas and carrots, but using them in a bulk - nah dude. If you're gonna roll 19-nors then use the one that bulks the best - good old nandrolone.

  41. I have a similar experience with Moujarno (tirzepeptide) which is a similar drug. Needed to drop to 2 mg (from recommended starting dose of 5.0 mg), because I literally couldn’t get down more than 500-600 calories a day.

  42. It's certainly possible. I'd recommend using the lowest effective dose indefinitely. If 0.15 mg/week is curbing your appetite and keeping you at your calorie goal, there's no reason to increase the dose. I don't have personal experience with semaglutide (yet -- planning on starting it in January), but I'd say it'd be a good idea to stay on the lowest effective dose as long as you can. When that dose is no longer working well enough, step up to the next dose and stay there as long as possible.

  43. After blasting and cruising for eight years. I came off testosterone and everything last year. Now that it is winter, I find myself getting very cold, very fast, and very easily. do you guys think I should get some blood work done or maybe I’m just used to constantly being on androgens in the winter?

  44. Both. Bloodwork fIrst then if it’s all good I’d definitely do even just a couple hundred mgs of test a week. I went off for about 8-9 years. Definitely feel much better on. The cold thing is real.

  45. How long should i cruise between blasts? My “blast” was test c @ 500/week for 20 weeks. I’m dropping down to a cruise, but I have a powerlifting comp in 15 weeks and I’m wanting to blast about 6-8 weeks before that. Thanks in advance.

  46. No one can answer this as it’s individual for everyone. That’s said, logic would dictate that higher dosages may equate to increased sides

  47. Sure, you can do that. You'll start injecting deca on day 1. Playing around with steroidplanner.com, it looks like if you then inject NPP at 50% of your weekly deca dose (divided into daily doses) the first week, and at 25% the second week, that should get you to a pretty constant nandrolone level after about the first 5 days.

  48. Anyone have any advice for a new user that hasn’t started their first cycle. I’ve seriously working out for a year now on a 5/7 day split depending on work.

  49. You really should read the wiki, the info is there. It’s a good idea to run a testosterone-only cycle if it’s your first time, but there’s more to it.

  50. How do I request edits to the wiki? There's a few of the rarer compound pages which have typos and a few minor mistakes in them. I'd like to fix them

  51. Anyone permablasting? I feel good on the test so I think I will stay on it for a while. Looking back where I was natty mentally sucked. I do much more work and I'm not tired. Going to the gym and then working the rest of the day feels good. Where natty I was tired. Any tips you can give?

  52. Currently natty and I feel this fr. So exhausted from work that I feel drained to go to the gym as much as I want to go, my mental health is ass, dealing with anxiety and depression and taking SNRI’s. Wouldn’t surprise me if my test levels are cooked now

  53. In between blasts, return to trt levels. Whatever puts you in the mid-upper range of the reference range without side effects or estrogen issues.

  54. Powerlifters: on meet day where do you pin TNE with a lot of pip and how much? Was thinking of doing 150mg every 2 hours and I’m trying to decide where I want to pin it.

  55. Check the half life of the compound and judge around that. If I do a full meet, I’d pin test base 30 min before my opening squat, right before warming up. Depending on how long the day is, a second pin before deadlift warmups might be in order. When I do bench only, I pin 30 min before my flight starts. 1-1.5cc depending on body weight for all these. I also feel the aggression with halotestin used for the week leading up to the meet.

  56. Nothing is going to give you super athlete speed if you weren’t born to reach those kinds of speed haha.

  57. Was on trt for a year then jumped onto a blast for 10 weeks and dropped back down to cruise. Was using AI while on blast and started shedding. Stopped using AI last week and am wondering when my shedding will potentially end. I never shed on trt and my hair is beginning to thin the slightest bit. I have finasteride on hand but only want to take it if i need to because of possible sodes.

  58. Hey semaglutide to lose weight. You don’t need gear to cut but a cruise dose wouldn’t hurt. Weight loss clinic or DR. Couple hundo prolly give you phentermine an semaglutide shit will fall off

  59. People claiming they gained 10 lbs of muscle and lost 10 lbs of fat (I realise you're exaggerating for effect) really just gained muscle and didn't shit in bodyfat. The extra muscle (and glycogen) denseness and inserts make it look like there's less bodyfat.

  60. cut first and save the gear for a dedicated bulk. you don't need drugs to lose weight at those stats. you'll get much better results by cutting natural and bulking on the drugs, notably the first cycle the wiki lays out. recomps without tren almost universally end with people just spinning their wheels. really wouldn't advise fucking with t3 unless you're a pro or hypothyroid.

  61. Does Masteron fuck your lipids up like Anavar? I’d assume 50mg var a day vs 50mg mast p, The anavar would be more damaging

  62. Currently on week 5 of cycle 500 test/300 last week - should I run mast the full 15 weeks or cut it out at 10 and run test only the last 5?

  63. Depends what he's taking and at what doses. Typically sex drive is increased and ED is only an issue if estrogen isn't controlled (typically. Very dependent on what hes taking)

  64. On a side note: If you’re only injecting small amounts, you can just use slin pins and not worry about anything being wasted 🤷🏻‍♂️

  65. There’s something like 0.08ml in the needle. But the syringe accounts for that in the measuring and that extra remains in the needle as waste.

  66. It doesn't. If you look at your syringe, notice the tick marks only start past where the dead space is, so that you're only measuring the liquid that can be injected.

  67. Currently on anadrol 50/day, test 525, tren 105, mast 140. Been on a couple weeks and experiencing frequent nose bleeds. What compound would you say is most likely the culprit so I can drop it? Thank you

  68. Primo if its real. Nandrolone could work well too at like 200-400mg a week. Not the biggest fan of proviron myself but the board seems to like it.

  69. I’d personally go for primo, I ran eq recently and the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze for me personally.

  70. Genuinely curious. I take off the same amount of time that I run said cycle. I run low amounts of gear, got to cycle is 300 test and an oral, dbol or tbol. Is it counterintuitive to run such a low cycle and shut yourself down, then be low t for months? I’m sure this is a nuanced scenario/question. If I wanted to have two full length cycles per year what are your recommendations? Tia

  71. If you're going to be doing another cycle, it's easier on the body to just cruise in between, rather than go through the rollercoaster of PCT just to shut down again.

  72. Looks pretty solid from my brief glance! Depending on how hard/recently you've been blasting, you should be pretty happy with yourself.

  73. What are some extra precautions u guys take while on a blast? I’m currently on npp, test, and dbol and I just wanted to go the extra mile and make sure I’m getting the right supplements in and what not.

  74. If I'm taking dutasteride would I be unable to donate blood in order to lower hematocrit? You're not supposed to donate while taking dut. What would be the solution if this were the case?

  75. I think the most realistic scenario here is that it is test but very badly misdosed, hence the low test, yet supressed gonadotropins. Another option, it's not the compound it says on the tin. Nandrolone has an interaction with the testosterone assay. Would also explain low test + suppression

  76. What did you expect from 300mg? Was that your trough reading? Definitely not bunk otherwise your FSH and Lh wouldn’t be in the gutter.

  77. What's wrong with my dick? I've been BnC for a few years and I've never had this issue before. I want to have sex but dick just doesn't work, even if I try jerkin off it semi hard. I can cum but can't maintain an erection. Mood is good not running any 19nors. Just test/primo/tbol. I'll have to get bloods soon but this shit just seems so fuckin weird. It's not low e2 or high e2, I've felt them both plenty of times and doesn't feel anything like it. Only side affect I have not had before is deca dick and for some reason this sounds like it

  78. Read the wiki on blood work but thats a LONG list! What are the top ones you want a doctor to check for? I had kidney, liver and blood (hemoglobin, white blood cell, cholesterol) work done last month (before cycle) and everything came back really healthy. In my case im running 125/250 tren/test enathate E3.5D. I read that the estridol test needs to be a certain kind because of the Tren?

  79. With tren in the mix you need what’s called the sensitive assay, LC/MS-MS, otherwise tren will appear as e2 on the standard non-sensitive assay.

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