Daily Ask Anything: 2022-10-18

  1. I use Test + Primo but it destroys my ability to stay asleep. Mind is racing all the time, because of the effects of DHT on CNS... after 10 weeks I am destroyed. Do somebody knows how to deal with it ?

  2. you sure it's not your E2? I was cruising on low dose test/primo and felt awful, couldn't sleep, had bad anxiety. turns out my e2 was crushed. dropped primo, popped a dbol and felt normal

  3. Quick question about PIP. First cycle running 1ml 250mg of test e 2x a week.. all virgin muscle. Just curious as to if the pip I'm experiencing currently is par for the course. Wanted to get info straight from you guys.

  4. Search the sub and you'll find a few threads on this. I like low Test high Deca (Test 250mg / Deca 1000mg). Some ppl like high Test low Deca. Depends on your preference.

  5. Have wrist tendinitis that’s been ongoing for weeks. Will low dose var improve recovery a noticeable amount? Read somewhere here it has collagen boosting properties

  6. Can somebody explain to me why I produce ungodly large shits when taking extraneous testosterone above TRT levels, even if my diet remains the same as when on TRT?

  7. So how in the world do you draw from ampoules without spilling all the oil or getting air in your syringe??? Pretty sure I already lost about 1ml of test just trying to fill a single syringe lmao I'll get vials next time but I dont want to throw away the ampoules

  8. The solution: Don’t use ampoules. I wouldn’t trust drawing and injecting from one without the use of a syringe filter.

  9. Wrap it in toilet paper before you break it. I always get air in the syringe but it's just a draw needle so I don't really care.

  10. Buy some sterile vials and some long needles that reach to the bottom of the ampoule, so you're not having to turn it to get to the oil, and transfer to the vials.

  11. For a godly amount of time at that dose, but I’m guessing you have sides or high e2 and that’s why you’re at 10mg dbol? I’m going to be honest 10mg dbol is a females dose if you acquire high e2 easily and can’t really maintain dbol at 25mg why not rotate over to a product like tbol etc?

  12. What did you get out of 10mgs preworkout? Dbol is awesome as a preworkout but i feel like 25mgs is kind of a sweet spot between excessive methylestrogen conversion and performance aid. Being every day "preworkout"

  13. If I want to get 250mg of Test E every week but I'm pinning 50mg daily (SubQ with insulin needles) is there a certain strategy I should follow or doesnt it really matter?

  14. I just came off Anadrol and I have a question. When does the bloating go away and water retention. I feel my arms are very swollen and I can’t wear my pants, watch etc 😂 Really happy about my gains though but a bit worried about the other.

  15. QQ - on test e 500mg ew and anavar 30mg ed, on week 5. My resting heart rate is increasing, it’s still very low as I do cardio but is this as expected?

  16. Totally normal, only get concerned if you wander beyond pre hypertension (>130 systolic) or above 90 bpm RHR. Keep your cardio up and have BP mitigation on hand if necessary.

  17. Yea man your heart rate and bp will go up on blast no matter what. I would assume the leaner you are and better your cardio is they will go up less.

  18. Gyno question - is the sensitivity or “itchy” localized specifically to the nipple, or is it inclusive of the general breast area/underarm area?

  19. I have 400mg pills coq10 for hearh health. Is this dosage too high? And what are the bennefits i get out of this high of a dosage

  20. I blasted @500mg test for 12 weeks and put on roughly 10kg/20lb of mass, came down to cruise 200mg and the scale stayed the same but my physical size has decreased a fair amount.

  21. I really like single arm pulldowns, and rows. Dig the elbow into the hip and round the back. Your lats wrap around your rib cage. Hold the tension as you're returning the weight, think about driving you elbow downwards.

  22. It takes roughly a week to 2 weeks for hcg to do its thing, but your sperm takes around 60-90 days to mature.

  23. Hey guys, I am switching up from intermuscular injections to SubQ. I have been having bad pain and lumps every time I do it anymore. I was hoping to get some insight on if SubQ injections are safe for other anabolics besides Testosterone. Never done this before so any info would be great. Thanks

  24. I do my 500mg weekly test e injections in Subq belly fat. I do 1cc every 3 days, split into 3 0.33ml injections around the belly area. That way I’m not injecting one full cc into one site

  25. Yo yo, can I take TUDCA long term? Started accutane and want to stay on top of liver and cholesterol health.

  26. I have been using Semaglutide for a while. No issues till now but recently after pinning subq on stomach, I have a red welt that is very itchy. It did not appear until around 3-4 days after the injection.

  27. How much muscle do you really think you’re accruing in 4 weeks, irrespective of whichever anabolic you’re taking? Not much dude. You’re going to lose most of the weight you accumulate over that cycle.

  28. Does anyone ever notice when using tren women kinda flock towards you, I recently added tren to my trt just a low dose of 160mg on top of 200mg test a week and the women at work are really nice to me bringing me treats like they never did that before even my wife at home is nicer to me? Any one with the same experience

  29. I’ve never ran tren, just wanted to ask, how long have you been on it, how long do you plan on running it, and what have you noticed about your low dose tren run thus far?

  30. Anyone got a good fertility protocol? I'm bout done with my Cycle 500/400 test/mast with some winny sprinkled in and wife wants to start trying. Already taking hcg 3 days or so a week but nothin happened so far been at it maybe 6 months

  31. 6 months is a long time in a calorie deficit. Did you take any breaks? Or reverse diet at all so you could be in a deficit again at a more sustainable amount of calories?

  32. Var is extremely bioavailable. Studies have shown that mixing var in MCT oil increases it a bit, but it is already extremely bioavailable (97%)

  33. Experiences with Ru58841? Any sides etc? I want to run mast/primo my next bulk as id rather avoid 19-nors if possible so wondering if ru will help with the hairloss. Can also get topical fin

  34. Been running RU during this Test/Primo blast but also been on .5mg of Fin ED. Honestly it holds up pretty well. But when I crash my E2 my hair sheds like crazy regardless. I read that it's temporary while you're in a low E2 state and that it grows back. But yea, I recommend RU. So far I've experienced no noticeable side effects from it at all. Running it at 50mgs ED for the past 16 weeks.

  35. I have been doing 110mg a week split 2x a week for the past few months and just recently over the past two weeks developed daily facial flushing, it’s almost 24/7. I had my levels checked, estrogen seemed fine at 39pg/ML, but could this be too high for me to cause these reactions? Currently coming off of it to see if that is the cause, and doctor is also double checking for a carcinoid tumor.

  36. How quickly does one develop scar tissue if you’re injecting too much? I tend to rotate. Left shoulder right shoulder left ass cheek right ass cheek and repeat. Should I worry about developing too much scar tissue in my shoulders? What are some signs I should look out for

  37. Hypothetical: you just completed the hardest cut of your life and are absolutely diced to the socks but you’re flat as fuck, you have two weeks before vacation, what are you taking and how are you eating to be absolutely dripping with glycogen by game day?

  38. I'd actually start reverse dieting so you don't turn into a waterballoon after a couple of days of yolo, but if you want to look good for day 1 then just smash back a whole cheesecake the night before.

  39. I'd pref mast or primo over an AI but if you insist then start at the lowest dose and titrate up and try to keep it at minimum

  40. If you took an extra 20 mg of test on the second and third shot of starting TRT would it make much difference on my 6-8 week blood work ?

  41. Should not make much difference this early on. Correct the dose and move forward. Insulin pins are the way to go. Less confusion, scar tissue and pain.

  42. It may not necessarily be the best idea to make a giant life-defining decision while a bunch of exogenous hormones are floating around you, and in general, there's a natural tendency we have as people to latch on to some big new thing and hype it up as the solution to all life's troubles, when reality is far more complicated than that.

  43. It’s fine. The deficit is what causes the fat loss, not the macro split. Expect to feel hotter when taking in more carbs though.

  44. It all depends on dose, I personally recommend low carb, or cycle your carbs. For least amount of sides low carbs. But you will feel hot all the time on any diet dose dependent.

  45. Ive heard the carbs make u feel hot as hell, so a ketoish diet might lower side effects… I remember dr tony huge also ate low carb when doing dnp

  46. I’m looking for a blast rec. wanting to start dec 1 to get popped off for nye. I usually like deca and or tren but Deca wrecks my dick and tren wrecks my sleep. I think I want to do trt level test with dbol and looking to add another oil. My goals are to be as masculine as possible. Big strong ripped and good head space / sex drive. I’m 5’9” 200lbs rn. Maybe want to gain 5lbs lean or 10lbs overall. Can anyone make a recommendation here? I’m lost trying to figure this out right now. I tried EQ once and was underwhelmed. High dose test has messed with my E2 so probably trying to avoid that but I’m open to it bc my sides have gotten far less from everything over the years. Tren doesn’t phase me besides the sleep issue. Thanks for any response.

  47. Bro you just repeated a bunch of shot you read in here. You’ve never touched hear an have prolly never worked out. Lift for a year or two then read a lot then come back.

  48. Personal experience: I was not able to regain good test production. I was bnc for 4 years, came off to conceive. I was on hcg 1000iu eod for 8 months to raise my sperm count and even on hcg, my total T was around 350. After conceiving, I was off everything for 10 weeks. Got tested and my total T was around 210. Didn’t get bloods prior to my first blast, an obvious mistake. I do feel like I had lower T than average to begin with tho (no armpit hair til around 17, didn’t start puberty til around 15.5) but that could be just my genetic disposition

  49. No one can tell you for sure how test production will look like after you use exogenous test. Whether it’s a single cycle or cruising for 1+ year. It’s not a definitive thing for anyone.

  50. had these sides too my first cycle/same dose... cialis and cardio helped some but AI did the most, just dont overdo the AI

  51. Only if u can gather all the dragon spheres… now being serious if diet and training is on points u must be able to keep some gains, but that also depends on your starting points, also why not do a full cycle, this 4 week dbol cycle is just not worth it

  52. There are so many factors involved in answering this question. There’s going to be your genetic response to the drugs, which drugs you take, and what your proximity is to your genetic potential when you start/get off. I wouldn’t blast unless you’re willing to commit to at least two years of blasting and cruising, but that’s just my two cents.

  53. Within seconds. Usually, I get the old lady drunk, open the laptop and boot up ashemaletube.com, pin my ass, and then get down to fucking her with Shemale Fucks Guy porn on in the background.

  54. Anyone done a low test, medium npp, high masteron/primo blast? Looking for good bulking cycle options without tren or eq because i tend to get anxiety from those. Also dont tolerate high test cycles well as i aromatise alot

  55. Try running higher test with EQ; the anxiety seems to stem from low E2 symptoms. Another option you have is DHB, it’s a great tren like substance without all the shenanigans. Not quite as effective, but was a pleasant surprise for me.

  56. I’m doing research before starting this ment cycle. Anything I should know? Got good at e2 control on test cycle previously. Is this similar

  57. Nizoral blocks DHT, minoxidil pill or gel, and RU58841 or finasteride to address the androgens making the follicles miniaturize faster. If you’re blasting things other than test, RU is crucial because it will block all androgens into the scalp, not just DHT like finasteride.

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