Daily Ask Anything: 2022-11-21

  1. I'm 25, consistently training since i was 18, but gains have been really stagnant since 22 because i wasn't optimized for the last couple years due to a long term relationship where i kinda let myself slack.

  2. I’ve had the slightest amount of gyno since a year ago but I think it’s increased recently since I started my first cycle about 14-15 weeks ago. I read the estrogen handbook. I dose 0.25mg arimidex as needed but I’m looking to reverse my gyno.

  3. I'm 38 new to this stuff been in prison 6 yrs my joints hurt most likely from lifting weights outside in cold too much I weigh 160 don't wanna go above 170/175 but real lean and do not want any sexual side effects at all. Please give advice

  4. How much do you think anabolics help prevent metabolism issues and muscle loss that occurs with chronic bad sleep? Hypothetically

  5. On 500 test 50 Dianabol I was taking 10mg asin ED. When I upped to 750 test, 10mg asin ED was still sufficient.

  6. It depends, i use 0.25mg 3x weekly on 400 test 250 npp, my friend uses 0.25 7x weeky on 400 test 30 dbol. My other friend uses 0.5 7x weekly on 500 test 40 winstrol.

  7. When you're trying to bring up a lagging body part and going heavy, you run the risk of other stronger body parts taking over (i.e. quads). I used to have the same problem and found that actually dropping the weight completely and just doing bodyweight for negatives, focusing 100% on muscle/mind connection and contracting nothing but glutes, ultimately made my glutes grow way more once I started adding the weights back in.

  8. Trying to mix up my spots, I went lower (closest to knee) than ever before recently.. And it was still 4" north... But have my worse pain. Sorry, not red though. My leg is resistant to flexing, like the whole bottom 4 inches is swollen (nothing visible at the surface tho) a little sucky. I'll probably stick to the top half going forward (closer to hip).

  9. People’s thoughts on ment for a cut ? I’ve just started using ment and I’m still on my maintenance “phase” don’t know whether to use it or not coz I wanna cut so bad but people saying it’s just so much water weight

  10. I'd keep it relatively low which is a bit of a loaded suggestion with ment since we use it low in general compared to dosages of other compounds.

  11. Anyone able to tell me why my test levels @ 300mg a week are only 648 free 18 total. Pin 3 times a week. Estro is 302. 300mg test e 500mg mast p 150 tren ace. Gear isn’t bunk as it’s from a reputable person & have current friends on same stuff that aren’t having a problem at all.

  12. How long have you been on? What’s the ester and concentration, what are you drawing and pinning in volume (so we can check for human error on your part)? Can you provide a picture of the bloodwork results with any sensitive information severed? Useful for units. What problem would you anticipate if the product were underdosed (unlikely but possible)?

  13. How much Proviron were you using? Surprising results there. You do not need to PCT. You never need to PCT, it’s just generally more comfortable than raw dogging HPTA recovery. I would advise just walking away and focusing on positive lifestyle habits. Everything will return to normal on its own.

  14. About to start my first cycle, have everything I need but I'm still unsure about hcg. Should I just run it from the very beginning throughout the cycle if I don't want my balls to shrink too much?

  15. For those that use privatemdlabs which labs do you get exactly. Looking to get bloods done but unsure of which lab I should order. Any help and advice would be appreciated.

  16. Allergies are always a possibility. They're not common, but that doesn't mean they never happen. The easiest way to find out if you're allergic to your TRT injections is to stop doing them and see if your symptoms go away.

  17. Do 5mg if possible, 20 is excessive for gym purposes. I've done 5mg daily for quite awhile now and occasionally if I want a thicker night I'll do 10 or 15mg, but 5 daily is great for gym pump

  18. I got them the other day. But I took 20 mg (for fun) because I wanted to see how it felt when I used my penis pump. Needed to work out also so I did. That day was also 15 rep day. And boy did my quads cramp like a mofo on the extensions. Not the squats though. What dose are you on?

  19. Not an expert but have been taking 5mg/day for a couple months now. No cramps. Maybe you are reacting badly, maybe you are getting used to the dose or maybe the dose is just too much for you.

  20. I'm on TRT (test undecanoate) 1000mg per 3 months which puts me to 350ng/dL, supplementing my own Test E at 150mg per week, adding 100mg of Tren Ace weekly too.

  21. Not true. When I have my bulked up gorilla look then getting laid at clubs is so easy it’s ridiculous. When I’m very lean and skinny those easy horndog lays just don’t happen and I have to be more charming

  22. I want to be able to move furniture, pick up my gf, shove someone over, and go up and down stairs without getting puffed out. The confidence that results from lifting is what makes the difference with getting women.

  23. I guess it depends on your definition of bodybuilding. People who compete do it for the same reasons people compete at any other sport or hobby. To try and get better; to see how far they can push themselves; for the fun and excitement of the competition. Same as anything else. Racing, climbing, Magic: The Gathering, whatever you're into.

  24. 3:2 or 2:3 depending on how much you typically aromatise and how eq ends up changing your AI needs. I aromatise very little but also luckily never had any crazy e2 drops from eq so I ran 600t 900eq, but for plenty that'll crash them so they'd swap it as in 900t 600eq.

  25. Sustanon or cypionate? I’m taking 500mg a week so I’d like to do 250 Monday & Thursday. Curious if I should go Sus or Cypionate? Im 26 and care more about the look of my physique rather than weight I can move. Which is better for my goals & why? Leaning towards Sustanon

  26. Test is test, the only difference is the ester and if you plan on pinning Monday and Thursday than go with cyp since sust needs to be pinned ED or EOD minimum

  27. You can always try if that’s enough for you. I had moderate acne on cycle and went with 10mg ED the first month which didn’t do much, if anything. When I went for 20mg ED the side effects like dry lips got way worse but the acne really got better. After maybe 4-6 weeks on 20mg my skin was pretty much clear. Decided to keep taking it for a few more months though so I would be done after one course instead of low dosing indefinitely, but that’s a decision everyone has to take for themselves.

  28. On my 3rd cycle, running test and var, want to run tren A 200 a week for my next cycle along with test, I’m hearing not to fuck with tren so I’m asking what would be a comparable cycle? Not looking to retain any water.

  29. Well taking diuretics will ensure you don't hold water despite what you take. I'd try masteron with LGD maybe, winstrol as well, MENT I haven't personally tried but may be a good alternative. Tren and it's sides are just not worth it honestly. Everyone will respond differently. Just know it's not really that much crazier imo compared to taking gear period. The sides make it not worth it

  30. If you B&C you will loose little to no muscle when you drop to a cruise. If you PCT chances are you will lose a bit while your test is crashed.

  31. B+c is very different for maintaining gains. I'd say 50% more b+c personally. You're always on gear and having stable blood levels keeping you in an anabolic state which makes it more effective instead of coming off and fighting to get back to "normal". Every day is better than eod which is better than every 3.5 days because of consistent stable blood levels. Pip varies because of carrier oils and gauge of needle used combined with length.

  32. If you have low T, trt will deepen your voice. If you don’t, I’d guess high doses of something moderately androgenic and dht’s but it’ll likely be much harder, if possible at all.

  33. Have some pretty solid experience but haven't done a cycle in a while. Last cycle was just Test/Deca two years ago. I have laying around three vials of Test E 200 + Deca 200 and one vial of Tren 200; also a vial of Test P 100. How absurd would it be to run test/deca/tren at 500/500/200 a week? Maybe throw the P in there to add a little bit of test (maybe 100/week), and maybe start the tren on week 3 for a 12-week cycle. Have never had any issues with any of these compounds before but not sure I've tried this particular arrangement. The test/deca blend obviously restricts my ability to do 2x test vs. deca, which is something I've heard suggested before.

  34. you don’t cycle off if you’re gonna use deca or tren ,better off cruising. Your natural production won’t recover for several months as those compounds are too suppressive.

  35. Why did you come off? It's my first cycle but I will permablast on the 600mg test. Fuck, I'm not going to be just average dude. Mentally I feel much better. I have a sports doctor so fuck off everybody with your health concerns. I still love this sub but more plates more dates fans can fuck off.

  36. My man that is entirely placebo. 500mg of test will not change your personality in any way. Just stop being a pussy and you'll be an animal in the bedroom again

  37. You need to do a lot more research, I haven't even pinned yet for my first cycle and one look at your history shows you got this all fucked up.

  38. Your e2 doesn’t look terribly high, so lowering your test dose should fix that. Your BP isn’t high, I don’t know what gave you that impression.

  39. You'd be surprised what the body can do if you feel guilty as well. But if you want carbs my go to are rice crispies or a carb powders and some eaas

  40. Anyone in here ever sub inject other compounds besides Test? Gonna be staring a cycle in Jan running Deca and Test for 12 weeks with Win on the last 4-5 weeks. Curious if anyone had injected any of these Subq and what kinda results you had. Thanks!

  41. Any subq'ers that inject more than 0.5ml? Im at 0.5ml for the last three weeks and it seems my quads take it really well, no lumps or anything. I think im gonna see how much more i can handle. 0.5 about to get debunked.

  42. Needa push my pin days from sun and wed to mon and thurs.. think it’ll fuck my hormones up? Hoping to not notice a difference

  43. Hey guys hit another pr on my squat today but it was at the gym with no bar pad my back is a lil bruised where the bar sat that’s normal right not because I’m bruising easily because of being on 50 mg of var now for a week?

  44. Currently on week 12 of 600 Test E 600 Primo. Supposed to reach 20 weeks but had a personal family matter come up and I will be traveling to the Middle East at the end of December for 16 days. (Can’t risk traveling with anything).

  45. Test U will be the better solution, even if you take 400 enanthate or Cyp right before you leave 16 days without pinning is likely going to make you feel at least a little shitty near the end of your stay.

  46. Unless it's designated as a "natural" competition, there is no drug testing for NPC shows. The natural shows do have drug testing.

  47. You might've just gotten a bad batch of test E. I had an unfortunate run in with some last year and absolutely no matter what you do, injecting it makes it feel like a donkeys kicked you in the ass.

  48. I have pinned gallons of oil at this point and it should not burn on the way in. Something is off with something. It should not burn at all.

  49. Been on 250mg sustanon and 100mg deca for last 12 weeks. Got pretty large gyno lumps developed on both titties as when I flex you can see them... Nolva 10mg for last 3+ weeks is not helping bring it down. What is causing it? Had blood work done twice and values are perfect. Am I just fucked with my genes or am I doing something wrong?

  50. Broke my thumb on my right hand today. Should I discontinue my current cycle and drop down to cruise until I can resume normal training? What do you guys think about doing unilateral training for one side only while I recover?

  51. Can you use straps on pull days. See if you can still train with that side. If not, I’d say pull the plug and cruise/bridge back into cycle after healing. Maybe pop some var for the alleged healing properties (idk if it works that way with bones like it does with collagen) you should test and report back.

  52. Any cycle where you can’t exert normal effort is a wasted cycle. Definitely drop to cruise, focus on healing and start it again when you’re ready 👍

  53. Are there any studies or similar that looks at long term health consequences from a single cycle? I very much want to know what risks I’m running, especially if my body would give out when I’m 80, but I cant find anything

  54. Test came back 3683 after 10 weeks of 300mgs of test e. E2 was 109. How much Asin to take? Only sides are low libido. Prolactin was normal 7.4

  55. Check your free testosterone and DHT too if you have those labs - depending on how high your free T and DHT are your E2 needs to be high to balance it out. Try a low dose of aromasin or adex and see if you feel better, or worse, then go from there.

  56. You can either take no AI because the sides are not bad (low libido also has all sorts of potential causes, including stress and low estrogen), or you can try a small amount of aromasin and see if that changes things. I would try 12.5 mg of aromasin one time and monitor for the next 24-48 hours.

  57. To be fair, I think docs in general (or at least those backed by insurance revenue) are - the system is designed for a "normal" individual (in the sense of "average"). So if you do things that are outliers in either direction, their best course of action is to get you back into the average range.

  58. GP experience varies and is based on their personal attitude and beliefs. Finding a friendly doctor referred by a fellow bodybuilder/user seems to be a good route.

  59. I’m gonna be honest mate you got some absolutely terrible advice from some misguided individuals in the subreddit who hold unsubstantiated opinions.

  60. First one is likely best for lean tissue gains. Tren is great for strength and aesthetics, but doesn’t really hold a candle to MENT for muscle gain

  61. For my cardio enthusiasts, how badly does dbol affect your cardio? I plan on still training bjj throughout a test 500 cycle and plan on adding 10mg dbol daily to kickstart the cycle. While a slight decrease in performance is acceptable I don't want to become unable to roll.

  62. The potential pumps combined with the sudden increase of water and glycogen weight could make endurance exercises difficult and uncomfortable

  63. only 4 days into blasting trest (10-15mg/d) but as soon as i started hitting it, i developed some stomach issues (sulphur burps, abdominal discomfort, gas, mild gastric pain). i experienced a bout similar (but way worse) than this over the summer when i was 3 weeks into trenbolone that landed me in the hospital due to dehydration from shitting and puking for 4 days straight. mild kidney failure.

  64. This might be a very dumb question, but i still want to know. If i have 2 different compounds, one of which is in GSO and the other one is in MCT oil, could those be drawn in the same syringe and injected or is there any reason not to?

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