[Off-Topic] Daily Chat: 2022-11-25

  1. My birthday today. Woke up getting my dick sucked, gonna go hit legs later and then afterwards destroy some spare ribs & chicken wings🙏

  2. My ex and I are back together. This is an update from last weekend. But it feels weird. For obvious reasons. She said she broke up because she felt neglected and I said I was unaware you felt that way why didn’t you speak up about it? As well as I thought I was doing a good job. I asked her for examples and she couldn’t even give any to me except for buying her flowers which I have bought her some but not a lot.

  3. Wasn’t there another post today about some chic getting back with her ex so he’d buy her more flowers cuz she like to get flowers after she fucks

  4. This dude comes in almost everyday crying and buying flowers for his gf who’s trying to leave him. Emotional wreck. He said he’s got his 9 ready for her and her future lover if she ever leaves. Goodluck to that couple

  5. A customer left an opinion of my service "Excellent help, very intelligent, knowledgeable, friendly, patience, good job!" which every time I read it sounds like "Thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us posted on your progress"

  6. People tik tok everything. I just saw some one tik tok their interaction at Starbucks. I’d feel so uncomfortable if someone did that to me when I was at work our minding my biz

  7. The store can ban you from entry if you do that... it is a private business and they have the right to refuse to allow you to record inside.

  8. Family was in town for thxgiving and it was overall good but a family member brought their big dog over and if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s untrained big dogs.

  9. That’s literally how you train them. Clear firm commands immediately when doing something wrong, plus positive feedback once it’s done correctly. Just Don’t expect them to learn it immediately,

  10. No, they're in the wrong. If they would set boundaries with the dog, like you did, then there wouldnt be a problem. I like when other people stop my dog from doing something annoying.

  11. I’d have put the leash on him and corrected it for the day and taught the owner that it’s her not the dog. It’s your family so that would be a normal thing to do. Send her some Dog Whisperer episodes that are still on YouTube.

  12. You guys want to hear an absolutely degenerate story? Its a secret of mine that I actually never told anyone yet. I have an ex gf who when dating right before we broke up, I asked her what brand laundry detergent and softener she uses. Thats because I really loved how she smells, more than anyone else I had met up until then. And I wanted to make my clothes the same smell. It worked! Every time I open the washing machine a fresh batch of clothes smelling exactly like her come out. The funny thing is that girls I met ever since then all compliment me on smelling good! BUT THEY DONT KNOW THIS IS THE SMELL OF MY EX.

  13. Jesus man you need to up the tren if this the best degenerate story you could come up with... I was all settled in looking forward to the usual degenerates in the off topic but instead I get a story about how you now smell good, jesus fucking christ... What a waste of space... GTFO

  14. My entire younger life I went home and did laundry at my folks place. I mean I was visiting right? Women (including my now wife) would always compliment me on how good I smelled and regularly said that’s why they got with me. Little did they know that my mommy was getting me laid as a thank you for coming home, visiting, and helping with the yard work. I’m so happy someone else has a version a the story I cherish. Keep smelling good degenerate bro.

  15. Bro you are acting like you are making them smell a tshirt with her vaginal fluids that you never ever washed afterwards. At least one million people smell your ex by your logic. Its nice to pick up on something your ex upgraded you in some sort of way. Leave it at that. Im getting "miss my ex, cant move on" vibes. And that is fine if she was good to you.

  16. Related to degenerateness - have you ever visited a Pink Cafe in Tokyo as a customer? I can't imagine how weird the atmosphere must be in that place.

  17. Is it me or are there a lot more dudes rocking the pornstache lately? Not to be confused with the hipster handlebar stache

  18. Definitely have noticed it more. I rocked it for a couple of days myself until I realized I looked way better with a full beard. Also, I looked like an out of work pornstar from the 70s so that was it for me.

  19. was watching a documentary yesterday about the Bolsheviks and how some parents had to eat their own children to survive or feed their middle children to their younger children so they would survive.

  20. Holy shit the body dismorphia hit me hard boys. I’m so used to being at gyms and strongman comps that I start to see us as the norm. I went on my friend with benefits tinder last night and my god was it an eye opener! The vast majority of guys have soft shitty dad bods, look unkept and clearly can’t get any pussy. If you hit the gym and have what we here would even call a “decent” physique you’re WAY ahead of the general population. Know your worth kings

  21. I need to get better pics then cuz Tinder and the like are always duds for me. And irl a lot women I see are dating dyels and don't really care about a guy's body like that, even the women who themselves work out.

  22. Bruh i got same issues. My girl can literally hide behind me. We took a pic like that, that sudden piffany that you are huge is wonderful..

  23. Wait till you find out about asian culture. Youll always be last to her family even if you were to start your own with her and you probably wont be approved unless youre asian as well. good luck!

  24. I took the same strategy as you. Great results. Looking full and lean at the same time. Well worth the week of shittiness.

  25. I’ve been banging this girl who gets off on how her boyfriend gets her flowers on the same day she gets absolutely wrecked by my dick. Apparently he wasn’t getting her flowers enough so she broke up with him, just to coerce him into buying more flowers to satisfy her flower fetish.

  26. Holy shit I can’t wait for vol. 5, either gonna be a fuckin train wreck or wholesome af, best of luck bro

  27. Oh shit, you better kill this man, I'm already waiting for the blockbuster movie about a juicy autist and his true barista love

  28. Post thanksgiving shits hit different. I went a little overboard yesterday. I weighed 6 lbs more than my normal morning weight and I’ve been on the toilet 5 times today. Gotta empty out the system before I hit the gym

  29. Any else trying to have their cake and eat it too? I ran an ultra in 2019 then decided to focus on building a physique. Now I’m getting back into running and finding it harder on my body being 30lbs heavier at the same body fat %. Obviously losing weight some will help but how should I train to minimize muscle loss? Test levels hover around 950 I’m not interested in blasting anymore.

  30. Single life is throwing me tons of free pussy right now but man do I have no motivation to chase any other woman.

  31. Turns out I have viral meningitis, I have to be drugged out of my mind on painkillers otherwise I have constant 10/10 level pain in my head from my brain being inflamed. Also eating less than 500cal a day cause the pressure in my head makes me vomit all the time.

  32. Fellow budget bros of maximum protein consumption, Costco has $10 off each on turkeys, scored a bunch of 15 pound birds for about 5 bucks each. Go get those macros

  33. Guys, am i training too hard? I struggle to put on weight. I weight 96kg (i started from 51kg). Currently bulking. 6000kcals a day, 250g of protein a day. Currently decided to hop on a bigger cycle, 1200mg of test, 50mg dbol ed, 2mg metribolon ed. My gear is legit and my bloods are supervised. Im training 5 days a week, split, around 7 exercises a day, 6-8 (if im doing triceps i do 3exe, each 5sets 12reps) sets each, 12 reps around muscle failure. Im making progress, but i feel like its waaaay to slow. I know that seems impatient, but trust me, its very slow. What am i doing wrong?

  34. What is your routine? Can't tell how frequently you train each muscle group. You may need to deload for a week. Your bodyweight has almost doubled so its tricky to say you struggle to put on weight, but ofc expect progress from here to come slower comparatively.

  35. I'm quite literally hot all the time, but I've pretty much always been that way. However, I noticed being on gear has made me noticeable hotter.

  36. Yes this is 100% true for me! It’s below freezing here in Canada around -5 & I’ve to sleep with my window open & heating completely turned off. Some nights I still feel hot.

  37. Life feels good nowadays, my diet of milk and walnuts is going great, I’m in the gym with a Jeff nippard program, my grades are going back up and overall I’m just feeling happier. My sleep schedule still sucks but now that it’s the weekend I’m gonna crush some sleep.

  38. My advice is to deal with your psychological issues, it's your best bet on the long term with those diseases. Yes, there is research to back this up.

  39. I just had this discussion with my wife last night, her friend got genetically tested for a cancer gene that runs in her family and I said what's the point in getting tested unless there was something you could do as early prevention, so is there any early prevention? If not just live your life like everyone else, not knowing what's around the corner.

  40. Let's be realistic, how accurate are those DNA Tests really? IIRC there is a lot more guesswork involved than actual hard facts, they cannot give you guarantees either way.

  41. Cutting without DNP is a fucking nightmare. I got so used to dnp its like I downgraded from being a turbo dildorocket to being a old lady walking the street.

  42. Those were the days. Here's my natty to juicy progress cause the bb forum doesn't upvote mirin monday anymore.

  43. Guys, im having fireflys in my field of vision when I cough. I run 150mg deca e and 250test e E5D. In week 7. Will do bloods in 2 days. Before this cycle all bloods was good. Anyone have a idea?

  44. First time cycle for me. Put on 12kg seemingly overnight. Was out with this fine ass honey - first time meeting.

  45. I’m tempted to make one of my two rest days “talk to women day” where I just hit some cold approach and keep myself sharp, that way I’m still working even on my rest days

  46. 60h work week done. Fatigued as hell, pwo meal eaten, pwo is being drank, dbol is popped, time to walk to the gym and crush chest. Gonna fall into an 11h coma when i lay in my bed once I'm home and the last meal has been eaten. Let's go goddamnit.

  47. Got a deep tissue sports massage the other day where the guy has his own practice and studio. Literally makes up his own prices and that’s what I pay. I just noticed a new sign by his computer that said “20% gratuity recommended and appreciated”. No staff or anyone else helping him so just to add an extra up charge for no reason all going to himself. Fuck that. If he wants more money he should charge more. Maybe i’m getting old and stingy but I also worked in restaurants and lived off tips for years so I understand tipping, but I’d rather go somewhere else than deal with this tip pandering bullshit.

  48. I recently restarted Concerta after being off for nearly 10 years. I went straight to my original dose of 54mg in the morning and if needed 18mg in the afternoon. First day I noticed the effects for a few hours, but then they diminished and ever since it feels like it has stopped working all together. Recently started taking 15mg Methylfolate in the morning and it feels like the Concerta is working again. Try that. I’m considering getting the blood test done for the MTHFR gene mutation which would explain why the Methylfolate worked.

  49. I swear that occasionally I open a fresh syringe and it’s like blunt and does not want to go in . Switch needles and it goes in easily

  50. I use easytouch 30g 1ml slin pins and I find about 1 in 10 is significantly more painful than the rest (if you can even call 30g painful lol) Tried different brands and easy touch is still my fav

  51. It's the 3rd time being sick since summer, it's getting annoying. I had years go by without ever being sick. Only the that changed is me moving together with my GF. I was with roommates before so I doubt that is the reason though.

  52. Always take the days off, but that's just me. I feel like if you're sick enough, it's more detrimental I'd you lift and it'll just make you sicker longer.

  53. Viagra is faster acting and a stronger effect in my experience. Not strong enough to give me a boner against my will, but the erection itself is harder.

  54. Honestly you should check out Victor Black’s PED content if you’re going for longevity. I hate to say it, but while the wiki here does have good info, it’s not the safest way you could be going about it.

  55. Ok someone seriously needs to explain. How the fuck do you sleep on HGH with the carpal tunnel? Have woken up no joke 20-30 times every night for the past month cause my arms wrists and hands are so numb and tingly

  56. Goddamnit. For the last year my right shoulder blade has been impinged pretty bad, been posting about it. Finally focusing on just fixing it already. My left side has always felt 100% healthy. Been doing some rotator cuff work prescribed by new PT and suddenly im starting to feel it on the left side too now. Im really fucking frustrated.

  57. My GF lives with me, I live in a duplex. She wants her parents to come and SLEEP here for christmas. I did not give her permission, 'cause then my mother in law will want to come visit much more often and will always want to sleep here. Right now they don't come very often 'cause they always have to stay in hotels.

  58. I mean, you could have them sleep over for an annual holiday like Christmas. Put your foot down if the MIL tries to make to too frequent, but don’t start a big deal over something you’re just assuming will happen

  59. Look I get it, I like my space, I'm antisocial and wouldn't even want my own mum staying the night in my house, BUT sometimes you just have to do shit for the GF, let her mum stay the one night since it's Christmas, put a smile on, pretend it's fine and welcome her with a warm hug.

  60. Invite them to stay. Walk around naked alot. Shit and not flush it. Wake up very early and make slot of noise. You'll future proof.

  61. I’m not one of those crazy anti seed oil guys but I do use healthier oil 99% of the time. I really don’t eat anything deep fried. I sauté a lot with avacado or olive oil.

  62. Most people either normally feel so shitty or are young and resilient that they don’t even notice they feel worse after. They cause massive systematic inflammation and are a potent carcinogen. Look up the studies. The reheated soybean oil one is particularly fun.

  63. My consultant is fucking useless and impossible to get on the phone so I'll turn to my friendly neighbourhood steroid bros for help.

  64. M6 here, I called my gastroenterologist sister for this. It can be a pancreatic or bile duct disease, or an extraintestinal manifestation of IBD given your recurring episodes, you being a young male I assume, means we need to exclude RCU before. Do you have autoimmune disorders in your family? Do your episodes worsen with stress? Did the doctor order tests for Anti-mitochondrial antibodies?

  65. You gotta get that checked for anything severe but ... also Check out Undo It by Dr Dean Ornish. There is an audiobook version too if you're busy. Guaranteed to fix your shit if you actually follow it - whatever your shit happens to be.

  66. I suck at math - I'm changing from a 200mg/ml bottle to 250 I was pulling 0.4ml twice a week (160mg/wk) - how much do I pull from the 250mg for the same dosage? Is there an online calculator I can use?

  67. So you need 0.65ml total a week so split that into 2 doses (0.35ml and 0.3ml) , personally I’d just do a shot of 0.3 and 0.4, for a total of 0.7ml or 175mg/wk

  68. Started 160mg/wk TRT last Thursday. I've gone from 170 to 180 already. I've also hardly been peeing drinking 3-4 qts a day is 10lb in a week normal? Diet and workouts haven't changed though if anything I've been working out harder this week

  69. Your test has skyrocketed (assuming you needed the TRT to begin with) so your aromatization to estrogen has increased as well. Bloating and water retention would be fairly normal here.

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