Daily Ask Anything: 2022-11-22

  1. Sup juicy bros, I’ve been on 250mg test for 14 months put on great size and strength but the past 4 months my strength has completely plateaued however I’m still putting on size week after week

  2. When people say masteron midi gates estrogen sides .. does it really ? And by how much ? Would masteron be a good additive whilst using high estrogenic PEDS

  3. It's hard to say as it's different for everyone. Alot of people report low e2 sides from 1:1 administration. Important to note too is that it won't lower e2 on paper but blocks DNA transcription associated with estrogen receptor activation (don't quote me on that but it's something along those lines). Which means that it's good for lower estrogenic signaling, preventing gyno etc...

  4. Depends on how you like to control your e2. I don't use AIs, so my stacks have Mast, Primo, or a combination of both. EQ can lower e2 as well.

  5. Unfortunately it’s different for everyone. Some people experience the effects, some people not at all. Me for instance can’t take any mast or primo without super high test or I feel like garbage. Primo will actually crush my e2 at 1:1 with test. Masteron doesn’t actually lower it, it masks the sides you’d experience with high e2. But again, your experience may vary.

  6. I don't intend to stay on gear for years and I'm pretty young (26). Do you think it's a bad idea to cruise after this first 500 cycle? I'm thinking more and more about it, mainly because I want to cut ASAP and have 2 choices:

  7. Personally I think you are better off running your PCT and eating at maintenance for a couple months. Then just cut natty. Don’t really need heat to lose fat.

  8. It’s probably fine depending on how long but just bear in mind it may have lost some potency. Expired medications for the most part won’t hurt you, they just might not be as effective as the chemicals will gradually break down over time like anything organic.

  9. I am on 600 test 200 tren 12,5 aromasin and 0,5 caber right now. I have constant boner, like almost always during the day. And they wont go away. Its getting pretty anoying becouse some people notice it lol. Is there a way to get a little less boners? My Dick hurts becouse it is hard for 4 hours allready

  10. Drop the Caber a day after adding vitamin E, P5P and B6. You can overlap this a little longer if you want. Start Cialis

  11. So if caber helps then it sure seems like your issue might just be prolactin related… So continue with regimented caber administration (start as low as possible from what gives some change is function and increase only if needed). If estrogen is high it can often exacerbate prolactin increases/issues. Of course blood work will tell you exactly what is happening and you can adjust medications from there. 0.5mg Adex 3-4 times per week seems like a lot as a starting point for just 500mg test. Why not start low with that and slowly taper up until you reach a range that’s comfortable and you have a positive result in your erectile function. Maybe 0.5mg twice per week to start. And see how you go after a week or two the proceed as required. Don’t just start yo-yoing everything and hope for change. Be steady and methodical in working out what works and keep track/ a log of your “experiments”. Of course, blood panels will give you the exact situation but I understand that’s not available to everyone in every situation.

  12. If you type that into google this is the first thing that comes up in the automated response. “The administration of testosterone and the abuse of androgenic/anabolic steroids has been reported to be associated with reduce sleep time, insomnia and increased awakenings.” These medicines act as stimulants to may of our body’s systems and functions. Certain compounds are know to commonly have the side effect of insomnia with those who usually have excellent sleep hygiene. If you read a few compound experience threads or the side effects in any of the wiki steroid profiles you will see it’s quite prevalent. I’m short, it certainly will not make it better and probably will make it significantly worse. For an optimistic and foolish perspective; if you already can’t sleep what will it matter if you take something that reduces your sleep 0-0=0 (sarcasm of course).

  13. Doing my first cycle of test at 500mg a week. I’m 2 weeks in and have noticed that I have a lot more depression and anxiety than usual. Is that normal?

  14. Are you using any AI along side or just using the testosterone? If no AI or other ancillaries/compounds then you can probably assume your estrogen is higher than your body likes. That or your test is actually EQ, Masterone or Primobolan which have estrogen lowering effects in some (highly unlikely lol)

  15. The only things you can go on “feel” with are hormones like estrogen (and in some cases prolactin if you are experienced with 19-nor compounds) and blood pressure. Even these require experience with use over time and experimentation with compounds and doses. As others have said your other blood markers can be terrible and you may never know until it’s too late. If you are serious about doing this stuff medium or long term you need to develop some consistent practice in monitoring your blood markers hopefully with consultation and guidance with a physician.

  16. Almost cried just listening to the song paparazzi by lady Gaga. On my first cycle of 500mgs and only 3 weeks in. Could my e2 be that high already

  17. Just finished my first cycle and those first few weeks i was crazy horny and would almost cry at song lyrics and movies

  18. waking up from deep sleep and feel like can’t get air, claustrophobic even. it’s odd. goes away when i get up. bp 110/70 when it happened this morning

  19. I’ve read a few times that 500mg/wk should put you roughly at 3-4x your natural production. Does that mean if I naturally produce 15nmol/L and I’m into week 5 of my first cycle, 60nmol/L is an appropriate level?

  20. How powerful is Anavar compared to Tren? I can only see that Anavar ia 10:1 and tren js 500:500? Sorry just a noob question. Not looking to do them just trying to learn.

  21. Anavar is good in case of cut, but nothing in compare to tren in all other aspects. But before running tren read about sides, they can be very hard to cope with. But if you're novice at the gym or above 12% bf - dont waste money on tren you simply will not understand it.

  22. Anavar is very mild. You will experience a small amount of growth and hardness that is similar to what you probably thought creatine would do when you were younger.

  23. Is reconstitution liquid from Amazon per se the same as medical BAC Water? Can I use the stuff from Amazon to constitute HCG?

  24. Buy a vial of benzyl alcohol and make your own Bac water using that and cpap water. A vial of BA will last you years and years.

  25. 5'6 190lbs, 4y training age with considerable mass from serious powerlifting (17.5in arms w pump) but at around 18-20% bf, I know I need to cut to sub 15% to even consider a cycle but I am having considerable trouble even with heaps of cardio + sub 1800kcal a day. Soon to be certified by ace + some exercise sci schooling so I'd say I'm not training like a retard. Help?

  26. You're not counting your calories accurately. In order to know how many calories you're eating, you need to weigh, measure, and log EVERY bite and EVERY drink that goes into your mouth. Estimating isn't good enough.

  27. What does training have to do with losing weight. Losing fat at 20% bf should be as easy as eating less. I doubt your at less than 1800 calories a day consistently and not losing weight. What are your macros.

  28. Hi — I’ve started TRT (200mg week test-c as a front load, rhen 100mg thereafter) about 4 weeks ago. My blood pressure is 145/85. It used to be medium-low. Does this go away as my body gets used with the hormones? I have retained water and gained about 7 lbs from it. Thanks

  29. Bulk is going well, but my body fat is getting close to 20%. Gonna weigh myself this weekend because I’m probably bloated. Only about a month in, started around 16-17%. Thinking I just lower the cals a bit? I was sticking to around 17% the first two weeks, 3200 calories, but I’d still be starving at night. What to do, guys? Loving the gains everywhere, but my belly.

  30. You can keep going past 20% bodyfat. A lot of people do. Whether it causes you issues is somewhat genetic, I've gone as high as 25% chasing the big numbers on the bench and besides needing to take a bit more AI it was fine. (I also didn't feel nice, like felt kinda icky but it was temporary so 🤷‍♂️)

  31. So I'm only gonna run deca for one more month (its making me go bald) what can I change it for?

  32. Got bloods done 3 months into trt (150e5d) test c. My estrogen was high 46.1 on a scale of 0-39.8 I have no symptoms of high estrogen but the doctor wants me to start taking the AI. the wikis doses show for 500mg so would it be better to divide that dose down to my test dosage or not mess with the estrogen due to no sides?

  33. I split my dose, even for TRT when I’m cruising. Only had my e2 out of whack once, but that gave me PTSD. Idk how women deal with that monthly. I cried because I wanted McDonalds.

  34. Been running 900 mg test-e / week, 50 mg Dbol ED for the past 3 weeks. Gained 6 kg or 13 lbs. Thinking about upping the test to 1200 mg and the Dbol to 80 mg ED, y’all think this could help me gaining more noticeable mass or strength? Ofc I will up the calories as well.

  35. More gear doesn't equate to more gains, I would dial training and nutrition in more you really don't need that much unless you are a highly advanced bodybuilder who lives and breathes this shit to compete

  36. You could literally run half that much and have put on the same amount of water weight that you have... and it is almost entirely water (and glycogen/nitrogen/etc.).

  37. Dan on the Steroid Podcast said something about it adding more stress on the liver or kidneys if you’re already running an Oral.

  38. I’ve heard some people say it’s pointless while on cycle and I’ve heard some people say it’s great. It also does have some benefits to your brain so I’d say yeah take it.

  39. I currently take lamictal and cymbalta. I understand lamictal can already stress the liver and kidneys. Are there any other serious interactions with dbol and these two medications ?

  40. At what length would it become dangerously hepatotoxic? I was considering 10mg-20mg for 4-6 weeks. Is there anyway to limit the toxicity? Or is this just a hard no bad idea? I understand nothing is 100% safe with aas. Thanks in advance.

  41. The term "drug interaction" usually refers to two drugs that can affect or be a substrate of the same metabolic enzyme (e.g. CYP 3A4) or transport protein. When this type of interference happens, it can cause the levels of one or both drugs to increase above the expected level (causing toxicity) or decrease below the expected level (reducing efficacy).

  42. No Unlawful Discussions. This includes traveling with unprescribed drugs, shipping, smuggling, discussion of legality, price, laundering, etc.

  43. there literally is no answer to this as you said yourself..id recommend going thru the compound experience threads in the wiki to see experiences

  44. I’ve found vials of test that are open and over a year old and used it. No issues and the test itself was still potent

  45. I like it and TB-500. I ran a vial of each when I messed up my forearm- was having trouble supinating my hand.

  46. Hasn't done shit for me, but my shipping time is long due to living in a far away made up land and peptides are fragile so the potency may get lost in transit.

  47. So I’m gonna stop taking the anavar I’ve been having mild kidney pain. Like real sharp and sudden then gone it been going on for a couple days now while thinking about it i remembered a doc in the emergency room a long time ago telling me I had a renal cyst on my kidney he said it was simple and that I didn’t have to worry about it I never followed up this was years ago. Hopefully I’m just being crazy 😂and I’m not like dying

  48. Let’s say I’m prone to MPD. Would using winstrol immediately kick in hair loss, take some time, be dose dependent or YMMV? Would it matter if the dosage was all at once or spread throughout the day? Been running through my head and haven’t found anyone asking these types of questions.

  49. Bro nobody can come close to answering to this. If anyone does answer it will have nothing to do at all with your personal predisposition to balding.

  50. Some oral compounds can upregulate CNS activity (read: increase strength output), or give you a massive pump (shuttling more nutrient to the tissue being worked, among other benefits). Think halo or mtren before a PL meet, or the debilitating pumps some people get on dbol or adrol or anavar.

  51. Had my two bottom wisdom teeth removed on monday, only had to get stitches on one side and the swelling is only on that side, small swelling. How soon can i get back in the gym? Anyone with exp in this?

  52. Two summers ago, I had a wisdom tooth removed and required stitches. After 4 days, I felt capable of exercising, but certainly not heavy compound movements (heavy squats, for example). But doing a "deload" workout was fine. After another 7 days, a week after the extraction, I felt fine. The hole in my gums would throb during tough sets, but never had any bleeding or anything.

  53. GGT is low so your liver is probably perfectly fine. Could be the mast, could be from working out (exercise raises enzymes, but not GGT), or it could be an actual health issue.

  54. Any reason you've been getting tested every two months for the last year at the age of 22. Looks like you've been keeping an eye on your liver numbers and you would know better than us why. Go to the doc not reddit.

  55. There's no way for us to know. It could be anything from some other medication you're taking to viral hepatitis to an autoimmune disorder. Or you might not find anything at all and it mysteriously just goes back to normal next month. Sometimes we see these transient spikes and never figure out what caused it. The good news is that the liver is extremely resilient, so it's quite likely you'll be fine. Following up with your doctor is the best plan for now.

  56. Wondering opinions on Elcomiphine as PCT. There isn’t too much on it within the wiki , but I have been reading good things about it. Has anyone ever ran this with nolvadex? What about taking Nolva the first 30 days @20 mg (if taking to counter gyno formation as well right at last week of cycle) and then enclomiphine to finish off the next 30 days? Just spitballing and wondering opinions or real life experience

  57. I used enclo at 12.5mg/day for a month, coming off a 1 year blast with zero testicle support. My balls swelled back up within 2 weeks of starting the enclo and test went back to pre-cycle natty levels.

  58. Sure. There are no drug interactions. But we also don't know if it would provide any benefit. I keep hoping someone will do an experiment and give us lipid lab results from oxandrolone alone and then again while taking a statin to see if it makes any difference. Want to be the guinea pig?

  59. What would y’all think about stacking semaglutide , T3 , Cardarine for a cutting stack. Don’t roast tf outta me but I had a lot of time to think today and was thinking about a cutting stack. T3 to boost metabolism. Semaglutide for appetite suppression and then cardarine to help loose fat instead of muscle sense T3 will burn muscle and fat. Does this seem right or did I just have to much time to think today.

  60. Same as when you're not on gear. Creatine is a carrier molecule for phosphate moieties, which allows more ATP to be regenerated from AMP. The physiological mechanism doesn't overlap very much with activating androgen receptors. If anything, I'd expect them to be complimentary.

  61. Really basic food question that I feel is so basic that it deserves to be here, but how do you estimate your caloric intake when you eat soups/stews?

  62. Weigh a plate then weigh it with the soup after look up the calories for the amount your eating per plate and it should be easy the only thing is that soups are lower on calories so you have to eat an avocado on the side or a bread to make it more calorie dense

  63. I largely wouldn't eat soups and stews if it mattered that much to be accurate, but if you have to, then add up all of the ingredients, get the total weight of the end product, and then weigh each portion when you eat. It assumes equal nutrient distribution throughout, which won't be true, so each individual estimate will be off, but once you've eaten all of it, the errors will offset and you'll be correct over a multi-day aggregate.

  64. Not a reply, but I've always wondered how people count their macros when they grill or pan some red meat.. Like a burger patty that's 15g fat and 25g protein... But lots of fat/oil is left behind when cooked.

  65. I think you should question why you need to be that accurate to meet your goals. I’ve found that people putting in all the work to be that precise get exhausted and give up. It’s soup, be comfortable that your calorie count is off by a hundred calories.

  66. You'd have to add up all the macros from all the ingredients and then weigh the final product, then measure each serving by weight. Even if you don't get exactly the same amount of "stuff" in each serving, it won't matter much. When you eat the stew over the course of a few days, it just averages out. And, generally, even if you don't get the calories exactly right, as long as it's within 30% for that meal, it'll still be close enough for tracking your TDEE.

  67. I have never seen a test report for primo that ever showed anything but primo. Janoshik tests a ton of it every year. Now perhaps there are some really seedy operations still out there, mostly on dodgy forums that suck in new and unsuspecting users, but if you’re paying attention when buying the risk of getting fake gear is vanishingly low.

  68. This is hard to say -- it depends upon a few factors, mainly because although EQ is suppressive to E2 production, it DOES aromatize into E1 (estrone) which depending upon your genetic response may or may not be a big deal. Nobody seems to acknowledge this in this sub, instead we've collectively decided that EQ just "makes some people feel weird."

  69. You are getting your testosterone to normal male ranges. So nothing different is needed but normal weight lifting and diet. 531bbb is one of them most proven and successful programs on the planet. I wouldn't bother changing it outside of the programs already long list of alternate exercises.

  70. Which other anabolic compounds will not show on bloods indicating an increased in testosterone (free or total)? Is there a simple logic to this I am unaware of (e.g. all DHT or nandrolone derivatives don’t show as test). Seeing what might be possible in addition to prescribed TRT doses without it seeming obvious on that blood marker specifically. *Obviously some may impact on other values such as lipids, E2, liver values.

  71. Depends on the method. If you get HPLC-MS, nothing, unless by some miracle you find some compound that has the same retention time and fragments into the same parent and daughter ion.

  72. Clear skin on cycle but face is prone to acne on cycle. Currently 9th week into cycle and breaking out on my face. 90% of the acne is on my face. changing pillow covers other day and keep my face clean entire day as well.

  73. I ran 20mg daily for several months during the winter, and it cleared up 90% of my acne. Some people are just prone to it when running higher amounts of gear

  74. if your sodium intake isn't causing you bp issues and you're adequately hydrating it isn't really worth considering. if you're eating relatively clean it's more likely that you need more than less

  75. Sodium intake is completely irrelevant unless you are not hydrating enough. Don’t sleep on sodium; it is so beneficial to quality of life

  76. If you trust your source, there's nothing to worry about. If you don't, how can you trust that your test is in fact test and actually dosed? Same for whatever else compounds you're running.

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