Diet & Nutrition Wednesday: 2022-11-23

  1. Been training fasted at 4.30am for over 6 years now (last meal is 8pm night before so 8 hour ish fast) and always eat a big protein/ carb rich meal around 40 minutes after training.

  2. you're good man. what people don't understand is that your body will adjust accordingly to your meal and workout timing. that glycogen you're getting from your nighttime meal doesn't just disappear by the time you get to the gym in the morning.

  3. I can't see any logic in that advise. If you have the energy and strength training fasted then don't change it. Just make sure you get your calories in through the rest of the day. What was the reasoning for the advice?

  4. If you're doing fine without eating, you may as well keep doing that, but I also wake up around 4 and work out as soon as pre-workout kicks in. I usually eat a banana and a single scoop of whey mixed into some kefir. About 320 calories and takes 5 minutes.

  5. A bit of fruit juice during training can be a game changer when volume accumulates during a session and some fatigue kicks in but that’s entirely up to you. If you’re not hitting a wall then you don’t need carbs

  6. Best way to approach it is try ingesting some fast-acting carbs preworkout for several days and see if it enhances your performance in any meaningful way. If not, then need no to change your habits.

  7. I have had periods where I’ve worked out like 30 min after waking for months on end. I eat a big meal the night before and then when I wake up I just start drinking my intra shake which has Gatorade powder, pure whey isolate, creatine, and salt. I don’t think it makes a huge difference but I think it’s helpful, no way I could eat solid food before training unless it was just like a banana or a rice cake but I feel like the shake is even better. One thing I have noticed that helps is taking 1-2 salt tablets right when I wake up and try to down as much water as I comfortably can before and during training. Salt tablets def help you hydrate better when you wake up and don’t have much sodium in your body and don’t mess with your stomach at all

  8. I eat some eggs with butter 30-40 minutes pre workout. I never liked to train with carbs in me, digestion feels weird. If time is an issue I would do some whey iso and cyclic dextrin pre/intra workout

  9. Make sure you’re salting your food to taste. When I wake up in the morning I drink water with a teaspoon of Redmond’s real salt, as well as take magnesium and potassium supplements. That fixed my constant thirst and constant need to piss. I feel hydrated and hold water better throughout the day.

  10. Currently just eating balanced whole foods diet but thinking of trying the carnivore/animal based diet to clear up some skin issues.

  11. I gained 20 pounds in two months on a carnivore diet, incorporating organ meats for micronutrients. Great diet for gaining weight. I didn’t eat carbs at all. Workouts sucked for the first week, then my body adjusted.

  12. What app does everyone use to track nutrition? Just re-downloaded myfitnesspal and I can no longer scan barcodes without paying their subscription fee. Wack.

  13. idk if you're an Android user, but there are some modded .apks around which unlock the premium features.

  14. Chronometer is my favourite, I mostly cook so not using barcodes too much, but the recipe feature is great. Have all my meals added and broken down by portion size

  15. oh wow, didn't know they did that since I haven't added anything in a while. you could always just manually enter the macros, it doesn't take much time and is more accurate

  16. Gatorade zero If you want something easy. Can always buy the sodium, potassium and magnesium. And do the ratios in water. I forgot what they are at the time. My head 2:1:1 maybe. Go to the store and buy mio or any other flavoring, helps get the water down. Remember it takes two water molecules to burn one fat molecule. You got to be pushing the water, but you also need electrolytes to balance this out

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