Daily Ask Anything: 2022-11-24

  1. I need to ask, how badly does taking testosterone affect your fertility? My partner refuses me to go on it if it’s going to cost my fertility but I have heard that it’s uncommon to be infertile from test if you obviously pct correctly etc

  2. Bro there are better resources for that question. Everybody in here knows someone who says it made them infertile an another 100 who knocked up there girl no problem. I knocked my ex up after my first cycle of 500 deca no test base. Lol who knows

  3. I've been using 1/2 inch needles for my quads for the last few weeks now but started to wonder if I've actually been getting deep enough with my pins. I aspirate every time and always get a bubble in the syringe so I figured I'd had no trouble hitting the muscle but could anyone put my mind at ease

  4. Just bought some new 26g needles that are way fucking shorter, than the 23g needles i used to pin with. Is it normal for the super thin needles to be this short?

  5. The length will be indicated on the box/packaging, btw. But yes. A narrow needle becomes exponentially(?) more difficult to push oil through as you make it longer due to physics (tm)

  6. It’s not being taken into your body sublingually. I mean a fraction is but you are just swallowing it after it disolves in your mouth. It’s a waste of time. Something has to be formulated to be taken sublingual. Your tongue has to be dry an it’s a fast uptake. What you are doing is not sublingual

  7. Almost everyone can become fertile enough to have kids when they come off cycle. I would do a pct and come off completely becouse trt supresses a lot also

  8. So first go get an actual seman analysis done. They will take a few and that will tell you if you actually are fertile or not.

  9. I’m looking for a training program to start from John Meadows as I’ve heard great things about his programs. My main goal is to target my chest as it’s a lagging point of mine. I’m also cutting so I understand that growth for chest won’t be optimal. Can someone point me in the right direction for a program to chose from JM?

  10. Been on trt/600mg test for 1.5 years. Caught feelings and came in this girl like 7 times. Now I’m facing a bad reality after she took her mask off.

  11. This is a perfect post for MPMD... that subreddit went to shit with a quickness....oh to answer your question, the chances that you got her pregnant are 27.544300000%

  12. At least, probably not that much more than if you only nutted one time. Ask her when in her cycle she is and if she's on birth control.

  13. Keep a heavy eye on your HDL/LDL levels with Var, obviously everyone is different but out of similar orals, Var absolutely destroys those levels for me

  14. It will start making a difference right away but it takes a couple of weeks to saturate fully and reach peak blood concentration levels, and additional weeks for all of the effects to be truly noticeable.

  15. You’ll notice the effects internally after a couple weeks but the body changes will come after a few months of working hard at your new capacity

  16. No Source Talk. Everything listed below includes (BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO): AAS (gear), Ancillaries (AI, SERMs, etc.), hGH (those not listed in the Wiki or the rules), Insulin, DNP, PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs), Drugs (prescription or otherwise), Research Chemicals, Pro-hormones, SARMs, Peptides … or ANY PRODUCT that could be mistaken as legit of any of the previous listed. This includes “steroid alternatives,” “Testosterone Boosters,” or over-the-counter “PCT” brands.

  17. For TRT(.3ml E3.5D) I’ve only been injecting my glutes with 23g 1 1/4 inch needle for 2 years now. I’m wanting to change it up and my buddy said 29g .5 inch into delts is perfect and he said I can still use that for glutes. Can I use 29g slin pin for glutes? If not what size can I use

  18. A 29 wont hit IM if thats what youre doing. I use a 1.25 inch 27 gauge luer lock needle om glutes. Been doing this for a year now. You can just google “Medical specialty store around me” and a store will come up.

  19. Sure you can but then you are shooting subq, which will lead to small bumps over time. I personally would look for the smallest gauge needle that is still an inch or inch and half long and continue doing glute shots.

  20. I’ve only ever used 27-29 gauge 1/2 inch insulin pins for everything I’ve ever run so the answer is if you’re lean enough it’s plenty imo

  21. Just pinned 0.5ml of Tren Ace yesterday night (50mg) into the R delt with 0.5ml of Test Cyp (125mg), first time doing tren and this PIP is next level. How long can I expect the PIP to last for and when would I start to feel the tren working?

  22. I would say either Primo, EQ (If you can't afford primo), or NPP+mast like the other guy suggested. Tren won't work for bulking, orals are not great for bulking. The only injectable that I can say that is great for bulking not listed is MENT, which is fucking MENT.

  23. Tren is not a good compound for bulking imo. It has rough sides and can negatively affect your digestion and appetite. Dbol is also not a very good oral in my opinion, it aromatizes a lot and not really worth it.

  24. If your nutrition and training are consistent and disciplined, you will keep most of your gains. Nutrition and training are always the foundation for a great physique anyway, gear or not.

  25. Cialis can be used two ways: as a one-time dose (as needed) prior to sexual activity. The effect lasts for approximately 36 hours. For this use case, the starting dose is 10 mg, taken approximately one hour before sexual activity.

  26. I’ve heard that there tons of clinics in Florida that do these sort of ordeals but unfortunately you have to have a contact

  27. What cycle is as good as tren but with minimal sides? No water retention, massive muscle gains, body fat burning but hardly any sides..

  28. Pharma gh (saizen is my favorite), test, along with primo or var or dhb (haven’t tried hdb myself). That’d be low aromatization, dryish, cause gains. Left out mast because it doesn’t help me grow but helps get that tren look from the dryness with no sides in my case.

  29. It’s called “limitless.” You can get the acetate or the Enanthate ester. Tren without the sides. We should all use it but we like the neurological aspects of Tren.

  30. Honestly I don’t think tren is all that good, the amount of stress it puts on your body isn’t worth it in my opinion. If you want size gains run some test with deca and eq as a background anabolic and add some winny to keep you dry

  31. If that existed don’t you think you’d hear about it. Everyone on earth would know about it? And everyone on earth would take it daily?

  32. Nothing compares to tren, NOTHING! But if you want something that will give you decent fullness, no water retention, with hardly any sides then Primobolan would be the perfect compound. Assuming you can afford it, pin enough oil and can handle the pip. I’ve heard people say it’s the next best thing after tren at preventing muscle catabolism.

  33. Added dianabol to my 500mg test cycle as a finisher about a week an half ago had no Stanton’s of E2 being out of check until now in the cycle due to the dianabol of course (only doing low dose 20mg a day). Anyways I don’t feel any E2 symptoms except starting to form some proper acne on back and traps. Personally I have 0 problem with the acne and don’t feel any other e2 symptoms. Do u think I should start using my AI or just enjoy the high estrogen too seems to feeling good right now :)

  34. I plan on going for bnc lifelong, with 500 mg test e+ 500ui hcg on blast and 125 mg test e+500 ui hcg on cruise, can someone drop me all of the bloodtests that i should keep on track(i plan on doing them every 4 months)

  35. Scenario: You are mid cycle and you get a cold/flu/some illness that forces you to take 1-2 weeks away from the gym, do you stay on cycle, take the rest week(s) and resume lifting when you are able, do you come off early, or do you stay on and gym anyway?

  36. depends on the illness, severity, and timeline. if it's a cold that'll put me out for a week i'd just take the rest week and resume the following week. if it's covid that'll put me out 2 weeks and have longer lasting side effects (shortness of breath, lethargy, etc) then i'd probably abandon, drop down to a cruise, chalk it up as a loss and just wait until the next blast.

  37. Is the deca/fin effect on hair actually real? I see some people saying it is, some saying it isn't. Is there actually a scientific/reliable answer?

  38. Finasterides influence on nandrolones Q ratio (anabolic:androgenic) effect is theoretically and has not been documented in medical literature.

  39. Nandrolone even in its unreduced form is less androgenic than Testosterone and lets not even talk about DHT. Unless you're running Nandrolone solo there is no point in not using a 5-AR inhibitor.

  40. I’ve ran multiple cycles (tren, mast, winstrol, npp) over some years and on my last cycle, test npp mast, i started to become a bitch because of high estrogen, just a depressed baby who needed extra sleep in the daytime. Is there any possibility for this happening again while watching the dosages better this time? Because I’ve never had this before..

  41. All of you guys that say that a certain compound completely changes your mood... I think you should seriously consider getting professional help, I'm being serious. Having a stable mental health I think is paramount when getting into steroids.

  42. Again it’s just from my personal experience but high e2 never gave me the bitchiness only low e2. I think in your case it’s just the nandrolone.

  43. Stop doing this shit, you are perpetuating an endless cycle of anxiety. I did the same for months, after having COVID with both BP and HR and realized the less I check it the healthier I feel mentally. I haven't tested my BP once since on blast, i don't even know what it's at, check HR maybe once a day and even that is too much.

  44. Yeah, I was going to suggest getting the mean of 3 readings, but you did know that already. You are not calming your nerves all day, so your average BP is probably higher than the reading you get when you do that. FWIW I'm on Tren + Adrol and evidently I get high BP, so I take 25mg Telmisartan while on cycle and that has taken care of it.

  45. If I want to do a blast next year after my current blast, should I PCT after current blast and do another one later next year, or cruise after current one till 2nd blast and then PCT?

  46. I would cruise. You put your body under immense stress when you continually blast and PCT. that’s why blasting and cruising is a thing

  47. Your skin layers have a lattice like structure of small nerves. So sometimes you hit them sometimes you don't. That's likely why you get pain sometimes and not others.

  48. There is no strict answer to this, as for everybody it may defer if even serm helps ever.. just try and you’ll see, my first tren gyno dissapeared in the pct of my 2nd cycle

  49. Generally, when it hardens. You could still possibly shrink it, though. I managed to quickly respond with Ralox when a lump was still soft, and it disappeared entirely.

  50. HCG monotherapy is generally not meant to be stopped. While it is suppressive to HPTA it does not shut it down to the extent of AAS, so estrogen rebound is not going to be as bad and recovery is much smoother. Once the HPTA is shutdown the body needs to recognize an androgen deficient before it cranks production back up. HCG monotherapy does seem to have positive results for AAS induced secondary hypogonadism, but in general it is not pleasant due to estrogen management.

  51. hcg monotherapy very rarely leads to a positive outcome, but if your levels are low enough to be considering it lh suppression isn't likely to make things much worse than they already are

  52. I may be misunderstanding what you're asking here so bare with me. If you are using HCG to increase testosterone levels then that would assume low testosterone. If you have low testosterone then why would you come of the hcg?

  53. First of anyone that’s ever carb loaded looks like that with their stomach relaxed but in generally the gut starts to stick out because of loosing insulin sensitivity so look into 24-48 fasts or periods of low to no carb dieting

  54. Just practice stomach control. Do your vacuums and when doing day to day activities keep your core tight and sucked in. Anyone who relaxes their stomach while it’s full of food will have a bubble gut. Especially if you are a bodybuilder eating 3-4k cal a day

  55. I don’t know how high your prolactin is but the caber will work within hours to lower your levels to whatever degree .25mg will

  56. Has anyone here ran anadrol and anavar together? Drol cycle planned for next month, but still have some leftover var from my last run with it. Figured I could finish off the bar while I'm on adrol, but haven't ever heard of anyone doing this lol

  57. Two orals is exceptionally harder on you internally than running just one, experienced this myself because I’m stubborn. Granted, they’re commonly stacked and they work well together

  58. Usually people start with anavar and then add in anadrol but yeah people do mix these 2 compounds together. But on top of liver supplements if you wanna do this longer than 2-3 weeks

  59. How many hours per week are you folks spending on training and cardio? Curious to see current trends. I lift usually 5x per week, 90 mins per session - with daily LISS 30 minutes (brisk walk in the evening).

  60. I train 4 days a week at the moment. 60-75 min on weights and 30 mins cardio. I sometimes skip cardio on leg day.

  61. I do 10-18 minutes of cardio every training day before hitting the weights. I usually stop when I’m sufficiently drenched in sweat lol, then move on to weights. The lifting portion usually lasts about 90 minutes but I take long rest periods. I do push pull legs split and only take rest days as needed. Sometimes it’s multiple times a week, sometimes I’ll go a month without a rest day. Just depends on life

  62. Right now, I have time for about 75 min of lifting, 15-20 minutes of LISS cardio 5x a week. On weekends, I just go on really long walks and hit around 10k steps. I hit about 10k steps total every day.

  63. Been on TRT for 3 months now. 140mg per week injecting 20mg ED. I am pretty much dialed in - puts me at upper end of the range.

  64. I’m curious why your libido and loads are smaller. Shouldn’t TRT raise those things? I’ve been struggling with similar issues and plan on getting blood work done. I’m assuming my e2 is responsible for libido and load size.

  65. You're on TRT, probably for the long-term, so you don't need to make an immediate change. If you pin a large amount you're going to get a major hormonal fluctuation compared to every-day of the same amount. If it were me I'd just keep doing the HCG ED and let it slowly do its work.

  66. Does ultra low SHBG cause more aromatisation into estrogen? My test is in the upper natty range and I'm on a decent dose of tren, mast and proviron and keep having problems with my libido which I suspect is from high estrogen. No way to get it tested on tren. They don't do the sensitive e2 test here. I was hoping I could lower my test low enough to stop using AIs but it seems futile.

  67. SHBG mediates the rate of metabolization of androgens. With low SHBG, you have less bound estradiol, test, DHT, etc. For libido, low SHBG has fucked with the concert of hormones regulating it and you would need to find a new balance or increase SHBG. Proviron is the likely culprit for crushing SHBG.

  68. Can I pull my test and primo into the same syringe and do then both in one shot? Or do I have to pin twice. Once per compound?

  69. Be sure to use a drawing needle to pull from the vial (I use 18g) and once you have what you need in the syringe, swap to your pinning needle (I use 23ish g)

  70. Most definitely BUT I tried this for literally the same purpose (test + primo) and found I don’t like doing injections bigger than a couple mL. I put my test in my upper glutes and my primo in my delts.

  71. You can put them both in the same syringe and then inject both together using the same needle the whole time. The main issue is that after pushing the needle through two vial tops, it's going to be pretty dull and make the injection more painful and damaging to your tissues.

  72. Topical fin safe with tren use? I know taking oral fin isn’t advised with nandrolone derivatives will that also apply to topical fin?

  73. Tren does not undergo 5α-reduction. Topical fin still goes systemic as it needs to for it to be effective at inhibiting 5ar (Fin is metabolized in the liver). In theory, tren is fairly tissue selective, this effect is likely dose dependent, but all the clinical data on tren is encrypted in French. Is tren hair safe? That is a good question. It's possible that all androgens are responsible for increasing androgenic alopecia when they bind to androgen receptors in the scalp, especially when estradiol further potentiates androgen signaling. If so, a topical anti androgen is your best bet for hair loss when using any anabolic steroids in addition to 5ar inhibitors.

  74. currently nearing end of my cycle... around 18 bf. should I just start cutting once i finish my cycle or keep cals the same so I don't lose much weight?

  75. Yep, try to maintain your current strength and size gains for a period (~10 weeks, maybe you don’t NEED that long but longer doesn’t hurt if there no reason for you to cut sooner). Gives you time to learn how many calories and how much training you need to maintain you new gains. Then do your cut. Assuming you are on some form of exogenous hormones so you aren’t crashed post cycle? If you are fully off you will have a very hard time keeping it all so be prepared to regress in some form regardless.

  76. Is it damaging to stop and start HCG instead of running it continuously. I remember seeing some posts saying it is more damaging to fertility if you go off and on HCG instead of continually. Asking because I have ran out and can't source any for a few weeks. Does this have long term effects?

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