Daily Ask Anything: 2022-11-25

  1. Everything you’re saying is pure conjecture; there is no scientific basis or blood work evidence to substantiate any of it. What you did was dumb, (taking steroids one time with no goal or plan) and you sound neurotic. Go to bed

  2. No matter what’s available to me I’m only comfortable doing Test and Primo….what’s the upper limit of these drugs I can take? Any recommended SARMS that can go with these two that a p*ssy like me won’t be scared of?

  3. You’re speaking as if you know your position is ridiculous, which it is. If you want to do more anabolics get over whatever it is stopping you from doing so, because you already know it sounds ridiculous. Just do the neurotic homework you know you will do on whatever compound you decide on, and proceed with caution in a cogent way. You’ll be fine.

  4. I've been jabbing quads for a couple of weeks now using 1/2 inch pins, my legs are pretty lean and I've been stressing out that I might not be getting deep enough, j aspirate whenever I pin and I always get a bubble in the needle so I assume I am but maybe anyone could tell me based on my legs if I'm just worrying over nothing

  5. I’d recommend going deeper just as a rule of thumb based off of my user experience and the wiki. Quads are a pretty large muscle group and a half inch pin definitely is not injecting in the center of the muscle.

  6. As long as no blood with aspiration you are g2g. Even if they are SQ, which they probably arent, bioavailability is still great.

  7. Does it feel like the oil leaked down your leg the next day with pain below the injection site? Do you have big fluid filled welts? If the answer is no then you have gone deep enough.

  8. It's gone be highly individual. Maybe you can look at some sarm sub and see if anyone has done proper bloodwork with it. Get a few posts like that

  9. Turinabol: I'm looking at adding tbol to my next cycle, so just wondering if fake tbol is something to be concerned about. Obviously primo and anavar are frequently faked/bunk, but compounds like test and d-bol are usually g2g as they're cheap and easy to source. I'm just wondering where tbol sits in this - is it something that's usually ok or is it one that tends to be frequently faked? Also, how can you tell your tbol is legit and not Winnie or something instead - is there particular symptoms or physical changes to lookout for?

  10. At this point it basically requires active effort on your part to seek out a source who will sell you “fake” Anavar/Primo/Turinabol. It is so unbelievably easy to stumble into communities full of sources who lab test their products and are occasionally tested by customers for public accountability.

  11. Finally down to <12% body fat, still need to get blood work but I know I got low test. So hard to gain muscle, only 2 months in gym, did a solid full year in 2018. minimal results

  12. The ratio I calculated (aka could be total bullshit) is you can go from 4-7 grams of non-water tissue deposited at the tissue level to ~12-15 grams with 750 test per workout. Aka 100g a week, or 700-800g with water : glycogen, or roughly 1 lb. Note this could be total bullshit. But looks that other threads: a “normal” 12-14 week cycle is 20lb of gain. Assume 75% muscle, and you keep it all, that’s 15lb of muscle or 1lb per week. That’s ~500 of calories of surplus per day you’re converting into lean tissue. There’s your math. And that’s with perfect adherence, a solid workout plan and nice sleep and nutrition. No offense but you don’t sound like you’d the calories or dedication to be blasting.

  13. “What type of first cycle could I expect?” What does that even mean? If you actually have clinically low testosterone consider TRT if there aren’t lifestyle changes you can make to regain your functioning; but do not hop on a cycle having been training for 2 months after a 5 year hiatus. Jesus Christ

  14. Bro you’ve been training for two months and already want to hop on? Building muscle doesn’t happen in two months, expect to be on a lifelong journey. I’d highly recommend trying to get everything on track diet and training wise first before hopping on. You don’t even really know what your potential is. Maybe you’ve been training wrong the whole time.

  15. Stick with it for 4 more weeks, train 1 less day a week, eat intuitively but not in excess. Then pct off. And during pct, keep hitting the weights. Increase your liss / daily active time to shed out the water weight.. You'll lose some of the muscle, but overall will look great.

  16. The Problem that youre facing is not the test, its your mental health before you started it, try to solve the problem that caused you problem in the first. And if you pct properly you wont loose size.

  17. A testosterone cycle for a few weeks will have a negligible effect on brain development. What I would be worried about is excess estrogen closing your growth plates and shutdown of the gonads before they are fully mature. Brain development should be the last thing you’re worried about. You most likely will fully recover and have no issues; follow the wiki’s PCT protocol. It’s a good thing you’ve recognized you went on steroids haphazardly for juvenile reasons, and yes there will be consequences in doing such. Take it as a learning experience and remember this was a decision born out of insecurity, if you are fundamentally unhappy with yourself as a human being in a way that extends much beyond your aesthetic form, steroids won’t do a damn thing for you. It’s like being unhappy in a marriage and buying a monster truck to solve the problem, nonsense. Focus on a plan, the things you know you need to do to make strides in your life in the areas you desire. What is the first step to moving out of mom and dads house? What is the first step to getting on an educational path that will be fruitful for you/getting to a better school? Good luck bro

  18. You're probably not fucked. Stop injecting immediately, follow the PCT protocol outlined in the wiki, train hard and be consistent with your diet and sleep, and you'll be able to keep most of the gains.

  19. what would the primary negative effects of taking an AI like aromasine or letrozole at 16 be with the goal of delaying growth plate closure and squeezing out a couple inches of height (currently 5'6.75'')

  20. Bro my cock is also 5 inches and all the girls I pay to fuck me tell me it’s “great” then quickly leave: so don’t worry about it

  21. This should only be attempted under the supervision of a doctor. Puberty is not the time to try and fuck around with your hormones.

  22. possible hernia (i have a pain in my belly button) and im on week 13 of test e and NPP. time to drop to trt? not sure what it is, might get it checked if it gets worse.

  23. If you have a hernia and have to stop lifting for a while, yes, you'll have to drop to TRT. If you're still lifting, no reason to end the blast.

  24. What is your pinning schedule like for NPP? Last time I did ed but it gets kinda boring so thinking of doing M/W/F. Would that be okay?

  25. To get extra primed for the holiday season I’m currently running a 40mg per day Var cycle w/ 140mg test a week. I’m in a little bit of a dilemma where as the T I’m on is prescribed and the clinic just called for a blood test that’s due for the end of December. Am I safe to run the Var for another 2 weeks into mid December in hopes that my lips will look normal by the end of the month ? In previous months my lips were all mid healthy range.

  26. Coming off a sustanon / Anavar cycle in a few weeks. Is it wise to hop into a test e TRT dosage right away or wait a bit? And how long until I should blast another good cycle (but not sust again, something better…) ?

  27. I used to get that taste(Almost like copper) when I would pin tren ace in my Delts, but not test.

  28. Test E. The multiple esters of Sustanon really have no benefit and aren’t stabile unless pinned ED. You don’t need 20mg of sdrol. Way too much. 10 has always been great for me, anything higher is diminished returns. Run it for 1-2 weeks at the beginning and end of your cycle for PR’s; at least that’s what I would do. If you’re interested in something that will be great for strength and less toxic try Anadrol.

  29. 3 weeks of oral Superdrol will probably knock you out of commission for the first half of your cycle

  30. I'd go with test e or test c Probably 500mg depending how you react. Atomization etc. Instead of sdrol I'd go with anadrol Sdrol is very liver toxic and some people lose appetite and get lethargy

  31. Is there any way to authenticate primo e ampules? I haven't gotten it yet, but if there's an at home test I can do or any way to tell if it's bunk I'd like to test the shit before I pin it.

  32. I picked up an injury at work which means I’m going to be out of training for at least 2 weeks, I took my first dose from a multi dose vial of tren ace the day before the injury. Does anyone know how long it will stay good for once the vial has been pierced, I’d rather give it a bit more time once I’m back in training (not sure how long yet) before starting my cycle again but don’t know how long it’ll stay good for after the seals been pierced?

  33. If you pierced with a sterile needle and put the vial somewhere clean and safe I wouldn't worry about it, I've resumed vials that are a year or so old. The BA in there keeps things pretty sterile, and the rubber seal "reseals" the vial once you withdraw the needle.

  34. does anyone know the melting point for primo e raws? or any other way to confirm it’s primo e? Read somewhere that the raws has a distinct texture?

  35. Was anyone else underwhelmed by results of their first cycle? I just finished and did gain some size but I’m not really seeing the crazy results I expected. TIA for any responses

  36. I'm having a hard time dialing it in on 250. Nips feels sensitive and chest is itchy. Take 6.25mg and my joints are fucked for days.

  37. People that program back and chest training on the same day, do you like to alternate or do you prefer do do, say, all back movements then all chest movements?

  38. Not sure if back and chest is like bi and tri getting better results alternating. There was some studies a few years ago on antagonist muscle groups if you wanna hop on google

  39. It’s got 3Beta-hydroxy-5alpha-androstan-17-one in it which is Epiandrosterone, apparently a pro hormone of sorts. It’s not Winstrol. The fact that the very name in the product is misleading should tell you everything you need to know.

  40. 54 M 5'9 227#s. BMI 35% Looking to start a 12 week cutting cycle. 400 mg/wk Primobolan with 50 mg/day Anavar. How much weight can I expect to lose? Any thoughts?

  41. Steroids, and especially anavar, have strong problematic effects on your lipid profile. You are 54 and overweight. Going on cycle will very likely kill you. I'm not joking or exaggerating.

  42. I get where you are coming from, but this (AAS) won't work. There are dieting drugs, which come with their own set of problems but will serve you better.

  43. You could expect to lose probably around 227lbs if you get hit by a car and die. Otherwise, nobody in the world knows

  44. Steroids can help you retain muscle in a severe deficit, think bodybuilder cutting to sub 10% but the assistance in fat loss is minimal. What you need is fork downs, not including test in your comment indicates you don’t have the required knowledge to use steroids, your body fat percentage indicates you don’t know how to diet, and your question of how much weight you can expect to lose indicates you are a silly ______.

  45. Anyone got any experience with 200mcg clenbuterol hydrochloride? I’m keen to try a few cycles but just want to know if anyone here has used before and know of any major side effects. I am just looking at shedding stubborn body fat. Thanks

  46. 20-40-60-80-120-120-120-120-140-140-160-160-160 then off for 2 weeks works for me. Major side effects are shakiness, like too much caffeine. No problems with sleep or cramping

  47. What’s your current diet and exercise regimen? Stats of body composition, etc. Training experience? Experience with performance enhancing medications? Probs need more details to help you.

  48. That's such a good deal from Quest, I've never ordered through them and just had pre-cycle labs done through my doctor. If I ordered this are you able to hold it for a month then go? I'd really like to use this deal for my 6 week labs.

  49. So guy i need advice i started my cycle with 500mg test a week and im paronid about estrogen and gyno so my question is if i drop the cycle 1 week in should i do pct i thought i can do this but i guess im not ready for gear i am paranoid becuse i donr have itchy nips or anything but paranoia gets to me and i think im developing gyno what is your advice

  50. You probably have water weight gains in your tits. I just started Trt 3 months back, after being low T. And the first week same thing, I thought I was growing tits. Just give it til the 3rd week for your body to adjust to the new hormone level.

  51. Well, looking at your pictures, yes. Please drop everything and don’t think about touching gear for a long, long, long time.

  52. running gear at 30% which is literally obese is absolutely ridiculous. steroids don't burn fat and this is only going to shit on your health even more. if you're going to do it anyway, which would be really dangerous(and stupid) read the wiki above and reevaluate your cycle. losing the weight and running gear when you're ready to bulk would be much wiser if you absolutely insist.

  53. If I introduce Anavar (I'm on my first cycle), I'm guessing I should use as a finisher instead of early on to better understand my e2 reaction from just the test base first?

  54. orals are best suited for breaking plateaus, so save it for the end. all kickstarting does is satisfy the need for instant gratification.

  55. Var won’t effect e2 at all. If you want to add it, add it whenever. But most people stick to orals either beginning of cycle to kickstart or end to push through some plateaus

  56. There’s a study showing suppressive metabolites sticking around for a long time after your last injection, potentially up to 18 months even. What this study doesn’t account for or show is the effect PCT would have on recovery.

  57. the decanoate ester takes a long time to clear, see steroidplanner.com, and there's also the metabolites it leaves behind afterwards that are potentially suppressive as well. anecdotes of recovery are all over the place, some people claim to recover fine and some don't. i wouldn't personally be considering it if I intended on coming off entirely since there's so many other drugs that don't have the same potential for issues.

  58. Not worth it; just cut for your last two weeks, especially if you’re going to run something like Clen. Salbutamol would be a far safer option and just as effective.

  59. Clen itself will not aid in a recomp effect much. It shines when you’re trying to push those last few pounds off and are already deep in a cut.

  60. nope. clen is toxic as fuck and if you absolutely have to use it, it should be for the tail end of a cut in to mid single digits for a competition or similar. just eat less.

  61. It makes me feel like shit so I take it at night an get night sweats but it’s better than feeling like trash all day. Ralox same.

  62. I have a theory that trest is being used rampantly in sports, because afaik know no one tests for it. So one could theoretically run insane amounts and still pop clean.

  63. Your Testosterone is gonna be crashed if taken alone, and even if you also take Test, your LH/FSH will be basically zero. Testosterone : Epitestosterone ratio will also be fucked, which is a tell-tale sign.

  64. Tren you mean? A few major sports governing bodies do test for it, but regardless though it may be the single best AAS for aesthetic purposes, no athlete in his right mind would use that it's just absolutely crippling on nearly every facet of athleticism...MAYBE a few track sports such as discus where it's just one maximum effort but it's a small group

  65. They could definitely assume you're transporting them to sell if they're not feeling particularly charitable that day

  66. If I run 250mg a week of TestE for 10 weeks, what would you recommend to return to normal levels post-cycle? I know that’s low but I’m just looking to try trt levels and see how I like it.

  67. Couple of questions. Why was Stanozolol so popular with athletes when it's known to dry out the joints so bad? And what is the exact physiological process that causes Stanozolol to be so effective for athletes specifically? Looking for a slightly more nuanced answer here lol

  68. Simply put detection time. Baseball had a huge change in who tested positive for Turinabol when it's detection time changed after new tests came out. Last time I checked winstrol had a short window for a good oral steroid. It's that or something like test with a short ester and I guess they think they can pct with wada approved supplements better on winstrol idk.

  69. Weightlifters use lower doses than bodybuilders, or they're also on so much dbol and test that their E2 doesn't get low enough to dry them out too much. Plus elite athletic genetics also include being able to tolerate gear sides better, not everyone gets every side. Stanazolol doesn't fuck up your cardio the way other orals do, I don't know why exactly

  70. Sulfameth is what I was prescribed. You shouldn’t cowboy this though. If you don’t want to say it’s gear you could say it’s from a b12 shot or something.

  71. Any idea why some injections it feels like there’s absolutely no room for the oil after tiny amounts like .2ml? Usually in quads I’ll start pushing the plunger and there’s this painful feeling like the muscle is completely saturated and can’t take any more oil or it’ll burst/tear. Tiny bit worried maybe it was in the IT band or something besides muscle, but that seems pretty unlikely. Maybe a pocket of scar tissue, but I really doubt I have anywhere near that much scar tissue to be happening.

  72. There are no clinically significant interactions. The Venn diagram of people with HTN and DM2 is basically a circle. There are probably 100 million people out there taking telmisartan and metformin.

  73. The combos seem fine. Guess the only question you have to answer for yourself is if it’s worth the hdl reduction. Personally I’d do it, but I know many will disagree.

  74. How long can u run anavar? Without it becoming a problem. 50mg 8 weeks seems standard. Looking throw in the last part of my test/deca cycle. Just deciding on dosage and length

  75. So I've been cruising on 150 mg test and 2 mg Trest, I'm trying to figure out my next blast. Would you say 600 mg test would be a decent blast considering my cruise with Trest? I know trest is very strong so I wouldn't want to do a blast that's equivalent to my cruise. I also don't want to blast trest again because I did not have a good time last time

  76. I mean a proper cruise is like trt, which is test replacement therapy so you should be on a TEST dose that keeps you in normal ranges so your body isn't being damaged and can recover...adding compounds will most likely not aid in your health..

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